Brock Lesnar brutally attacks Rey Mysterio and his son: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar brutally attacks Rey Mysterio and his son: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

  1. where is the icon….I NEED STING BACK IN THE RING AS WELL AS GOLDBERG AND CENA…the beast needs to be destroyed more than UFC could have done

  2. Calm down folks, this is Dominics baptism to becoming a WWE superstar just like his father Rey.

    You'll see soon enough.

  3. Now WWE is making a new scene of attacking to parents/guardian
    Last time Orton attacked cena's father now Brock attacked mysterio's son….
    I think they are paying money to their parents!/guardians too…

  4. If WWE was just Brock Lesnar doing this to ppl and they children for the whole runtime I'd start back watching 😂

  5. He hurt minor Rey son didnt do nothing wrong brock lesnar is way outta ✋ hand this person is minor i want goldberg or viking Raiders to beat brock because brock lesnar has low self-esteem including paul heyman

  6. This is outrageous Brock Lesnar should've been arrested and charged for assault and suspended from the WWE and then sued by the WWE and Rey and his family. I mean come on Shane McMahon sued Kevin Owens for putting his hands on a referee but they haven't done anything about Brock Lesnar assaulting A teenager. Come on the Ref is a grown man but this is a Kid, they have to do better than this. And Brock Lesnar should be Ashamed of himself

  7. You guys know Brock really is hurting this kid. It his roids are really that f*** him up he can't control it. He gets too extreme and then he smashes people he hurts all these wrestlers and he gets away with it. All the time that's why he keeps doing it. But now Cain Velasquez is here to put it a end. If Brock goes nuts so can cain.

  8. Brock was just pissed off he got trashed in the UFC by a Hispanic. So he just did what he does best: Attack the weak and helpless.

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