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Mariah Carey just got hit by robbers and lost
$50,000 worth of stuff. TMZ reports the pop diva’s Los Angeles mansion
was hit around 3 in the morning, with the crooks getting in through a window or door
on an upper floor. Surprisingly, the robbers didn’t hit pay
dirt. Instead, they made of with 50 grand worth
of purses and sunglasses – which was probably less than 10 items total. But she’s not the only celeb who’s been
robbed this year. Jason Derulo got hit in September – and
what was was initially ruled a random act – eventually got called an inside job. Robbers got away with $600,000 worth of jewelry
and $80,000 in cash after breaking into his LA home. David Spade’s Beverly Hills home was also
burglarized this year… with thieves making off with $80,000 worth of jewelry and cash. Spade did have a security system but it was
reportedly disabled by the thieves. Emmy Rossum’s Beverly Glen home was robbed
back in March – with thieves making off with an estimated $150,000 in jewelry. Reports claim robbers broke a rear patio window
and turned off the alarm, then managed to find and open Rossum’s safe. Before that Nicki Minaj’s Beverly Hills
home was robbed of almost $200,000 worth of her precious jewelry, in addition to destroying
and vandalizing her personal property. Luckily for her, she was out of town at the
time of the robbery. Other robbery victims this year include Alanis
Morissette, Kendall Jenner, and Soctt Disick.

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