Bhagam Bhag [2006] Hindi Comedy Full Movie – Akshay Kumar – Govinda – Lara Dutta – Paresh Rawal

“Signal.. Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal..Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“Signal.. Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal.. Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“I will bring down the
stars from the sky.”
“I’ll bring the lovely sights of heaven.”
“Oh my sweetheart, if
you say yes, then..”
“I’ll jump in the air!”
“Jump! Jump! Jump in the air!”
“Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”
“Signal.. Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal.. Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“Signal.. Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal.. Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”
“Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”
“I am here and you’re also here.”
“It’s the season of love.”
“Oh! My darling, just know what
is the signal of our friend.”
“Wait a little, wait a little.”
“You wait for a little while more.”
“Oh my darling, by god.”
“Do not make me restless.”
“I am your lover.”
“If you say yes, then..”
“I’ll jump in the air!”
“Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”
“Signal..Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal..Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“Signal..Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal..Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“I just desire you.”
“I see your face in my dreams.”
“You are in my memories too.”
“It is a strange kind of high.”
“Where am I getting lost?”
“My eyes are open, but
I am falling asleep.”
“My condition is the same.”
“If you say yes, then..”
“I’ll jump in the air! Jump!
Jump! Jump in the air!”
“Jump in the air!”
“Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”
“Signal.. Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal.. Show me the signal. – Baby!”
“Signal.. Love’s signal. – Yo! Yo!”
“Signal.. Show me the signal.
– Baby! Signal..”
This is mine. What are you doing?
– Give me! Give me!
Boss! Putlibai!
What is it?
Can I get oil? Oil.
You know Bunty, he took
oil for taking a bath.
He does massage all day long.
And used all the oil.
So can I get little oil
on loan from your place?
I need it to remove the makeup.
Wait a minute.
Why did you close the door?
I want to tell you one secret.
You know Bunty, Bunty.
Never trust him. He is not
worthy enough to be trusted.
So this is your secret?
No, no. Ah.. the secret
is something else.
I wanted to praise you.
I wanted to tell you that all
are praising you so much.
Do you know what they are saying?
They say that you are an expert dancer.
And the pair is even better
than super-duper hit.
This is the secret?
No, the secret is that.. I
wanted to tell you that if..
..our pair becomes a pair
in real life too, then..
Then.. Then, I love you. I like you.
Hey! Wait. Wait.
Wait. Wait.
What were you doing in her room?
– I didn’t go anywhere.
Why are you covering
your cheek like that?
Show me. Show me, dear.
Why is your cheek red?
Why is your cheek red?
Isn’t the lipstick.. lipstick mark..
gone yet?
Why was a lipstick mark on your cheek?
Tell me. – Don’t tell anyone
I had gone in her room.
No, no.
Promise? – Promise. Promise.
But tell me. Tell me. – I am telling you.
I was feeling thirsty. – Yes.
I went to her room to ask for water.
– Yes.
Then she came. – Yes.
She was walking like this and this.
What happened next? – Listen.
I am telling you.
She came and said ‘take water’.
And I held her hand.
Then. Tell me what happened then?
Then. – No, I can’t say that.
No, no, brother. Please, please tell me.
Please tell me what happened next?
Tell me. Tell me. – Okay. listen.
You ate everything? You ate everything?
Nothing was left?
Don’t tell anyone. It is
a matter of my respect.
Why I would I tell, friend?
This is your advance, sir.
Your show was brilliant.
What is the name of the actress?
She was good.
Where do I have to sign?
– You have to sign here.
Now listen, it is decided
then that on 29th.. will take your whole
group to London. – Yes!
Full one month program is finalized. Ok.
I hope the heroine will
be the same, right?
I have signed it.
Help! Help!
Why, help?
What happened? What’s the matter?
The sister got scared!
The sister got scared!
He tried to touch me in the bathroom.
But sister, I was just
checking your flute.
You’ll check sister’s
flute in the bathroom?
The people who try to be fresh
with their sister’s, do you..
..know what are they called..?
– Hey.
Since when is she your sister?
Good that you people came.
If you had not come then..
..I don’t know what he would
have done to me today?
Listen you chaste woman,
do not try to act smart.
Yesterday when he had come
to your room then you..
..were jumping all round
and having a ball.
What are you saying? What have I done?
Did you hear that, sir? This so
called chaste woman is. asking,
What have I done?
When last night he had come to
your room at that time you..
..did not say anything. And
now you started to scream?
Tell me, what special qualities
does he have which..
..I don’t have?
Stop it!
Hey my hair! Hey! – Stop! Stop!
I am telling you, last night
he had come to my room..
Forget about last night. Talk of now.
Babla, had you gone to
her room last night?
Tell us had you gone there or not.
Last night.. I.. I had gone
to sleep at 7 o’clock.
Oh God this animal! He is
such a lair, sir. Ask him..
Didn’t tell me last night that
you had gone to her room?
After I woke up I did not
meet anyone, really.
You did not meet me? – When?
Then. – Then, when?
Sir, I am really telling you ..
..that you should drive
this man from here.
Quiet! Absolutely silent. Quiet.
First you apologies to her.
I am telling you apologies.
– I will not apologies, sir.
I will not apologies, sir.
All this happened because of this rascal.
Come to London. I’ll see you there.
– Listen..
If he behaves like this in the
broad day light then what..
..will happen to us women in London?
Apologies will not do. This
lust crazy man should be..
..punished for sure.
Behold! Another chaste woman has spoken.
What do you say, sir. Should
I call the Police. – Yes!
Stop it. Be quiet. Do not
create a racket, rascals.
If the organizer hears this
then what will he think of me?
Agreed that you are not
honourable people.
But think of my honour.
In my 30 years’ career this kind
of thing has never happened.
But since you both have come.. age has doubled.
That is alright. But he should
be punished, right? – Yes!
What punishment? Why punishment?
So you have forgotten. Sir, the
show which we had staged.. Nagpur, I had called the
organizer’s daughter a..
..buffalo then I was given the
punishment of dish washing.
When I had not even called her a buffalo.
But he has committed a crime.
..washing the laundry.
Yes. From today for the ext
one month you’ll wash..
..everybody’s dirty laundry. Happy?
– Happy.
Ok. Now everybody go to your rooms.
These are everybody’s Passport.
You tell everyone to take care
of them like a treasure. got it.
Sir, sir. – What is it? Don’t shout .
That heroine..Take this.
What about heroine?
She is not coming to London.
Poor boss.. Boss ..
What happened? What happened?
Someone get some water.
Hot or cold? – Sir.
What happened? – Sir..
What happened? – Sir..
What happened? – Press his chest.
Sir, sir..
What happened?
This has happened because Of you both.
Because of both of you my
heroine is refusing to come.
Because of both of them no girl
stays for long in our show.
I am saying that you
should throw them out.
Throw us out, throw us out.
Give him water. Here, Sir, water.
Sir, I am telling you that we’ll
do something or the other..
..once we reach there.
What will you do? Will you
wear her blouse and petticoat?
What will you do?
Sir, a lot of Indian people live there.
– Yes.
We’ll find some heroine Or the other.
That’s what I was saying.
We do not have any other option.
We’ll think about it when we reach there.
But let us first go to London.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Welcome! Welcome! – Thank you.
– Has everyone come?
Yes, all are here. – Okay.
Who are you looking for?
Your main actress has not come?
The show is on Friday, right? – Yes.
So she will come after two days.
Her mother’s brother died.
Ok. then it’s fine.
Her mother’s brother died.
So she will come after two days.
Ok. then it’s fine. All
of you go in the bus ..
..with along with your own luggage.
And you are the director, right? – Yes.
Gullu, keep his luggage in the taxi.
Rest of you, go in the bus.
Please come, welcome. Welcome.
Listen, do not smoke and do not spit.
This is not India, and don’t make it one.
Please come. Come.
Come on, everyone carry your
own luggage and get down.
Please come, welcome. Welcome.
Every one proceed to the
reception counter..
..and take the keys to your rooms.
Welcome! Welcome!
This red bag.. – Hey, my bag too.
And listen! – Yes.
This entire motel has
been booked for you only.
No one else will live
here except you people.
I’ve arranged for everything.
..for doing laundry.
Not to worry. We have brought
a man with us to do..
..the laundry. – Is he
a ‘Dhobi’ (Washer man
He is a Dhobi or something else.
I don’t know.
Ah ha! There is a ‘Dhobi’.
Yes, there is a Dhobi. Dhobi is here.
Quiet! Listen, is there any
arrangement for food and all?
There is no problem of food.
There is a kitchen.
Utensils are there. Everything is there.
But there is no cook.
You will have to do the
cooking yourselves and eat.
Because there is no one else
living here, except you all.
No Room Service!
Hey, Gullu! Come here.
– I am already here.
Gullu taxi driver, will stay with
you for the entire day today.
Whatever you want you can tell
him to get from the market.
He will get for you whatever you want.
Gullu, take care of them.
They should not get out of
our hand. Understood? – Yes.
Now be comfortable.
Now I’ll take your leave. Now
I will meet you all on the..
..the day of the show.
This is height of decency.
Come, Gullu. Come. – But, money..
Has everybody had their tea,
breakfast and have all bathed?
I have not finished.
– What’s your problem?
The room is being set.
That is Ok. But our biggest
problem is that we do..
..not have a heroine.
That problem has been taken care of.
How did you manage that?
Listen, the story will be
the same but the hero and..
..the heroine are changed.
Who is the heroine? – I am.
What?! – I am the hero and this
Vaijanthi is the heroine. – Yes.
Then one thing is clear. This is
our last show and after this..
..we go straight back to India.
You shut up. It is because
of you the heroine ran away.
Whatever it is.. least the public
won’t tear our clothes!
I was thinking that if sir
becomes the hero and she..
..becomes the heroine then
what would be it’s title.
Signal..Signal of old age..
Stupid! Idiot! – Keep quiet.
Sir, these voices can not
be muffled, understand?
Sir, sir, there is a threat from my side.
If she becomes the heroine of
this play then I’ll play..
..the part of the villain.
Why will you become the villain. Why you.
I always play the part of the
villain so this time also..
..I will become the villain.
Why, you wanted to become the hero.
Now that you’ve got a chance
then why don’t you do it?
Brother, I want to become a
hero and not somebody’s son.
And I also do not want to
become somebody’s grandson!
Shut up! Shut up!
Quiet! Quiet! Now there
is only one option open.
And everybody will have to go with it.
