Donald Trump’s interview with Channel 4 News

Fifth Avenue on a day so hot the pavements
are melting. I’m on my way to see an iconic American. The man is a towering ego presiding
over his business empire from a tower where you literally can’t avoid bumping into his
name. At the book store they only sell one author. Amongst the many tomes, this is my
personal favourite. My treat today, I get to spend quality time with the man behind
the brand and below the hair. I read somewhere that you don’t like shaking
people’s hands because you are afraid of germs
Well not afraid of germs Matt, I don’t think it’s a great custom. It’s been proven,
as you know, a person has a cold, a horrible cold, and they shake your hand then all of
a sudden two days later you have a cold and you say, ‘I wonder how that happened’.
It’s not a great thing but I do it. Which is good because if you want to run for
president as you might well do then shaking hands is kind of part of the job isn’t it?
If I shook your hand again, no fear? No fear, no it’s not a fear
You withdrew that very quickly though, that was a quick withdrawal.
It’s not a fear thing but as you know science has proven me right.
Correct me if I’m wrong, you were flirting with a presidential campaign in the year 2000
and then again in 2011. Why did you bottle out?
Well not so much in 2000, I did look at it recently, prior to the last election. I had
tremendous poll numbers and still have tremendous poll numbers. I thought that maybe Mitt Romney
would win. He didn’t do so well he didn’t resonate. He is a nice man, a fine man, but
he didn’t resonate and it was a little bit of a tough thing for me. I would, I really
would have loved to have thought about running. But I wonder whether someone like you is actually
ill equipped for politics because having run stuff, having been in charge, having been
able to say ‘you’re fired’, you can’t deal with the kind of grubby compromises politics
demands! Well then you may be right. Well I mean to
be honest with you, you may be right and then again you may be very wrong. I mean I see
the way some politicians run things and it’s horrible.
But what makes you think that you can do a better job especially when you seem to have
quite a thin skin you get very upset when people make fun of you.
Well no I don’t get upset Donald Trump is here tonight
The Whitehouse correspondent’s dinner in 2011. Donald Trump had fought a bitter campaign
demanding to see the president’s birth certificate because he doubted that he had been born in
the U.S and thus even qualified to be running the country. That night the president got
his own back. No-one is prouder to put this birth certificate
matter to rest than the Donald and that’s because he can finally get back to focusing
on the issues that matter like did we fake the moonlanding.
I was at the Whitehouse Correspondent’s dinner in 2011 when you were the butt of President
Obamas jokes and it was very funny, but you weren’t laughing you were sitting there
scowling. You couldn’t take the joke! No. no you’re wrong about that. I loved
it, I absolutely loved it. Didn’t look like it.
You’re wrong I was watching you
Excuse me, I had 5000, well I didn’t know how to act, do I smile, do I laugh what am
I supposed to do? It was a joke.
I had every camera in the world on me at the time and I said to my wife, I tapped her on
the knee and said ‘do you believe it, this entire speech is about me I can’t believe
it, I loved it. Free publicity!
I loved it, I actually loved it so So you’re an egomaniac?
Now perhaps that’s a bigger problem, ok, that could be a problem.
Ok, now you love calling a spade a spade and I just want to run a couple of quotes, your
quotes passed you and what you think of them now. So about Edward Snowden, the man who
is currently residing in Moscow airport. I think you tweeted last week ‘he is a traitor’
Absolutely And then you added ‘and there is still such
a thing as an execution’ Well what you have.
Are you calling for an execution? No, no what you have in the old days when
the United States was a strong country which it isn’t right now, but when a person was
a traitor and you could prove that person was a traitor that person would be given the
death penalty, you understand? Are you saying he should be given the death
penalty? Well as far as I’m concerned he is a traitor,
now So but are you saying he should be given the
death penalty? The mores of our country have changed and
our country is not a strong country like it was and we deal with traitors a lot differently.
Now we deal with traitors where sometimes a traitor becomes a hero. I say he is a traitor.
He has made our lives extremely difficult in terms of our relationships with other countries
and I would say you deal with him very harshly, absolutely.
If he gets asylum in Vladimir Putin’s Russia and if you were president Trump, what would
you do about it? I couldn’t tell you that because I wouldn’t
want to play my cards in front of you because right now I’m not and I wouldn’t want
to play my cards in front of you. Now I do have something, I own the Miss Universe, Miss
U.S.A, Miss Universe contest and it’s a big pageant, it’s the largest pageant in
the world. You would exclude Russia from the pageant?
Well, interestingly that’s going to Moscow, on November 9th
Right so would you boycott. And we have a wonderful representative from
Great Britain and I also tweeted that I wonder whether or not Snowden would be there.
So this isn’t- You know that was a joke
Right exactly, so this isn’t gunship diplomacy, this is kind of miss world diplomacy that
you advocate? If we had the proper leadership, Russia would
immediately hand Snowden back to us So do you think that if you were President
and you banged the table or snapped your fingers and said Vladimir Putin hand that Edward Snowden
back to me, he would just do that? I think I would get him back very quickly,
yes I think that Putin would give him back, yes.
Seriously? Yeah, I think if I wanted him back, he would
come back, he would be back and I believe Putin would give him back.
Let’s talk about China briefly. China is one of your bug bears. The China-U.S relationship
is perhaps the most important, if somewhat vexed, bilateral relationship between two
countries in the world. You said that Global Warming was made up by the Chinese, for the
Chinese, in order to make U.S manufacturing less competitive.
That was said That’s bonkers isn’t it?
That was said sarcastically, it was said as a joke to create a point.
So when you said, in 2010, that you welcomed a trade war with China, was that a joke as
well? No that’s not a joke no and welcome
That’s a tragedy potentially Welcome is a very strong. No I don’t think
that’s a tragedy. China has been eating our lunch, China has taken the United States
for a ride like nobody other than perhaps OPEC has done.
But Donald they are not just eating your lunch they are paying for you lunch, they are your
banker and you don’t pick a fight with your banker!
No you don’t understand economics. China is taking advantage of this country like no
other has ever taken advantage of the United States. And you look at what’s going on
in this country and we are not making our product now. China and other countries are
making our product. But I mean we live off Chinese manufacturing
whether we like it or not. That’s because when you say ‘we’, ‘you’
are stupid, you’re stupid. You’ve called me a bad economist, I’m
stupid what else are you going to do. You’re not a good economist
I’ve been very civil to you Donald! No you haven’t, you’re not a good economist,
at all. You don’t understand business and you don’t understand what I’m saying with
China. You think it’s a joke, it’s not a joke.
So I’m fired? You’re not fired.
What keeps you up at night? I sleep well, I mean, I sleep really well.
Hair? Well its mine
I’ve got a bald patch developing here You look fine, you look fine. You suit your
– I want to talk about my bald patch just for
a second, I’ve got this bald patch here, can you see it?
A little bit, but What do I do about it?
Well I would just leave it I think its fine Are you sure? I think I look like a monk
I think I’ve got a little bit back there too
Your hair has never looked better! So why not grasp the nettle, Donald Trump, and announce
in this interview that you will run for the Whitehouse in 2016.
Well that would be very, that would make a lot of people happy I can tell you and probably
some people not so happy. Donald Trump may I?
Yes you may Thank you
Trump: Thank you, you take care of yourself. So President Trump sounds farfetched, but
there is one rule I have learned covering America, never say never… ever.

