BBC News Reports on IWGB workers joining no-deal Brexit battle

three low paid workers and their union
have begun a fresh legal attempt to
force Boris Johnson to seek an extension
to the brexit deadline instead of
leaving with no deal they claim
departing without an agreement could
damage employees rights which are
derived from EU law legal correspondent
Clive Coleman reports facing an
uncertain future
maritza Castillo Calle is Spanish but
has lived in the UK for six years
working in catering she’s one of around
three and a half million EU nationals
working here like many low paid workers
she relies on rights that come from EU
law rights which the independent Workers
Union of Great Britain argues could be
weakened by a No Deal brexit in which
our house come on your many low paid and
precarious workers like me use laws from
the EU in order to defend ourselves and
also when a company transfers to another
company to defend our rest our hours and
our rights overall he you derived
workers rights apply to all workers in
the UK not simply EU nationals working
many of the employment rates that we
take for granted such as the right to
paid holidays and protection against
discrimination are based in EU law and
if we crash out without a deal those
rights could be at risk from day one and
that’s one of the many reasons why it’s
so important that the Prime Minister
obey the law and we not put those rights
at risk on day one the case being
brought against the Prime Minister here
at the High Court couldn’t be clearer
Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that
in the event of no deal
he won’t seek an extension to negotiate
one which the so called been Act which
he calls the surrender act compels him
to seek the Union argues that flouts an
act of Parliament in is as clear an
example of breaching the rule of law
that you could possibly have the Union
case joins a similar challenge here from
the rights group Liberty and one in the
Scottish courts brought by the SNP mpj
and a cherian others there on Friday the
government stated in court papers that
the Prime
would send a letter to the EU asking for
a delay if there’s no deal by the 19th
of October it’s a conundrum as the Prime
Minister’s position remains this it’s
what we’re gonna do is come out on
October the 31st Deal or No Deal if the
UK appears to be heading towards a No
Deal brexit on the 31st of October and
the Prime Minister has found a way
around the been act Maritza’s and the
other legal challenges could all end up
at the UK Supreme Court in a dramatic
last-minute legal bid to prevent a no
deal departure just days before the
Clive Coleman BBC News

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  1. Wow… If a single one of the cases goes through, that would have more impact than anything Mr. Corby could do…

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