America’s Got Talent 2019 | Part 5 | Auditions | Top Talent

Hello, let’s start with an introduction please we are where Bushido group from Ukraine
Where and how did you meet we met 9 years ago in the
University when I took part in contest and I showed my talent shadow theater
9 years ago I took my friends in the talent show and we use just a torch and white sheet
We didn’t win anything but wherever shadow dance group was born
When I joined the group, we were just friends. I didn’t think about him like boyfriend, but one day I saw him in you light
after show
with our t-shirts
And we fell in love
Decided to make proposal to Eli I had no idea
But when I saw him stand and was really I start to cry of course
I don’t know what I would do without Ruslan. He is like my rock
our problems tonight is the story about Stella and oh
We come all the way into America good talent because we know that it’s a chance to make our big dream come true
Good luck. Thank you very much
So do I very nice of you buddy
Fading in fading out on the edge of paradise every
Inch of your skin is a Holy Grail. I’ve got a funny
Only you can set my heart
I’m fine
Yeah, I’ll let you set the plane
Touch me like
I’m 11. I’m Easton and I’m 14 and we’re best friends here dance together. Oh
Oh, they do it really well
I love dancing with Easton and he’s so amazing and nice and sleep
He’s like my older brother is he is very bubbly and fun
We’re also said you could pair because we don’t only love dance. We love food
We have so much fun
But we’ve been practicing so hard the sound we’re performing to tonight is about
Easton being a soldier and it’s being called off to war. I’m his little sister and I don’t want him to leave it
so whenever
There are lots of nerves for men
There are a lot of very talented acts here. I thought it was a nice performance
I wasn’t blown away though. If I’m being completely honest, I really don’t think this is a million-dollar act so it’s a no from me
No probably judges that hat would be so bad
Tonight this is gonna be one of the biggest performances we’ve ever done, but I think we’re ready for it
We’re just gonna do only know how to do best, which is dance
What are your names I’m Izzy, I’m Houston and where do you live in Las Vegas?
And what are you guys gonna do here for us? We’re gonna dance
Are you guys related brother-sister? No. Oh, so how long have you guys been dancing together about like five years?
So what type of dance do you do?
contemporary and
Good luck, let’s see what you got
Does anybody like contemporary times have interests like who me anyone else?
Well could who are you please my name is Nick Williams and I’m Lindsey Williams and are you married or brother and sister
Six years now. Yes
And where did you mean?
Mutual friend of ours told me I met your soul mate. I think you gotta be kidding me
You know, you’re joking you Paul didn’t even want to get married to begin with and we went on a date and here we are
I’m a violinist. I’m Nick. I’m an opera singer and we’re from New York
Growing up. My mother had a three tenors album at first. I was like, yeah, why you listening to all this opera?
And then I started singing along to it and I fell in love with it now
You said to myself? That’s what I want to do for the rest of my life
But in Stano in New York, it’s very hard to get a job in the Opera
So I’ve had to pick up jobs singing in restaurants
weddings and whatever else I could I
Started taking up the violin and around second grade
I loved classical music but I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in that world
But then when I met Nick, I felt like I’ve known him forever together
We were like, oh my gosh, we speak the same language musically. This is incredible
We got married and started to collaborate
This is the first time we’re really putting ourselves out there and we’re definitely trying to make a career out of this
Wedding America’s Got Talent would definitely change our lives then we cannot wait to show the world what we do can’t wait
Because it’s the greatest show in the world
Okay, two minutes to change your life forever
Nobody try this at home naturalist or monitor John the best
a sword
Okay Howie, we’ve seen knife throwers but not really with their feet I am a self-taught knife thrower Wow
Well, it’s interesting. It’s dangerous. It’s funny. You deserve to go further than just tonight
What point in the relationship did you say
I’ve got an idea, honey
And for every wife who’s wanted to throw sharp things and her husband I say, thank you
When you turned around you had the knives in your hand there was like something kind of crazy in your eyes
Okay, I was like I get it. This is why he fell in love with you
I was thinking, you know our this is a great show when you get bad singers rather than buzzing them
We throw knives at them
I mean, I’ve been studying opera since I’m a child out. What did you like about my voice your voice?
There are four of us, we’ll take a boat Howie I’m gonna give you a yes. I want to see you again
Because if they’re singing I’m gonna say no
Three yeses, you’ve already got two so it’s up to one lady. This is tough. Uh, you know, what?
