Boris Johnson says his Brexit deal shows ‘great flexibility’

I do not for one moment resile from the fact
that we have shown great flexibility
in the interest of reaching
an accommodation with
our European friends, and achieving
the resolution for which we all yearn.
If our European neighbours choose not to show
a corresponding willingness to reach a deal,
then we shall have to leave on October 31st
without an agreement.
And- And we are ready to do so.
But that outcome would be a failure of statecraft
for which all parties would be held responsible.
When I think of the conflicts that have wracked
Europe in the past, of the immense challenges
that we have together surmounted, of the 74
years of peace and prosperity that we have
together achieved, I believe that surely,
we can summon the collective will to reach
a new agreement.
Mr. Speaker, this Government have moved;
our proposals do represent a compromise; and I
hope that the House can now come together
in the national interest behind this new deal
to open a new chapter of friendship with our
European neighbours and move on to our domestic
priorities, including education, infrastructure
and our NHS. So, Mr. Speaker, let us seize
this moment to honour our overriding promise
to the British people, respect Brexit,
get Brexit done.
And I commend this statement to the House.

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