Finneas Teases James Bond Theme Song Release Date, Shares His Best Advice

-You guys are performing
at the Oscars. You and Billie.
-So, I’ve heard. [ Cheers and applause ]
-You can’t say anything. -One of those.
-Can’t say anything. So we don’t know what song.
-If I say anything, then we’re no longer
performing at the Oscars. -I understand.
That’s the way it works. But after the Oscars,
I want to talk to you about what you did at the Oscars. Here’s just a quick photo of you
holding a hundred Grammys. [ Cheers and applause ] How fun is that? -Too many.
-That’s unbelievable. That is great.
-Too many. -But then, my favorite thing,
I gotta say, first of all, your E.P.,
“Blood Harmony” — congrats on that.
It’s available now. [ Cheers and applause ] How do you find the songs
that you write for you or the ones you write for
different artists or Billie? -Well, predominantly, if
I’m writing for another artist, I’m sitting there with them,
and we’re writing it together. So that kind of
works itself out, right? ‘Cause they’re in the room, and
we’re talking about their lives. There’ve been a couple cases,
there are a couple songs of Billie’s that
I just wrote on my own, a song called,
“When the Party’s Over” and actually the song
“Ocean Eyes” was just me. [ Cheers and applause ]
But — Thanks. But the thing about, like,
Billie singing a song is, like, I know that —
like, her voice just makes any song
sound better to me. And so, if she wants a song,
I’m like, “Take it. It’ll be better if you do it.”
-That’s nice. -The only ones that I really
keep are ones where I’m like, “This is like a diary entry.” It’s so personal that, like,
I feel like only I can sing it. Even though, like, her voice
would probably sound better on it, but
it’s the story of my life. -Yeah,
you wouldn’t fit in this one. You were asked to do,
which I think is probably one of the greatest honors
in any music thing — Because I’m the biggest,
giantest, James Bond fan. You’re writing the new Bond
theme for the brand-new Bond. [ Cheers and applause ] No.
No. No! I’m freaking out! Now I’m freaking out! Before, I was calm,
and I was cool. Now I’m getting a little sweaty
and — I’m freaking out. What are you guys
gonna do with it? -This is me
for the last two months. -What are you
gonna do with this thing? Are you going Tom Jonesy?
Like… ♪ He always runs ♪ ♪ Ba, ba-da, wa-da ♪ -Exactly.
-Oh, yeah. -Nailed it. How did you
already know the song? -Are you doing —
Are you doing Duran Duran, “View to a Kill” type of vibe? ♪ Meeting you
to a view to a kill ♪ ♪ Da-da-ding, ga-na-ing ♪ -We should’ve had you in the
room when we were writing. ♪ You were young in your heart ♪ Oh, yeah, I know that song. -You guys are blowing my mind.
This is so good. -What’s the other ones I like?
Uh… Oh, yeah. I think you’re gonna
base it off of this one. “Spy Who Loved Me.”
-Mm. You think so? ♪ Nobody does it better ♪ ♪ Wah, wah, wah ♪ -Keep going. I love that one.
I like… ♪ Goldfinger ♪ ♪ He’s the man,
the man with the Midas touch ♪ [ Laughter ] -They’re gonna release
a compilation album, but it’s gonna be only you,
just all — The Fallon cover of every — -Don’t get me
into Rita Coolidge. But anyway, so you are —
You’re hopping into this. -Crazy.
-That’s so exciting. Can you give us hints?
What’s the title of it? -Dude, it’s another —
-Come on. You have to tell me something.
You’re here. You have a microphone on.
-One of the double-0 agents is in the crowd, and I get a
hypodermic dart in my neck. [ Laughter ]
-Like James Bond? -Yeah, exactly.
-There’s a helicopter, and they — you know. -And we don’t know when
it’s gonna come out? -I think
I’m allowed to say soon. Really soon.
Really soon. -That’s the title? -Yeah, the song’s called
“Really Soon.” No. It comes out really soon.
-Really soon. -The movie’s great.
Yeah. -What?
You’ve seen the movie? -It’s great.
-What are you — No, I know —
Of course it’s great. But you saw the movie?
-I can tell you something. It’s great.
-Oh, my God. Now you’re actually getting,
like, an Irish accent now. You’re going, “It’s great.”
-It’s great. The movie’s so great.
It’s wonderful. -Want to hear Finneas. And there —
there are children out there… -Right.
-…that are looking up to you. And they are
looking for some advice. Do you have any advice
that you would give to a…? -You know what?
That’s such a tricky thing, and I think everybody —
Like, you probably want to give it.
I have a real desire to give advice
because I always wanted advice when I was first starting out. And I would go on YouTube
and watch other producers talk about what they did
or whatever. And I think
the overwhelming piece of advice I could probably give is just
that, like, everybody’s, like, journey to the same destination,
career-wise, is so different. And I think,
whatever you’re doing, if you’re enjoying doing it
and you feel like you’re making something
that you’re proud of, like, that’s what you should be doing. And I think people —
people really think that the person
that did it before them, whatever got them
to the right place, whatever café they did the
open-mic at was the right place. It’s really just about whatever
your personal story is, and then somebody
will be inspired by what you did in the future.
It’s like — It’s this kind of
never-ending, evolving thing. You know, like — And I guess that’s the only
advice I’d give. As a kid,
I thought I should be doing what some hero of mine did, and none of those things
ever worked out for me. It only really worked out
when I was just like, “I’ll just do
what I really like doing.” -There you go.
Right there. Oh, my gosh.
Finneas, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]
Great advice. You know I love you, man. Check out his new E.P.,
“Blood Harmony,” which is out right now.

