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hello my name is Rob Trhlin and joined
along side me this week is Stephen Galmarini and welcome to this week’s episode Penn
State Beavers B: 30 this week we’re gonna start off with
the wrestling team as they just went to the USCAA national
tournament they sent three of their wrestlers Senior
Dylan Winkle Freshman Cortland Woodard and Freshman Wendell Rubright and now I’m going to turn it over to Stephen and he will give us some news about the tournament In his first match senior Dylan Winkle
out of Hopewell, Pennsylvania faced off against WVU Tech in the 174 weight class and although
he put up a fight he lost by a fall and in his second match against
PSUAC rival and foe Penn State Du Bois, he also went 0-2 matches and fell again This tournament marks the end of Dylan’s career at
Penn State Beaver and we wish him nothing but the best Freshman Cortland Woodard out of Brother Martin in New Orleans
Louisiana in 149 weight class also went 0-2 against Penn Tech and Alfred State Losing both matches by a fall but he will also be back next
season so we’re looking forward to bigger and better
things out of Cortland Woodard and the last one the bright side of this tournament was Wendell Rubright Freshman from Seneca Valley Rubright, that’s Rubright
He’s a freshman from Seneca Valley. Wrestling in the 141 weight class and he found himself competing for fifth and against Alfred State but he ended up losing by a fall and finishing in sixth place in the PSUAC tournament Which is actually a step up for our wrestling
program so you know congratulations to Wendell
on the sixth place finish We’re looking forward to seeing what
he can do next season And Coach Winkle is very pleased with how his wrestlers did in the tournament due to the season that they had, losing, injuries Devante Phillip and a couple other
wrestlers went down they still stuck with it and competed
til the very end and we wish them nothing but the best of luck next year and we wish nothing but the
best for Dylan Winkle as he goes on and pursues his career
and now we will move into men’s basketball and the Penn State Beaver men’s basketball team are riding a winning streak here as I believe it’s now 4 or 5 games in a row the men really
have just caught fire since they dropped three in a row in the conference to
GA, Mont Alto and York they have really been playing lights out so far with the
big three, Nick Miller, Rob Agurs and Chris Weathers all are just coming ready to play day in day
out and you know Coach Williams has that defense all fired up.
Yeah that is a difficult defense to play against it’s face paced and it is very confusing for the opposing teams and it shows when in 3 of the last 4 games you know they held
teams to under 70 points and they’ve also put up triple digits in those same games it really shows how effective this defense system is for Coach Williams.
Exactly Coach Williams loves the run-and-gun style, he loves to let his guys
get out on the court play defense, play fast if they take some
crazy shots that’s fine but you better hustle back and play some defense and that’s how they’re winning these games so
far they’ve just been absolutely dominate here the past, what is that 6 games, is that a six-game 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, a 6-game win streak they have so
far they’re looking to be the third seed in the conference tournament we
wish them nothing but the best of luck in that and what do you have to say? Looking at these last couple
games going to the future you can really look to the big
3 to put up some numbers it’s almost guaranteed that on of the 3 puts out a double-double every night and that’s
you know that’s good for the team that they don’t have to rely on one guy that there is three of them that any one of them can
come up clutch huge in these games and the bench really to has been coming to play you know got Marques Royster the senior point guard out there he does a great job he’s not known to shoot the ball but will he make a great pass and
play defense all night Chris Best another little point
guard that comes off the bench he’s quick, he’s probably the quickest kid in the PSUAC and once he gets going and that momentum that
those guys have when they’re all clicking then you better watch out they can do
they have a lot of damage Here in this tournament.
Like you said before the system that they play this team you know it’s very tiresome so you have a deep bench you’ve got to have a lot of players starting and although it may mean something to other teams, it doesn’t make as
much of a difference to this team because everybody’s in the game all game.
