100 thoughts on “Dr. Sanjay Gupta: An increase in reported coronavirus cases may not be cause for alarm

  1. Many people, especially
    the homeless, commuting in the big cities do not have convenient access to
    water and hand sanitizers to clean their hands. Masks and tissues with viral
    contamination in open trash cans can spread the virus around. The covid-19
    virus can spread through feces (fecal-oral routes). I think public health
    authorities should think about putting many mobile hand-washing stations and
    many lid lock step trash cans at every corner in big cities as well as
    installing many hand sanitizer dispensers and Clorox disinfecting wipes on
    buses and trains. The whole buses and trains should be disinfected several
    times a day. In addition, many people worry about getting the bills after
    seeing doctors or going to emergency, so they don't seek care in-time, and thus
    they spread virus to many people. The government should be clear about who pay
    the medical bills for the treatments of covid-19 infection the sooner the
    better. Without providing these means for people, it would be impossible to
    track cases and control the spread of this virus with R0=3. One person can
    transmit to 3 other persons, and then those 3 persons can transmit to other
    3×3=9 persons, and so on. The ease of spreading covid-19 virus even from people
    without symptoms makes this virus much more dangerous than flu, mers, sar-cov1,
    hiv, and ebola. Of note, though this virus kills only 2% of infected people,
    this virus can cause severe illnesses in many people. This virus can cause 20%
    of infected people suffering from severe acute respiratory breathing distress
    that requires ventilators in hospital, but hospitals won't have enough
    isolation rooms with negative air pressure, ventilators and respiratory
    specialists to treat too many cases at the same time. This virus can cause more
    than 8% of infected people suffering from cardiac distress, and 4% of infected
    people suffering from renal failure, as well as potential for stroke, blood
    clots, testes infection and brain infection. The vaccines are not available for
    now and for this upcoming winter. These mRNA vaccines are a very new method,
    and the safety of the vaccines is a question. Injecting a brand new vaccine to
    healthy people without safety assurance will cause another bigger problem than

  2. Trump was playing stupid as president he knows more than we do if he didn't know before being president about the "normal" flu you think in these three years the topic never came up?I'm not sure whats worse,the bullshit or the people believing the bullshit.

  3. I look forward hearing what this doctor has to say in 1-2 weeks. Bet he won’t be saying “it’s really not that bad”.

  4. 2% sanjay? we're at 6% right now. SIX PERCENT!!! …and climbing.
    Here are the REAL LIVE NUMBERS, live-ish and almost real-time, from Johns Hopkins University!!!:

  5. 2% sanjay? we're at 6% right now. SIX PERCENT!!! …and climbing.
    Here are the REAL LIVE NUMBERS, live-ish and almost real-time, from Johns Hopkins University!!!:

  6. And just since this broadcast, this was in the morning, it is now later afternoon here on the west coast, the amount of deaths have tripled to 6… What will it be tomorrow?

  7. Corona is not infection that only hit old, and weak. Sorry. It is airborne infection. Unknown virus. By the time we know about this Virus, I am afraid it may be late. The numbers are not reliable. Pacifiers.

  8. You are totally minimizing this. Hello look at China. They built 5 hospitals in three weeks for what? Crematories couldn't keep up with the dead. This is so far past SARS

  9. Clown News Nutwork.
    All ya got are lies, tin foil hat conspiracies, fear mongering & irrational hatred. And you STILL don't understand why Trump is winning.

  10. No cause for panic, but there will be a significant increase in infections, it WILL be worse than anywhere else because you don't have universal health care. The uninsured can't afford to go to hospital or get tested. The Govt is doing a big cover up. The advice about not buying masks is to cover up the fact that the country is completely unprepared and have had 6-8 weeks to ramp up production but done nothing. Get real everybody.