100 thoughts on “Finneas Teases James Bond Theme Song Release Date, Shares His Best Advice

  1. It's so interesting that Billie and him talks the same way and they have similar expresions when they speak. You can see they are sibilings definitly ?

  2. I feel like they will bond, cause they were just so comfortable talking to each others and Jimmy just forgot the interview at a moment?

  3. I think I'm the dumbest person in the world, I've been listening to his songs for quite sometime and I JUST FOUND OUT TODAY that the singer was Finneas, this finneas..

  4. I'm sorry. He is wicked sexy. The foppish clothing and the pink socks sort of make me think, maybe hes' fluid? His video for Break My Heart Again is at once choreographed into the ground and wildly free. AND he's never looked sexier. AND it's one of my favorite pop songs – ever. The way his voice dips down into his lower register is just heart wrenching.

  5. I named my ginger cat after him.
    That is HIGH PRAISE in my life.

    If I was his age I'd have s massive crush on him. He's so handsome as well as talented. May he keep as level head and have a wonderful life.
    I worry about people who attain this level of fame. May he keep himself grounded. Each of us is merely mortal .
    No matter how much talent one has been given.

  6. I unexpectedly enjoyed Cary Fukanaga’s limited series so I kind of have hopes for Bond 25… but I don’t want to get hopes up :/

  7. I love how they just bond together and appreciate each other because beleive me my parents would be scared to leave me and my siblings home alone because we would basically end each other.

  8. I think Finneas deserves mad credit. Billie is amazing, but the songwriting and producing skills that Finneas brings is what makes the music so incredible.

  9. @The Tonite Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the NEW james bond song is also called NO TIME TO DIE just like the name of the film and @Billie Eilish did the song !!!

  10. He has such a good personality I thought he’d be socially awkward but like I wouldn’t be upset if he was famous instead of Billie, like just him alone

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  12. what is it with you people and "like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like , like, like, like, like , like, like, like, like , like, like, like, like , like, like, like, like".

  13. Not gonna lie if any artist gets asked to perform a James Bond song theme it’s almost as good as getting knighted by the queen

  14. So much appreciated for him being here taking some credits. I had fall for him once when i saw him playing guitar in Glee and when i knew he’s Billie’s brother i was WOW

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