I will say that I actually really love your voice and I don’t actually think you should ever take what you love and
Compromise it because somebody doesn’t like it
And therefore it’s a yes
Canal’s one question. Will you throw a knife at me with your feet? Yes, actually
Really like it. Yeah, this could go horribly wrong now and this will turn into a yes if you don’t kill me. Okay, okay
That’s my boss. Thank you him. I love this. She also
Thank you
He’s okay
And then you said throw knife at me oh yeah
Lamont Landers, I’m 27 years old and I am a musician girl. Livin Alabama’s just had a normal family
My mom was stay on mom. My dad worked for General Motors and just always grew up around music
My dad had got me a guitar when I was in second grade for Christmas, but my dad got it really for itself you
Got it for him and I couldn’t play it and your kid. That sucks
When I was 14, my parents split up and as a kid divorce, it’s tough
I hated everything all of it. It’s frightening. It’s scary to be alone
And there’s only so much you can do and I put up a wall there. So you build up these calluses
It just makes you stronger it suffer
When they get divorced he left the guitar, and so I picked it up. I started learning songs and
Having the guitar as an outlet was the perfect thing
So for the last three years
I’ve been gigging non-stop I get to go out and do what I love on a day to day basis
No, like I’m living my dream
But I deserve some bigger and better audience and bigger and better stages for me to play on show him what you got
I’m happy to bring with what I can to this show and just roll the dice to see what happens
Hello, what’s your name? I am Lamont Landers. I’m 27 years old from Huntsville, Alabama
I love your name, by the way. Thank you, sir. And what do you do sing full-time? Yeah, I’m a full-time musician
This is how you make your money. That’s right
Okay, so why do you think this show could change what you’re doing at the moment to go?
It’s a one of the biggest platforms in the world. Look at this crowd. It’s amazing
I wanted to be a surprise. Good luck
So we you
Whatever you want to do yay. Is it already?
I’m guessing you play with a band. Yes, sir. But that’s a very safe what I would call wedding song. Well, she had a song
What’s going on Marvin Gaye
The same genre
I’m just wondering whether we should just come up with a better song because your problem is that you don’t take risks
Fair enough, thanks. Oh no mom. I wouldn’t shrug to that. I wouldn’t
So you want to come back this afternoon with another song?
It’s up to you. It’s not me. It’s you
I’m gonna do it right now if we can you think what’s going on is what we want. I think it’s great
I’m not sure if it’s what you guys want, but I’m not think it’s beautiful
I think you should come back later. Cuz right now we’re not understanding each other
What what do you guys want?
You are getting on my nerves right now
Because I actually like your voice so I would suggest you think about what I’m saying, and I’m gonna give you another shot
Don’t be cocky
Okay, yup, do you
Oh wait, oh wait good choice
Yeah, he was really getting on my nerves
So are you going to take the advice and come back or do you feel like you want to just stop it here?
Can I have that yeah, no, that’s all right
The risk like you said he needs to go find something else
Just find something find you more smartest and not you know what I mean ice which
automates like hardly prepare would like an hour to
come up with
I do think that you grandeur in this show
To voice when you first I’m gonna feel is that you lost me after about 30 seconds
It’s just trying
You do a shot
90 seconds tight and be ready to go back on
That thing called an it factor that separates talented people from the people you need to know what they’re doing at all times
I thought
Oh, my friend
Simon Judas Lea judges, thank you all for having me back. I really appreciate it. Thank you for coming back
Even though we didn’t get on great the first time we met I actually like you and I love your voice
I think we all do thank you. Thank you. I
Learned this song like in the last 30 minutes. So forgive me if there’s mistakes. I’m gonna give it a good go though
C’mon Lamont one minute one minute one minute one minute won’t it right? Shake yourself out here. You’re too tense
Of course, please everybody. Please do not clap. Don’t clap long. Okay. Okay. Well, they might at the end. We’ll see ya
Can I give you one suggestion, please? Yes, of course. Slow it down. Of course make this feel like you’ve just written the song
This is another thing I did to my guitar I’m so sorry you are torturing said it’s gonna be perfect. I know
Somebody said you got a new friend
Can she love you back here
And I know it’s to pain
Just gotta see it and I’m in the corner watching you kiss
Why can’t you see me
At all, ah he bets and no my home
I’m in the corner watching you kids
Home I keep dancing on my own
And I keep dancing, oh my
All right, so
you’re like an egg right now and we’re cracking it open slowly, but surely I
Almost want you to just close your eyes for a second
How do you feel?
