100 thoughts on “DEBUNKED: 6 Criticisms Of ‘The Game Changers’ Documentary

  1. Enjoyed the documentary and in true Tim Ferriss fashion, started on a vegan/plant based diet since watching the Game Changers a couple weeks ago. Recovery time after workouts has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. Still building mass from workouts and am not tired during the day. So far, so good.

  2. Hmmm… unfortunately I don't have access to the film. I will say that vegetarians are dying at the same rates and of the same primary causes (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and neurological conditions) as non-vegetarians. How healthy any diet is depends on the exact diet an individual person is eating. I've seen vegetarians with horrible diets that are very overweight from all the carbs and sugars they consume. And as a molecular biologist, I am not (yet) convinced that humans do best on a diet with zero animal fats and proteins. The longest study ever done on LDL (10 years in length) as it relates to cardiovascular events of several thousand people between the ages of 60 and 70 with extremely high LDL (300+) as compared to the control group of same ages with low levels of LDL, showed clearly that the much higher LDL group had far fewer cardiac events and significantly lower overall mortality. Cardiac events are primarily related to fibrinin production which causes platelet aggregation (blood clots), not blood lipids. Sugar consumption, regardless of carb source, drives up fibrinin production. Humans developed their large brains after they began consumption of animal meats and fats. I wonder how all of that plays into the equation. I'll be interested to hopefully see the film. I have no dog in this race, so to speak, I am just interested in the facts, all the facts, irregardless of where lead in terms of making the optimal food choices. I do eat meat, but have pretty low consumption for a number of reasons. And I have zero health or weight problems.

  3. Is it really so hard to say that no diet has All Pros and No Cons to it? Is it really so hard to admit that every diet doesn't work for every person? If Vegans feel good doing vegan, and Carnivores feel good doing Carnivore, then why don't the arguments just relegate to ethical grounds?

  4. Animals get protein from plants.. Yes, and you are not an animal. You cannot even begin to consume the amount of plants that they do. I don't even think you can if you account for the difference in body weight. Also galdiators? Are you kidding me? How long ago was that? Any records of how tall they were, or strong they were, and evidence of no bias all those years ago on those records?

  5. Things that I didn't agree with:

    Suggest Carl Lewis won because he;s a vegetarian – ok but he also took steroids.

    Nate diaz a vegetarian beat connor mcgregor – so what? Mgreggor also won the rematch. What is this supposed to prove?

    Cows are strong and they eat plants. OK – bears are strong and they eat everything.

    Wolves can run forever and eat meat. Inuit traditionally had great health and low colesteral and low rates of heart desease and never ate vegetables ever.

    Arnold got to be Mr Olympia by eating high protein and lots of steroids. He wasn't a vegetarian then and he isn't now. Yes in interviews he praises veggies but also says his favorite thing to cook is steak

    It's also disengenuois to imply gladiators had some sort of secret diet to make them better fighters. If they were mostly vegetarians its because it was more economical – nothing more. Why not mention Roman soldiers ate meat? Or Greek Olympians?

    Appeal to emotion is a logical fallacy. Cherry picking facts and figures to fit a certain narrative while ignoring the other side of the argument is just stupid.

    I have nothing against Vegetarians but the human body evolved to be omivore. why does this have to be a vegetarian vs omnivore either or debate? Just eat what you like and enjoy life.

  6. "But the "Men's Health" article goes on, and if you look at the author of the article, first of all he sells two books heavily promoting a meat-based diet then he interviews two experts…"

    James Wilks – producer of the documentary while being interview by 'Plant Based New'

    Dude, you're undermining your whole interview right here. I'm getting serious doubts in the quality of your scientific proof.

  7. They talk about veganism vs meat eaters.. leaving behind vegetarians.. in fact Arnold himself is a vegetarian ! 💁🏼‍♂️

  8. I'm all for a plant based diet, but to dismiss all criticisms as "look at who is funding them!" is its own logical fallacy, and frankly just a weak minded defense. News flash, lots of businesses with a financial interest fund research, however there are several mechanisms to defend the work done – such as disclosure and peer review. I'd love to have heard some of the more nuanced counter points to the criticisms beyond just calling people shills.

