Facebook Stock Value Falls Amid Growing Backlash | NBC Nightly News

34 thoughts on “Facebook Stock Value Falls Amid Growing Backlash | NBC Nightly News

  1. All tech companies and app developers should have to justify the information they collect. Why does a game need access to my contacts, camera microphone and location.
    I do not believe that this is just a Facebook problem. Google, Twitter and others just haven't got caught yet.

  2. Amen. Amen. I say to you. https://youtu.be/UxUs71Q86_o

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  3. Facebook stock is on a free fall, it will be worthless in a couple of years if not sooner , buffett predicted this many years ago

  4. Facebook founded and created by DAARPA a govt agency for citizen surveillance. Zuckerberg the generic signage out front.

  5. What i dont get is why people have their personal info. On Facebook or is it possible for facebook to get you bank account and pin num. When you use it in a different app or you are purchasing something online??

  6. Flipping houses is what caused the great resession. It causes predatory lending , and the artificial balooning, of home prices. The laws that Obama and congress passed, after billions of dollars were paid to keep banks afloat who were too big to fail, were designed to protect consumers, and keep the real estate industry from doing the same things. Although banks were bailed out, many homeowners were stuck with mortgages that were two and three times the value of the home. Then all of the dominoes fell at once. People could not get loans to keep business afloat, companies started laying off workers, the stock market crashed, and companies started to go out of business. Ironically, people were not able to find work, and could not afford to pay for the home that had lost double or triple the amount owed. They could not sell thier homes and get out of debt. And the very banks that got bailout money started to for close on property. Neighborhoods became ghost towns. With vacant houses on every block, homes decreased more in value. Now, the Republican congress and the Trump administration, have removed the Dod Frank protections that Obama put in place. And now, I am starting to see advertising for flipping houses once again. The price of homes are being artificially inflated. The stock market is out of control, and although the economy and job market appear to be in good shape, it is as if everyone has forgotten about how Obama had to bail us out, and the unethical practices of predatory lending, flipping houses, and wall street flimflam,
    That got us into this mess. Here we go again. Trump blames Obama for the hard times we experienced when he was in office. And he is taking credit for the economy and jobs created by the Obama administration. And by the time the next bubble is ready to pop, Trump will be long gone from the white house.
    And he will have made many more billions of dollars, by deregulation of the laws in the real estate business. Which is how Trump makes his money.
    This whole administration, and even Republican controlled congress, is one hudge conflict of interest. But this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

  7. Facebook's stock is down about 5% since the story broke. The NASDAQ is down 3% over the same time period. Bog deal. Let's use percentages NBC. Stating that the stock is down $46 billion makes it sound as if the company stock is in a free fall. It's not.

    I definitely think Facebook should be put on the hot seat for this and made to answer why the believe they should be able to sell the personal information of its subscribers. That's why I always ignore their requests to fill in the personal info on my account. Not gonna happen, especially now Facebook.

  8. From the inception, all entities should be accepting of opinions that are different from their own. If one voice deserves to be heard, so the dissenting voice should be heard. Nothing "INCLUSIVE" about excluding ideas you disagree with. Hypocrisy. I was never even tempted to join Facebook. Living vicariously trough digital media is not for me. Be here now, be now, here.

  9. Zukerberg is responsible for the Trump Administration being in power.  He'd sell the cyanide gas to the Nazis if they were still around.  He is all about the bucks.  DUMP FACEBOOK – the most invasive abuse of privacy in human history!

  10. #Facebook is under immense pressure with trust factor. The shares have dropped 12.7% in past one month. The previously estimated users whose data got compromised raised to 87 million from 50 as written by Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer on Wednesday. Morgan Stanley reduced its price target for the stock to $200 to $230, citing near-term concerns about ad revenues because of the data scandal. Know more insights and latest updates at https://goo.gl/Sw6S65

  11. Zuckerberg real name is Jacob Michael Greenberg, he is the grandson of a Rockefeller family member. We know the Rockefellers are into the new world order stuff. Learn the truth, go to YouTube search engine and put into it. Who is Jacob Michael Greenberg

  12. #FB is said to be leaving the tech sector as MSCI and GICS will go for a structural revamp coming September in which Facebook & Google will be switching sectors. So are we nearing the end of the famous tech stocks acronym 'FAANG'? To get more insights on the stock please visit: https://goo.gl/NCzjoj #Revamp

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