Whoever finds a heroine and
brings her here will play..
..the part of the ‘Hero’.
If you want to play Hero
then find Heroine .
Otherwise, I’ll do the show..
..with her and I’ll not pay
even a single rupee to anyone.
Then you can do whatever you want.
12, 13, 14..
Oh, you are minting Sterling Pound!
The Taxi is on hire. So I have
to give the account everyday.
But why are you carrying
that bag and walking?
You know they are cleaning the place.
– Oh!
What a strange weather?
I tell you, you can not trust
London’s weather and..
..London’s girls. Anytime
they keep changing colours.
Why? Are the girls not nice?
No, it is just a saying.
The girls are very good.
But how is their nature.//Do
they make friends or not?
Whoever comes here asks
the same thing one way..
No! No! It is nothing of that sort.
I was just asking.. – Oh!
Just like that..
Move, move. – what happened? Move, move.
What happened?
What type of girl do you want?
Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, English..
– Shall I tell you the truth? – Yes.
I want an Indian girl.
What? You are in a foreign
country and you want.. Indian girl? – What
to do, the game is such.
Oh..I have understood now.
..of playing this game. Lot
of people come and ask me.
What? Who else has asked you?
Now, nobody has asked me. I
said it just like that. – Oh!
When do you want it? – Today.
Right now?! – Yes.
Oh! You can not hold. What
to do the want is such.
No, no, it is not such a want.
– It is Ok. Ok!
Listen! Listen! – Yes?
For one month. – For one month?!
The same one? Same taste? You also..
No, it is not that..
It is Ok. You are still
not married, that is why.
I have understood. I’ve
understood everything.
And listen! – Yes?
She should be able to speak Hindi.
She should know Hindi also?
– Yes. She should know Hindi.
I see, there should be no
communication problem.
He wants for one month, and ..
..she should speak
dialogues in Hindi too.
You naughty.
Dialogues are important.
I liked it. The way you
said it, liked it.
Listen, listen! – Yes?
The girl should look like a heroine.
She should be a dancer also!
Oh! You seem to be a
man of varied tastes.
Now you don’t worry. She will
do whatever you tell her to do.
If you tell her to dance she will dance.
If you spent money then there
is nothing that can’t be done.
By the way how much money will she take?
You forget about it. The
amount she will tell you.
Why are you getting worried about it?
You do what I tell you to do.
Go to your right from the signal.
Then from the 4th signal turn left.
Then you will come
across a very big park.
There you’ll find a lot
of Indians standing.
The moment the Indians see
you they will understand.
They will try to befriend you.
Then you ask them whatever you want.
But beware of the Police. Remember that.
Listen, the talk which we
had between you and me.. not tell anyone about it.
Lot of people will ask you. – You
need not worry about that.
They will ask. – Now you go and
do your job. All the best!
Listen to me..
You speak! – You speak.
You speak.
No, you speak. – No you speak.
If we find a heroine then
I’ll become the hero.
Yes, but for only this show.
In the next show I’ll be the hero.
Otherwise that old man
will become the hero.
The dwarf had said that I’ll
meet a lot of Indians here..
..who will try to befriend
me and introduce me to..
..the heroine. But I
can’t see anyone here.
They hurt my finger.
Look! Look!
Not at me. Look over there.
I think these are the people. Come.
Ask! Ask! Ask!
The dwarf had said that
they will ask first.
They are coming towards us.
– I am seeing.
Do you have a light?
Ask him.
Don’t say heroin, say ‘pouch, pouch.’
Doll? – Pouch.
He is saying ‘pouch’. – Pouch?
He is saying ‘pouch’.
Pouch! – Have? Pouch!
Yes. Did you get the money?
Yes! Yes! – Yes! Yes! Yes.
Yes! Yes!
Police! Take this! Run! Run!
My bag!
Hey bag! Wait!
Where are you running?
Hey bag!
It’s us, boss. – Yes.
Come, come.
Boss, the deal was successful.
Very good! Damn good.
I hope nothing went wrong?
Yes, Boss. – Huh?
The Police had arrived there.
How did the Police know about this?
That we don’t know. – But we escaped.
Thank God.
Open the bag.
Excuse me, Boss.
These briefs, vests, pant and
shirts..What is all this?
Where is the money?
Boss, we had exchanged
the bags correctly.
Even the code word was same.
We asked for a light.
I said, packet. He said, packet.
Did he say packet or old woman?
Then what is all this?
I said, packet.
Manubhai Gandhi here.
Now I’ve understood.
Our entire material has
been nabbed by the Police.
Police? How is that possible, boss?
That has happened.
..told me that his people have
been arrested by the Police.
The Police must have tortured
them and got the code word.
That means that the rascal
Commissioner G.D. Mehra..
..has appointed Indian C.I.D
to nab our drug deals.
The people with whom you finalised ..
..the deal were.. Secret Police.
Yes, Boss.
Look, my image here is that
of a very big builder.
And I do not want to tarnish it. Ok?
Now you go out and be careful.
And do not come back here.
Get out I said. Get out!
One coffee please.
This is a strange city.
..time in my life I’ve seen..
..such a thief who takes away
my bag but leaves back his bag.
I don’t think that they were thieves.
They were something else.
I think it is altogether
a different ball game.
Let us open the bag and see.
No. Not ere. There’s lot of public here.
Where – Let us go to a place
where there’s nobody.
Let’s go there.
Move! Police! Secret Police!
Who is it?
Boss! Boss! Boss, please save us.
Save us, please.
What happened? What’s happened?
The secret Police has reached
here following us. – What?!
Yes, boss. We have seen
them with these eyes..
..entering this hotel.
You idiots! Why have you both
come here to get me killed?
Now because of you both I’ll be caught.
They will not be able to catch me.
They will not be able to catch me.
What is all this? I think it is flour.
No! These are drugs.
Drugs?! – Yes.
With this you get intoxicated.
This is quite dangerous. – Yes.
This has been kept by mistake.
We’ll be in more grave danger.
– Yes. Shut it close.
H.. a.. n.. d!
Wait! Wait! What to do with this bag?
Let me think.
Now what is there to think? Let
us throw away the material..
..and keep the bag. It will
be useful to us sometime.
It is a good bag. – Have you gone
out of your mind? It is a good bag.
Do you know what’s it worth?
1 crore rupees.
1 crore rupees? This thing?
It is not worth more than 5000 rupees.
You moron, I am not
talking about the bag.
I am talking about the
material inside it.
1 crore rupees for this garbage.
Do you think I am mad?
Yes. You uneducated idiot, I am a..
..graduate in English. Understood?
To know about all these things
one needs intelligence.
Which you don’t have, but I have!
Hey listen, what I am saying. Listen.
If really this material is worth..
..1 crore rupees then let us sell it.
At least then we will not have
to dance to the tune of..
..Mr. Champak for the rest of our lives.
We will forget Mr. Champak
and live life happily.
What do you say, should
we sell this material?
Yes, sell it. Sell it. You do one thing..
You put a rug on the road
side and start calling out..
Take the drugs! Take the drugs!
But then will the public come to buy it?
Yes, they will come.
Police.. Excuse me, where
is the Police Station.
Listen, I am from Russia. Don’t
ask me stupid questions.
What did he say? – You come here.
They will arrest you and take
you and put you behind..
..bars for 2 to 3 three years.
No brother, then we’ll do
a thing that we’ll take..
..this garbage and throw it
in the garbage bin and get..
..ourselves out of this garbage.
We will go to the police station.
We will give the goods to them.
And then we will tell
them to arrest us ..
..we are dieing to get arreste
Have you gone mad! Why
are you talking rubbish!
Were you born abnormally!
In fact they will reward
us for our honesty.
And my photo too will be Published.
Like this.
Why not mine?
That too will be published. But
it will be a small one. – Why?
Because you don’t have a degree.
Let me think.
For that you need brains.
You just listen to what I have to say.
No, even then.. – Taxi!
Come soon idiot. Come soon.
Do you believe we are stupid guys.
Someone gave you drugs and run away.
Officer, please try and understand.
Listen, I am from India. And
I speak only the truth.
Shut up! – Move aside.
Listen, officer.
This is the limit! We had
come here to act in a drama.
We needed a heroine for our drama.
Such a trivial matter.
And that fool told us, go
and stand in that garden.
People who are there,
they provide heroines.
I went there and stood like decent guys.
Just then two guys who looked
like bulls came there.
They were wearing black goggles.
A black and a fair one.
And both are blind.
They put the cigarette in their mouth.
And they asked me, do
you have matchstick.
I too decently took out the matchbox.
And I lit up the matchstick.
He extinguished the matchstick.
I asked him will we get a heroine.
He said no, you will get Packet.
I thought maybe in your
country you worship heroines.
So I said pouch is fine,
perform the veneration.
As soon as I said it,
he gave me his bag..
..and he took my bag.
And he ran away. We too
could have run away.
But brother got an inspiration.
And we came here like fools.
Sir, we have two Indians here
with a case full of drugs.
But we don’t understand their language.
Okay, sir.
Good Morning sir. – Good Morning
Send them in.
Hey come on, let’s go.
Where are we going? – For a picnic.
Now you shut your loud speaker
And don’t talk there.
I will talk to the senior officer. – Ok.
2 men came, gave you
the bag and went away.
Sir, we are Indians.
Sir, brother-brother.
Shut up and answer the question.
Yes sir.
I agree. But this bag full
of drugs was found with you.
I will either have to arrest you both..
..or you will have to
prove your innocence.
Do you have anybody in London,
who will sign on the statement..
..and get you bail?
No, no, sir. Not in London. But
we have many people in India.
If you say we will call them
here, but who will pay the fare?
You don’t talk. Otherwise he will
again put us in the lock up.
Sir, there is a taxi driver.
But the problem is that I
don’t know where he stays.
The taxi’s number?
Yes.. the taxi’s number..
LH.. AG..
One minute. Let me remind it.
– Okay go ahead.
36.. 69, sir.
Officer, find the stand it’s parked?
Here’s the taxi stand. Come on.
Secret police. Run! – I’ll see. I’ll see.
Brother, where is Gullu? – Sit
inside and talk. – Gullu! Gullu!
Come on! – Where do you want to go?
– Come on!
Where do you want to go? – We will
decide that later. Now start.
Emergancy. – Go, go.
Go man. – Come on! Come on!
Come on! Quickly.
Gullu! See there.