  9. 1) Gladiators were slaves, so they wouldn’t have been given meat but rather the feed that was given to farm animals. That point means absolutely nothing and says nothing about their strength against Roman soldiers who ate meat. Slaves fought other slaves in the gladiator arena.

    2) The film lies about our teeth. Our teeth are omnivore teeth as evidenced by the cusps (sharp points) on our molars. Herbivore molars are flat only for grinding and no meat tearing, while ours can do both. We also have forward set eyes for stereoscopic vision, which generally only land predators have, not herbivore prey animals.

    3) The film failed to mention that Connor McGregor was underweight against Diaz because he was originally supposed to fight someone lighter. He tried to gain 20 lbs in 2 weeks and was metabolically out of balance. Six months after Diaz defeated him they rematches and McGregor defeated Diaz. Later McGregor was defeated by another meat eater.

    4) Most of the football players in the film no longer play, reasons unknown but going vegan didn’t make them superhuman. A ultra marathoner which has an even better record than the one portrayed is a meat eater omnivore.

    5) Vegans often need supplements for B vitamins and even iron and zinc to stay healthy which omnivores who eat healthy get from diet. If you need fake pills, you’re not eating a whole food diet.

    6) James Cameron, the films lead producer, has over $100 million invested in the pea protein business. Is this a conflict of interest? Who knows but should be considered. It’s possible the entire documentary is nothing more than a commercial.

    All the points above are true, anyone can look them up themselves, and should be considered given what this film portrays.

    Generally I felt the film was propaganda because rather than telling people the benefits of the whole plant based diet over the terrible typical American diet (which anyone can agree with), they go too far by pushing the idea that being an omnivore is wrong and unhealthy and obviously this isn’t the case. The fact that many points made seem like spin, half truths, and some flat out lies, hurts this films credibility.

  10. There is one thing I wonder. When animals are the middlemen, what is with the protein their muscles and their meat is based on? Muscles are made of protein, so the question that I wonder about is: When I consume say 250gram of chicken. How high is the amount of protein I gain from the meat itself and how high is the amount of protein I get due to the chickens diet? If you go by the rule of 2grams of protein by kilo of bodyweight, how much non-animal proteins would you need in lean weight, to get the same amount of protein. I thought the docu was VERY interesting but it also caused a lot of questions which fell off the table.

  11. That's a little dishonest, the protein comes from constant consumption of grass a lot of it (if they are being fed right) and vegetation in general for nearly the entire day time chewing constantly to digest the material, use the rumen in their guts to form the vitamins and minerals into the proper molecular structures we absorb best and to form amino in the proper ratios for humans to grow muscle, that isnt found or eaten healthfully in an easy manner on a vegan diet, no matter which way you slice it, so protein originating from plants means it's the best source is a fallacious claim to dismiss the argument, it doesnt fit as much as people not building their physique on vegan diets as credible, actually it's less credible of a counter argument, as what they are saying for that rebuttal has some anecdotal substance to it, they've all suffered near career ending injuries, and either ones that havent quit havent recovered yet or arent actively playing to this day.

    I watched the academic breakdown of how to read studies from the most credible sources and lectures to be found online objectively, there IS a plant based agenda, and the reality is these studies are done in poor environments, either done poorly in general, or doesnt hold up with the well rounded knowledge, nor does it make sense mechanistically, the protein quality may have some truth to it, but then again, we have to see, was the meat from grass fed grass finished runiment animals???

    These studies almost never account for the best possible meat based diet or meat quality to eat, but also they use probably the best or semi best plant quality to use these studies, and or use misleading terms like "meat eaters" those who followed a vegan diet, that's an insane generalization for an academic study to use, as meat eaters can mean someone for all we know who only eats 10% meat and 90% plants, and was the plant matter and meat processed, was one organic while the other wasnt, was one sprayed with pesticides and herbicides or fed plant food it's not genetically meant to operate the best on??? (Cows eat grass and random forage not rotted soy and corn slop, that. cowspiracy is coming back to bite veganism rn when it comes to honest science), was the soil or quality of the minerals the plants and meat ate or grew from better?, this is what we call boys and girls margin for error, and a lack of keeping the tests consistent, which YES, makes them far less credible and authoritative, YES that is a biased and or MAJOR MAJOR set of study errors that scientist doing these papers HAVE to address during the studies to be completely honest, who funded the scientist, did a 3rd party use a double blind placebo as well as the original, so much more than "oh I read the abstract this is what it means."

