Bernie Sanders wins California in Super Tuesday primary: Fox News

22 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders wins California in Super Tuesday primary: Fox News

  1. Democrats in CA are worthless tools tuned into the HIVE MIND FREQUENCY that need to be ruled CUZ THEY LACK FREE THOUGHT so they vote for a COMMIE promoting Socialism…????‍♀️

  2. All this news does is to confirm my decision to move out of commiefornia was correct. That many Bernie bros in one spot gives me claustrophobia. Considering all the crap ole man Bernie been pushing he will find plenty to shovel in commiefornia.

  3. I have a couple of names for California: Cubafornia and Califucknia. To me, both names sound great, yet hard to choose one. Though I tried hard not to laugh, the situation with California is VERY SAD…
    In my opinion, I have a feeling California is probably the butt of jokes by now, or will become one in the future. I am just saying…

  4. Joe is like a toothless, angry, crotchety old man in the soup line yelling at the person behind the counter, "young man when I was your age…"

  5. Sucks loving the incredible weather in Southern California and having to deal with so many socialists!


  6. I know a few Republicans that never received their mail in ballots, after many attempts of requesting they be mailed to them. In one case, the person requested one for two weeks. These are mostly seniors with health issues. I think it's disgusting.

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