  11. I have a feeling he’s trying to calm the potential panic. I mean hey, when you can’t trust a word of what the president and the poodle he put in charge says you’re better safe than sorry, right? Since I live in the great Pacific Northwest I can tell you I won’t be seen in any large crowds and the 20 second hand scrubbing will commence whenever I return from being in public.

  12. Ian Brownlee, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Consular Affairs, in Japan has worked in the State Department for years, but he should work there no longer and should lose his pension and any other benefits to which he would have been entitled. Brownlee was ordered not to return those who had contracted the coronavirus by President Trump at the advice of the Center for Disease Control. That’s when Brownlee decided he was president and not Trump, and he sent all thirteen back to the US on two separate planes. The CDC did not want them returned on the same plane with those not infected with the disease. Brownlee says it was safe because they were kept in an isolation area. The problem is no one knows if the isolation area will work in such a cramped space. None of the healthy people were informed that those with coronavirus were on the same plane. Should any of them get sick and die, Brownlee should be indicted for 2nd-degree murder, manslaughter, or at the very least, reckless endangerment

  13. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/03/02/cdc-32-million-americans-ill-with-flu-this-season-18000-deaths/
    Although the media are focused on the coronavirus and the two fatalities that have taken place in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), influenza and related pneumonia are widespread across the country.
    “CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 32 million flu illnesses, 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths from flu,” the CDC’s weekly Influenza Surveillance Report said as of February 22, 2020.

  14. Did Russia create the Coronavirus to help Trump? Find out tonight as a panel of 9 CA democrats discuss the serious implications of this…….. if true.

  15. During Obama and Biden presidency 20,000 was hospitalized with the swine flue 10,000 deaths six months later they call it a emergency !!!!! Carona virus two people in the United States die and propaganda outlets blame Trump. Talk about political weaponizing a virus theses people are masters. In a honest comparison Trump is on point hands down

  16. With COVID 19 on the rise, who's better prepared for a campaign with NO rallies? Ever stopped to think about that?


  18. I usually Don't include in my daily diet of calorie consumption of bat, rat, possum, porcupine, rock lizard, etc. That eats Rotten or Infected matter as it's source of food. ((Common Sense)) ??? !?

  19. Stop wiping and improve your health. Have a good immune system so that you naturally can fight whatever comes your way.

  20. When one of these so called important people get this virus then all hell are going to brake loose
    Dr.John Campbell a good website for honest and accurate information, and gives daily updates.

  21. The vast majority of people who are testing positive may not be that sick if sick at all? I guess we can tell that to the families of the 3000+ people who have died. Sorry but Dr. Gupta is a moron.

  22. What about the Corona virus spreading at political rallies?!!! The ideal environment for a contagious virus like Corona: lots of people, very close to each other, lots of touching, humid

  23. I don't want anybody getting this virus, but you've got to think… if, heaven forbid, you do get it, do YOU want to worry about whether going to see a doctor or going to the hospital will be expensive?? Do you want to worry about co-pays? Or should anything ELSE happen to you, do you ACTUALLY want to KEEP worrying about whether or not the nearest hospital is in your health network? What about going to a hospital within your health network, only to find that the DOCTOR isn't and you still have to pay through the nose? Idiots call that "choice."

  24. 6 deaths by now or 6+ in Washington , umm should Alarm people , over 3,000 dead world wide ?‍♂️, over 85,000 cases world wide, the world isn’t ready in my opinion not only old people are vulnerable and I think it’ll get worse than the flu , ?‍♂️, any news is bad news basically anything that gets on the news can be really bad and that This virus , isn’t a disease yet I think and I feel like he dosent 100% know what he’s talking about

  25. CNN Are Idiots…16 Thousand Have Already Died From The Flu In The United States In 3 Months And You Are Freaking People Out About A Few Deaths…What About The 16 Thousand You Idiots.

