Bret Baier: Trump made clear he will ‘punch back’

100 thoughts on “Bret Baier: Trump made clear he will ‘punch back’

  1. For many years now, the repubs held dozens of hearings and investigations trying to find something on Clinton and Obama. So how come after decades of investigations and spending millions of taxpayer dollars….they have come up with absolutely nothing. Never a single indictment for anything. There’s only 2 reasons for this. One – The Clintons and Obamas did nothing wrong. Two – The repubs are so bad at investigations that they can spend decades and millions and still find nothing. But Mueller can spend a few months invetigating and find:
    *Trump personal lawyer Cohen – FELON!
    * Trump campaign manager Manafort – FELON!
    * Trump asst. campaign manager Gates – FELON!
    * Trump foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos – FELON!
    * Trump wingman & top political adviser Stone – FELON!
    * Trump national security adviser Flynn – FELON!

  2. President Trump punches back President Obama ended up looking at his shoes pretending he didn’t see a thing.

  3. Lol had to take the shot at President Obama, I still remember when fox was outraged at President Obama for all the drone strikes he ordered

  4. Iran has only been friends when we gave them money…. They have no love for America. We should not sit and wait for another Benghazi. Clinton sacrificed Americans unnecessarily in Benghazi. This was the right action.

  5. Trump kicked them in the teeth and took the initiative. Iran has fostered terrorism around the world for 50 years. Trump has acted to end it. I normally don’t support Trump, but this time I do.

  6. The US will never again cower in fear from terrorism. Obama may have sent them cash, Trump will fight. America is better and stronger under President Trump.

  7. It doesn't matter what Iran does in response to Soleimani.
    Iran needs to worry about what Trump will do if they retaliate.

  8. ——— BREAKING NEWS ——–
       AOC response to airstrike ?
    " I didn't even know AirportTraffic
      Controllers Were On Strike"


  10. This is a good thing ,the Iranians have been pushing our button for a good while. Now they no what's in store for them, they will posture then back down that's what all loud mouth cowards do .The Dems are doing basically the same thing.

  11. "Our president will start a war with Iran," Trump warned in 2011, because it's the only way "he's going to get reelected."

  12. Poor educated conservatives thinking that an iranian general being killed and everything will be alright in America will be at peace forever gullible Trump voting assholes

  13. If we weren't F'ing around in these Mideast countries our people there wouldn't be under fire. What are we getting for 20 years of constant war, thousands of lives lost and Trillions of dollars? We went into Iraq on a lie. Why the hell are we still there?! I've yet to be convinced that the interest of the American People are being served by any of this. We just have to pay through the nose for it and send our sons to die for nothing. From all his talk over the years, I thought Trump was of this same opinion. That's a big reason why I voted for him.

  14. Btw. We aren't just Trump supporters. The election is over! We stand by the President of the United States. Just as we stood by that sorry excuse of a President obama . Because as Americans, that's what we do!! For our country not our party. Democrats have become antiAmerican.

  15. Stupid democrats are wrong on everything ….they said the market would crash , the economy would tank , we would get into war with North Korea , Hillary would win 95%, Obama said What does he have a magic wand to bring back those jobs ? They said it would take 30 years to beat Isis ,once Trump took off the stupid Obama rules of engagement it was 18 months ….We have the Worlds Greatest President making real change and putting America first . It's time for America to take control of the situation instead of laying back like the democrats with appeasement . So proud of our President and our troops in what they are doing and what they will do to make our nation stronger and safer as never before .🇺🇸❤️

  16. The only red line Trump has is laser guided. And Trump only uses it if you need to leave earth. Dont expect any pallets of cash, just a lot of laser guided red lines.

  17. Not one leader around the world supports Trump, America stands alone and they don,t trust them. With Trump America is doomed.Most of the world supports Iran

  18. May he rot in hell stain on the sidewalk.
    He once said Trump couldn't touch him LMFAO he shouldn't have said that

  19. Since this thing does not let me edit my posts…another comment it is.
    I was raised constitutionally, with truth and facts being the operational paradigm. This has been a HUGE disadvantage over the last 5 decades AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

  20. If you kick a big dog, and he bites you – if you're smart, you tend not to test him again. Go Trump! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  21. Trump has turned our country upside down and now we all see the slimy, stinking, maggot-infested underbelly of our country. Thanks Trump supporters.

