Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

Watching Hugh Grant and his Stuttering pathetic charm is as Appealing to me as closing my Scrotum in a DVD case. Are these real or do you Make them up to be especially nasty? Kate Hudson is a dead-eyed Trash bag that smells like low tide. Greg Kinnear Stars in holy [BLEEP] who Gives a [BLEEP] coming soon. Chris Evans is a stupid Bearded sweater wearing dumb Dork. Melissa McCarthy is the Medea of white people. Jane Lynch had bigger [BLEEP] than Ultimate Warrior. Norman Reedus, I can fit two Firsts and a leg in my [BLEEP]. Hit me up. Okay. I’ll do it. Tongue punch in the fart box is a neglected phrase. Use it today. Example: Margot Robbie deserves a tongue punch in the fart box. Wow. Anthony Mackie is probably. Angry that he looks like a [BLEEP] Aardvark. Judd Apatow has completely ruined manhood. Olivia Wilde’s forehead is the same size as my left ass cheek. and I weigh 250 pounds. So I’ll let you imagine just how big that must be. Paul Rudd is the most boring. vanilla dude. You know he just sits at home with his wife having a bland spaghetti dinner, talking about his day. That’s pretty funny. Why does Ryan Gosling always Look like he’s trying to squeeze a fart out without making any noise? Has Zac Efron ever been in a Film where he didn’t play a total douche? I’ve never seen one of his Films, I’m just judging by his face. How how I loathe Nickelback. P.S. [BLEEP] you Wanda Sykes. Russell Crowe is delightfully paradoxical in that he is a huge [BLEEP] with a small penis. Bryan Cranston looks like Jim Carrey impersonating Matthew McConaughey. All right, all right, ALRIGHTY THEN! I keep forgetting that Kiefer Sutherland isn’t dead. Well, whoever wrote this, if it makes you feel better, it’s not for a lack of trying. Oh, yeah, and [BLEEP] you. [ LAUGHTER ]

100 thoughts on “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

  1. The Ryan Gossling shot was so true I literally had to stop the video as I was laughing so hard I would miss the rest 😂. He really does always look like he has a fart with “company” coming, but is keeping it at bay. Well done to the folks that put this together. 😂.

  2. If this isn’t Jimmy writing this…I don’t know who is. Jimmy is a heartless fool🤣🤣🤣🤣. But I still love him❤️❤️💕💕

  3. Olivia Wilde is so freakin beautiful
    btw i actually find all of the mean tweets hillarious and most of them are even accurate lol

  4. Dude i guess u know a lot bout Zac, his future too. I mean if u can judge him by his face then u know everything. One thing i can “say” seeing his face and character is he’s one pure person

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