See there! He went to the left.
– He’s gone. – Come! Come!
Come! Come!
Sir come soon, sit.
You are always late. Come sit.
Follow the taxi.
Drive the car fast.
Sir look there.
I can’t drive above the
speed limit of 60.
Will your father pay the penalty?
Where do you want to go?
Take us wherever you want to go.
But drive fast! It’s an emergency!
Do you want to use the bathroom?
Why do you eat so much
that you can’t control it?
Oh my God!
Right! Right!
Left! Left
What happened? – What a man!
First time I found a passenger who.. ready to go where I want to go.
Stop! Stop! Stop the car! Stop the car!
– How will it stop?
Hey where are you running?
Will your father pay the fare?
Gullu! Explain to these police officers.
They have arrested us.
Name? – Gullu.
I am not asking your dog’s name.
What’s your full name?
Gulam Singh, Lakhan Singh, from Hariyana.
Do you know them? – Sir, he said girls..
What do you mean? – No, no.
What has happened?
Answer only what is asked from you.
Do you know him?
Sir, they have come from abroad..
what is that.. drama.
Actors, sir! There are 15-20
more people along with them.
Where do they stay? – Auslei’s park.
Who is the owner?
Ravindra Taleja, sir.
They have come here for the first time.
Sir, have they done something wrong?
Too much. Anyway.
Officer, please take their
signature on the statement.
Come here, guys. Come on.
This time I am letting you guys go.
Come on.
Sign here. This one.
Come to the police station..
whenever I call you.
And yes. If you saw the drug supplier..
..who gave you this bag,
then call me on this number.
Okay? – Thank you. Be good.
Thank you.
Ok bye.
You fool, I told you stay
away from the police.
Say it to him! To him! Fool!
Are you happy now? Are you happy?
BA pass!
His English has given me a headache!
I explained so much to him!
I explained so much!
That this is a bag of trouble!
Let’s dispose it off!
Let’s throw it away! Let’s throw it away!
No! What were you saying to
me dancing with delight?
Let’s go to the police!
We will receive a reward!
Our photo will be published
in the newspaper!
Shall I give you a tight punch!
If the police didn’t
thrash us black and blue..
..then it was only because my mother..
..had done some good
deeds in the past life.
Yesterday’s kids are teaching us.
Heroine for a drama. It’s very tough.
There is one man who can do it.
If he can’t do it, then it’s a lost case.
Who? – Guru.
Guru? I don’t want to deal with sages..
– His name is Guru.
Before he was a band master.
A girl used to dance in his group.
She was fabulous dancer.
I don’t want to get a ‘Mujra’ done.
Listen to me first.
Western classical dance.
After that I don’t know what happened.
Guru stopped singing and
he started drinking.
If he is a drunkard then from
where will he get a girl?
Give him a couple of bottles.
Guru. – Yes.
Actually the thing is that
a movie hero has come.
He has a small problem. You can help him.
That’s why I have brought this bottle.
Please solve his problem.
Brother! Come, come. – What happened?
He gave his consent?
Not yet, but it will be done.
You don’t worry.
I lied a bit about you.
I said you make movies and you
are the main hero in that.
What’s wrong in a drama?
No girl will work in a drama, TV serial.
– But I..
Do you want a girl or not? – Yes.
Then you come quietly and
don’t eat my brains.
But I want a ‘Kancha’ girl.
You don’t want to perform a
drama, but play with her?
I mean a beautiful girl. – Come, come.
You have gone mad staying in London.
– Come, come.
Coming, coming.
Guru. – Who’s that? Guru.
He is Mr. Bunty. Touch his feet.
– Greetings.
Do you know him? His name is Bunty.
You must have heard about his movies?
He directs his own movie and
he is the lead hero in that.
Guru, I am not that person.
He is that person.
I had spoken to you about him. – Yes.
Then who are you?
I am Gullu, the cab driver.
Okay, you are Gullu. And
he is the cab driver.
No, no. I am both of it.
– Then who is he?
He is Bunty!
What is he doing in the movies?
Hey, you both don’t make me go mad.
Enough of it!
Ask him that the reason
why I have come here..
..I want to solve that problem.
Ask him where will I find the girl.
You want women?
No, no. Not women.
He wants one girl to work in the movie.
And that too an Indian girl.
– You will get it.
Guru, that girl.. please arrange fast.
I forgot. 200 years ago.. – 200 years!
2 years.. 2 years.
There was a girl in Rock and Roll group.
You can have her.
What was her name?
What was her name? – Tell him the name!
Padmini! Shankhni! Mohini.
Not old times names. Tell
him some modern names.
Julie, Seema, Reema..
Is this some witch’s name? Hakka.
It is not a witch’s name.
It’s my man’s name.
Not man, he wants a girl. – Shut up!
Hakka.. is my man.
Go to him and he will tell
you where the girl stays.
Then let’s go. – Where?
To Hakka’s place. To find Hakka.
I forgot.
One minute.
If you would have met me yesterday..
I would ..
..have introduced the heroine then.
You don’t know that I have high contacts.
I know almost all the heroines.
You know, my mom was
English, and my pop..
..Come, sit in the car.
And I am the result.
We have reached so quickly.
Hakka, come out.
You get in. We have not started the car.
Come.. – I am there..
Is he mad? I hope he
won’t ruin all my money.
No. You don’t worry. Everything
will be right. – Sure?
Everything will be fine. Let’s go.
Have we reached there?
We have still not reached.
Why do you get out again and again?
Let’s go!
Hey Boys! Had Hakka come here?
Some people had come to recover money.
Since then he is missing.
Must be at home. What’s the matter, Guru?
This man wants to sign him for his movie.
Anybody knows Hakka’s home?
This drunkard.. – Yes, I know it.
Why are you all guys coming?
Hey what are you all doing? Only 1-2
guys come. Why is everybody coming?
Move. Move.
Hey look! That is Hakka!
Catch him!
Don’t run like this!
I will give it! – Hakka!
This man wants to sign you for movies!
That’s enough.
If you want a role, then you will have.. make that girl a heroine..
..the one who used to work in your group.
What’s her name?
What will we do with the name?
Do I want to marry her?
Forget the name. Brother.
Tell me where does she stay?
For that we will have to go to her home.
Then let’s go home. – How?
Then let’s go home.
What do you mean? Why have
I brought this red box!
Oh yes! – Come.
Scoundrel, calling My taxi a red box!
Move. – Hey.
Where? – In Germany!
Where in Germany?
Don’t worry, we will search for her.
– Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go!
Come on.
Hey, smarty! Where are you going?
Germany! Its only 7 hours drive.
7 hours drive! Will your
father refill the petrol!
Will we drag all these people with us?
Do I want the girl?
What? Huh?
I don’t want the girl!
Tell these scoundrels
To get out of the car!
They won’t go! They will
go to Germany at all cost.
Germany! Germany! – Come on, fast!
Germany! Germany! Germany! Germany!
Hey! Why did you stop the car!
The car has broken down.
I can’t start it.
What to do?
Now get out! Everybody get out!
But we are going to Germany.
Push the car then we will
be able to go to Germany.
Come on! Come on!
Hurry up! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Carefully! Easy, easy. Slow! Slow!
Okay, now you can go.
Come on, come on. Push the car!
Come on, come on! Say it loudly!
Germany! Germany!
Hey, don’t push me! Push the car.
I am fed up! I feel like killing them!
I had forbidden you! He
has again come here!
Stop! Stop!
Take them too along with us!
They too want to go to Germany!
Is this a tourist bus! Are
we going for a world tour!
You want to go to Germany and France!
Stop the car!
I won’t go without them!
I want that you shouldn’t come!
Stop the car!
Make him get out!
I won’t get out! I want to go to Germany!
Your father’s grave is there?
I will break your legs!
Who is this white rabbit?
Is it a ghost?
No, ghost’s legs are abnormal.
You drive without any hesitation.
She will move on her own.
Not this side! Turn that side!
Hey, lady in sari! Want to die!
– Yes, i want to die!
You found my car to die!
There are so many cars on this street!
Choose any other car!
Whenever I see your face,
my entire day is ruined.
I find all wrong people!
Look, another air
conditioned car is coming!
Go and die there! Go! Go..
Come on.
What did you tell her!//She
is really going to die!
Then let her go! Let her die!
Then we will be held responsible!
– How so?
Who is the eyewitness of this incident?
– We both.
Then who will have to
take rounds of the court?
And I will lose my driving license!
Then go and stop him! Go!
God knows why I came to London!
Hey, widow woman! Have you gone mad?
Let me go! Leave me!
You have come from India
just to commit suicide?
You found this place to fight with..
..your wife in the middle of the night!
Go home and quarrel! Don’t
do it at a public place.
Why should I tell you? You get lost!
Take your car!
Leave me! Leave me!
To die! Don’t die in front of us!
We don’t want to make
rounds of the court!
Who are you to stop me?
– I am your brother..
Oh God! You slapped her!
Gullu, take out the cab!
Have you gone mad!
How can we leave her
like this and go away?
Then what should I do?
Just think. If anything happened to her..
..then you will hanged for
committing a murder..
..and I will be imprisoned.
I have not murdered
her!//Have you gone mad!
Who saw you and her fighting?
That car driver.
What if he went to the court and say it?
Then.. then what will we do?
Tell me, dwarf.
Hang on!
Somebody will see us! Tell me!
Hey! Will she do for you?
Have you gone mad! I am
talking about my problem.
And you are talking
about supplying girls.
I am not talking about that.
You want a girl for your drama, don’t you?
Is she fine?
She? – Yes.
This suicidal girl? – Yes, yes.
Have you gone mad!
If she commits suicide during the show..
..then people will damage the chairs..
..they will tear my clothes
And the boss will commit suicide then.
I don’t want her.
You don’t have any other choice.
Just think about it.
You need a heroine. And she
is going to commit suicide.
Why does a person commit suicide?
Tell me!
Because he has some
tension or some problem.
She too has some financial problem.
That’s why she was going
to commit suicide.
If you will take her as a heroine..
..then her financial
problem will be solved.
Your problem about a
heroine will be solved.
She will be happy and
you too will be happy.
And is as it is I am happy.
Take the decision!
I think God has given you
the right opportunity.
What if she refused?
Then we will leave her here again.
What do we care?
We don’t have anything to do with it?
– Yes.
We will tell her to leave? – Yes.
Sure? – Yes.
Carry her.
