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Hey guys, what’s going on? My name is James Mason Currently Well, I have actually have a couple different trades going on. I have some investments which there are long term and A couple couple of them are actually in the red but This one right here, even though I have it separated into day trades. It’s actually not a day trade it is a short-term swing trade and I’m just gonna show you this real quick and then I’m gonna go to the chart and You know Just go in-depth on it so ticker Ult a Ulta so I bought You know about three contracts There well three calls Strike price to seventy seven and a half and Expiration September 14th, so that’s next product. So really not that much time left and Currently this is my profit $1,050 at the moment and As you can see I was a little bit red You know coming into the day already. So let’s go to the charts. All right I’m gonna go back and actually want to show you this first So I bought this on the fifth so, you know a few days ago and as you can see, you know, this is This is what I paid for it and everything All right, so charts and If you look down here on the news Basically You know an analyst raised their price from 285 to 315 and That’s just you know on top of all the other good news with Ulta their financials and one of them Kardashian girls Like putting their makeup in their store or something like that. I don’t know but um And as you can see this thing it’s running and So, you know, I’m gonna pretty much just keep recording this and We’ll see how this plays out for the rest of the day I Am a seller. I don’t know yet. It really just depends but I expect this to kind of cool off and Then take another Another strong run so what I can do is uh I’ll keep recording this and I Basically, just put time-lapse from you know from here until basically When I come back to this, so I’ll see you Whenever You Alright guys, so I am going to Not even sure what just happened there, but I am going to Sell this bad boy off right now Come on why are you lying in? Lord what Sweet sir. There you go. Umm, let’s go back and look at this And what a wonderful day on one trade now off those other turds that I’m holding for investments would Do something This is why I’m not an investor, but anyways, uh some I’m glad you guys were able to see that. Oh, we can just look over it real quick again Alright so I Paid four dollars and ten cents. So three contracts that was twelve hundred and thirty dollars and then You know basically, I made the difference from here and which you know, give me over a two thousand dollar profit and Well, that’s pretty good now that’s outstanding, um, so basically I mean Heck like I pretty much made I almost made two hundred percent profit. So You can’t complain about that at all, especially on these larger cap stocks and If you followed me in my beginnings, I mean, I always traded, you know stocks And then a buddy of mine Jeff on Twitter he started breaking down and doing the math on my profits if I was just trading options and As you can see like the money I made Only putting up twelve hundred and thirty dollars on the lawn now for a couple days there, you know I was in the red but with options you know, I I did have a You know a little bit of time I had up until next Friday and Which obviously we have shares. I helped them forever, but You know to control three hundred shares at like two hundred and seventy-five dollars You know, I mean that’s that’s right a hundred G’s or whatever or right at ninety thousand and It just too costly but You know, I’m glad you guys get to see this as it transpired Yes, even though their column for the target price to go up to 315 This potentially, you know, I mean it probably will bounce and go back up but I Made my profit for today and the reason why I didn’t try to wait for this balance right here is because there was a Tom that I Tried to wait for one of these bounces on these larger cap stocks and It blew right through this. I mean he had outstanding news it ran up almost like this and It was just cool enough and I was like, it’s gonna bounce and it blew through that thing And I ended up You know, literally Breaking even just what well, what was a outstanding profit turned into a stupid trade because You know, basically it went up in the other stock before and You know went up like this and I didn’t lock in those gains Because I was expecting it to bounce right here I’ll just middle on and cool off and then shoot back up and A lot of times it does that and I was banking on it and I lost all my profit absolutely stupid so and when it gets like this, I’ll lock it in and I Go on to the next one, so I appreciate guys take your time to watch this video If you already know or if you don’t know I should actually say I have a free stock trading course go to the playlist section There’s two different styles there. They are in order and watch them in order if you skip around you will miss so much information And also if you don’t watch the whole video There’s so many details that you will miss out on so You know, I appreciate you taking time to watch this video and I will see you in the next one

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  1. Enjoy the vids, but it was good to hear your rationale from being focused on stocks, especially low caps, to transitioning more to options. A video on that would be great. I've heard the saying, trading stocks is like playing checkers, but trading options is more akin to chess as you have to be right on both direction and time. I think there are a lot of folks who would trade options more if they understood how much better the ROI is on options, how you can be wrong a little and still make money, such as in credit spreads or selling naked puts/calls (strangles especially) . Also selling OTM spreads typically 1-1.5 Std Dev from the strike is a fairly safe trade along with writing covered calls if they still want to hold on to equity. Just my thoughts.

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