2019 October 14 BBC One minute World News

hello you’re watching BBC World News our headlines plans for life after breakfast
at U to be outlined in the Queen’s
speech which will formally open a new
session of Parliament UK and EU
negotiating teams are also due to meet
again in Brussels after a weekend of
talks the Kurds if northern Syria say
they have struck a deal with President
Assad’s government in an attempt to stop
the Turkish invasion of territory
Damascus has confirmed it will send
troops to the region poland’s governing
law and justice party is claiming a
decisive victory following the general
election exit polls gave the
conservative Nationalist Party 44% of
the vote that’s enough to secure a
second term a second four-year term in
power rescuers have been working through
the night in Japan to try to reach
people affected by floods and landslides
triggered by Typhoon Hagibis Japanese
emergency services say at least 37
people were killed by the storm

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