Beanie Feldstein Looks Back at “Surreal” Journey to 2020 Golden Globes | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Beanie Feldstein, nominated for lead actress
for “Booksmart.” And mom, Sharon, as well.
-Hi, Ryan. -The Queen.
-The Queen. She´s used to this with brother Jonah.
-Yes. -So tell me about this for you.
Congratulations. We were here with Jonah, your brother Jonah Hill…
-Yes. -…in 2012, I think, right?
-I think so, yeah. I was a freshman in college, and I have my 5-year reunion
this year, so I think… -Oh, my gosh.
Time goes fast. -Yes, it goes really fast. -Do we have some — There it is. That´s us… -Oh! Oh, my God.
-…on our first encounter. So thinking back to that moment in this very position
to where you are now, what goes through your mind? -It´s very surreal. I mean, I think having my 5-year reunion
is, like, that kind of marker. I´m kind of in awe of who I´ve gotten to work with and the projects I´ve gotten to be a part of in these five
years since I´ve been a human in the world. And to be here for “Booksmart,”
which is a movie that I just… -It´s hysterical.
-…I cherish. I really cherish it. It celebrates a true female friendship with, like, really unapologetic, brilliantly smart,
funny, young girls at the center of it. Actually I remember when I came with Jonah,
all I wanted was to meet Kristen Wiig. It was the year of “Bridesmaids.”
-Right. -That movie is sort of like my North Star.
I just want to aspire to be like all of those women. I think “Booksmart” is kind of in the lineage of that movie
in our dreams. So it feels, you know, very special to be here
for that movie. -Ben Platt, your dear friend, was just here talking about
his excitement for himself, but more so for you. What did you guys text —
-I´m gonna cry. -That´s how they roll.
That is how they roll. Benny and Beanie. -He was so generously excited for you
and for what you´re doing. -I´m, like, truly gonna tear up.
This is too much for me, Ryan. -What was the text exchange you had when you found out
you were both nominated? -We were FaceTiming as they called my name, and me and my roommate were screaming so loud on the phone
with him, and, like, tearing up. It feels very surreal.
We went to prom together. We literally went to prom together and to be here,
it just doesn´t feel real. It´s just so…I think it´s so special to celebrate him
and Caitlin and just, you know, my group of friends. We all get to be here together at such a young age
and for projects that we truly love. That´s kind of all you can ask for. -Let´s keep doing this for every 5-year reunion, right?
And in between, too. -I would like a little sooner ´cause I´m aging. -Alright. You and me both, but you´re doing fine.
You´re doing just fine. You look stunning tonight.
Great to see you. You must be very proud.
Thank you and good luck tonight.

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