    Why you think we got tricked for so many years into thinking fat particularly saturated fat was so bad??, it's because of the same stuff most of you are falling for rn, just accepting the scientist or person of influences take as law without doing your own educating by academic core principles.

    They arent doing the best plants either though which is another thing in their most bioavailable forms our anscestors all ate them in.

    Dont get me started on the conflict of interest and funding in some studies that are biased either, cause that is where these "conspiracies" come from, because a lot of the studies that backed up this 2nd insurgence of plant based and vegan dietary craze, yeah likenthe interviwed guy said that will come back to bite him, it had shady funding, hes right, always follow the money, because if you do it doesnt look good for the conventional agriculture departments and corporation's for meat OR plants, and thats what this is, not a debate whether plants or animals, but a debate between what junk do you want us to kill you with, plants or animals, with very few truly objective people in the middle focusing on functional medicine and individualized health, there are some people (spoiler almost no Caucasus or european majorly derived people sorry, eat meat, if any basic broad ethnic group needs iit's you guys, you come from predominantly meat eating warriors closer than stone age primitives, eat how you have adapted to, not by trends, you cant change your basic genetic code drastically enough in even 8 generations to eat plants well enough to survive healthy off of, if anyone could it would probably be one of the afro or semitic tribes or tropical tribes, not you guys, conversion rates tend to be disgustingly poor for those mainly of a indigenois European background),

    wake up people look at the source studies yourself, people on both sides are being so dishonest 90% of these doctors or experts are either too biased to test things objectively anymore or just dont care and are sticking to one resolve even if it kills them and others.

    I looked at all the studies mentioned and or showed, I found holes or massive potential margins for error in nearly all for both plants and animals.

    If you want the best possible plants, get organic non gmo herbicide or pesticide plants, soak sprout and ferment them, THAT is the most healthy form of vegetation for people, as we cant use our cæcum to digest it properly nor handle the massive antinutrient influx when eating mostly or all plants without high quality animal foods, they just sit there causing mineral and nutrient malabsorption and hurt the gut while also binding to minerals in the body causing inflammation, this isn't up for debate, that's basic nutrition 101 btw.

    Use those plants for studies, you want the healthiest meats to use, use grass fed grass finished meat free range no antibiotic herbicide or pesticides or direct genetic manipulation, heck even ferment them if you want into high meat, and look to those meats to feed rats or whatever humans on the diet and see how THOSE stack up.

    But I bet you 90%of you watching this video dont even know what I'm talking about, and there counting on that, I dont have a problem with a degree earned person of any caliber, but if I look at the sources you cited and find it lacking, I'm not gonna lay down and let you lie topeople, whether you have good intentions or not, if you're saying has a high probability of not being true. That wont change whether I say something or dont, whether this guy doesnt say something or does, the truth is the truth, and the truth is, the nutritional profile of animal foods vs. Plant foods in their best absorbable forms still beat out plant foods by absorption rates and conversion rates, every single time.

    Again, basic science, a study often chock full of errors or misleading scientific jargon or people just thinking reading the abstract is all there is to a study isnt something you should take seriously, properly assessing a study, and the surrounding studies used to support it, and assessing them as they come with the same objective mindset whether plants or animals are healthier for us, is what to do to find the answer, wake up guys, stop letting someone else do the work for you.

  12. EXCELLENT … Well researched..highly informative documentary, great if you had a series …of life changing events to keep reiterating the point as proof..ongoing..especially proven response from athletes and very high performance individuals… but this was spot on loved it…i shared with the family

  13. I've been on a plant based diet for the past 8 days now since watching the documentary, I'm still gonna eat meat occasionally but definitely not more than once a week or 3 times a month in total

    I can't complain, plant based living seems to feel great so far I'm happy with the change (plus no more processed bullshit food or sugary drinks)

    P. S: I really dislike extreme vegans infact I have a very hateful attitude towards them, but that doesn't mean that they're not right about eating a plant based diet

  14. The biggest thing this documentary doesn't stress is GMOs and the damaging effects of Glyphosate. Eating plants that have been sprayed with roundup and other pesticides can be just as damaging and inflammatory as animal products. Go Organic!