I’m humbled and
I’m honored that you know
You guys would take the time and give me another chance and I thrive under pressure and I love trying to adapt and overcome
And thank you for the chance
And that goes a long way well done
Howie I
Think that you’re really good and you’ve got a really good voice taking all the direction from Simon and listening to everybody you stepped it
up 10
levels as far as I could say
Okay, we literally threw everything at this young man plus the kitchen sink he went backstage learned a song
He’s never heard before played before at nothing and the guitar and sing it and came out here and just blew us all away
No, he said the welder month, but I respect you for doing what you did
I think there is a wall in front of you, which is the fear of failure
And I think you’ve got to let yourself go a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with by looking emotional or happy or sad you
Know the cracking of the egg is a good analogy
You know
it’s like I know what it’s like when it’s frustrating you get criticized when you think you’re right that something’s getting in the way and
You get frustrated and then sometimes someone gives you a little bit advice and it opens the door
I think the doors just open for you here I did
Everybody clap
I like you
Okay looking about how are you something based on what you did at the beginning and then how you improved? I’m giving you a yes
I feel I want more. Yes
Apps and outs
but at least you have the guts and the
Respect for doing what you’ve just done and I’m really happy that works out for you. And you know what?
Let’s make the next one even better. So this boy, yes
It’s he’s
Complex. That’s why he’s interesting. I can’t wait to see more. I can’t wait to hear more from you. Stop Thanks
Next I’m gonna guess inquire. Yeah. Love quiet
Hi guys
In this group our name is the Global Youth Choir and we all the way from
Limpopo in South Africa. Oh, you’re from South Africa Wow
My name is Rob Smith. I’m the conductor. You’re the conductor. How long have been doing it now? We’ve been together for 10 years
Hi hi, hi, what’s your name? My name is sandy. Lima. Chola. This is your first time in America. Yes
This is my first time in America. Hello America and
What does this mean to you this is the dream countries that I’m dreaming right now
We are from a small community in Limpopo South Africa, there’s a lot of difficulty
Growing up. It has been really hard for us the place. It has a lot of poverty
Many places have no electricity. Most of the homes do native running water. It is very difficult
The challenges these kids face it’s devastating
Many of our kids parents have passed away
They’ve got to look after their little siblings on their own
So to try and help those orphans and vulnerable children, we started a choir
My father passed away two years ago everything changed
But it was very difficult
had to take care of all of us and
I was to further the ones
For me, how is it going to be?
When they join us many of our kids have the weight of the world on their shoulders and to them they problems feel
For us it’s not easy to dream so I didn’t like to smile
but after joining the choir, I found my voice and
It brought back the smile on my face
Being in the choir, it just gave me a sense of belonging my confidence to not be afraid
That it’s okay to dream. So you just saw the sky as a limit. Exactly. That’s why now
We want to show the whole world that anything is possible
They come from one of the poorest communities in the world yet these kids managed to lift themselves up
To see them standing on the stage of America’s Got Talent tonight
You can’t help but just burst with pride
Can you tell me the song is original was it about
so the song that we gonna sing for you today is called my African dream couldn’t be more perfect for today because
It expresses hopes and dreams and our dream is to let children around the world know that just because you’re born in poverty
It doesn’t mean that you are poverty
All right, well that’s pretty exciting
You’ve come all the way from South Africa and you are now on the biggest talent stage in the world
So I can’t wait to hear what it is you do. Thank you
The trees that she can tell
From the second you walked out. I think this whole place was rooting for you and you did not disappoint
You showcased the beauty that you represent and you are giving so much hope I can’t thank you enough
Thank you
To feel your authenticity and joy just coming through
I felt like you transported us to where you’re from and it was so beautiful so magical well then. Thank you
There’s nothing more exciting than when
people come from far away to this stage and you bring your culture and you bring your life and share your talent and
Everything you did from how you’re dressed. I mean, I love the color and I love the sound. I really do
You know, we’ve always been waiting for a choir like this something we’d never heard before and
Your energy was just literally bouncing off me right there. Yeah
It was a great audition and you I’m gonna remember well done
Thousand times yes for me
I’m gonna say yes
To all the kids in South Africa in Africa everyone that has the dream
I am Simona and I am Lorenzo and we are the creators of indigo foods for reality
All over the world. Everyone is sitting on fears phobias like
Arachnophobia, they were flying few fights
They get up they go to work, but they are living a life that stops them from achieving their
We developed visual reality technology and with these two people
Discover that they are capable of things that they have never imagined
This is our opportunity to share this potential with antiwar
What’s your name? My name is Simona and my name is Lorenzo. Were you from Rome Italy?