50 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s interview with Channel 4 News

  1. When Trump exposes a government lie The Donald hedonistically defines himself a patriot. When someone else does it Trump vilifies that person as a traitor. So much for principles.

  2. Donald Trump nailed it again with respect for this interview , This kind of President we need whatever hardship interview he can deal with it. He is the man .. I m so proud of you. Quote. Know" what is Economics is all about. "

  3. Trump is an idiot and a liar ….. claims to be a self made man when he actually inherited his wealth and he's managed to quite substantially shrink the fortune he was left. He has also managed to bankrupt 3 companies ….. his vast stupidity and uncontrollable ego would drive the world into war and America to destruction either from within or without.

  4. c4 at it best. When u have the establishment telling u he's bad you known there's something going on. I watched there 1 sided biased program on trump tonight and it was disingenuous to say the least the sheep are many but the mused are becoming more than the amused, more and more every day and I hope and pray that this man with his own money and not the usual bought off actor/ politician gets into office ps I'm Irish and from Dublin Trump! 16!

  5. I would prefer a literal trumpet running for president in 2016. An inanimate brass instrument would do a better job than this man.

  6. Has Trump destabilized any countries in the middle east? Nope. Has Trump bombed any countries , anywhere? Nope. Has Trump invaded any countries without a good reason? Nope. Have the last 2 presidents of the U.S done any of those things? YUP. All of those things.

  7. I just watched a documentary, made by this twit, Matt Frie (who I had never heard of, before) and he has the ability to be insulting and condescending with a smile on his face. His documentary, "Donald Trump's mad world" is full of half truths, exaggerations, people with axes to grind, agendas (political, etc) , and no mention of Trump winning the New Hampshire primary, across ALL categories of people, including women, colledge educated, etc…. Yet ,in the documentary, Frei conveniently focuses on white, uneducated people and picks the silliest ones to talk to. It is a biased, unfair HIT PIECE. I researched Matt Frei and see his connections to Washington . Explains a lot.

  8. That' a really disappointing interview by Matt Frei.  I thought his Berlin programme was excellent, but this was an embarrassingly bad attempt at outwitting someone smarter than he is.  I thought he had more dignity than that.

  9. I really dislike Donald Trump and his views but I have to admit that he has got one thing correct – shaking hands really is an unhygienic custom, and simply spreads germs EVERYWHERE! Black ppl have managed to get it right with the 'fist bump!'…

  10. this guy tried to be some kind of stud… trump crushed him. the interviewer was going overboard… fucking idiot. I can't believe trump had that much patience… I would punched him in the face for being that unprofessional and irritating.

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  12. Hearing what was said at the end of this video was haunting considering our present day situation. If we only knew then what we know now maybe all of this could have been prevented. We need to learn from and always remember this point in history in the hopes of never repeating another point in time like this. Unfortunately this is probably our reality for at least the next 37 months.

  13. Seems its not that easy to get this scumbags documentary on the Salisbury false flag any more, surprise, surprise , almost as surprising to find out this war monger is from that impeccable school of journalism the BBC

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    TRUMP 2020???

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