  22. I can’t wait to hear what the supreme idiot Hillary “We Came, We Saw, He Died” Clinton has to say about this. The Dems are so outraged to the point where some of them are speaking highly of that Iranian general. That idiot brother f-er Omar said this is a distraction against impeachment. What balls she has to say something as dumb as that. That sham of an impeachment is sitting is Pelosi’s lap along with those DNC servers that were never investigated by the government. Those people are a disgrace to government. Every career politician and new politician that is clearly biased needs to be primaried.

  23. After the airstrikes we're going to have a Raiders game on Saturday a NASCAR race on Sunday and there won't be nothing left of that place

  24. Only IGNORANTS in Politics
    Don't know this MONSTER
    NOT only for killing people but the terrorism he has
    DONE to hundreds of Iranians

  25. The nationals that were supposed to protect that embassy fled, ran like democrats. President Trump had to respond like he did. obamy don't live here no more

  26. Go to hell trump you are a LIAR and a pawn for the Military Industrial Complex and the Warmongers Inc. with the Saudi Arabian MURDERERS (Yemen).
    You PROMISED to GET-OUT of the Middle East and NO more regime change WARS…….LIES…. Your actions since ripping up the Iran Deal, embargos effecting Oil, Food and medical drugs is the ACT of terrorism itself on citizens of Iran "hoping" they would turn against the leaders so YOU, you RAT, could claim a regime change for "democracy". Before the topping of Irans govt. by the CIA in the 50's IRAN HAD a democratically elected LEADER but the USA (CIA) inserted a Shah who was a stooge and was KICKED out in 1978 by the PEOPLE and the religeous Khomeini took over. You've LOST me but what the he'll, I'm only one person that was stupid to back you when elected as the POTUS. Didn't matter which party won the POTUS… he/she should be respected until their promises are NOT KEPT. GO to hell Trump you have started the 3rd World War and here we have you getting out of even doing national military service….. just like BOLTON too big a COWARD to fight on Vietnam BUT NO hesitation in sending the YOUNG to the Middle East to be killed or maimed for life.
    To hell with your WARMONGERING.
    Should be more TULSIs in the USA ….. 300 MILLION of them.

  27. Mr Baier it seems that reporters are afraid to use the words "evil or wicked" for someone like this general. Why?

  28. Trump does what Bibi tells him to do, and Israel wants Iraq, Syria & Irandestroyed in order to expand.  The realwinner here is Israel.  And USA taxpayers will keep providing Israel with the free healthcare and free college education that their own USA government tell them they can't have because the USA military budget is getting all these funds to fight Israel's land grabbing wars.  Remember the USS Liberty.

  29. Genius Trump unilaterally revoked the Iran Nuclear Deal two years ago.  Absolutely nothing compelled Trump to cancel those nuclear inspections.  Since that cancellation 2 years ago, Iranians now have material to make dirty nuclear bombs.  Look for one soon at your favorite shopping mall, train terminal, airport, school, Starbucks.  Thank you Trump+minions.  Thank you Fox so-called News.  Make America Radioactive Now.

  30. For those who remember, Iran thought that they could continue to insult the U.S. of America simply because our past Presidents did not act on what they did to our hostages. Kudos to you, Mr.. PRESIDENT.

  31. The more you talk bad about our president the more we pray for him. The blood of Jesus cover him and give him wisdom. About time someone stands up for our country.

  32. A MONSTER has been killed and that's a great achievement! Iranian General Soleimani may not have looked like a monster but monsters don't always look like monsters…this one was a killing monster.

  33. Trump put the US in a terrible position, Period. STOP SPINNING THIS. He just single handily lost the Iraq war for the United States and put us on a trajectory of an unwinnable quagmire with Iran. There was no Imminent threat to the Homeland. We used the Iraqi govt to lure him into their country and then assassinated him on their soil. They will never trust the United States again. Trump fcked us people. Wake the fck up and see the bigger picture here. Trump, mostly probably due to his own Obama obsession and image, threw away the last 15+ years of military engagements, milestones, and goals in Iraq with this decision… Putin must be so proud of his little Donny. FFS

  34. I wonder who’s bones 🦴 trump will raddled next I think it would be that old guy who call him self the supreme leader

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