14 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: Biden and I have a very different vision for the country

  1. Vote for Trump young people ,or don't. Trump still supports you, he doesn't demand your support, he demands the support for your freedoms , liberties, and prosperity. Young adults and children, you are our future. We believe you are good, and know the future is yours.

  2. That was really funny. All of the points he said Joe would have to explain are all the things that Trump has been trying to fix.

  3. Bernie does not represent my former Democratic Party and one of the primary reasons I had to walk away. My Great, Great Grandma was a Democrat in the 1800's. JFK was my hero as a child.

  4. Bernie will need to explain why he is supportive of commie oppressive governments and opposes awesome economy, jobs and deregulation of Trump's administration.

  5. I wonder how many campaign contributions Sanders got from republicans to make the dems look stupid.

  6. The only difference between Sanders and Biden is that Sanders is the devil and BIDENS a wanna be demon

  7. Bernie is such a little coward. If and when Biden wins the nomination, Bernie will support him like a good little dog

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