Billie Eilish & Brother DRAGGED For White Privilege!

Finneas O’Connell as you would know is Billy Eilish’s brother just clap back at trolls who attributed his and Billie’s success to their parents connections and privilege what is up you guys it’s Sussan we’re out here with clever news and yes some people really did just claim that Phineas and Billie Eilish are successful only because they were born and raised in LA and of their parents’s connections in the industry in case you didn’t know their parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell have worked in the acting and film industries throughout their lives but regardless of who they know the amount of success Billie and Finneas have achieved is above and beyond what any connections could have got them together they collectively won ten Grammys this year and they are still breaking records left and right but over the weekend Phineas wrote a piece of advice for young artists that sparked a debate about nepotism and privilege real quick Merriam Webster’s definition of nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends especially by giving them jobs Phineas wrote quote a piece of advice to young creatives shooting your shot is promoted widely and I think honestly it’s a little overrated work super hard alone or with your closest friends make so good it speaks for itself don’t pester people to work with you let them come to you and before we get into all the responses I’d love to know where your initial reactions to this statement up get the conversation going right here in the comment section below and you won’t want to miss what upset fans had to say to him and Billy some fans thought that Phineas’s mentality was only because of the privilege and connections he and his family apparently have one person said quote easy to say when your sister is Billy and your family supported your career not everyone has the luxury and white privilege to be so lucky I fought to be on h NW h and shade 45 i’m an indie artist with a vision working to live off my dream another said spoken like someone born to two actors in LA here’s my piece of advice check your priveledge some of us have full-time jobs and are desperate to escape those conditions my dad was a mechanic I can’t even afford his funeral I have $700 in my bank account so yeah I’ll shoot my shot and another road I think the point most people are making is that the statement you made still reeks of privilege let them come to you is easy for you to say as a white man but people of color don’t exactly get offered opportunities left and right but vineyards took to Twitter to set the record straight in a sense deleted tweet he said quote during my lifetime our parents were never able to fully financially support us off their work as actors our dad worked 12 hour days seven days a week as a construction worker for Mattel and our mum was a teacher our parents gave us love but knew no one in the record industry he went on to say quote they paid off their mortgage last year and Billy pays them each salaries to tour with us full-time though they have told us many times they would work for us for free and Phineas added that quote anyone who saw us to eighteen twenty nineteen knows our dad insists on sweeping the stage each night before we perform so Phineas made his side of the story clear and many of his fans rallied behind him and Billy saying that they don’t have to explain themselves to the trolls one person said just so you know Phineas you don’t have to justify yourself to these people we love y’all no matter what another said you do not have to prove yourself especially not to haters everything you have is yours by hard work and great talent and you deserve it all and so much more please I love you another fan wrote the connections argument alone is tiring because sometimes even people with connections don’t make it because public simply doesn’t enjoy their art you can’t buy people’s heart we love Billy’s music that’s just it and both Billy and Phineas have praised their parents for encouraging their creativity while growing up the siblings were home-schooled and according to Phineas were surrounded by music in every nook and cranny of their house last year he told a wall that quote just being afforded the opportunities I was afforded living in LA making music being homeschooled having time in the day to make all that music it was just this gift that I was given of time and resources and we all know that their success came from just that they shot to fame in 2015 when song ocean eyes went viral on SoundCloud when Phineas was only 17 and Billy was only 13 they recorded the song in Phineas childhood bedroom where they also recorded the majority of Billy’s Grammy award-winning album when we all fall asleep where do we go and what you might not know is that Billy still lives in that same two-bedroom house where she grew up with her parents and their parents actually slept in the living room so that Billy and Phineas had their own rooms to record music Billy has also openly talked about the misconceptions surrounding her family she told NME quote people just have a different vision of how I was raised and that’s not correct they think I’m just a little rich girl from LA Billy also explained that her family lives in Highland Park but moved there when it quote wasn’t a great neighborhood but it was affordable for them so regardless of how Billy and Phineas got to where they are now their success speaks for itself but now I want to turn it over to you what are your thoughts on Phineas initial tweet and subsequent tweets and also what do you think about all the responses get chatting right here in the comment section below oh and while we’re talking about Billy Eilish click right over here to see all the ways she dominated last year as always be sure to hit that subscribe button right over there to keep updated on everything clever news has to offer oh and we also have some exciting news for you guys clever music is actually coming back next month March 2020 so stay tuned for that I’m your host Sussan Mourad thanks for hanging with me and I’ll see you later

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