And what do you guys do in Rome? We are psychologists and we love technology
So we wanted to find a way to put technology and psychology together
So we created this virtual reality software for the mental health. I
Love that. I don’t know if you know you’re talking to but in this country
I’ve put a lot of psychologists into a whole new tax bracket
So why AGT we often say when a person overcomes phobias that person is actually
Fine being its own talent. So our talent is to help others unlock in their talents
So I would like to invite you a stage
So we are going to put you in a virtual situation where you’re going to find out that you’re capable of things
You didn’t know you could do
Come with me all right
You found my first rope, yeah
First of all, we are going to take off our shoes together the green okay, okay
So come with me, all right, don’t be scared just trust me too late
So do you prefer to put on the headset by yourself? Yeah, okay like a big boy
Yeah, put it on okay Oh, what do you see I’m not in a fun place I
See somebody in more trouble than me and the bird and I’m in a canyon and I don’t I’m you know
I don’t know if I told you this heights is one of my phobias. Yes
That’s why you are here with a saloon
Working on the ropes. Your aim is to save that person whose life is in danger
All right. Are you ready?
Where you place your feet I’m trying to but I don’t I don’t I don’t oh my gosh just a little bit
Oh, he’s okay. Okay, you can go he can’t I can’t yeah. Yeah, you can do it. I can’t
Do the first step together and then you’ll be able to go on by yourself. Yeah
Okay, can’t he come and save me?
Can I crawl another don’t do like this
Scared what do I do now? Robbie’s army
You have to save him what Robbie’s army helped to save rabbits armed army. I’d be hard
I don’t touch people’s hands
He’s gonna fold can’t I just go and save myself Fushimi me
Howie how do you feel right now? I feel like a hero
I’ll be honest with you. I was terrified and I was trying to think all know this is pretend this is virtual reality
but the virtual kept going away and it was really my reality and I’ve never seen something that is so
Enveloping and I’m a proponent of mental health and removing the stigma
Awesome watching how we overcome his fears. I was on the edge of my seat. It was exhilarating amazing job. Thank you. Thank you
That was deaf, I’ve never actually seen before and honestly that was so much fun. I think people are gonna love this
So, thank you for coming
What was cool about this is that we actually saw what you were saying wishes normally yeah, yeah
It’s amazing and it is entertaining plus it was even better seeing how I looked silly
It was different I liked it what up. So let’s vote. Go ahead Simon. I’m gonna say yes
To it was fantastic and for me alone
Knightley’s, he’s the most important I
Start with him. He’s my best friend. FICO 9 year old border. Collie. My name is Lukas
I’m 22 years old and we are here to perform
canine freestyle
And where did you two meet when I was a child my dad and all of the family wanted a dog at home
so we met all the puppies and
FICO was peeing on my dad’s leg and I thought it was funny
We should take him and was the start of a great friendship
I’m Lucas. I’m 22 years old and this is my best friend FICO
When I was a child if I was afraid of dogs, they terrified me and say no never ever will
I accept a dog in our family when I was 14 my worst nightmare got a reality
My family told me that we will get it done
At first I didn’t want to be his friend
But eventually I just looked at his eyes and he was the first dog who won me over
Look at his face. How could I not love him?
So it started to do some tricks with him between every day if I could get better and better
He really knows that he is a star
In the last nine years, we’ve danced so much together and we grow together
He’s a really really special dog for me. I can’t explain how much feelings I have for him
How is everything I have but now he gets a little bit older after America’s Got Talent my cool
Makes me sad. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else
All right Lucas about Opie guys come with me, but he really really deserved this last experience
So we came to America’s Got Talent
One of the biggest stages of the world because I wanted to give him a really really good bang at the end of his career
Falco the stage is yours. Thank you
He’s like a little puppies beautiful I can’t wait
Gabrielle, what did you think that was? Absolutely awesome? I have five dogs at home and knowing how much work goes into training dog
Just to do basic obedience and he’s doing all kinds of tricks. I
Love you. I love Falco great job. Great. Thank you
Made it exciting. I thought the music was good. It was like boot-scootin doggy
It was amazing, I thought it was fun. I thought it was energetic
He doesn’t even hear the comments
He has amazing
Personality but also importantly so do you because both have got to work? I think this is the best of happen to have this year
Okay, let’s go how are you sore No, yes, that’s one
I can tell how much this means to you. Calcio. You’ve got four yeses
Good luck trying. Oh
What’s his name?
