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TIA: Since her early days on SoundCloud, Doja
Cat has always stood out thanks to the many
ways she uses her voice in her music.
Doja’s fans love her versatility and the way
she uses her voice so we decided to take a
look back at some of her most memorable flows.
TIA: Doja’s been making music on her own
for awhile now, and her rabid online following
began way before she first went viral.
DOJA CAT: I wanted to rap first, I didn’t
really want to sing as much cause I didn’t
think I could sing.
But the more I stayed in my room and didn’t
let people hear me sing and tried to build
that up and create a voice for myself, that’s what made me start singing.
TIA: Many of her early tracks give off more
of an R&B, bedroom pop vibe as Doja leaned more
into her singing voice.
We hear this all over her debut EP ‘Purr,’
and specifically on tracks like “SO HIGH.”
DOJA CAT: When I was making music
back then I was smoking and I was more lax,
but I’ve always had a lot of energy just
TIA: But on other tracks we hear her embrace
her rapping ability like on the high-pitched
braggadocious cut “Tight” from 2017.
TIA: On “Go To Town” off of her debut
album, 2018’s ‘Amala,’ Doja breaks out
a rather unusual flow and slides into a different
voice which she told Genius is completely
DOJA CAT: I have an alter ego.
It’s a middle aged African auntie and she’s
very high-pitched and she’s very mature.
There’s kinda some oomph in there.
TIA: Around the same time, Doja’s first
viral hit, “Moo” took over the Internet.
The playful track skyrocketed the LA artist
into the spotlight, and we heard her silky
vocals on the chorus offset her raps.
DOJA CAT: I’ve had intentions of making
like meme music that would maybe reach a wider
audience that would make people go, ‘What
the hell is this?
I should share this.’ And I’ve totally thought that shit that I’ve made would go viral but that wasn’t really the idea behind this.
TIA: On her early 2019 Rico Nasty-assisted
track “Tia Tamera,” Doja leans into rapping
even more than before, delivering sharp verses
and dropping clever references in her bars.
DOJA CAT: My hits, my songs that go viral
they stick in people’s heads.
TIA: But on “Juicy,” Doja goes back to
blending her singing abilities with her glossy raps.
DOJA CAT: Sometimes I do songs pretty fast
but this one was like, we knocked out both
the verses in one day.
And the hook and everything.
It just ended up being, a masterpiece.
TIA: “Bottom Bitch” has Doja flip the
script and lean more towards a guitar heavy
punk sound with a sultry chorus.
TIA: In October, her track “Rules” made the rounds on Twitter after a number of fans
pointed out similarities between her flow
and Kendrick Lamar.
TIA: Whether or not it was on purpose or just
Doja switching it up, she’s shown love for
her fellow West Coast artists before.
Ultimately, Doja Cat’s ability to keep
fans guessing is exactly what makes her so
exciting and helps her stand out in today’s
rap game.
TIA: What’s your favorite Doja flow?
Let us know in the comments.
I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. Check out Sayyi’s new track Granny, here’s a link to the music video.
    Let me know what you think!

  2. Did y’all really skip over
    “She keep it juicy just for papi, call me Buffy with the body
    I just slipped into my savage and come over like a walkie
    My fish like Takamaki, like a side of me with saké
    So I put it in my mouth and suck it out like edamame, yeah”
    Form juicy…ARE YOu DUMB?

  3. i noticed a lot of similarities in rules and kendrick lamar’s song. like the whole high pitched voice thing and the aforementioned flow of certain parts. i fucking loved it.

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