  15. Interesting how he is making a point about checking what the other people are promoting and where are their fundings coming from (which he did and used to discredit the people behind that article) while the main author of the film is founder and a co-owner of a rather profitable company which goes by the name Verdient Foods. A conflict of interest could be declared for a lot of the people who made and helped to make The Game Changers.

  16. Listening to the counter-arguments this man makes really just shows he has no business reading studies or interpreting them. He has zero knowledge of biochemistry

  17. How long has he been a vegan was it after the injury or before. Is his goal to influence the people to become vegan or are his motives impartial.

  18. Arnold schwarzenegger would never have been Mr Olympia with potatoes, lentils and tofu…. Do you give any credibility to these kind of criticisms?

    Answer – talk about everything but the actual fact arnt ate meat and had to eat meat to get that amount of protein in on a daily basis….

    A better response would have been what people should be focusing on is the fact his markers are the best they have ever been and he's 69!!

    Come on people.

    And for the record I am a meat eater but I'm not against people who choose to go vegan, I am against propaganda BS!

    Let's give the people all the necessary facts and let them make their minds up for themselves.

  19. James Wilkes please upload your video in full of you doing the battle ropes for an hour straight!

    That alone would be a great thing to see for an argument for people to go vegan!

  20. I watched The Games Changers last night and loved it. I’m soooooo happy you done this video too. Thank you very much.

  21. There is one thing, that just everyone is wrong about: There is NO need to get any proteins in you to build up protein. If you talk to a vegan, he will ask you (and that´s indeed a statement from the movie), where an ox gets is protein from: gras! So there would be no reason to promote protein at all!
    The truth is: go eating much fruits and leafy greens, also vegetables and some glutenfree grains, if desired (but only a bit). A fistful of nuts a day, not more, keep your fats low. And dont eat any products from animals, that is the right thing about that movie!

  22. The middle man argument is weak. If it's true then Lions should eat plant based. Are human digestive systems optimized for a plant based diet?

  23. Truly a game changer for me and how i look at food. Have started to change to a vegan diet but watching the documentary all athletes are US based it would of been nice to see UK and EU folks. Still 5 star and an eye opener great documentary ty ..

  24. The meat industry obviously isn't going to go down without a fight.
    I guess it's really true, that the world was designed for conflict.

  25. As a middle aged women I have changed my diet to a more plant based diet and cut out dairy approx 6 months ago. I don't get aches in my knees anymore, I have more energy, I am clearer in my thinking, I recover from exercise quicker and am much happier in my body. Had all my bloods done which have given me the all clear for cholesterol, vit b12 markers and everything is good. So really if people are unsure about this, give it ago for yourself. Get your bloods tested before and after. It's great and it's sustainable for our future. Good on you guys for doing the documentry, you rock.

  26. The length to which people defend their diets is more than hilarious. Keto, vegan, fruto something, raw frutarian, raw vegan, meat only. Waiting for raw spaghetti eaters.

  27. For all you haters, I hope you can at least sink it in that this movie is partly to combat fast food bullshit food. Specially American chains that serve that terrible shite to families.

  28. If you want to talk agendas, how about starting with the producer of the documentary, James Cameron. He owns a pea protein company.
    I bet your bottom dollar that’s how they got Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear on this.
    I’ll only take documentaries seriously when the people who financially back them are unbiased and when all facts and variables are presented.
    No one can argue that eating plant based products is good for you but they presented a lot of half truths and glossed over others information.

  29. My son was a big meat eater… day 10 of only plant base for him and he’s feeling amazing. I’m joining him for health and it feels so ‘right’.
    Mega thanks for such inspiration! 🤩😍🐘🦏🦌🦧❤️

  30. i am a whole food plant based diet, however the show shows people eating process food like plant based burger, pizza and cheese which are processed. it doesnt make sense.

  31. I understand the ethics behind not eating meat, and if anyone wants to be vegan then that is their choice that they are entitled to. I tried a more plant based diet after watching the advert to this film. I know about the bioavailability of different proteins and I also know that pea protien needs to be supplemented with brown rice protien if using it as an additional protien source, which on a plant based diet you'll need if it's your intention to maximise muscle growth.

    I had gone from 245lbs on January the first to 210lbs Sept the 20th this year. Then I did a 6 week experiment.

