BBC World News | Dr. Emily Grossman | Extinction Rebellion

well it certainly began again today already we can speak to extinction rebellion campaigner dr. Emily Grossman who is in central London I say central London is white all I think Emily the heart of the the government’s district you’re quite keen to make the point that you are dr. Grossman as well and I wonder if that’s in response to Boris Johnson the prime minister talking about you lot as uncooperative Krusty’s hemp smelling bivouacs that you’re living in knows ringed climate change protesters I mean you’re laughing at it I wonder how offensive you find that I mean I’m not scientist extinction rebellion we’ve had about 160 people across the world most climate scientists and high-level academics sign our exploration of so why we are protesting and why we need to take action we’re running a science tent here we’ve got climate science is coming in giving talks giving workshops we’ve got people from so many different demographics we’ve got young people we’ve got older people we’ve got excellent okay we’re breaking up a little bit on us Emily I’m hoping you can still hear me it seems to me especially if this carries on for a couple of weeks you have a very difficult balancing act between building goodwill and at the same time remaining a sufficient and effective irritant to achieve your goals and make a difference absolutely in all we can say is that we do apologize that people were disrupting but the amount of disruption we’re doing is nothing compared to what’s going to happen in the future if you’re smoke alarm goes off tonight to tell you that there going to be a fire you don’t turn it off and say oh but you’re disturbing my sleep or you’re causing is a little bit of hassle and some money actually you don’t know there’s going to be a fire we need to do something about it we’re gonna stay in protests until the government takes action out of all the EU countries the UK government invest in invest the most a fossil fuel subsidies from overseas in the last five years we’ve invested 250 billion pounds in fossil fuels and it’s not slowing down fossil fuel emissions are still really high they’re not going down nearly as fast as they need to we’ve just invested in the Drax Power Station that’s in for new oil oil turbines we’re investing in hs2 which is the biggest deforestation project since world war one with of course it’s not just climate change but text about is the ecological crisis we losing a million of our species in the next few decades it’s a really big problem right it is it fair to say just one last point that you do actually benefit from arrests you want people arrested because it shows the scale of disruption it highlights your your position there’s a real mix of people here there are about four to five thousand people who are willing to be arrested and there’s an awful lot more who are here simply to show their support you don’t need to be arrested be on the streets anybody can come down and support but yes that there is a lot of there are a lot of people have had to go that really big deal these are people who want to be arrested these are people you happen to say to their families look I’m really sorry I might end up in jail tonight but this is so important I’m doing it for you doing it from a kids and doing it okay Bingley dr. emily Grossman we’re gonna have to leave it there in any case because you’ve frozen on screen there but thanks very much for joining us from Whitehall as those protests and disruptions for many people go on

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