You need okay? Listen, let’s go out there and show them what you got high five. All right, give it to
All right, what’s your name Iman Iman
Yeah, where are you from? Um from Northport Florida, right? I yeah, and how old are you? I’m 10 you’re 10
Yeah, ah
So nervous. Are you here with your parents? Uh, yeah. I’m here with my parents and my brothers and your brothers
Are you the only girl on your family? Yeah. Oh, so you’re the angel
Sorry the devil
And what do your parents do well my dad owns an ice cream factory
Best job ever. Yeah, do you get to go in there and pick all your favorite flavors? Yeah. What’s your favorite flavor?
salted caramel coffee and chocolate chip mint
Literally my favorites were on a good start
Okay, let’s see what you got
How do you feel about performing in front of julianne, hough
It’s it’s gonna be incredible but I just feel like she’s gonna you know, critique my technique
So I’m just a little bit stressed about that. My name’s Ben trigger. I’m 25. I’m a travel agent from Australia and tonight
I’m gonna be dancing on America’s Got Talent. So do they explain you that you’re gonna carry a microphone I would
Like, thank you
Growing up my life completely revolved around dancing when I was 12
I was fortunate enough to get into one of the most competitive dance schools in Australia
but the dance world has such a
Structured look of what you should be in
Being a gay fat dancer. Wasn’t that I
Actually had a ballet teacher who wouldn’t refer to me by my name she’d called me plum boy
My mom tried to pull me out of that dance school so many times when I kept fighting it because I knew that I needed
To be there to become the dancer that I wanted to become this second
I graduated started going to auditions and they’d line you up and they wouldn’t even see me dance and I just be cut
But you know didn’t deter me I finally got one and I was over the moon
I knew that I wanted to push myself to prove why I was here
so I went full throttle and did everything that I could and I
severely dissipated my left knee I
Was told by the doctors that I couldn’t dance the at least three years
So I had to move back in with mom and dad and started working at a dead-end job, and I’ve been doing that
seven years
But I always you the dance was what I was born to do
So here I am on America’s Got Talent
this is literally the one thing that can get my career back on track and
I’m really excited from front of Julianne to have one of the biggest names in dancing. Give me approval it would mean the world
I’m with you brother. All right. All right, go get them go girl
I mean to prove to the people that didn’t believe in me in the police
Hello tell me who you are, please. My name is Penn trigger. Is that your real name? That is my real name
I weigh you from Ben trigger. I’m from Brisbane, Australia
And tell me why America’s Got Talent
America’s Got Talent is it’s really my second chance to fulfill my dream of dancing when I was 18. I
dislocated my knee very badly and then
So if you hadn’t dislocated your knee what were you going to try and do I wanted to be on Broadway as a dancer?
Yeah, right
Come on I love a barefoot dancer
And see us, not you
Okay Wow
Juliet what do you think when I asked why you didn’t have shoes on I didn’t realize what was to come. Whoa
But you actually have some serious moves I
Guess work with your mama gave you
You gave us a whole show you came to slay and I am deceit
I have to say in all the time that I’ve been here. This is my favorite golden buzzer moment
You know, I feel like today
I feel like I’ve eaten the craziest milkshake in the world with everything mixed up with you at the top
Thank you, but you know what you are
Howie without the golden buzzer, yes or no without the golden buzzer say yes
Ben trigger guess what neither fo yeses
Okay, babe, we got to be clear that golden buzzer did not count
No, but I got to give you all the props in the world. That was an amazing performance my man
They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes
But if you walk around all summer in a thick black cloak thigh chafing is also gonna happen
Anyone who says you can’t cheat death hasn’t met my ex-girlfriend
Good show it’s good
I’ve been dating recently. It’s tough. I get ghosted a lot
To tell a relatable dating anecdote now
Have you ever been on a date and it’s going well and you go back to her place and
Then you remember you have to kill her cat

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