First News Today – US election & Gorilla breakout

Hi this is Damian Jones from Sky News with First News Today on Thursday the twentieth of October. US ELECTION It was billed as fight night and last night Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met for one final bad tempered live TV debate. US voters will decide on November the eighth who they want to lead the country. The previous two live TV debates had seen the candidates trade insults. Last night was just as bad with the billionaire saying he may not accept the election result if he loses. He says the polls are rigged against him and the media support Mrs. Clinton. MARS PROBE It looks like the European space agency’s adventure to Mars has ended in failure. Controllers say they lost contact with the Schiaparelli probe yesterday shortly before it was due to land on the Red Planet. The Mars lander was launched to look for signs of life. CHILD MIGRANTS The Home Office has rejected calls for tooth checks to verify the age of child migrants being allowed into the UK. Politicians have raised concerns of the age of unaccompanied teenagers coming over from the migrant camp in Calais. Tory MP David Davis said mandatory dental x-rays would determine their true age. However the Home Office says the checks are inappropriate and unethical. Gorilla breakout And finally the escape of a gorilla from London Zoo last week was just plain opportunism. The zoo says Kumbuka took advantage of two unlocked doors, did not smash any windows, was not on the loose and was never a threat to the public. But the cheeky monkey did help himself to 5 litres of undiluted blackcurrant squash.

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