Deadly Demonstrations In Iraq Continue As Protesters Demand Political Change | NBC News Now

65 thoughts on “Deadly Demonstrations In Iraq Continue As Protesters Demand Political Change | NBC News Now

  1. 美軍作為伊拉克戰爭的入葠者,請問當年有份背叛伊拉克推翻前政府的伊拉克人,你家人現在自由了嗎,美軍帶領你国家人民過上了幸福美滿的日子了嗎.

  2. Oh, they really mean that the DS surplus of ISIS fighters that are leading attacks on the duely elected government in Iraq
    on a daily basis. These aren't even Iraqi citizens in most cases, and can't get out of the country easily without the government giving them safe passage. This is a power play. The MSM IS FULL OF CRAP.
    What sort of person goes on live television with the audience expecting the truth, and then gives them a plateful of lies that they expect us to eat.
    It's Shameful!!

  3. Why do we think its our job to alter evolution? All societies go through civil up-rises and rebellions on their way to a peaceful lifestyle. Did we not learn from Iraq? Have we still not learned in Afghanistan? Arrogant to think you can mold another society or change evolution. Life evolves differently all over the world geographically.

  4. We shouldn't have left as we did. No, we never should have gone, but Obama showed poor planning and leadership when he pulled us out. That country had nothing in the way of stable leadership and it was stupid to just leave

  5. Lets see what the democractic leaders listen to there people oh wait they wont theyre a government amd government does what it wants.

  6. 🇮🇶Now the Iraqi government is killing young Iraqi demonstrators because the Iraqi government is part of the Iranian government and the Iranians hate Iraqis because of the war that happened between Iran and Iraq

  7. Iraqi gov cant leave because they are backed by Iranian gov, they are criminals and corrupt and lairs, people killed every day and nobody support them even the UN.

  8. Ever wonder what congress has done for any of us these last three years. Well the democrats are introducing a bill to make congress exempt from all taxation, isn't that great.

  9. police force firing at protesters is not acceptable. The police force have become a safe guard for the world elite instead of being a neutral force when the ppl protest abuse of government power. Shame on police force for their ignorance

  10. I don't know why USA involve itself in Iraq?? USA only thinks to steal Oil from Iraq. I hope one day all America & Europe burn by Iraq's oil.

  11. They dance around the real problem: religious organizations influence on the government. The same organizations that are controlled by Iran.

  12. FAKE new
    the shout you hear about Molotov is done by people with government trying to pin it on protesters so they can find an excuse to attack protesters , show original vidoes where protesters show who are starting the fires and whom are even trying to attack government offices they protesters shouting not us while government forces firing bombs and live round on all people ,
    people death count on hands of this regime and their militias anti rioters SWAT teams army forces all combined against the people , thats not to mention the kidnapping assasinations againt women activist men young activist doctors, FAKE news give the pictures with more honesty and if you have proof on your claims show it you oil hungry channel.

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