  26. y are people still listening to these lying main stream media? let more of their popularity go down so they'll quit their crap

  27. Here is a factor that has not been taken into consideration yet or talked about on CNN and that is what is being done to stop the coronavirus from entering the US or Canada via the US/Canadian boarder? So far the virus has not entered Canada because all flights to China have been stopped according to Canada Airways. But that is not good enough. It come via a citizen traveling from another country or across the boarder. Testing kits need to be set up at the boarder just incase and a way to corntine a traveler who might have the illness.

  28. Have they not seen what is happening in other countries? They are either intentionally downplaying this or they are clueless.

  29. If your looking for legitimate news and information. Look no futher than the most trusted Journalists. The Still Report. Truth about Biden and many. If you seek the truth.

  30. sorry, but aren't a fair amount of 'not elderly' people in the US already suffering pre-existing conditions? not necessary to be alarmist, sure, but don't minimise the seriousness either.

  31. In USA a CORONAVIRUS TEST cost around USD1400. ONLY the rich can affort it or the dead can be tested by the agency. VS CHINA the test and treatment is free

  32. Thank God Trump recognized the Coronavirus on December 30 and made an announcement and almost immediately shut down the airports to China and progressively shut down other areas to stop the flow of this virus. More importantly this is the perfect reason we should not be letting illegals into this country because this is the first line of defense on stopping diseases like this from entering this country. Trump was right once again??. Build the wall!!! ……..STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION……..

  33. How many people die world-wide on a daily basis? 150,000? And Coronavirus killed 2? Holy Shit Batman!

  34. LMAO… Coronavirus task Force… LMAO…live normal… LMAO these clowns … My posts on Coronavirus…It's so sad but God is punishing the entire world because of the pride and lack of compassion. Imagine no politicians, military etc can fight aganst this virus. This is sad but God gave the world so much time to change from selfishness etc but no one wanted to do the right things and look now no one is tough enough for this!!! The Bible says if my People shall humble themselves, seek my face….. Then shall I hear from heaven and heal their land. Repent everyone repent. I live the experience of helping a lot of people around the country who coldly abandoned me in my time of struggles that even they caused. No President nor world leaders have the power to protect us only God can but we must all repent and ask God to forgive mankind for evil hearts! Maybe now Trump and ICE can build a wall to block and ban the Coronavirus. Silly guy who tries to stir up division amongst people who categories all immigrants as criminals. This is probably why God is humbling us all to show us that we are not to mistreat people and that no one is as strong as they act. How could any leader give us confidence especially Trump so powerful yet never got a vaccine for US when all this started. This should have been his first priority before travelling to India for a grand entrance. We should have not lost one person to this disease but this man is now proven to be a stupid leader just like the king Nebuchadnezzar! This is surely God's punishment against his stupidity and all his supporters!
    Ken Ramnath
    Celine Int'l
    Wall Street, NYC
    [email protected]

  35. "Bad news is good news and good news is bad news". That sounds like a Giulianism to me. Anybody seen Rudy lately? Oh, Rudy. Where for art thou?

  36. US shouldn't imitate the way of South Korea over the inspection, otherwise it leads to collapse of medical care system and to make the new infection source in the hospital by the confirmed positive patients. In case of South Korea, the inspection is done by the employees of venture companies related to the medical test, and they are actively doing their work under the direction of the government without regard for preparing an appropriate framework for accepting patients in the hospitals. Seriously ill patients not only with corona virus should be treated as the first priority in the hospitals and it should be kept no matter when.

  37. Almost everything I read, hear and see on TV, (even if it's unrelated,) reminds me of how vain, unempathetic and stupid Trump is. I'd be surprised and grateful if the virus and Trump "miraculously disappear by April."

  38. Let’s just roll back a few days here CNN and many US news media “ outlets” pumped this mild virus up in an embarrassing display of propaganda, abuse of populations and ABSURDITY This virus has symptoms milder than a common cold and can be treated incredibly fast It’s an attempt to create mass hysteria DELIBERATELY!