You hold her sari. I will hold
her blouse. – Come on, lift her.
She seems to be from a well to do family.
How do you know?
She is so heavy.
Then accordingly your
family must be very poor.
Really, she is too heavy!
Does she eat the neighbors’ kids?
You kept her on my hand!
What is this? – Now what happened?
Where did he go? That drunkard?
Where is that drunkard?
Hope he didn’t run away in this madness.
Let him die, why should we bother?
Let’s go.
Now what are looking below the tyre?
Let’s go.
Come, please, please.
Sir! Sir! That Bunty!
He has died!
No, he has brought a heroine!
Move! Excuse me! Let Madam enter.
Excuse me! Come!
Take it easy. Silence!
Hey hero.
Give me this bag.
Come, don’t look here and there.
Come, come.
This is my room. Now it’s yours.
What about you?
I will stay at the storehouse.
Are you sure? – Yeah.
Let me meet him.
Ladies bathroom is here.
And this is..
I showed you your room. You
go and rest in your room. Ok?
If you need anything, Anything..
..sir, move, then call me.
Okay. Okay.
No need for thanks, she is our Heroine!
Hey Dude! – Move your hand.
Introduce this girl to us too.
Tell her about your and our truth.
I have told her what I had
to tell her about you guys.
Don’t expect anything more from me.
You guys are acting so smugly.
Hey, give me your hand.
This girl is perfect for
the role of a heroine.
But tell me one thing.
From where did you abduct this girl?
I have not abducted her.
She is my uncle’s best friend’s daughter.
Hi, Rupa. Had your bath?
Your uncle? Here in London?
Strange! Your family has never
ventured out of Borivali.
And your uncle is in London? – Get lost!
I have no problem, if
she becomes my heroine.
Do you have any problem?
What? What? What did you say?
You don’t have any problem?
I do have a problem.
Sir, my uncle’s best
friend has said this..
..that Munni will work only in
the play in which I am the hero.
And he has also said that
she will eat and drink..
..only what I give her.
I will look after her.
And he has also said that
she won’t talk to anybody.
Sir, you don’t let this happen.
He is snatching a hero’s
role from a hero.
Sir, this is his ruse!
My ruse! Sir, I am plotting a ruse!
– Yes.
Sir, I edit hero’s role! I
will do it for him too.
Sir, have you ever heard that a villain..
..brings heroine for a hero?
Have you ever heard of it?
Hero is the one who takes
away the heroine.. front of the villain.
That’s it! So it’s decided!
It’s decided that from today you will.. the villain and I will be the hero.
No problem.
Hey detective! Who are you
to take the decision?
What are you doing!
Sir, you decide! You decide.
You will have to go and
search for an Heroine.
No, no. – What did he say?
What is your problem
in being the villain?
There are 2 fights. You will get
the chance to kick him. Do it.
But I have always been the
hero in all the plays.
You have been a hero
so many times before!
Does he look like a hero?
You don’t talk about face and features.
Otherwise I will have
to find another guy.
I had told you before!
I heard it!
I had told you before!
The guy who will bring the
heroine, he will be the hero.
The guy who does it, he is the winner.
That’s it! Now will you
play the role of a villain?
Don’t waste time, will you play
the role of a villain or not?
What happened to your nail?
The decision is made!
Go to your house! Come on!
Go and brush in the bathroom.
Let’s go. Bye bye.
Ok, but i will be the
villain in your real life.
What are you looking at?
How beautiful it is? – That pair of swan?
No, water. How deep would it be?
I have not measured that. I will
come to know if I jump in it.
Shall I jump? – What?
You only said that it’s deep.
I will jump in and check.
I will jump in the deep, cold water.
And my warn breath will
leave my body gradually.
After a short while, the
body will start floating.
And with the waves, it will float away.
Hey! Go in! Go in!
It will float away!
Has this bull entered the buffaloes den?
Let me see..
What was the need for you to come here.. late in the night to say this?
But you will have to stay here carefully.
What are you doing?
You are here? – Where else will I be?
I thought you were inside.
Trying to be smart. – Have you gone mad.
Sir! The bull has gone mad! Leave me!
I won’t leave you!
Sir, this man is not needed here.
Not needed here!
Sir, I don’t want this man here.
His thoughts are very filthy!
Do you know what he was doing?
He was peeping in Munni’s room!
He was teasing a sleeping woman.
What rubbish! Leave me!
Sir, he is lying! He is lying!
He is talking rubbish! I
was looking out for him!
Why were you searching
for me in her room?
If you were looking out
for me, then you should..
..have search the bathroom.
You sleep in the bathroom?
Sir, I don’t sleep in the bathroom!
Sir, ask him. Wasn’t he peeping
in Munni’s room? Ask him!
Were you peeping in Munni’s room, Babla?
Now, what can I say..
Caught him! Caught him!
Were you peeping or not?
I was peeping inside because I
wanted to know who is inside!
Who will be inside! Sir,
who will be inside?
Poor Munni is inside! She is sleeping!
She was snoring!
Poor Munni, were you peeping
at her from the bathroom?
Leave me! Let me talk!
Listen! I heard a man’s voice inside.
I saw it with my own ears. – Oh God!
I heard it!
Why don’t I die! Why don’t I die!
– Go and die!
Sir! Sir, he is such a filthy man!
To save himself, he is
slandering Munni’s image!
Sir, ask him! Ask him!
Hang on! Sir, to end the
matter, open the door.
The girl’s room’s door..
I will check it out!
No, you won’t see it!
I will see it! Sir, you
won’t see it. Sir!
I will see, I am company’s boss.
I will see.
Munni! – Munni!
Its sir. Don’t fear. Open the door.
Open the door. – Open the door.
Munni.. is somebody inside?
There’s no one, sir.
Fine, you go to sleep. Good night.
What goodnight! Wait!
Did somebody check inside?
Munni, with whom were you talking?
Nobody, Babla.
I heard you talking to somebody.
That.. that I was
rehearsing my dialogues.
You guys said that it
should be ready by morning.
What happened?
Sir, this bull has gone mad!
I will bury you alive!
– The guy is hitting me!
Leave him!
Aren’t you ashamed! Go and
apologize to the girl! Go!
Go and apologise! Remember one thing!
If you will respect the girl..
..then the girl will
give you her respect.
Sorry! Made a mistake, sir!
Punish him, sir!
Otherwise I won’t stay here.
What punishment?
Forgot! Forgot!
When by mistake I had teased Anjali.. all had made me wash the clothes.
Forgot it, sir? Remind him.
If he is not punished then I will..
Otherwise I will leave Munni at her home!
Yes! He is right! He should be punished!
Law should be the same for everybody!
What trouble is this!
Hey! From tomorrow you
will cook for everybody!
Are you happy? – Yes.
Its fine for now. But I
will give the rest..
..of the punishment later.
Everybody go and sleep in their room.
But listen, nobody will
go near that room!
Understood! Nobody will go there!
Then do one thing.
You stand outside the room at
night like a watchman. Fool!
You keep awake the whole
night just to peep inside.
You guys have made my life miserable!
What are you looking at?
The burning flame looks so beautiful.
Is it?
Then immerse yourself in it.
Eat it.
Burning flame looks so beautiful.
I will like if this fire eats me.
Then Munni wont be there, and
problems also wont be there.
I will turn onto ashes
and fly away in the sky.
Like a free bird!
Hey! If you want to make
tea, then make tea.
Otherwise go out.
Fool, she scared me.
Bunty, did you drink your tea.
Shall I start now?
We will do the rehearsal of the gun.
– Okay.
Yes sir, play the music.
What happened, sir?
Ready. Ready..
Look here.
Yes sir, play the music.
Look there.
What happened?
Why are you standing like
that with your nose stuck?
Come in.
Get up you rat.
My legs.
Break the scoundrel’s legs!
Come on take him!
Where is that short guy? – Take him!
Boss look there.
Boss look there.
You broke my leg! I’ll show you!
Catch him!
Go! Go! Come on.
Let’s go! Let’s go!
Bring me his leg!
Hello, did you see anyone
running this way today.
The one that broke your
boss’s leg, that one.
Yes, yes him.
He’s gone straight.
Hey guys! Get him!
Even this news got
published in the papers?
Yes it got published.
Boss! The news of you becoming..
..a cripple got published
in the newspaper.
Really, these press people
publish whatever I do.
It is a sin to be famous isn’t it?
Where did that scoundrel go? – There.
What are you doing here, dancing?
Go and catch him!
You read what is written about me.
Why did you get so shocked?
The news is such.
Anyway. I will read it.
Hakka! Hakka!
I have caught him!
He is there!
Come, come fast! Break his leg! – Wait.
Break his leg.
He is my prey. – No.
Give me this leg. – No.
Give me this leg! – No!
Quiet! Will you take the leg
home cook it and eat it.
Break his legs.
You broke my leg!
Catch him! Catch him!
Not him, catch me.
Take me to a hospital.
Sorry sir! – It has broken!
Come, let us write down
the words of the songs.
So that in the show it goes nicely.
Write here.
Without you, there is no desire.
Without you, my worlds on fire.
Fire, not tyre.
It is fire, I write F like this.
– Inverted?
You read it correctly.
Without you I can’t fly
high, high, higher..
“Without you, there is no desire.”
“Without you, my worlds on fire.”
“Without you I can’t fly high, high..
high.. high.. yo!”
“Without you, there is no desire.”
“Without you, my worlds on fire.”
“Without you I can’t fly high, high..
high.. high.. yo!”
“Without you, I cannot
find peace anywhere.”
“What should I do, what should I
not, that is the difficulty.”
“Without you, I cannot
find peace anywhere.”
“What should I do, what should I
not, that is the difficulty.”
“In this condition I cannot find peace.”
“Now I cannot stay alone.”
“Now I cannot stay alone.”
“Without you, there is no desire.”
“Without you, my worlds on fire.”
“Without you I can’t fly high, high..
high.. high.. yo!”
“It is my desire that
you always be with me.”
“My life should start with your name”
“Wherever see, I should see you.”
“Everywhere beloved there
should be only you.”
“Staying alone.. I cannot find peace.”
“No one explains this to the heart.”
“Now I cannot live alone.”
“Now I cannot live alone.”
“Without you, there is no desire.”
“Without you, my worlds on fire.”
“Without you I can’t fly high, high..
high.. high.. yo!”
“After meeting, now we
shall never separate.”
