BBC Proms outrage as show hijacked by Remainers – ‘they must hate their country’ – News 247

 Before the event Remainers handed out 50,000 EU flags across the various Last Night of the Proms events
Since the 2016 EU referendum, bitter Remain campaigners have been allowed to hijack the music festival by waving EU flags instead of the traditional Union flag to show their unity with Brussels
 Those watching the live event on BBC1 yesterday evening took to social media to air their frustration
  One wrote on Twitter: “The Remoaners have hijacked a British institution with all the EU flags at The Last Night Of the Proms
”  Another said: “Just watched it now – full of EU flags and hats. I really want to know what motivates these EU fanatics
They must hate their country.” Another Twitter user said: “Of [email protected] is for middle class liberals, but it is a bit sad that the one night of the year when folks like my granddad hope to see a little bit of non-sporting patriotism on their screens, they just get the usual dollop of BBC cultural obsessions like Remain and Pride
” BREXIT LIVE: Corbyn ‘wanted Remain to lose’ in 2016 But Kate Hobbs, of the EU Flags Proms Team, told The Mail on Sunday she hoped the flags would be a “timely reminder” to the audience that music is a “universal language which unites people”
  The BBC said it tried not to give undue prominence to any flag during the broadcast
  But the broadcaster still included many shots of EU emblems as Remain campaigners had handed out thousands of flags to audience members at the Royal Albert Hall in West London
 This Remainer infiltration came despite the director warning people not hijack this year’s classical music festival as they did last year
  BBC host makes Remainer Sam Gyimah squirm in awkward interview [LATEST]Brexit breakthrough: Deal ‘entirely possible’ says Barclay [UPDATE]Brexit Secretary exposed crucial reason EU will push for Brexit deal [LATEST]   Proms director David Pickard said the biggest event in the British music calendar at the Royal Albert Hall should not be political even as Britain descends into civil war over Brexit
  Mr Pickard told the Daily Telegraph: “I don’t want the Proms to be a political platform and certainly not for this debate
 “The flag issue will come back to haunt us every year.  “I don’t want us to say you can’t bring flags in because it might have an association
 “I want us to all come together, and I know that sounds terribly pious.  “I really hope people don’t see it as a moment to express their personal views when it should be a celebration for all of us
” The footage of the Remainers is yet another example of the BBC giving a platform to anti-Brexit voices
   Earlier this week BBC Question Time was criticised as Brexiteers were outnumbered by 5-1
 Fiona Bruce who hosted the panel on Thursday evening was bombarded on Twitter with accusations of showing bias, as just one panelist was a Brexiteer
  Just the DUP’s Jeffery Donaldson voted Leave in the 2016 referendum.  The other five panellists all voted Remain
 One person wrote on Twitter: “Ah another balanced panel. Not. Trending  “The BBC producers and editors continue to troll the country
” Someone else wrote: “Ewwww. Not many Leavers there, hardly one…” Sarcastically denouncing the panel, a third person said: “Another Remain party political broadcast coming up

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