China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

100 thoughts on “China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

  1. I think trump supporters forget that our allies was against the US pulling out the treaty with Iran because they was doing what they were supposed to do. I really don't see R at lies jumping to help us when trump has alienated us from our allies and doing everything against what they know is right

  2. Let's do it Russian Chinese and Iran. Lol USA. Canada . Australia. France. Japan. England. I'll put this one for a good lol Hong Kong 18% off Chinese income should I name more let's get it started yeehaaa

  3. Humans🤦‍♂️😔 I'm surprised you all haven't 🚀💥 up the whole 🌎 already..
    Maybe we should confiscate the earth away from you. We gave it to you. And you abuse it. Abuse each other.. so.. its time you lay down arms. And take up farms. But we know you, this earth race as you are in your tongue, will not cease in violence. An enemy has deceived you. This deception leads to the hate and the violence and the wars. This is an enemy that has deceived man from it's very dawn, and has kept its unceasing grasp on you all throughout all ages. Since you choose to stay deceived and enthralled by its temptation, then also we shall allow this violence of yours to enact as a natural cleansing of the earth. It is what fate has depicted as per your choice of destiny. The silver veil reflects to you that which you have chosen and become.

  4. China is just dipping its fingers in Iran just to prove their presence in the world stage, militarily, among others and as to somehow revenge on US meddling in the South china sea affairs, its own backyard which was proven in the world court that was not entirely theirs. China loves to attract attention as to really position themselves for they have been labelled as a non-important/ powerful state before and they see this as an opportunity too. For centuries/ decades China didn't involve themselves to these kind of things or this much of what we see in recent years….

  5. trump: i love putin we have a great relationship
    Russia: joins forces with iran and china
    trump: surprised pikachu face

  6. japan used radio propaganda during world war 2 to boost the morale of thier contrymen and soldiers now news is being used

  7. Donald Trump should fight this on his own!! I'd hate to be an American with that idiot running the country. He's got all the money and resources to disappear if bombs drop on America, leaving civilians to fight for themselves . How sad.

  8. War would be Russia Iran Syria Pakistan Afghanistan maybe Cuba and Venezuela and maybe Lebanon vs the USA nato a good chunk of the Middle East japan and South Korea oh and India we would also have a good chunk of Africa because France is still like that

  9. I dreamed a bomb landed in DC and it wiped out the entire goverment both parties. Noone survived. After this Russia invaded California killing everyone in their path and they were taking all food sources from stores and taking it to their ships. I dreamed this before the conflict in Iran. We need to be ready and prepared…World War 3 is coming. Most of all pray to Jesus our Lord and Savior.

  10. Australia needs some help with all of the bush fires 🔥

    But Russia China Iran Syria are to busy trying to begin ww3

  11. They can even travel the seven seas if they wish. They can't touch the US, or it'll be the end for them. They don't want no smoke.

  12. If that's the case what happened now. That's was prophecy. I think it was 2000 years ago what I call. I think there need to bring it to United nations to have talks.

  13. Why hasn't Trump spoke to the American people about these countries working together now? We're concerned n deserve our president's words on this and the fact he hasn't givin us one yet is off putting and in my opinion shows how intelligent he's not.


  15. Woman, when the Chinese liberate us, you will have a job in a laundry.
    Klump will attack 52 targets? What will China and Russia do? What are friends for? Together, they can easily defeat the zionists.

  16. This is what happens when you bully a president on his own soil. Support your President no matter what is to be Patriotic.

  17. OK President Trump your Russian friend Putin is teaming up with China and Iran to fight against your county. Maybe you should hijack a plane and run to the aid of your Russian friend Putin. Now you can see where the rubber hits the road. Sucker.

  18. And that why trump had to show that he is not bluffing!
    If China and Russia get control of the Middle East
    Than we got a WW3!!

  19. That's not what they're saying at all. They don't want a war but they know Trump isn't going to war. It's a case of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. This guy is not correct in what he is saying. His analysis is too simplistic and unlikely. If he even thinks Putin will take Iran's side over Trump's he must be stupid.

  20. Can u imagine if china shipped people over like Cuba did and overwhelmed the usa with a billion people without firing a shot.

  21. Where are all those chanting Trump 2020, Trump won’t get involve in wars , trump won’t police the world, Trump won’t get involve in Middle East??????

  22. With China, Russia and Iran cosying up together, – dropping bombs on top Iranian Generals is just the way to bring peace to the Middle East.
    Well done Trumpy, – never mind diplomacy, – just bomb them and to hell with the consequences!
    What a wonderful tactic, – just what we need in an area of such volatility!
    What will we do when the Iraqis order us out of Iraq, – helicopter the personnel out as we did from Vietnam in April, 1975!

  23. America is evil saying they don’t want war but if there no war America economy will die and recession will occur only a war will save the Yankees from it

  24. Im scared cuz im in the uae and iran is literally the opposite side of us, and to be honest the chances that the us wins are low if china and russia joins the war

  25. Y is it that the United states is railways trying to control the rest of the world but they can't even control the rats and crooks like trump and the Republicans in the white house

  26. Too much money & resources involved in the Middle East for China & Russia for them not to show an alliance with on another, but America’s economy is the key piece into their global dollar.
    If we fall they all fall.
    Trump is bold for using the leverage of trust built between these countries. May god bless our leader with good decision making and with wisdom in these tense times. A lot is on the line for Donald trump and our soldiers . May god bless the troops pulling triggers for our country.

  27. Iran has been attacking Allied oil ships etc honestly Iran had it coming. But Russia supports Iran!? I find that very strange. I would never back Iran's terrorism.
    I sure as heck don't want to fight Russians. I do not agree with thier leadership–but i do not hate Russians. They helped us beat Germany in WWII and really kicked some az z

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