“The Lord should bond us
in the bond of love.”
“You should always be
happy, my heart says so.”
“That is all I pray to the Lord.”
“Don’t go far, away from me.”
“Your thoughts should not torture me.”
“Now I cannot stay alone.”
“Now I cannot stay alone.”
“Without you, there is no desire.”
“Without you, my worlds on fire.”
“Without you I can’t fly high,
high, high.. high.. yo.”
For what?
You helped me write the show.
That’s nothing.
Nowadays, even you have started laughing.
I have also learned acting, of living.
Why do you always talk about depression?
Who does not have a problem in his life?
If every person will think of
committing suicide like you.
Then the population will rise. – Rise.
In Hell!
You will get hurt.
Yes, you are a very strong man.
Okay stop this fooling around.
From today you will not talk about dying.
Who has seen the life after death Bunty?
Okay, what if you get
tension up there too?
That is why whatever you
want to do, so it here.
Fun, enjoyment everything.
For you, everything is very easy.
In love everything is easy.
What? What did you say?
What you heard.
I did.. – Not understand.
I should leave now.
You are running.
Why are you running? Face the situation.
Be brave, Munni. Come
on, face the problem.
What do you mean?
You girls are very smart.
You know everything, but still
you want to hear it from us.
No matter.
I am a resident of Mumbai,
I am B.A in English.
I earn well enough
I am in love and I want to get married.
– I should leave now.
Munni, I love you Munni.
Listen to me Munni.
You cannot hide the truth,
you will have to answer me.
I will tell you later. Later.
Look there is nothing to worry.
She is unconscious
because of the incident.
Rest everything is fine.
How are you all related to her?
She is the heroine of our play.
Maybe I have seen you somewhere?
No.. yes.
You are the one, you
both fought that night..
..and she jumped in front of my car.
Yes.. yes.
But you said she is the daughter
of your uncle’s best friend.
Does that girl have a habit
of committing suicide?
Yes, yes she had told me once.
That she will immerse herself in fire.
She had told me once too, that..
..she will drown herself in the pond.
And now she jumped in front of the car.
Seems like her mental
condition is not stable.
So my intuition was right,
she is mad isn’t it.
You should not say like that.
Yes, this is also a kind of madness.
The person always keeps
thinking about dying.
And in our language it is
called suicidal tendency.
I think she needs psychiatric help.
Just a minute, doctor,
please come here. Hurry.
Have you see sir? He is taking
the doctor to the side.
What is the meaning of
taking doctor aside?
And I told her that you can
become the heroine of our play.
You will also earn some money.
And even our problem will be solved.
Enough! That is all I know about her.
And she had even agreed to do it.
Doctor, she is regaining consciousness.
Ok. Thanks.
Look, she has regained conscience.
If you want then you can
go in and meet her.
Which place is this?
How did I come here?
Relax, relax.
Who are all these people?
You don’t know them? You
are working with them.
Looks like even she doesn’t
know English, like us.
Didn’t you recognise us?
You work with us. In a drama.
With you.
I am the boss. Director.
What boss? Where is my husband?
You are still not married, that .. why people were still after you.
You had an accident that is
why we brought you here.
What nonsense are you talking,
I don’t know you all.
Please call my husband.
What husband? Where does he stay?
Vikram Chauhan, he stays in Liverpool.
His number, 079 – 6420708.
What is this? Tears in your eyes.
What does he expect, lime juice.
Doctor sir, you did a
very big favour on me.
You returned to me my lost wife.
How can I ever thank you?
If you want to thank anyone then..
..thank them who saved your wife’s life.
I don’t know you people,
but I would like to say..
..that whatever you did, I
cannot forget that for my life.
Nisha and I were got married 2 years ago.
After marriage I found out that her..
..mental condition is not right.
She even tried to commit suicide once.
Then I took her to the hospital.
The doctors said that she
has suicidal tendencies.
And for treatment, they will have to..
..keep her in the
hospital for a few days.
Suddenly one day the doctor
called from the hospital.
He said that she has
disappeared from the hospital.
I lodged a police complaint.
Here is the medical report
and the police complaint.
Because of you, my wife is safe.
I am very grateful to all of you.
You not only returned
my wife, but you have..
..returned me my whole life.
Yes, now you can take
her, she is well anyway.
But bring her back here
after 1 week for check up.
Because in such cases,
this can happen again.
Okay doctor sir.
For Nisha’s treatment we
will stay in London.. our friends guesthouse.
As soon as she is fine, we will
go back our home in Liverpool.
If you need anything,
then here is my card.
The doctor said that because of me..
..all of you had to
face a lot of troubles.
Whatever I did, I did
not do it purposely.
I did it because of my illness.
And if possible, then please forget it.
Who could it be, so late at night.
Hello. – I am Nisha here.
Tell Bunty to save me!
What happened?
This man is not my husband.
Bunty is my husband.
Bunty is your husband.
But when did you get married?
You please call Bunty!
You please call Bunty!
Bunty, Bunty she has called again.
Who? – Her phone, looks like she has .. an bout of craziness again.
Whom? – To Munni, come, come.
She is crying on the phone.
Bunty, Bunty please come
and take me from here.
I don’t want to stay here.
Munni, what are you saying?
You are his wife Munni.
Are you coming or not?
Look, a can of petrol and a box
of matches are lying here.
If you will not come then I will pour..
..the petrol on myself and kill myself.
You will not do anything like that.
Bunty if you will not come
here in half an hour..
..then I will kill myself!
I promise that I will die.
Why are you talking like that?
Nisha! Open the door.
Nisha! Please!
Open the door.
Nisha! Open the door.
Open the door.
Nisha! Open the door.
What is all this?
Their food.
Their food! First let them decide..
..whether they are going
to perform tonight or not.
Then you can give them food, understand?
Otherwise who will pay the
penalty, your father?
Their food!
Don’t sleep, wake up! The heroine
that you had showed me there.
That was good.
The other heroine that
you showed me this time.
Even that was good.
But now she is dead.
Now whatever had to happen has happened.
I don’t care about that.
Now the show has to go on.
And if you do not perform the show.
Then you will do a show
everyday in the jail here.
We have found a solution.
We will not enact this drama, we will..
..enact another drama in
which there is no heroine.
..enact another drama in
which there is no heroine.
I don’t know anything.
Anyhow this show must go on, understand.
Shekar, this time you will
surely get the goods.
Please give me one chance.
One chance.
Last time the secret
police caught our goods.
Yes boss.
This time nothing should go wrong.
– Yes boss.
Because I will be with you at the
time of the deal. – Yes, Boss.
To keep an eye on you. – Yes, Boss.
We will do it in a public place.
-Yes, Boss.
So that no one suspects us. – Yes boss.
Now, in London, where will
we find Peacock feathers?
Let me look where we can find a Peacock.
Aunty, please move.
Bawla! – Got it! Bawla, come quickly.
Come quickly.
What happened?
What happened?
I just saw that girl here, there..
Whom did you see? – Excuse me..
Excuse me..
Why has your voice become low?
You come quietly.
What happened? – You come quietly. Come.
But whom did you see?
Excuse me..
I saw her around here. – Whom?
The one with drugs?
That one.
Where did she go?
Hello. What is happening here?
Sir, I have seen that girl sir?
The one that burned herself to death.
Who, Nisha?
Yes. Exactly.
Nonsense! This is impossible,
how can that happen?
Sir please believe me, I
have seen her myself.
I have seen her sir.
Sir, since that mad girl has
died, even he has become mad.
He himself says that she is dead.
And now he says that he has seen her.
How can he see her?
Have you gone mad?
Shut up.
Sir, please believe me sir.
I have seen her with my own eyes.
Please believe me, sir.
Yes boss.
This time there should not
be any mistake. – Yes boss.
Be alert. – Yes boss.
They will have a red bag, the
other party. – Yes boss.
I have already talked to the other party.
– Yes, Boss.
I will wait for you in the car.
– Yes boss.
And this time the deal should
be completed. – Yes boss.
Get lost! – Yes boss.
Get lost. – Yes boss Get lost.
Look, I know Nisha very well.
I myself saw her dead body.
What are you saying? You
are saying strange things.
Anyway, which way did you se her go?
This way sir.
This way sir.
Boss, boss secret police.
Sir, I saw her that side.
Boss, boss secret police.
Where? Where?
There they are, and even the
commissioner is along with them.
What are you doing here?
Boss, open the door.
I don’t know you people, who are you?
I don’t know you people, Save yourselves.
Is that it, Boss?
Where is she?
Where is she?
I swear sir, I saw that girl.
She has come this way.
It is your imagination, you
must have seen someone else.
And anyway, the dead don’t come back.
And yes, I am coming on Your show.
– Ok, sir.
Come, sir. This is your seat.
– Thank you.
Sir, meet him. Mr. Rahul, sir.
How do you do? Sir, meet him.
Mr. Rahul, sir.
Mr. Walter. – Pleasure.
Ladies and gentlemen.
– You are in my eyes..
I will make you sit on the bed..
Both of you are still not ready yet.
Get ready fast, announcement
is already made.
I will relieve myself and come.
Why do you always have to
do it before the show?
Where is the bathroom?
If i had known before, i would have..
..finished in the morning itself!
Where is the bathroom?
Did you do it more? Why are
you panting like this?
Ghost! Ghost! – Ghost!
The girl that had died.
Munni? – Munni?
Munni? – Munni?
I saw her ghost.
Even you saw her ghost.
Even you, I mean did you also see?
I am asking that where did you see it?
I saw it twice. – I am
not asking the count..
..but where did you see?
Come I will show you. – Come.
Where is it? Where? – Further.
Come there, there.
What did you do? You fired a bullet?
He is dead. – I didn’t kill
him, I didn’t fire a bullet!
The gun is in your hand.
Did he die by himself?
He is dead.
If anyone sees us, then they will think..
..that we have committed this murder.
Not we. He has done it! – Oh God.
I have not done it understand!
I have not done it!
Hey quiet, quiet!
Now we only have to think
to save ourselves.
Look, I did not shoot him.
You please don’t say like that.
Until the show is not over, no
one should see this dead body.
We will hide it somewhere.
And if anyone sees it after the show.
Then no one will suspect us.
Where will we hide it, in our pockets?
Anywhere, take him away from here.
It seems like we are very unlucky.
This is the way to go to the bathroom too.
Hide him somewhere.
Lift him up. – Boss, help us.