    It's important to note I opted for egg white protein powder instead of plant based powder as the concerns of heavy metal levels etc made me shy away from drinking a potentially harmful protien powder.

    I also wanted to gain size I had dropped to approx 10% body fat according to my fat calipers and comparing myself to photos online. I did all that with a standard diet. I ate a lot of fruit and veg, 2 or 3 portions of fish, normally salmon for the omega fatty acids etc and I like the flavour and I relied heavily on chicken and turkey.

    Come the experiment I decided to increase my calories by 300/400 a day to just see what happens. I ate plant based protiens from food such as quinoa, chickpeas beans etc.

    I found my dietary choices more limited, and my carbohydrate intake had drastically shot up. From a rough Marco 33.3% fat/carb/protien intake. (Going way over on protien intentionally for satiety reasons and muscle preservation purposes, it's important to note during my slow cut my strength did marginally improve) my new macro split was more 30% fat 50%carb and 20 as a maximum for protien.

    Now taking into consideration I had to supplement approx 120 to 140 grams of egg white protein a day, and knowing the bioavailability of plant based protien is inferior on many levels I was curious to see what had happened.

    I did, as expected with a calorie surplus gain a marginal amount of strength, to note my main training is strength based. My weight had only increased by 0.5lbs which confuses me. Worst of all my body fat according to the calipers and how awful I look in my pictures which is why I stopped my experiment short went to approx 13% an at least 3% rise.

    Now I could contribute the strength increase to the egg white protein powder but in truth I'll never know. Plant sources are not as easy to get adequate protien intake and I no reason to eat fish a few times a week as recommended by government guidelines and to in moderation eat meat. I did like taking meat out my diet for a while and it showed my that there are other options. But I don't see the point in restrictions. Why not combine the best of both worlds for a truly balanced diet.

    It's also important for me to say that I didn't feel any weakness or athletic performance issues. But then again on a calorie surplus I wouldn't expect so.

    I understand the ethics, I understand that red meat is bad. But in moderation fish and white meat could be part of a healthy diet. Obviously, also saying things such as a cow gets it's protien from a blade of grass is irrelevant they have is it 6 stomachs? And a far longer digestive track designed to deal with grass. That and they graze all day. I wouldn't recommend a health conscious person to do the same.

    I also like the idea of looking forward to my meals, which I do so more when restrictions are limited.

    I also found that even on a surplus that possibly due to lower protien and higher carbs I felt hungrier all the time.

    The icing on the cake was when the people I worked with asked me if I was ill as I looked unwell and under muscled. They had noticed a dramatic change in a short space of time.

    Now I'm sure some people can of course make it work, but it's harder. Less options and more restrictions make it far more difficult. The average person may have issues when adopting this diet and I think improvements would need to be made, that and people would need educating on the subject before trying it. I eat almost all whole foods so I know what I'm eating and I prepare my own food and I was very much dissatisfied with the results. I think that adopting this diet and expecting athletic prowess is wildly exaggerated.

  32. After years of feeling crap after eating most meats I'm now giving plant based diet a go. Definitly got more energy and my workouts haven't suffered. If anything they've improved. Strength is up too..will keep going for a while and see how it goes. Definitly feeling better

  33. My biggest issue with the documentary was everything surrounding the strongman Patrick Baboumian.
    1) Claiming he has the log-lift world record -he doesn’t. He did set a WR in a lower weight class while still being vegetarian, not vegan. He still has around 100 lbs. to go. Impressive, but false.
    2) ”Most weight ever carried on the shoulders.” At Arnold Strongman Classic, they walk (faster than he does) with a yoke more than 200 lbs. heavier than his supposed record. Also, the front hold record he has? Absolute BS. Arms bent and not parallell to the ground, and arched back to utilize muscles that shouldn’t be in play. Every cheat in the book. In a real contest he would not last 20 seconds.
    3) ”One of the strongest in the world”. Strong enough to compete in international events? Yes. Able to qualify to the WSM heats? Not a chance.

    Main point -yes, he is strong. Strong AF. But, don’t be misleading.