Exactly and that’s the style Coach Williams said
last episode, that’s how he plays that’s how he’s always gonna play you know the fans love it I know as I students
were always in the student section and we love when they’re out on full-court
pressure, they’re gettingsteals throwing dunks down like when Chris weathers or Rob Agurs man it’s just exciting to watch and
really really brings a great crowd out to the games and now we’re gonna go into an interview
that Dante, our field reporter Dante as he caught up with
Coach Williams after the recent game versus Penn State Scranton and we will get to that right now.
Alright so with you guys securing the number three seed,
how do you feel going into the playoffs? I feel good we’re starting to play
better we had that bad week earlier in the season
where we just weren’t executing defensively and offensively I still don’t think we’re executing offensively well but I think the test is back on defense and
we’re getting used to our rotations I thought kind of that bad week kind of may have been there because we lost some guys and we just weren’t used to the rotation and I think we are there now.
Are you going to change anything in practice?
No just rest and get a lot of shots up you know really I’m still not happy with our zone defense
but that may be something we look at this
week, we’ve got a week to play around with maybe do something different there but I mean
outside that I think everything else is
coming, we’re clicking so as long as we’re healthy you know this
time of the year the healthier teams win Now going into the playoffs which team do
you see being the hardest for you guys to face?
Yeah well I mean to win the championship we are going to have to go through Mont Alto
then York both the teams that beat us this year so those are two teams they’re above us right now you can call them the
favorites but I like our chances.
Thank you Thanks Bud.
Good Luck As you saw in that recent interview,
Coach Marcus Williams he went over how the team needs to rest themselves
and prepare themselves for the playoffs and you know Stephen with such an
aggressive style of play that non-stop style of play obviously that’s what they need to do.
Yeah it definitely takes a toll on the body, the last game there was a play where Nick Miller took a dive over the stat bench with no regard for life limb or humanity you know
these players these players it’s all about winning they
you know they rest up the next day throw some ice on their elbows and knees
whatever is banged up and be ready to play but they after a long hard season they need they need to come ready to play and be
healthy for this PSUAC tournament Exactly and you know from a players standpoint, when you see a senior like Nick Miller risking his body to save a ball like you
said going flying over the scorer’s table I know that lights a fire inside of another
player you wanna go out there and you wanna compete as hard as he does and from a fan’s standpoint that just really
gets you going that gets the place all jacked up and I know our arena we have you know we have a lot of students
come to the games and we’ll really get into it and our players feed off that. and that’s something that we take
pride in here and that’s just something that Beaver needs to keep it up and as you’ll see in a recent interview
with it Anthony Lamont our field reporter Anthony Lamont did with Nick Miller, they will talk
about how you know it’s like that they’ve gotta keep up
that momentum and they just can’t let them beat themselves.
Good evening and I’ve got Nick Miller from the Penn State Beaver men’s
basketball team with me to answer a question going into the playoffs and the question
is who do you feel your toughest competition will be heading
into the playoffs I think our toughest competition is
going to be ourselves like how we play, I mean
we beat ourselves that game that we lost in the conference,
we didn’t do what we needed to do but to really answer your question Mont Alto, they’re tough and York obviously they’re tough land top notch
but anything can happen we had a bad loss in the middle of the
year against Greater Allegheny and nothing against them they played a great game they came prepared and they got us that night, they
were the best team that night but that’s not a loss that should ever happen
with the team that we have like I said we can defeat ourselves we come and do what we need to do
play our defense get on a run, get out on the break and and just play Beaver basketball
I think it will be self explanatory and at the end we will get what we want. Beside that is there anything outside of the norm that you guys have been doing this
season as far preparing for these games that you guys are going to do different or are you gonna
pick out a specific team maybe watch film see different ways around their game different
defensive strategies stuff like that Nothing really has changed over
the years I’ve been here film, we usually watch film always go
over scouting reports the day before run over sets that they do
not to much defense wise because you know we do the run and jump then get back into the
semi-man but we switch on a lot of things so, it’s really not like
we’re at a distinct man we just stick to our help and one pass away denial principles, you know we just do film and just do the normal
things we’ve been doing for four years we have been coming in and shooting more
as a team it has been showing though we’ve been
knocking shots down collectively and doing pretty well at it, so that’s probably what is different. The fact that
we’re getting more shots up as a team and people are starting to put up more effort and to basically show them hat they are caring and that we want to do something with this season.
