Breaking News: TikTok Predators!!! Some you win & some you lose!

Attention all tic toc fans. I understand you have a big question
Why do good girls like bad guys? Alright, I have the answer but first
Welcome to breaking news with me your host
voiceover Pete a show where we’re just gonna talk about some epic wins and
Devastating fails on the Internet community. So breaking news. Where’s some you win and some you lose tick tock?
I mean, it’s like say it I see you smiling. Sure
It’s like a love/hate thing for tick tock laugh at it share it but guess who’s next for allegedly allowing children?
predators on their platform
Alright, let’s go ahead and recap a little bit about tick tock tick tock was called originally musical Li
Just have to show you what you’re missing
Chinese app that launched in 2014 for the Beijing based tech company byte dance bought
Musical Li in November 2017 for a billion dollars and last August had combined the two video apps into one
Migrating all the musically accounts into tick-tock for several months of 2018
It surpassed Facebook Instagram snapchat and YouTube in monthly downloads today
It has over 500 billion users across the globe
But there are privacy concerns with the app itself
Recently tik toks parent company agreed to pay the Federal Trade Commission the FTC of 5.7 million dollar settlement
responding to allegations that tik-tok has been illegally collecting the private information of
kids children using the app
But collecting the children’s data is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential dangers of tik-tok
most recently the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children the
UK’s largest charity group released a comprehensive research study about tik-tok surveying over forty thousand students on the app it
found that 25% of the children had
Connected with a stranger on tik-tok and one in 20 children were asked by these strangers on
Tik-tok to strip during live streams. Hello kids. It’ll do that
He’s called member mister stranger danger for a reason
All right, let’s bring this home to YouTube
Why because YouTube is currently under fire for not acting quickly enough to stop these
predators on their network for years users have been leaving sexually suggestive comments and videos of
Young kid channels playing games doing exercise fun things and many of these big corporations
Began pulling their ads from YouTube over the matter the whole ad pocalypse thing
The video sharing giant YouTube is trying to ban these users in clothes certain common sections
These tech companies have massive amounts of datas users of power, but many advocates note
they haven’t stepped up to the plate of responsibility keeping their platforms safe often opting to
prioritize profits and expansion instead
So here’s what I’d like to say to the CEO of YouTube because I know you’re listening, right?
This three suggestions are because you guys have failed first
Change your algorithm to identify these predators second
You have statistics about your statistics which give you more statistics and they’re all integrated into Google’s massive big data stats
you need to identify where these predators are send their IDs and info over to the FBI so they can focus on criminals instead of
Politicians which are also different former criminals third make content creators
Have a board a seat at the table involved the community is making you wealthy to assist in helping solve the problem. Otherwise your knee-jerk
Reaction and negative news only penalize ‘as innocent content creators for the problem. Then you ignored
Rotate the board so that no one creator sits on the board for more in six months. Hello politicians
Maybe you should take note. All right now for that
Next story now our next news story. It’s the man the myth. Oh, it’s me
That’s right. I’m running for the president of the Internet
We’re going to make the Internet great again. In fact
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The internet clearly needs a voice it speaks up for the people stands for
content creators up against those corporations that want to steal our data or block our users based in the
countries that they live and not on their content someone to fight against article 13
Some one of the people by the people for the people. Well, we’re gonna win that election folks
I don’t know how I don’t know when but I promise will become the president of the internet now
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Alright back to some serious news professional journalism
That’s all we have here at V o P networks. And whit’s what we strive to achieve now
I know this story has been covered by well nearly everybody
Okay, and if you haven’t heard it from me, well, I think you’ve heard it at all PewDiePie
Loses the sub count war two t series
Was inevitable and everyone everyone did their best well including me as well
But in the end it was YouTube itself that betrayed PewDiePie when they purged a bunch of subs
Just as t-series was getting close. Now. Was it an inside job? I don’t know
Is there an intern at YouTube who’s got some loyalties to some mega media giant?
I don’t know conspiracy. You be the judge
Well, we’re gonna need obviously a full
Investigation and let’s get Mueller in on this
All right
Talk about a professional. Let’s see the way PewDiePie
handles the reaction
because now they got a taste of what it means to be number one and
That’s all you’re ever gonna get to you series
they meant nothing because you know what happened Elin must came down from the sky and
hosted me review and now
The sub gap is at fifty five thousand and pewdiepie is rightfully at number one again
T-series. Hey, you want a little skirmish, but PewDiePie
It’s winning the war. So let’s go ahead
Give our respect to pewds our support tin you on with them
Here we go for our final news segment some you win some
You lose. Oh
Okay. Now there is some rumor some speculation. This could be Jake Paul
I’m not saying it is but I’m not saying it isn’t so there you are
You’re an athlete your friends challenge you go ahead. Can you do this? Can you do that? Can you jump a rolling bail of a
What could possibly go wrong, right? Oh
And then he looks Oh
Around the corner, he goes up on two wheels one wheel. Oh, he does a 360 barrel roll. He takes the lead
Let’s see that again on one wheel does a barrel roll comes around as attorneys in front
The biker kind of flips him off the trekker comes over and yells at him BAM
Everything going got everything what? Yeah. We’re good BAM. Oh my gosh
Look at the car look at the car
There he is. He’s got his friend. He’s bringing him over and oh
He threw him off the edge god-hating hits the tree the tree explodes
Boom chakalaka
there’s there’s
the tree Oh
Well friends, may I say really?
Thank you for watching our breaking news where some you win and some you lose. Be sure to make today epic
Didn’t see that one coming did he?

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