  34. I just recently switched to a vegetarian diet because it's recommended for health problems. I am a hobby runner. Before being vegetarian, I used to be so sore with DOMS after runs. Sometimes I wouldn't even make it home 5 minutes after running and I would be so stiff that I could barely walk in the front door. Now after switching to vegetarian, I literally just ran a 10K and was barely even sore after the fact. My recovery time so quick. My skin has cleared up so much and my complexion looks great.. probably better than it has since I was a child. I'm not really sure what all is going on with my body, but something good is happening for me. Overall I'm glad that I made the switch and hoping that I can keep it up.

  35. I've been Vegan for a month now and since I do a lot of sport is was a slight concern at first, but nope my energy levels are great in the gym and even all throughout the day. My recovery time is still the same though but you can't expect every wonder to work for everyone

  36. as far as diet is concerned each to their own, i started a keto diet back in January and the stats within game changers that he talks about all happened to me "much lower blood pressure, blood glucose is lower, recovery is up after long bike rides, artery wall thickness has decreased" granted though i do eat a lot more vegetables now and have reduced the amount of meat and fish i eat, for me a found this show very biased towards veganism, without any comparison to other diets, and just seemed to vilify meat.

    1 more thing i found within the show was the interview with the guy that said the brain loves carbohydrates and will run better on that, which according to research in the keto field is incorrect, in their case the brain runs better on ketones, and carbs cause insulin spikes which later in life leads to insulin resistance,, type 2 diabetes and all the trouble that comes with that.

    you could go on all day talking about the benefits of plant based or Keto or Carnivore, there is research there that states each one of the diets is the best for the human body.

    Personally i don't believe in a one diet fits every person, moderation is key, avoid obviously bad things for the body, "alcohol, energy drinks, smoking, the standard american diet etc" have a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, get out in the countryside and enjoy the clean fresh air away from the pollutants of cities and you should live a nice long healthy life.


  37. The argument/reasoning that animals eat plants for protein is absolutley ludicrous and very misleading. How do these animals digest plants as compared to humans? Glucose is known to cause many pathogens in humans that end life. Ketones are known cures when caught early enough. Glucose is good for quick cheap energy. But ketones are a better more healthy fuel for longevity. I was hyped up by the way the mockumentary was produced…but in the end science wins. Glucose is not the preferred source of fuel for longevity.

  38. Well.. how are the studies called then? Let us do the research ourselves to see whether they are scientifically sound. Also mens health is biased but your documentary is not? xD

  39. I saw this and liked it. Timing kind of hit hard for me as I am currently having health problems with gastric issues that are "genetic" or have limited knowledge of the cause, yet all are suggesting to eat a high fiber fruit and vegetable based diet. I am not a smoker or eat or drink bad stuff in excess. Red meat? Once a month at most. Mainly fish and chicken. That said, my veggies are potatoes and plenty of processed foods in the mix. Dairy? I love cheese, butter, and eggs. Before watching this, I would have thought I was eating 1/2 healthy?

    However, after reviewing what I eat, I'm likely in the 80-90% range with eating meat, dairy, processed foods, sugars, salts, and oils with as little as 10% plants. When I say plants, I mean something that is unboxed, not frozen, not in a can, etc. Going to move this 180 degrees and go 90% WF plant based.

    I'm trying this approach with my wife in hopes to turnaround not only my current health issues but also a lifestyle change to hopefully feel better and live longer. 1.5 Year ago I was in the best shape of my life but that seems to change quicker than changes in the other direction.

    My mother in law (who does not speak English) used to say you should eat to live and not live to eat. Took me a while to translate that. Not due to the language difference but rather the logic. I'm still learning I guess..

  40. This guy is definitely crazy. Ruminant animals and humans have completely different digestive systems. This says it all. A cow has a sophisticated rumen, designed to digest plants and extract the proteins and vitamins etc which isn't an easy process. A rumen is a 4 chamber fermenting process. Humans, have one stomach, with hydrochloric acid perfectly adapted to digesting meat and fat. Animals do take nutrition in the plants and produce life giving products like milk, which is 70% fat. Cows survive on a high fat diet that comes from a sophisticated digestive mechanism which is completely different to ours, however, we like animals also thrive on high fat diets. Animals are our external organs, taking stored energy from the sun, in grass and turning into food, like milk and in their bodies. The documentary is a lie. Humans cannot digest plant material. We can completely digest and assimilate animal foods. It is impossible to be healthy on a vegan diet.

