Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s showtime, y’all.
You love him and I love him.
Put your hands together.
Dolemite is my name!
Auntie, I was thinking
about putting out
-a comedy record.
You been a singer,
a Shake dancer…
It’s real hard to break in.
I’ll do whatever it takes
to get in.
I come up
with a new character.
Dolemite is my name,
and fuckin’ up motherfuckers
is my game.
What you do to your hair?
You look like a pimp.
It’s all pretend.
I just created a character.
-You a trip.
-Pull on that.
-That’s a wig.
-A wig, that’s right.
Whatever it takes,
I’m ready to do it.
I got to be totally outrageous.
It’s filthy.
You’ve got a product here
that you can’t sell
or promote.
All my life
people been telling me no.
Rudy, sometimes our dreams
just don’t come true.
A man slam a door in my face,
I just find another door.
I want the world
to know I exist.
This ain’t funny.
And it ain’t no brothers
in it either.
If I get up in that light
with my own movie,
I could be everywhere
all at once.
Let’s bring Dolemite
to the screen.
The actors we hire,
you’re a bit doughier
than them.
That’s D’Urville Martin.
I’m offering you a role
in my new motion picture.
You think you can just
walk up here and hire me?
-What if we let you direct?
In storytelling, it’s always
best to write what you know.
Ain’t nothing to talk about
in my personal life.
I deal with the nightlife.
Club owners and mobsters,
lots of pimps and kung fu.
-Do you know karate?
-No, but I’m a fast learner.
I can learn
how to chop me a mother–
-Dolemite, give it to me.
-Put your weight on it.
Pretending like
he could be a sex machine.
What planet is this cat on?
-This thing flops,
you’re working for free
the rest of your life.
I’m so grateful
for what you did for me,
’cause I never seen nobody
that looks like me…
-Oh, yeah!
-…up there on that big screen.
God damn, Dolemite.
-Was it as good as Shaft?

100 thoughts on “Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I so miss seeing Eddie Murphy on the big screen. He needs to make a come back. My all time favorite comedian

  2. If you want to laugh your ass off, .. go watch Rudy Ray Morre in .. Petey Wheatstraw, .. the Devil's Son in Law

  3. It's like the new Tarantino film….. But with an all-black cast… Dave Chapelle should have been in this as well… and Mac if he was still alive… Good to see Eddie back

  4. RED FOX would 100% be in this one! Also check out "busta rhymes dolemite" to get understanding of Dolomite's voice. Unlike no other!

  5. For real, it’s about goddamn time Rudy Ray Moore got some recognition in this day and age. Growing up, my Mom let me watch “Dolemite,” “Human Tornado,” and “Petey Wheatstraw” and even the documentary “The Godfather Of Rap” and also watching them with my Paw-Paw in Louisiana in the 90’s. Some of the fondest memories I have from that era.

  6. Dang I thought that was Charlie Murphy in the thumbnail. R.I.P. King you would've been great in this. And T.I. looking like he finally became a man @ 1:20 😂

  7. I think it’ll be funny but eddie doesn’t sound like Rudy, he sounds like himself. This is what made Foxx so good as Ray Charles. You couldn’t tell the difference 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Pass! Love Rudy. Appreciate the effort. But Eddie sounds like everything else he has been in since Beverly Hills Cop III. Nothing like the Icon RRM!

  9. I saw Rudy Ray Moore strolling through a club crowd in downtown L.A. late 80's this brother CRAZY funny as hell…

  10. I love how Netflix celebrates black history keep up the good work guys because i did not know who Dolemite was until today!

  11. Nah I think they messed an opportunity here. It's cartoonish Eddie Murphy meet the klumps. Eddie was not the best choice here. IMO. Good to see Eddie back but not in this role.

  12. Damn I want that 80's or 90's Eddie Murphy Humor. This is that Norbit/Klumps humor I'm not feelin this. I don't remember Dolomite being corny. Dolomite was cool imo

  13. Aw 70s the polyeater the. Kung fu movies aw shit yea. This was it back in rhe day hahahahab good. One. Eddie.

  14. “ I took today and brought back yesterday, I took the 4th of July and put it in June and made leap year jump over the Mutha Fuckn’ moon”


  15. I thought Eddie was done with movies.

    I also thought he knew Karate having learned it from Bruce Lee (who didn't do Karate) along with the 'pint of blood technique'.

  16. I don't like this. Dolemite had a deep, wide, loud voice. Eddie is still using his 'Norbit' character voice & he's looking more like his 'Nutty Professor' character.

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