9 thoughts on “Attorney For Former Miami Dolphin Mark Walton Shares Video He Says Helps His Client’s Case

    ALL these stupid professional athletes ARE JUST SPOILED punks
    Boycott ALL sports because ALL GAMES are fixed
    the RICH laugh everyday at the stupid SHEEPLE

    911 was an inside BLOW JOB and the ESTABLISHMENT loves killing your kids…..
    semper fidelis
    daniel john de Luca

  2. Gottlieb’s Logic: if you post a video a few days after getting beat up, you could not have gotten beat up…. this guy is disgusting

  3. He's obviously going for an insanity defense. Miami needs to review their employment standards, if they have any. The Bengals fired him for multiple arrests, among other things. What idiot at the Dolphins thought it was a good idea to hire this guy.
    The NFL just keeps going down, down, down.

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