That’s good, I wish you the best of luck thank you very much for the interview.
Now lets switch gears to women’s basketball who have won 8 of their last 9 contests most
recently the 91-74 victory against Penn State Worthington-Scranton following an 83-80 thriller against Penn State Hazelton to
clinch their playoff spot at the end of the season And Galmo you are right that 83-80 thriller
that we saw against Hazelton came down, came down to the wire and I
know we were as students we had a packed gym for that
and it was a great game overall the ladies really have been coming
together playing great basketball it’s like you said their 8 of their last 9, they’re currently
on a five-game win streak here and they just have the momentum going with them they’re all playing together
Yeah they are definitely playing as a more cohesive unit and they weren’t at the
beginning of the season and definitely finishing strong down the stretch and you know it just like the guys team there’s
not one player doing it all its spread out on the floor and on the bench
there if you have you been to any of the games
and were watching any of them on our live streaming on ustream.com also you can see that when Coach Moore
likes to switch his players out, it’s not just one player at a time he likes to switch
them in twos threes fours or even fives at times so
you know it’s definitely a spread out effort amongst the team and everybody has their job you know the
team is led by Khalia Adams who went down with a knee injury we hope she will back for the tournament
and everybody else been stepping up
freshman Mason DePetro has really been stepping up as well. Natalie Gamble and
Cassandra Flowers low she really has been dominating just about every game shes played in she’s had
double-doubles the past two games and she’s really been
playing lights-out she has been cleaning up the back board
I don’t even think they’ve had the janitors come up because she’s kept that
glass so clean after these last couple of games I’d also like to like to mention
Brittany Mineard coming back from her knee injury to also fill in a bench role and help this team out
and carry on especially the last five game win streak.
You know Brittany Mineard coming back that’s big the team as she’s one of the only upperclassmen
on the team has, they are made up of a bunch of freshman, new freshman Asia Borders,
Kelsey Brooks, Cassandra Flowers, Jenna Petrucci, Mason DePetro
you know the whole lineup its all knew and you know Brittany Mineard,
Khalia Adams Natalie Gamble are the only ones are
coming back and just to have that senior leadership and that
upperclassmen leadership that goes a long way on a court.
Yeah just to set that example that you know although you may not be at 100% you could still
play a role in helping the team out really again the championship is the ultimate goal this team especially that they’re trying to repeat after
last year as PSUAC champions with all the freshmen experience, well
inexperience on this team to have that upperclass leadership such as Brittany Mineard, Khalia Adams is definitely going to help.
Exactly and I mean you know we just had that last
game versus Scranton and the ladies just came out they came out ready to play they were they were taking a
lot of threes early Coach Moore wasn’t too pleased with that he had to calm his team down they came out
they went into a little run and they never looked back.
Yeah this they completely shut the door within the first
five minutes against Scranton it wasn’t even really a contest because the way that our ladies played even just in the paint and around key they
don’t they don’t necessarily have to make 12 3-point shots a game you know they
can take a jump shot and if they miss Cassandra Flowers and Asia Borders are in
there to clean up the layups and get them easy 2 point put back shots.
Exactly and you know consistency is another thing that Coach Moore really really loves to talk about and he likes to recognize freshman Kelsey Brooks who comes off the bench, you know
she does her job she comes in she’s gonna get those steals Kelsey’s a hustle player, her and Kalynn Hill as well Kalynn Hill another senior
very great defensively you know Kalynn comes on the court, her and Kelsey
to play defense when they need that run and it has been working for them everything
has been clicking for the ladies and lets see how they do in the tournament looking forward to it
And we’re gonna go to an interview that I actually did with Natalie
Gamble after the Penn State Scranton game hi my name is Rob Trhlin and joined alongside me
is Natalie Gamble a junior forward for the Penn State
Beaver women’s team now Natalie you guys had a big win today versus
Penn State’s Scranton tell us a little bit about that game.