  41. Half of the people on this board "I really liked this and it has inspired me to become vegetarian, or nearly vegetarian". The other half "YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH, BE A VEGAN".

  42. Lol rather than saying eat more plant based food it’s good for health, they said don’t eat meat because you will not perform as a plant based athlete lol amino acids in plants aren’t complete thats a fact so don’t say bullshit! It’s a movie to scare people not to push them forward

  43. Gladiators were fat and slaves so that’s normal they were not have access to fresh meat.. Gladiators were not like in the movies.

  44. I watched this video and became plant based. Everything about my health improved. From my numbers to energy levels to my chest pains going away. I don't give a damn what the critics say anymore. It worked for me and first hand experience is the only thing that I know for sure.

  45. Animals are processed secretly for a lot of reasons, none of them good. AG Gag order is real, transparency ist Verboten on both sides of the Atlantic. Wuerst is a Class 1 Carcinogen. Dairy is a hormone cocktail, cheese a concentrated one. What else you need to know? Fantastic documentary. Now i know what to do to save the world; lead by example. I feel good.

  46. 2 weeks vegan today. It's a good time to try this diet because there are so many options now, from grocers to deliveries. Just plan ahead, make sure you get enough proteins from beans and stuff, and you're set. There's even plant-based bacon where I live, so there's nothing to miss!

  47. Every big meat company is invested huge in vegan meat supplements. They have a big interest in selling this, because it is way more profitable than raising a cow for months. These companies are pretty happy if more people buy highly processed plant proteins instead of clean meat.

    Also why is no one so honest to say, that nobody knows what diet is the healthier one. There are studies for both sides: eating animal based foods and vegan foods. Stop acting as if you knew.

  48. The fact that animals get their protein from plants thus so should we is a straw man argument at best. Where did the plants get the protein from? The dirt, shouldn't we them eat dirt? Grand extrapolations from small studies was the theme of this documentary. While I would agree that people eat far too much meat and not enough plant-based products, it’s disingenuous to say that meat if bad for you and a plant based diet is superior for athletic performance.

    For every athlete featured in the documentary there are hundreds of superior athletes who rely on an animal-based diet so very little was won on that front.

    It was ultimately equally guilty of presenting a skewered narrative as that of the one the meat industry is so guilty of. Get the facts, not the bias.

    I’ll just leave this bit of info that demonstrates the film pushing a one-sided, cherry-picking narrative. Study quoted in the film: “And when it comes to gaining strength and muscle mass, research comparing plant and animal protein has shown that as long as the proper amount of aminos acids are consumed the source is irrelevant.”

    From the same study but not mentioned in the film: “as a group, vegetarians have lower mean muscle creatine concentrations than do omnivores, and this may affect supramaximal exercise performance.

  49. This rebuttal is so full of ad hominems and has so little counter-arguments with actual content, it is hard for me to see this man as a credible source of information.

  50. Thoroughly enjoyed the documentary! I hate to see all this arguing back and forth. Do what makes you feel the best. I'm trying the vegan thing to see if I feel better. So far so good. The last thing I want to do is offend those who eat meat. I'm just trying to figure out what to do when I'm invited over by friends and family. I don't want them to feel they have to adjust their life styles just to accommodate mine.

  51. Contrary to all the "debunking" responses, there are volumes of scientific research that support plant based diets. The food industry doesn't want you to understand or believe it. It's hard to change well established bad eatting habits but I'm so happy that alot of people are acting on the truth.

  52. I think everybody is missing the point with this diet or any diet, the fact is this the animals that we eat or we have eaten in the past have been farmed for profit. The way they are farmed and managed is totally inhumane and not logical. To produce meat it takes a lot of grain and a lot of water. The animal It’s also given drugs to enhance its growth and weight .It’s then killed after being stressed being just another animal on the farm. Then we eat them. So just how bad is that to eat. I am now a vegetarian boarding on becoming a vegan. I have also stopped drinking alcohol and sugar.

  53. The middleman theory is flawed. That “middleman” whom happens to be herbivores also have a different digestive mechanism than us humans, which are omnivores.

  54. Best selling on iTunes 😂😂😂 this film contains someone saying we have ZERO adaptations for eating meat. Couldn't watch anymore.