Hurry up.
Welcome. The chief guest
of our today’s program.. the police commissioner Mr.
J.D. Mehra.
On my behalf and on all of your
behalf, I kindly welcome him.
And I request to him that , please..
..light the lamp with his
hands and grace the show.
Do one thing, push him in there.
Come, lift him.
Hurry up.
Let the head go first. Let the
head go first. – Hurry up.
Push him in. Put him in.
– Push! – Put it in!
It’s not going in, what do we do?
Forget the corpse, come let’s go.
And yes, remove this tunic, fast.
Everything is visible.
Oh, this gun. – What happened?
– Wipe the prints.
Come on fast.
Come sir.
Come, fast. Come.
Is there anyone in the room? – No one.
Change your clothes, fast!
Train is ready.
“Beautiful, beautiful meetings.”
“Your talks, Aafreen.”
“Beloved, beautiful.”
“These eyes, this style.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“May lose your Heart.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“Something might happen.”
“Beloved, beautiful. meetings”
“Your talks, Aafreen.”
“Beloved, beautiful.”
“These eyes, this style.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
Chain, chain.
“Something might happen.”
My chain, my.
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“Something might happen.”
I not talking about that chain, I am..
..talking about the chain in my neck.
Where did you leave?
Seems like I left it in the
hands of the dead body.
What will we do now?
Let us go and see.
You are mad? The whole
corpse is missing ..
..and you are talking about your chain?
But whatever happened, the corpse
vanished by itself, thank God.
God is great, this means we dont have ..
..anything to do with the corpse?
No! – That means we are safe.
Come, lets change our costumes
fast and go to the stage.
Awesome. – Come. Let’s go.
“The silence is indicating.”
“The scene is intoxicating.”
“Beloved, beautiful.”
“Your grace, beautiful.”
“These scenes, Aafreen.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“May lose my Heart.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“Something might happen.”
“Some are insane, and some are mad here.”
“The atmosphere is murderous..”
“..everyone’s life is in danger.”
“The impatient ness is growing.”
“Where have we come.”
“Beloved, beautiful.”
“My love, your beauty, Aafreen.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“May lose my Heart.”
“In the darkness of the midnight.”
“Something might happen.”
Please do not panic.
Move! Move!
Please do not panic.
Until the police are investigating.
Please remain in your seats.
Please close the Hall. Thank you.
We will have to do something ..
..about the secret police. – Yes boss.
They are always after me. – Yes boss.
Will you do what I say? – Yes boss.
Listen to what I have say first!
Not me, kill them both. – Yes boss.
I don’t know how you will kill them.
But kill them! – Yes boss.
If anyone interferes, then kill them too!
– Yes boss.
Officer, did they say anything?
They say that don’t know anything.
I know that they know everything.
Before I tell you who
this tunic belongs to.. will be better if you tell
me yourself. – Don’t know.
You recognise this don’t you,
whose is this? – No, no.
But this is Bawla’s chain!
This chain is mine, but
the tunic is not mine.
The tunic is his.
The tunic is mine but,
I did not kill anyone.
Then why are there blood
stains on the tunic?
He fired the bullet..
We all did it together.
Now they are accusing me.
I will explain what happened.
Commissioner sir.
Whatever you want to explain, do it
in the police station. Arrest them.
Oh God, what is all this happening?
I don’t know anything myself.
Unnecessarily I welcomed him. I
should not have done the show.
Will you eat alone, share
it with others too..
Let me eat it first, it is very hard.
Have you gone mad, this is a bomb!
Sir, run fast..
Come fast sir, don’t sleep. – Run! Run!
Where did that bomb come from?
I don’t know.
That man ate it a little and threw at me.
I thought that it was custard apple.
Who was that?
How would I know? Why are you asking me?
Then who should I ask?
Go and ask the one who threw that bomb.
Let us do one thing, let
us go back to India.
How will we go? The passport
is with the police.
Okay tell me one thing, if
we will start running..
..along the railway tracks.
Then what do you think,
when will we reach India.
Tell me.
Do you have a daughter?
My sister has a daughter, 5 years old.
What do want tell me?
When we will reach India,
your sister’s daughter’s..
..granddaughter would be getting married.
Then we will have to
buy a present for her.
Keep quiet! You always
keep talking nonsense.
Look, the Lord always come to
help in someway or the other.
This time he has come
in the form of a bomb.
Then it must be Lord Shiva.
Hail Bam Bhole.
Yes, Bam Bhole.
Now we have to think, that how can..
..we prove ourselves innocent?
How? – That is what we have to think.
I am dead.
Go, and bring that rat to me.
Shut up, you rat. You
scoundrel, i will break your..
..arms and legs and hang
in the museum today.
Where is that scoundrel?
Look, you don’t beat me. Your.. – Oh!
After breaking your legs
he has disappeared.
Careful. Otherwise I
will be on hospital bed.
They have disappeared,
or have you hid them.
You are trying to act smart.
Pick up his taxi.
How can we pick it up, it is very heavy.
Shall we all pick it up?
You fool, it has four tyres..
You can drive it.
Sir. Please have mercy on my taxi.
You smarty, until you will
not bring them to me.
Your taxi will remain with me.
Hey what are you doing?
Where are you taking my
taxi, you scoundrels!
It is not my taxi, it is on rent!
My owner will kill me! Wait!
God, save me.
Come on, get up. Get up!
Get up! – Can I get some tea?
Do you have money for the tea?
I did not take the safe along with me..
..when the police arrested me.
I don’t have any money with me.
Come on, come on quickly.
Come on, come on.
Take the paper along, it
will be of use again.
Let me take that brother.
Babla. Here.
Look, our photo has been
published in the newspaper.
Jut by one show we have
become so famous in London?
Buy it, we will take it
to India along with us.
We will show it to everyone they will
be very jealous. Buy it, buy it.
I don’t have a single penny.
Leave it.
Bunty son.
Bunty. – What happened?
Our photo has been
published In the papers.
You look so handsome In the picture.
Our photo has been
published In the papers.
If you have money, then buy it.
Read about my praises
too along with yours.
What is written tell me.
The name of all three Of us is written.
All our names are written.
But at least read what is written.
I have read it all, come to
the side I will tell you.
What happened?
Keep your head down and walk.
Come on, fast.
What happened now?
Come on, fast.
Bunty, what happened?
What happened now?
It is written that we
have killed famous ..
..businessman Vikram
Chauhan and fled away.
There are more praises written about us.
It is written that our gang hurled..
..a bomb inside the police
car and help us run away.
We have a gang, and we
don’t even know about it.
Yes, and the police commissioner..
..has given a shoot at
sight order for us.
You wanted to become famous.. have you become famous. Come on.
We’ll discuss this, okay?
We are discussing a murder..
Sorry matter.
Go, go.
Boss, both of them survived. – What?
And there is another bad news boss.
There was another man with them.
Who was he?
He looked like to be their boss. – Is it?
But boss, there is also a good news.
They are not secret police,
they are terrorists.
And they also have a big gang.
I found out all this from
the T.V and the newspaper.
If you want to see? The newspaper.
You fool, they are not terrorist
they are secret police!
Didn’t you see, they
come the with police..
..and that too not walking!
In the police car! Do you
think that I am a fool.
This is all their trick, to fool us!
This is their new plan, so
that we do something wrong.
And they catch us red handed.
Mannu-bhai Gandhi..
Mannu-bhai Gandhi here!
Kindly, I am sorry Sher Khan.
No, Sher Khan, there won’t be
any mistake this time. Promise.
No, this time I will
come myself to give .. the delivery of the pouch.
Give me one more chance.
Thank you very much.
What a plight we are in. – Here.
Have your last meal.
Why for the last time?
Because now I have very
little money left.
If you people have some money left..
..then you can order
something and eat it.
I don’t have a single penny with me.
Then starve like beggars, until we..
..don’t prove ourselves innocent.
How will we prove that we are innocent?
One minute. There is one way.
If we will go to Vikram’s house.
Where Munni burnt herself..
She is already burnt to death.
And Vikram is dead in the theatre.
Then what will we do by going there?
Mourn for both of them!
I and sir have seen Munni,
that means she is alive.
But I have not seen her,
that means she is not alive.
And if I have not seen
someone and he is there..
..I don’t believe that.
Have you seen Japan? – No.
That means Japan is not there.
Look we have only two ways.
The first is that we can
go to Vikram’s house..
..and look for evidence, anything..
..anything that can prove
that we are innocent.
And the second way.
– There is no second way.
Give me a hand. – Come, come.
Come sir. – Come sir.
Which language is this?
It is upside down.
Did you find anything?
24, 2611, 4189.
Nothing, its just a cat.
This is not a girls
measurement, but an tent’s.
This is the number of
Fast Track Travel Agency.
And this.. Munni has written this.
How do you know? Were you next
to her when she was writing?
No, no. You look
carefully, the F of Fast.. is written upside down.
Munni always wrote her F upside down..
..I myself have seen her writing.
Did you listen, boss, Munni
wrote F upside down. – So what?
Hundred percent this has been
written by Munni. – So what?
I think she has gone to India.
Then even we will have to go to India.
Then do you want to go to
Pakistan and look from there.
We will have to go to Fast
Track Travel Agency. – Now?
Excuse me Gentlemen.
Sir. Is there any booking
made for India, in the..
..for a name called Nisha? Any girl?
I am sorry sir, we don’t
disclose passenger information.
It is against the company policy.
Sir. It is very important.
I am sorry, but I can’t help you.
He is a English man, he will never help.
If he is a English man then
why are you asking him.
What happened? – He
will not tell anything.
Looks like we wont get it
easily, we will act and try.
Oh, my daughter! – Uncle, what happened?
Uncle! Uncle, some one give water.
Call the police!
What happened? – What can i say sir.
His daughter had a fight with
him, and suddenly went away.
I don’t know when the girl will return.
Speak in Urdu! Now come here,
and handle him. – What?
Sir I’ll tell you. Please
come here for a second.
This one had a fight with her
sister and she left the house..
..and she’s gone away sir.
She must have gone to India.
So that’s why we think she must
have done her booking here.
You know, it’s really, really.. do
it for him. It’s a poor family sir.
I’ll see what I can do.
– Sir, please sir.
What happened? Will he tell or not?
Uncle, she will come. She
will be back by evening.
N I S H A. – No, there’s no Nisha.
Sir, her nickname is Munni. M U N N I.