It was very tough it took a while for us to get our defense together then we came along as a team and got our defense together and just started scoring.
Good now you guys had, you ladies have been on fire maybe you know you won
your past I think 4 out of 5 games in a row you know what do you contribute to that? Like how has the team been playing.
We’ve all come together we’re all the same page now and all want the
best for the team so we are all just trying to do our best every game.
You have the big conference tournament coming up here soon what’s the one team that you do not want to see in the
conference tournament Who’s gonna be like the toughest, who’s gonna be your toughest opponent I think our toughest opponent right now is
probably gonna be Penn State Greater Allegheny. Taylor Fulton? Yeah.
She’s a great point guard one of the best in the league and that’s it for Natalie Gamble Thank you very much for your time
and good luck in the playoffs Well Rob as we just heard in your interview with
Natalie Gamble the team really is coming together quite nicely and they are
definitely trying to make a stronger push into the PSUAC playoffs this year.
And you are correct like Natalie and I talked about
man is this they are just firing on all cylinders the
lady lions they are I mean you look at any 5 that Coach Moore puts
on the floor it doesn’t matter they’re playing for each
other and its it’s great to see that that has finally come together the
second half of the year the first half of the year you know they were young they were
inexperienced they just needed to get some experience and that
leadership from Kalynn Hill Brittany Mineard and Khalia Adams, I
mean really turned the season around there halfway mark Yeah there was definitely an adjustment
period to the system that Coach Moore runs instead of what some of the girls experienced when they were in high school so I think
that really showed at the beginning of the season but is is definitely
all come together as we said they won 8 of their last 9 games especially to this
last five game winning streak that they’re carrying with them into the playoffs.
You know exactly and is just hard like the ladies you can just
see it you can see it here in the second half the season they just play like
they want to win and they want a repeat they’re now
the number three seed and they have a lot to prove coming in here to the conference tournament you know
they have their first game versus Penn State Hazleton then that’s going to be a tough one obviously
Penn State Hazelton always tough they always come ready to play
It is a competitive conference and I think Penn State Beaver really needs
to focus on Penn State Hazelton and take that first step on the
road to a repeat of 2013 PSUAC championship.
Exactly you know last year we had Brittany Tomaselli who was a great point guard this year Khalia Adams has stepped up in the
role and she has really taking control of the point and she’s
just had everybody going, her and Brittany Mineard has been playing great. Kalynn Hill coming off the
bench she plays great defense I love it Kalynn keep it up. Yeah Kalynn definitely when she’s on the floor
she’s running around like her hairs on fire and it’s not being put out unless she
steals the ball so I means she’s very excited very much to
watch her play and I’d like to see her on a big stage especially in the PSUAC tournament.
Exactly now we’re gonna go to an interview that I did with Coach Moore he’s gonna talk
about these top six teams and give us his
feedback on how he tends to handle them in the conference tournament.
I’m Rob Trhlin and alongside me is Coach Moore the Penn State Beaver Lady Lions head
coach and Coach Moore you guys just had a great win tonight, tell us a little
about that Uh a little bit about it, it started off not to well we had some discipline issues so we didn’t have our starters in the game right a way what makes us good is anybody on the game can go in and give time and help us win the girls that are gonna start today they came in and did
what they had to do they built us a nice lead we carried that momentum pretty much from the
get go we’re up and down at times but we did what we had to do to win and a win is always a win.
Exactly especially with that tough conference that we have
coming up, the conference playoffs are coming up right now tell us a little bit, I’m going to go through
and just tell me a little bit about each team tell me about Fayette, they’re 12-2 in the conference how’d you guys fair against them when you first played Um Fayette we lost both games against
them home and away both were first game we lost by 11 in 3rd place second game we lost by 8, that game really could have went either way we had some breakdowns here and there and you know not taking anything away from them, they’re a
great team and what really makes them good is their experience you know they have juniors and seniors they play together for 3 or 4 years you know that’s insurmountable
in our conference compared to our team that are freshmen and
sophomores so you know if we keep jelling the way we are keep growing as a team we should have some great
games again.
