BTS Is 2018’s Most Tweeted-About Celebrity | Billboard News

Another day in December, another year end list. Today, we’ve got Twitter’s annual metrics of the most popular celebs and musicians on the platform. In some of the least shocking news of 2018, BTS rules as the most tweeted about user. I wish we had some sort of number or stat to give you right now, but I don’t think Twitter pays anyone enough to count THAT high! What’s notable about this is BTS is the most tweeted about user overall not just musicians, including celebrities, political figures, puppy accounts, your uncle who doesn’t know how to use Twitter, me, you – literally everybody. If we did wanna talk just about music, the top ten looks like this… Also kind of music related, #NowPlaying – which a lot of people use to share what they’re listening to wound up being the most used hashtag beating out #BillboardNews by an undisclosed amount but we assume it was close. Also holding it down for music was Lady Gaga whose resurfaced 2012 tweet consisting of basically nonsense was the third most quote tweeted of 2018. Alright ARMY, you’ve been patient and watched this video long enough, here’s what you told me about BTS’ big accomplishment. For more, head to Until next time, for Billboard News, I’m Kevan Kenney.

100 thoughts on “BTS Is 2018’s Most Tweeted-About Celebrity | Billboard News

  1. They've done so much (so much!) this year. It's almost no surprise (I said almost bc Army worked hard too, tagging them in all our posts 👍)

  2. Park Jimin of BTS?? I'm confuse.😮😮 I'm so proud of BTS and Jimin is my wrecker bias!! 😍💜❤👑🙏 They will get win in 4 daesang!! Let's go vote for BTS in Song of the year, Album of the year, Artist of the year, and Worldwide icon of the year in MAMAVote much more please!!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting BTS x Army!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤😭😭😭🙏👑📈

  3. They deserved all the recognition coz they work hard 24/7 and this is just the cherry on top 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  4. The video was fast that my screen froze and fake love started randomly playing. I don’t get how fake love could be playing while my screen was frozen

  5. BTS and Jimin 1:00 – 1:03 💜💜💜

    I want to see Jimin talking for being on the Top 8 of Most Tweet Celebrity on Vlive. Iyeee!!! I miss him so much!!! 😊😊😊

  6. Lol, they fixed it…last time they had the female Park Jimin (she deserves to be tweeted too, BUT…it was BTS's male Park Jimin the girl's were searching)…lol, I see you slick reading the comments Billboard.

  7. Omer god they have got the another record no matter what but king are king BTS is the king of army and thier happiness 👌👍👋👏 army purple you 🐰 fighting our boys 🎉🎶🎁🎀🎊

  8. Y'all Jimin getting his own solo place at #8, he's that Bitch guys.
    He's so popular that he gor his own place at Top10. Probably the first Korean Artist to do that.

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