Any other girl..
Indian name, from here to Delhi..
..or Mumbai, anywhere to India, sir.
No. I am afraid, there isn’t, no.
Alright sir. Thank you.
My daughter. – She’s a sister, buddy.
Come, don’t arouse your whole family now.
Stop overacting.
What happened? – Nothing.
Excuse me sir, here is a booking.
But not in the name of Nisha.
In the name of Aditi.
She is travelling on the 27th.
Excuse me. Can you see if
there is some contact number.
Any kind of address or
something, you know just.
There is number.
All right. Long live Britishers.
Long live Britishers.
You thief, when you know
her name is not Aditi..
..then why did you take her number.
Why can’t her name be Aditi?
When her name can be Aditi, Nisha, Munni.
Then why can’t her name be Aditi.
God knows, how many Aditi’s, Gomati’s..
..and many girls leaving for London?
That are you Nisha or not.
Champak sir, tell him that girl is dead.
That girl is no more. – I have seen her.
I had forgotten that
even you had seen her.
You have seen the on
that is not even alive.
Search for her, that
whether she is or not.
Do you have any other work? Come,
if you want to. Or, forget.
What happened?
It is some pubs number,
called White House.
A person working there said that..
..there is a girl that works here.
But she is going to come at
5 o’clock in the evening.
Her name is Sheetal.
Whether Sheetal comes at 5 o’clock.. the evening or 12
o’clock in the night.
Sheetal is after all Sheetal!
Sheetal is not Aditi.
No, Aditi is Sheetal.
But you were saying that Aditi is Nisha.
Nisha is Munni. – Then who is Aditi?
Keep quiet! Keep quiet you all.
Sheetal, Nisha, Aditi whatever..
..this is the name of the same girl.
She is a very dangerous girl.
She changes her name just
like she changes her clothes.
I am telling you, I will not spare her.
Tell this great person, that how..
..will he prove it to the police!
You stop thinking and stop yelling.
I will go and tell the commissioner.
That we have found the girl
and she is the murderer.
And we will hand her over
in the evening, okay.
Tell me one thing, who is Munni? – Nisha.
Then who is Aditi? – She is Sheetal.
Then who is Sheetal?
Ask him, why are you asking me.
You are speaking lies,
you are talking rubbish.
If you were innocent
then why did you run..
..then you would have come to me.
Sir, the girl that has
died, we are going .. meet him in the evening.
You come and then we will hand over ..
..the girl to you. you come, sir.
Hello. Hello, what are you guys saying?
Tap my phone, and find where
they are calling from?
On the radio. – Yes, sir.
Hello. Sir please listen to me.
Come on, come on. Everybody, move in.
Listen to me, don’t try to hide your
If you are innocent and you trust me..
..then come to the Police Station.
We will see what we can do later.
We will not come to the police station.
I know, when we will come to
police station you will shoot us.
Sir, sir hello, hello.
Sir can you hear me?
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
They should be somewhere here.
Cover the whole here.
He is here. – I know. Turn around.
Get some more officers.
Come on. Hurry up.
ThIs way.
That way.
What happened?
Did you see this pole? – Yes I did?
I did not.
Did you see that? – What?
Oh no.
Did you see in that corner.
Yoo too.
I cannot see anything.
Forget it, they will recognise us.
I cannot see anything, are
these glasses or some trouble?
I cannot see anything.
– Sir, walk straight.
You keep walking straight.
I am standing at Queens Gate terrace.
Yes, I have the goods.
You just bring the money.
Sorry sir.
Excuse me.
Where is he? – I am here,
didn’t you recognise me?
Not you, that old man.
Champak sir.
Oh God.
Champak sir.
Catch them.
Catch them.
Come. – Here.
Why are you running crooked?
– The Police are behind me.
Get in. – Are you mad?
Come on.
Fool! Stupid! Everyday you
narrate me new stories!
Give my cab! Where is my cab?
How do I explain to you?
Somebody else took it!
Give me one chance. I will
find your cab anyhow.
If I don’t get my cab within 24 hours..
..then I will murder myself.
And I will get you arrested
for my murder case.
That too for at least 20 years. Come!
Excuse me. Sorry.
Do you know anybody named Sheetal?
What’s the name? – Sheetal.
Sheetal? – Yeah.
She is sitting there.
She is some other girl.
It is possible that she knows Nisha
and she took Nisha’s ticket.
It is possible that she knows you too.
What is this?
It is possible.
But what is the harm in asking?
Let’s ask her.
Ask her. Ask her.
Please go and ask.
Go! Go! – I am going.
Greetings. – Yes. What do you want?
Isn’t your name Aditi?
Why do you want to know my name?
No, no. I have come from
Fast Travel Agency.
You had booked a ticket
for Mumbai, hadn’t you?
Yes. So?
Your ticket is ready.
Okay. Give it to me.
I had just come to inform you.
You will have to go to collect it. Okay.
What happened?
You are so smart. What
intelligence you have!
What happened?
So smart he is.
This girl’s name is Aditi.
And she is going to Mumbai.
What do we do now?
Are you happy now?
You are satisfied now?
I am saying, the girl who is dead,
this guy is pulling her down.
Don’t look, sister is coming here.
What did she say? What’s her name?
Is he deaf?
I am not deaf. I know.
I say that her name is not Aditi.
It’s Sheetal.
What is he saying?
Sir, in the morning when
we had called the pub..
..they said there is
only one Indian girl..
..and her name is Sheetal.
And when we asked that foreigner..
..he too said that Sheetal is there.
And I can prove this. – How?
How? – How?
Idiots! – I thought her name is Aditi.
Look over there! Look over there!
From where did you get this money?
– I don’t know.
You don’t know! You don’t know!
But we do know!
Even if we died, still this miser..
..won’t give money for our shroud.
You don’t know! Aren’t you ashamed!
For the past 2 days we
have not eaten anything!
Aren’t you ashamed!
I don’t know anything about this money.
I am speaking the truth.
I don’t know. I just saw the money.
Then from where did this money come?
Your father put it in your pocket!
Or it fell from the sky!
Look! Look! Now he is silent!
He can’t speak anything now!
Tell him to talk
properly.//I am his boss!
My foot!
He has either committed
robbery or he has stolen it.
What are you fighting like cheap guys!
I am hungry! We have got the money!
I don’t want stolen money!
I won’t eat food bought from this money!
– Thank you.
I gave work to everybody
for so many years.
I fed everybody. I considered
them as my own people.
And this is what I get in return!
I am a thief, am I not?
This is stolen money!
I won’t give you a drop of
water with this stolen money.
Remember this! Now there
is no relation between us!
You have decided it now!
I decided it since my childhood.
Even if I am dying, I
won’t drink your water.
Because the person who
will drink your water..
..he won’t achieve salvation.
You are such a filthy man!
You snatch children’s meal!
Aren’t you ashamed!
Bawla, let’s go!
Sir, look there!
Fine some cucumber.
Chaat masala will add
flavour to the food.
I have got it from Surat.
I ate the ‘Kahaman’, but
the chaat remained.
I have ‘Mukhwaas’. Come on.
Listen! Do you have a knife?
Give that paper. – Here.
Get that paper. – Yeah sure.
Some more cucumber.
Okay boss.
Do you know how to eat this? – No.
You should chop it into small pieces.
You should take the masala.
After sprinkling it, mix it
like this, and eat 1 piece.
Of cucumber.. and keep it here.
Sir, give this poor guy something. – No.
It is stolen money.
If we bought anything from
it, then it is not honest.
This decent guy won’t like it.
You go in and pay. Till then I
will prepare the ‘chaat masala’.
If we had black pepper,
it would have been great!
I have got it!
You have black pepper? – Yes.
Wow! Are you a man or cupboard?
The cupboard is full,
but the brain is empty.
The one who is filled, he will eat.
Rich people don’t lock
horns with poor people.
You go. – I won’t argue.
Come my cucumber, see how I caught you..
Who will eat the cucumber’s spice..
Catch that idiot.
What happened? Why are
the people running?
Nothing. A dog had gone mad. That’s
why everybody is running after him.
Where is the Boss? – Don’t know.
He was preparing the ‘chaat’ here.
Boss.. Boss..
So you don’t know me? – No.
You have never seen me before?
– I told never before!
Then how did you take money from me?
What money!
He is very dangerous!
I have never seen such a liar
and a deceiver like him!
He took money from me and he
says he has never seen me!
He is not a police!
Thrash him and make him spill out that..
..what do secret police know about me!
– Yes, boss.
What do you know about our business?
You don’t know what
happens in your business?
Stop this rubbish!
And tell me the truth!
What do you know about Gandhi!
He is the Father of our nation.
Stop kidding! And tell us the truth!
What do you know about Gandhi!
Forget me, the whole of India
knows about him! What will I say?
What else do you know about him?
When he used to walk, the entire.. of India would walk with him.
And the ones who were with
him, they had to run.
You are right. We have to run.
What do you know about his business?
Business? He used to spin the wheel.
Wheel? What wheel?
To make handlooms, to
fight for Independence.
All these are Gandhi’s business.
Whom are you talking about?
What kind of an Indian are you?
You forgot Mahatma Gandhi
after staying in London?
Not Mahatma Gandhi! M.G. Gandhi!
What do you know about Mannu-bhai Gandhi?
Who are you?
Where did he go?
He has loads of money.
He must be having fun.
We are sitting here waiting
for him, hungry and thirsty.
He must be having a 7-course
meal in some 7 star hotel.
Boss, with a pillar. I
ripped out 2 of his teeth..
..2 of his nails and I damaged that too.
Still he is not saying anything.
Very tough guy.
Now you will speak up.
I am losing my ‘Saans’
breath,( mother-in-law).
Now you will lose your
daughter-in-law too.
Sir, there is a call for you.
Mannu-bhai Gandhi here.
No, no, no, Sher Khan.
Listen to me. Give me one chance.
Because this time some police officer ..
..will send the courier to you.
Unnecessarily we are wasting our time.
From the 4 girls, not even one will come.
Babla! Come here! Quickly!
What happened?
Come quickly! Look, she is going! Look!
She went inside. Now she will come.
As soon as she comes,
we have to follow her.
This is your ticket ma’am.
And here’s your passport. – Thank you.
Have a nice day.
She has come! She has come!
Look! Hurry up!
Hurry up! Idiot.
And if now she doesn’t give ..