Exactly now tell us a little about Brandywine, they are 11-3 in the conference and they’re a great shooting team as well that we saw all year.
Brandywine they’re phenomenal shooting team what makes them tough to go up against is they don’t really have an forwards they pretty much run 5 guard sets and it makes
our forwards go out guard the perimeter at times and so on so
it’s kinda difficult on the defense end or on an offense end when they do different things getting the ball inside
and so on, you know they’re a good team they control the ball well and play hard as a team we’ve got them at their place this year but it’s
always a great match up between us.
And now we’re going to get on to Greater Allegheny they have a great point guard, Taylor Fulton
how do you expect to slow down Taylor Fulton if you go out and
play against her in the playoffs? I’m gonna be honest, there’s really no
stopping Taylor, Taylor is the best player in the conference. She
actually played here for a year I definitely miss her a lot but you know you
can’t stop her the only thing you can hope that she’s not hitting jump
shots that night just pretty much hope to contain her you just worry about stopping everybody else
and not letting them get theirs Alright we’ll move on to Penn State York, York is 8-5 in the conference and they’re fifth in points per game you know
they always put up a lot of points do you think your defense will be able to stand up to their offense? Uh we beat them by 4 at their place a couple
of weeks ago, they have two really good guards, I
believe they were both all americans last year and we play them pretty well it’s just again is we don’t have our
mental breakdown and you know we stick with our game plan I think we can pretty much beat anybody. And tell me a little bit finally we’ll get on to Hazelton and they are
10-5 in the conference and they have a lot of players in the top two and three points per game and
rebounds and field goals percentage how do you expect to slow that? Pretty much the same way we did last night we came out here and beat them last night by
3 in a very exciting game but again they have an all american it’s pretty much containing her so she doesn’t
go off and then you know everybody else is doing their piece to stop their girl.
Exactly, and we’d just like to wish you luck Coach Moore Thank you for your time and we’d like to wish
you luck in the conference tournament and that’s it And now we’re going to switch gears to the Men’s Conference
tournament, Penn State Beaver the men’s team as well has the 3 seed with Penn State York the
number 1 seed Mont Alto the number 2 seed, Wilkes-Barre the number 4 seed, Penn State Fayette at 5 Fayette at Wilkes-Barre that’s always going
to be a great matchup with York and Mont Alto both getting byes for the first-round you know of all these teams
which team besides Greater Allegheny would you not
want to face? I mean I don’t think there’s a team in this conference our guys do not want to face I think they’re out to prove themselves especially after
falling short in the PSUAC’s championship last year to Penn State York here at the Penn State Beaver Fieldhouse, so I think to be the best you’ve
got to beat the best. So I think our team wants to go out and I think if it was up to them
they’d play everybody in the conference and they’d beat everybody You know and theydo like you said they have
a lot to prove I mean a lost they lost to Greater Allegheny and they
lost to Penn State York and Mont Alto and York and Mont Alto with the one and two seeds I know this Penn State Beaver Basketball
team and they’re gonna come ready to play this there’s no doubt about that they’re gonna come out from the tip off
and they know they’re in front of the home crowd, I mean in here it’s
a hostile enviroment you know when you come here and play at
Penn State Beaver that’s something our students pride themselves on and I know everybody’s just gonna be
ready to play and if they come out like their hair was on fire better watch out it’s going to be it’s
going to be an exciting game and if you would like to watch that game
we will have that on our Penn State Beaver ustream channel that will
be on ustream dot TV and you can type in Penn State Beaver
Athletics it should come up in the tab just click on that and it will take you right to the game.
And we’re looking forward to you joining us for the PSUAC playoffs.
With Rob Trhlin and Stephen Galmarini we’d just like to say thank you for tuning
into this week’s episode join us for the next episode Penn State
Beavers B: 30

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