  39. 2020 COVID-19: "The paper found that COVID-19 fatality rate gradually increases with age. For example, there were no deaths among children aged nine or younger while it stood at 0.2 percent for people aged between 10 and 39. It increased to 3.6 percent in the 60-69 age bracket before rising to 8 percent among those aged 70 to 79 and 14.8 percent among people in their 80s or older."
    2009 H1N1:"CDC estimated that 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died from (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during the first year the virus circulated.** Globally, 80 percent of (H1N1)pdm09 virus-related deaths were estimated to have occurred in people younger than 65 years of age. This differs greatly from typical seasonal influenza epidemics, during which about 70 percent to 90 percent of deaths are estimated to occur in people 65 years and older."
    You got that ? 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died (died) in the first year of H1N1.
    3,120 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 03, 2020, 09:45 GMT.
    H1N1 in 2009 was MUCH MUCH (MUCH) worse than Covid-19.
    So calm the f*ck down, everybody.
    The MSM are a bunch of clueless Trump [email protected] ready to screw the economy, your jobs, your pensions, etc over this as long as it hurts Trump.

  40. basically Trump saying you won't die from the virus just t that you won't be breathing that easily and will be wheezing all the time !

  41. Brilliant. If you don't test, you have no cases. The US has the best solution of all countries. We don't test! – You do, private… All other countries do publicly on a large scale. You're on your own! We the government send thoughts and prayers…

  42. A lot of cases wont be reported because of the americans who have no insurence or health care. And many people will think they just have the flu and spread it around even more. America will probably have more cases than most other democracies because of a lack of a government health care system.

  43. Anyone remember when this guy Sanjay Gupta was promoting Fake faith healer and now convicted sex offender john of god on his CNN show? He was really hyping the pseudo science. Now what's he doing?

  44. It doesn't amaze me at all that Trump's being an incompetent will have negative effects on America and American's he's a moron! Dr. Sanjay Gupta reminds us o take precautions like washing our hands often. For those who wish to learn how to properly wash one's hands just ask.

  45. Due to CNNs brazen anti-American behavior against Trump, they have lost all credibility with me concerning any news.

  46. The Gates and the 2?1 event did a mock Corona Virus pandemic in October 2019. It's friggen scary. It's literally everything happening now, same virus, same contagious rate, same symptoms, same unknowns. You can watch the entire thing, they even have pretend media doing reporting on it and everything. Watch it, share it. This is the link or you can look it up yourself on YouTube Centerforhealthsecurity Event 201 Pandemic exercise.

  47. Most important thing to know is that we are all screwed and the government instead of being reactive should have proactive at stopping the virus. We literally had a month to prepare in USA.

  48. Perspective about the danger of Coronavirus…
    The most dangerous place to be in America is inside the womb – 862,000 abortions/yr.
    (Stats from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control)
    Death from heart disease: 647,457
    Cancer: 599,108
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
    Diabetes: 83,564
    Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
    Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

  49. What they don't tell you is if you are experiencing mild symptoms you are essentially told to go home and let it run it's course, and good luck trying contact CDC. Hey doctors the immuno compromised really appreciate that!

  50. Stupid Statement from An Actual Doctor "An increase in reported coronavirus cases may not be cause for alarm." Someone Should Get On His Social Media Sites And Let Him Know: He does not deserve to be a Doctor IF People are losing their lives with this which makes it DEADLY and He seemingly Says something Stupid like this. Tell that to the families who lost loved ones.

  51. Hypocritical Sanjay Gupta In His Exchange With President Trump Shows Days Earlier that the CoronaVirus is Dangerous and As Such is A Cause For Alarm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nVuxx7CPZQ

  52. So what do we do about the coronavirus? Y'all are telling the people everything except exactly what to do!

  53. MONEY can carry more germs than a toilet. Bills are a hospitable environment for microbes: viruses can live on surfaces for 48 hrs but paper money can transport a live flu virus up to 17 days. -Google

  54. interesting. this was in the morning, and by the afternoon, 4 more people died of this virus. but no worries. right?

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