DJI Phantom 4 — Part 3: Live Broadcasting to Facebook [4K]

Do you know what’s missing from the drone flying experience? When you land… No one claps. Well that’s about to change, because DJI just released an update to their DJI GO app And now we can live broadcast to facebook They already had a feature where you can live broadcast on YouTube and now they added Facebook. and I tested it couple of times Because, why don’t you want to share your experience on Facebook Where you do all the work and then, they put ads next to it and make money for themselves and don’t share it with you. OK, now let’s look at the app. When you tap here as you can see it says Facebook Live, you touch that… And then record and share live video, you hit go live And here you can select where you like to broadcast, you can choose you personal profile or one of your pages Staring contest When you hit go live There is a countdown Once you’re live you can tap on the red logo and choose to enable audio recording or display comments on your screen. And for clearer audio you can use a headphone with a microphone on it so people can hear you better Hello! Comments appear right there But once people start commenting especially on your iPhone it blocks most of your screen. Also when you’re live broadcasting the frame rate is really low, there are a lot of jumps in between Even though my upload speeds were good The broadcast ended up looking like this. This video is 832×468 and as you can see it is not possible to reflect how beautiful this sunset is in this live broadcast. Just to demonstrate I’m going to switch that video to full screen. Hello Welcome to iPhonedo I am at Venice beach, testing the live broadcast feature It is a little bit windy and umm… so if the audio quality is bad that’s probably because of that If you like to watch the live broadcast videos the links are in the description box below. Now let’s slowly switch to full quality 4K footage and see what we missing Are you ready? Here we go. I think there are couple of glitches in the app that needs to be polished a little bit For example when I was flying the second time I broadcasted for 25 minutes And when the broadcast was done Facebook thought I was still broadcasting but when you try to watch the video it was just showing the last 10 seconds of it. and then the video completely disappeared and then it came back as a two minute video. The mentions app uploads the higher quality video or periscope uploads the higher quality video when you’re done broadcasting. Which I believe is great and DJI GO app should do the same thing. Since this is a drone footage it is beautiful and it needs to be in that high quality Well you may ask yourself or me, why do I need to broadcast live on Facebook? Why do I need to broadcast my drone flight Well can go creative you can broadcast to your girlfriend and start playing a song in the background as well like: “I can show you the world” or “beneath my wings” or you can go and play “can you take me higher” which in that case you will be rejected probably. Well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen Hit that button and join the World DO’mination You do it too, you do it too! And let me know what you think about live broadcasting on Facebook in the comment section pillow And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and Hoşçakalın!

68 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 4 — Part 3: Live Broadcasting to Facebook [4K]

  1. It looks cool but I'm sure the drone is very expensive. If I buy it I don't know do I use it regularly.

  2. Drones can be easily bought in Hong Kong but such beautiful view is rare here.
    I love your channel. Keep it up!

  3. Abi tamam seni seviyoruz da final haftasinda video yayinlama nolur sevgilim seni izlemekten kurgulari yapmiyo.

  4. İphonedo yorumlara bakmıyor ama takip etmekten de vazgeçemiyorum.İyi iş çıkartıyorsun 🙂

  5. Great video as always. Maybe bitrate problems caused because of the iphone try to connect to the drone and the facebook same time?

  6. O 6:27 deki görüntü sayesinde evinin adresini Google Earth ile zor oldu ama buldum. Artık çaya geliriz.

  7. hocam oraya music olarak kyomuşsun ama music listesi içinde bulamadım söyleyebilir misin hangisi olduğunu?

  8. yavuz cetinin onemini tekrar tekrar usteleyen biri <3 spotifydan falan bizimle paylasabildigin bi playlist olmasi lazim der ve katilanlari like a davet ederim 😀

  9. iphonedo beyciğim android denen hantal yaratiktan biktim ios işletim sistemine gecmek istiyorum bütçem sınırlı ama 5s alsam beni 2 götürür mü yani tavsiye edermisin ? 😀

  10. Drones can not be easily bought in Turkey. Because it's fucking expensive! We still love your channel. Favorite tüpçü!

  11. Best tech channel. I am glad you actually USE the products and give IMPORTANT feedback for consumers, unlike other tech channels that just spell out the specs! Subscribed!

  12. What are your settings? What kind of post production did you do to this footage? ND filters? Thanks! Looks beautiful

  13. İphonedo Beyciğim şu drone'la bi oksijen tüpü yollayabilir misiniz bana? alt yazıda "hadi hadi meleğim uç da göreyim" i gördüğümden beri katıla katıla gülmekten nefessiz kaldım da :D:D

  14. Buenas, soy Lissandro, tengo una gran duda, como hago para obtener señal (imagen) de la camara de mi phantom 4 para transmitir en vivo a travez de television, por un evento que habra en el estadio…, en pocas palabras necesito imagen de la camara del drone para mezclarla con las otras camaras, quisiera tener señal de la camara del drone en el switcher, de antemano les agradesco mucho, espero su respuesta…!!!

  15. hello now heres a question for you i have a phantom 3 standard and got alot of content with it i tried the follow me and i been looking up to see if its compatible and i dont know if it is? do you have to have a phantom 4 to go life on youtube or facebook or can the phantom 3 standard do the job?

  16. Hi, can you broadcast without Internet or WiFi? I bought the new Phantom 4 pro with the built in screen. It doesn't look like it has Internet but I have the option to broadcast. I haven't tried it yet but Ist going to work?

  17. every time I stream everyone can watch it live but when anyone goes to watch the video playback it only shows a gray screen in every video. any idea guys???

  18. Starting the streaming platform is relatively simple. The actual utility is poor. Frame rate is terrible! Audio is usually incomprehensible. Unless you have mega fast data plan, it's pointless and makes you look silly trying to share such a poor quality video. The glitches haven't gone away! Streaming is basically useless!

  19. Zevkle takip ediyorum abi seni 🙂 Türkiyede tutulmaz diye bunların türkçelerini yapmıyorsun sanırsam :)) beklemedeyim ama

  20. So I decided to do a live video yesterday and I flew 2 20min long flights of the sunset and beach area and after posting I ended up with 2 1:30 videos. Both were extensively cut to get them that short and of course the video quality was pretty low? it’s cool to use this feature but only for the live aspect and the comments etc. for now at least until they update it and fix the bugs.

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