9 Celebs React To Their OWN Internet Memes

Fame is great and all, but you really know you’ve made it once you become a meme everyone from Ryan Gosling to Demi Lovato have made hilarious additions to the internet hall of fame but we’ve gotta admit some celebrities reaction to their memes might just rival the memes themselves so right now we’re breaking down nine of our favorite celeb reactions to their memes, right here on Listen Kim K we’re going to let you finish but Chrissy Teigen has the best ugly crying face of all time! The entire audience got emotional during John Legend’s acceptance speech I think 2015 Golden Globes but no one could rival his wife’s reaction it only took a few seconds for Chrissy’s crying face to make waves on Twitter becoming the perfect visual to describe everything from standing next to someone with bad breath to realizing your style is completely ruined your hair and her response the bottle and cookbook author sarcastically apologize for not practicing her crying face ahead of time and Oh posted an epic cry face selfie with her hubby on Instagram. Remember when Ben Affleck looked like he was on the verge of tears while sitting quietly during an interview with his Batman Vs. Superman Co-Star last year? Yeah it’s hard to forget! Well be actor finally reacted to Sad Affleck when he was asked what he learned from working on such a massive film telling Radio One quote “It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill where I don’t say anything and they can lay Simon and Garfunkel tracks over it,” for the sake of our entertainment we really hope he didn’t learn his lesson too well hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again because a vision softly creeping left it seeds while I was sleeping Oh Poot Lovato After a trumblr user posted a not too flattering picture of Demi Lovato claiming it was actually her twin sister who had just come outside for the first time the internet went crazy it wasn’t long before Poot had her very own Wikipedia page and too many memes to count unfortunately Demi wasn’t amused and now deleted tweet the musician wasn’t too happy that an unflattering angle turned into an internet sensation quote cool to see a s*** angle turn into a meme that circulates the internet to people’s amusement oh and make actual headlines anyway next up Hey Girl is a phrase Ryan Gosling knows all too well you know from the thousands of memes still circulating around the internet to the state but lucky for us the actor thinks they’re just as ridiculous and funny as we do Ryan has addressed the memes on multiple occasions but one of our favorites is during an interview with MTV where he literally and we mean literally couldn’t stop laughing while trying to read some and when Ryan Gos can’t stop laughing we can’t stop laughing ok you ready for this? Hey Girl if I made this face forever would you still wanna make out and that let’s not forget about the time Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal any fan of Dawson’s Creek remembers the sheer agony of the moment Katie Holmes character broke up with James Van Der Beek well fan or not everyone knows the crying meme that came after on the 10th Anniversary of the hit show the action decided to poke fun at himself and created a website where you can share all his emotions sadly the site is no longer up but this video is we’ve got dozens of intense emotional clips fitting for any internet post Mild Sadness, Supersad Sobbing, 10 Year Anniversary Edition, Sheer Panic, Nostalgia, Double Take, Eager Beaver, and Dramatic Dawson It is easy to break the internet when you’re Leonardo Dicaprio but this time it’s not for the reason you expect after the actor jumped in his seat and winced after Lady Gaga walking past into accept your awards at the 73rd annual Golden Globes his reaction quickly trended online no one knew whether Leo was throwing shade or was just surprised until we gave Entertainment Tonight an explanation behind his actions saying “I just didn’t know what was passing me – that’s all!” So fear not there’s no Gaga Drama it’s as simple as that Miranda might be 23 now but she’s not afraid to throw it back to her iCarly days once in a while a picture of Carly at her computer obviously doing some [Inaudiable] has been circulating for years and Miranda just like the rest of the world still find it funny so watch out the actress response to her meme was posting it on Instagram basically proving her lurking skills aren’t going anywhere any time soon fourteen-year-olds Skai Jackson has admitted she loves memes so becoming one was a dream come true after tweeting a poise picture of herself before an early-morning interview, the Disney star’s house went completely viral but she was totally okay with it just watch Frank when I excited when i taught my life favorite meme account like 3.14 like that why he posted it as a mechanic and I’m like oh my god like now I know it’s real maybe I made it guys only go with getting her petty needs to include Beyonce and lucky for her that wish was granted in the best way if anyone knows how to use their memes their advantage it’s Rihanna you’ve probably seen her stick figure alter ego a countless number of times but the star really use the mean your advantage during a 2015 vmas when it became a featured twitter sticker yes Rihanna’s face was showing up everywhere from her performances to selfies things definitely got wild but we wouldn’t expect anything else from Riri ok so now that we’ve concluded our list of hilarious meme reactions i want to know which responds you thought was the best and if you have anything else to add feel free to chime and down in the comments section after that be sure to click right over here to check out some viral youtube videos you totally forgot about and as always don’t forget to subscribe to our channel thanks so much for hanging out with me here on cover news I’m your girl Jackie and you guys next time

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