Ana de Armas Admits She’s “A Little Bit of a Mess” at Golden Globes | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Ana de Armas joining me now. She is presenting tonight, but she is nominated tonight — Lead Actress in a Film for “Knives Out.” Welcome, Ana. Nice to see you. -Nice to see you, too. Thank you. -This is very — This is your first Golden Globes? -First Golden Globe. It´s — Yeah. I´m a little bit of a mess. Can you tell? -Not at all, actually. Not at all.
-Yeah. Yeah. -I was just saying to you, before we were talking dresses,
you look stunning this evening. -Thank you.
-Who are you wearing? -It´s a costume gown from Russo.
-Wow. -And some little Tiffany detail. Nothing, yeah. Yeah.
-Just a little Tiffany. On nomination day, we saw you pop some champagne on your
Instagram. Who was the first person you called when you found out? -I called — I called my mom. I called my mom and my dad, and they were still sleeping. It was so early in the morning. I was in New Orleans, which is, I think, same time in Havana
or almost. And it was like 7:00 A.M. or something. So, I was working. I was on set. So, I was in the hair and makeup trailer, and I called my
mom, and they were like, “What?” -Were they so excited for you? -Yeah, they were. Yeah, they started crying, and it was — You know, it´s a lot — it´s a lot for them to take in. For me, myself, it was so unexpected, and it´s just still,
like, something so beyond any dream or — or — Yeah. It´s —
-Well, you deserve it. And I want to ask, I know you were just in Havana, and you
were with your family. You know, we broadcast in 160 countries, Cuba being one of
them. -I had no idea.
-Do you want to say hello to anyone, your friends, family, people who supported you?
-Of course. -[ Speaking Spanish ] -Ana, thank you so much. You are such a wonderful actress. -Thank you. Thank you so much. -Congratulations. We´ll see you soon. Thank you, Ana.
-Thank you.

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