..the ticket to Nisha, then understand..
Your face is not nice, but
at least talk nicely.
Go and catch her. Go,
or she may run away.
Shall i tell you one thing?
Will you listen to me, brother?
Remove your brain, put it in
pouch, and throw it away.
Babla, this is not Aditi.
Have you ever known an English
by the name of Aditi?
I will tell you.
We will follow this English woman.
Let us find whom she gives the ticket.
Amazing idea!
Sheetal gave her ticket
to the English woman..
..the English woman gave to her Aunt.
Aunt gave it to her child,
the child gave to his uncle.
How many people will you follow?
Do you have a pouch?
Now what do you want? Tell me.
You beg alms on the train. Okay.
And don’t eat my brains.
You go away from here, go.
Instead of begging, I will escape
from this country in 3 days!
You think I don’t have brains?
Nor they will hang me,
nor put me in prison..
..nor I will fall in anyone’s hand.
Neither will Bawla die like
a homeless man. Understand?
Oversmart person.
What happened? – In the toilet!
I saw the corpse alive!
I saw Nisha! – Where? – In the bathroom.
In the bathroom.
Nisha! Come! Come! Come!
She is here. Look…
I saw her! – She was here, isn’t it?
Yes. – Okay.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Run!
Hello! Guru, this is Gullu speaking!
The cab driver.
Yes, I know where is
that scoundrel Bunty.
You quickly come to
Brighton railway station.
And listen! Please bring my cab!
Is this boss speaking?
Scoundrel, your cab has been found! ..
..Quickly come to
Brighton railway station.
Take your cab and get lost from here!
Once I return your cab, I
will no longer be your slave.
Stop! Where are you running?
You act as dead?
And you make fools of us? Huh?
You killed your husband!
And you accused us!
I didn’t murder anyone!
Is it? Then did I kill him?
You are lying?
If you didn’t, then why
did you run away ..
..from the theatre that day?
I had come to tell you
the truth about myself.
Which truth did you come to tell?
– My name is not Munni.
That even I know, your name is..
Nor my name is Nisha, and nor
is Vikram Chauhan my husband!
Then who was that lady?
Nisha Chauhan! Vikram
Chauhan’s real wife!
You are lying so much!
Aren’t you ashamed!
You have been lying to me
since the day I met you!
Look at your face!
You look so innocent!
But you are so cunning!
That I made you a part of my life
and I fell in love with you!
I blame myself!
Why did I meet you? Why did
I fell in love with you?
Bunty, please believe me.
I am speaking the truth.
How many truths will you speak?
Which one should I believe?
You will have to hear me out!
And you can do whatever
you want after that.
My name is Aditi. Aditi Desai.
The man who had brought
me here for work..
..his intention was bad.
The day he cast lustful eyes on me..
I ran away from there.
But I left my passport there.
I am lucky that I found
my friend Sheetal.
She was working in a dance club.
She got me work in that dance club.
I worked there to make
both the ends meet.
Then one day the police arrived there.
Before they could ask for my passport..
..and ask questions, I ran
away from there out of fear.
But the police followed me.
Just then a car’s door opened.
The man who saved me from the police..
..he was Vikram Chauhan.
‘Get in.’
‘I wanted you to play the charade
of my wife for a few days.’
‘And you will do whatever I want.’
‘Don’t worry. I won’t touch you.’
‘But after my work is done, I
will give you a new passport..
‘..and 25 lakhs.’
‘With that you can happily
return to India.í
‘What if I refused?’
‘Then nobody can save
you from the police.’
‘Is there anybody?’
I did not have any option.
I thought I will get a
passport and loads of money.. return to India back to my parents.
And I said yes to him.
Actually Vikram and I were together.
We were waiting for the doctor.
So that in front of him I would
play the charade of suicide..
..and prove that I,
meaning Vikram’s wife..
..was mentally unstable.
But before that your car arrived there.
When the doctor came, I
played the charade..
..of committing suicide in front of him..
but you saved me.
Then you asked me to work for your play.
I didn’t tell you my name Munni.
And I told you a fable.
The night when Babla Heard me talking .. some one, that was Vikram.
He told me to behave in
such a way with you all..
..that it would look as if I
have suicidal tendencies.
So that your testimony
will Prove to the doctor..
..that I am mad.
After that everything
happened as per the plan.
‘I promise you that I will die!’
‘The work is done.’
‘As I had promised you, here
is the remaining money.’
‘After today, neither I
know you, nor you know me.’
‘Good luck. – Thank you.’
‘When I left from there, I found that ..’
‘..I had left my passport inside.’
‘I went back to collect it.’
‘Vikram was taking a young girl inside..’
‘..who was not in her senses.’
‘And it was none else, but his
real wife Nisha Chauhan.’
‘Stop! I won’t let you do this!’
‘What are you doing here?’
‘I will kill you! But I
won’t let you do this!’
‘You will ruin my hard
work of so many years!’
‘You will spoil my plan?
– Nisha, he will kill you.’
‘Nisha run away, he will kill you.’
‘Nisha, close the door!’
‘Leave me, Vikram!’
‘Nisha! Nisha, close the door! Leave me!’
‘Nisha you run away.’
First I will set her ablaze.
Then it’s your turn.
Nisha! Open the door!
Nisha! Open the door!
‘Nisha, open the door! Nisha!’
And then.. he burnt his wife alive.
But i somehow ran Away from there.
I tried many times to tell you the truth,
..but for some or the other
reason, I couldn’t reach you.
Even if I believe you that
you are speaking the truth..
..why did you kill Vikram?
Bunty, I didn’t kill Vikram.
Bunty, don’t leave her.
I have called the commissioner,
he is coming to catch her!
What have you done!
Bunty, he will kill me.
He will not beat you.
Your papa is coming, you sinner!
Stop this rubbish!
You guys have done a grave
mistake by calling him here.
Because.. – Why? Because..
Because he has murdered Vikram!
Come out! Out!
Why did you bring Taneja sir along?
Keep quiet!
He has hired goons from
India to break my legs!
No! – What no!
Either pay my hospital
bill or else present..
..those goons in front of me!
Why are you asking? I am
at the 6th floor, come up.
Where? Upstairs? Upstairs.
Where are you taking me?
– Your legs, come!
That day when I came to the
theatre to meet you both.. that time Vikram too was there.
‘You are the sole witness
of Nisha’s death.’
‘I can’t keep you alive.’
He shot at Vikram.
And running in a wounded
condition, he ran into you.
I was the sole witness of that murder.
He tried to kill me too.
But somehow I saved my life
and I ran away from there.
He even found out where I lived.
I couldn’t come to you guys for help.
He had instigated you
guys in the murder case.
I took my friend Sheetal’s help.
For buying the ticket.
Before he kills me, I
want to return to India.
That is fine.
But I can’t understand one thing.
Why will the police commissioner
kill Vikram Chauhan?
Bunty, even I don’t know that.
I will tell you.
Because Nisha was my only sister.
After our parent’s death..
I raised her like my child.
One day she told me that she loves a guy.
And she wants to marry him.
That guy’s name was Vikram Chauhan.
I never refused her.
I got them married.
A few months after marriage, my sister..
..started losing her mental balance.
And one day I found out that she
has burned herself to death.
When the post mortem report arrived..
..I found out that she was given drugs.
When i started
investigating, I found out..
..that to get her wealth.
Vikram was giving her
injections full of drugs.
And because of this my
sister had grown weak.
Vikram was already married.
He married my sister to lay
his hands on her wealth.
When i spoke to Vikram..
‘It is possible that what you
are saying that is true.’
‘Now the wealth is mine.’
By killing me, do you
want to get hanged..
..and leave your children orphaned?’
Since then I was searching for him.
And that day when I came
to the theatre, I saw him.
I was lucky.
Unknowingly you all kept
the corpse in the AC duct.
It slipped and fell on the stage.
I won’t spare the girl.
She aided Vikram in killing my sister.
And not even you, who will be
the witness to her murder.
Hang on! Listen to me! Hang on!
I understand your feelings.
This girl wants to say something
in her justification.
Speak up! Are you dumb! Speak up!
The gun is in his hands! Speak up!
I am tired. Where are
these Bunty and Bawla?
Where is he?
I saw him going upstairs.
Has he vanished in the thin air?
Do one thing. – How would I know?
You wait here, I will
break his legs and come.
Nab him when he leaves from here.
What will happen to me?
Die. – I am there.
So what! Move! – Bunty!
I am there.
How old this must be?
He is Sher Khan.
Yes, boss.
But he is neither carrying Bag nor money.
Maybe he has brought
cheque or demand draft.
Go and ask him. – Yes, boss.
Do you have demand draft? – What?
Money! Money!
Is this your father’s building
that you are asking for money?
The money for the goods.
Pouch! Pouch!
Have you gone mad, asking for a ‘pouch’?
He has gone mad.
Are you Sher Khan?
Yes? – No, you need not worry.
Tell, are you really Sher Khan?
No, I am his father-in-law!
Oh my God! We want to
meet your son-in-law.
Where is your son-in-law?
He died. – When?
Just now. He died a minute ago. – How?
By eating a chocolate. Why
are you eating my brain!
Who are you guys?
Bunty is not here, who are
these strange people?
Boss, these guys know where Bunty is!
He is my boss!
Gullu, save me from them!
Boss, they are addressing him as boss.
This means they all are secret police.
And they have nabbed Sher Khan.
Champak bhai, how come you are here?
– Nab him! Nab him!
Boss, the police have surrounded
us from all sides! Run!
Here he is! – Please save us, boss.
Sir! – Bunty!
Boss, everyone here is secret police!
He fired the bullet at the beehive.
Look at that.
Oh no!
What of those men doing under tower?
I’m here. Be careful.
Whta are you doing?
You will be fall.
Pick me up!
Look at those crazy people.
– They gonna die.
Hey let me keep my foot! – Move!
How did they get up there?
Me first. – Me first.
Don’t panic. Come one at a time.
Don’t panic.
God I love you.
Okay, get down, it’s out of control!
Move back. Move back.
The arms gonna break.
Move back. Move back.
Bunty I just love you!
Save me! I will die!
Champak sir.
Bunty, open your mouth. Very good.
How are you, sir?
I am sorry for whatever happened.
These are your passport’s.
Thank you.
Whenever you are cured,
then you can leave.
We will meet in some corner of the world.
Some corner, but not in a cot. Thank you.

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