  55. I totally understand not wanting to give up the enjoyment of a carnivore diet, but people defend the meat and dairy industry like we owe them something. We don't owe the meat and dairy industry a damn thing. If you're truly interested in optimizing your overall health, give a whole plant based diet a try! I PROMISE it won't kill you.

  56. 'All protein begins from plants' -ergo good. Comparing humans digestive systems to herbivores digestive systems is really what passes for logic today? So many weak minds adding to their own confirmation bias. Time will not be kind to this documentary.

  57. This is actual proof that meat-eating is not that good for you, of course the meat industry is going to deny that any of this is true because their industry makes a lot of money and that's all they really care about. In the end it's all about the money they make so they will keep denying everything that's bad for their image.

  58. Hey now! I'm a vegan Registered Dietitian! Lets not through us all under the bus. We are highly educated and specialized in nutrition. We dont just learn about the dietary guidelines and then regurgitate that stuff back out. The education is MUCH more extensive than that. Not saying there's no industry influence in the academy of nutrition and dietetics because there certainly is, but I think that creating a distrust of RD's in general is not good for the vegan movement because it means that vegans will be less likely to turn to a licensed professional to help them troubleshoot any issues they have. I think it would have been awesome if you had a vegan RD in the documentary. There are plenty of us out there. Dr's get zero nutritional training and we get at least 5 years of specialized training, if not more. Dietitians are objectively more qualified to talk about nutrition than an MD.

  59. I will tell you first time anyone puts on the penis erection tester they are lucky they they had an erection at all they did not give them a couple days acclimate to the device which is Scientific method if they weren't so young they probably wouldn't have had any the first night bad science or screwed by what movie wanted to illustrate

  60. We decided to stop consuming and killing off groups of animals. We decided instead to eat all the plants and vegetables that they consume therefore killing off groups of animals. Vegans are cold blooded. I did enjoy the documentary and decided to make some lifestyle changes.

  61. This is some I need to watch, there is so much research on both meat and plants we just have no idea who is right. You simply can't believe anything on Utube or streaming services. A few things that stood out to me was the teeth and we don't have carnivorous teeth and most of the apes eat plants as the main sorce of food. And why are we eating animals that are vegetarians. Just so much BS out there where do we turn ?

  62. This guy complains about funding while his movie is backed by fake actors from Hollywood. Including a steroid abuser like Arnie.

  63. this documentary was not to force you to become vegan. but the documentary was for people want game change like to stronger healthier or less health problem should try this not if you dont then dont. also in documentary pretty much said if you like meat eat it but if you want gamer changer look at this duh.

  64. There will NEVER be a proper double blind study because it would BLOW MEAT EATERS OUT OF THE WATER.

    Your slave owners love to poison you.
    -“food” industry
    -4/5G towers

  65. I felt the documentary was great information! And years ago, I have cut back on but have not totally cut meat out of my diet. But after seeing the documentary I think I want to give it go. Of course, the meat industry will respond with criticisms, and it should be expected that they will have their paid off experts! The same tactic used with cigarettes, lead gasoline, … etc. Everybody is different … give it go and see how it works? Go plant base and save the planet! It seems like the Electric, Coal, Oil and Car industry would back this up a bit more because they take the brunt in the global warming issue. After checking https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_contributors_to_greenhouse_gas_emissions not one thing is mentioned concerning the meat industry!!!

  66. What struck me in the trailer, they said, paraphrasing: "the gladiators became huge on only vegetarian diet". I think I heard some historians saying that they were much smaller than todays bodybuilders?

  67. Can anyone help answer this for me. I am fine with giving up meat but dairy is a struggle. The 2 main experiments on the show both showed a meal with meat and a meal without. Had one been plant based and the other included dairy, but no meat. Would the results have been the same?

  68. Another perspective on the matter below. I think it is important to adhere to science instead of opinions of eating plant based compared to eating a Standard American Diet (full of refined carbs, vegetable oils, processed foods). Any diet is better than Standard American Diet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJvCuXEjQeA&feature=youtu.be

  69. is this video serious? A plant based diet addict sits down with James Wilkes, producer of the movie, to talk about science?!?! If you think trusting Hollywood as your health adviser will make you healthy, good luck!

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