100 thoughts on “Fleeing civilians tell CNN they don’t know where to go as Turkey attacks

  1. USA invaded Iraq fucked up whole stability in region . When it comes to 4 million Syrian refugees lives in Turkey ,nobody want or help them. For YPG or PKK its terrorist group Turkey doesnt have problem with kurds .When Saddam used chemical weapons on kurds , Turkey opened borders. This so called heroes/allies of USA, PKK-YPG they even killed their own kind in past , I i ll drop link , if you search u can find hundreds of example like this . These people on link was kurdish btw killed by pkk .



  3. Ulan Suriyede İç Savaş Çıktığında Ses Çıkarmayan İbneler Şimdi Horozlanmaya Çalışıyor Güzel Ülkeme,O Kadar Adam Ölürken Yoktunuzda Şimdi Sınır Güvenliğimiz İçin Harekat Düzenliyoruz Diye, Kürt Katili Yapyolar Bizi Güyya,ŞUNU DEMEK İSTİYORUM SEVE SEVE OLMADI SİKE SİKE YAPIYORUZ…


  5. Go to Israel and report the suffering and murder of the palestanians. But that doesn't serve Israel though, so you won't. Let Israel slaughter civilians. That's ok.


  7. america needs to take these all refugees from the middle east as they cause all the wars there and invaded these sovereign countries .

  8. This is false news…. Turkey is not fighting against the Kurds… It is fighting against an organization founded only by imperialist countries to use…. There are millions of Kurds living as brothers in Turkey… Even though you know this, you give your viewers false information… As in the Iraq war and you caused the deaths of millions of people…

  9. This new completely manipulative. PKK, PYD terrorism group and they are located from turkey borderline. What turkey can do? Of course turkey gonna destroy the terrorist groups. Turkey does not to target civilian. Turkey target on terrorist group that’s it.

  10. I hope all his supporters are happy now the the orange idiot has just made ALL AMERICANS all over the planet targets! Stupid doesn't even begin to describe what he has just done. America first my a$$!!! No loyalty to our allies who have had OUR back for years, only one damn thing he cares about….MONEY.

  11. Never trust American and American media the most propaganda lying unworthy especially their Media the head of the snake

  12. Since when America concern and worry about civilian couple of days ago 100 people died everyday in Syria idlib province I didn't see CNN was sharing anything sympathy with them but now they're worried about their puppet Kurdish getting smashed ,nothing and no one will stop turkeys offensive PKK ypg SDF they're all terrorism Syrian border and Syria country belongs to Syrian people to Syrian Arab people Kurdish people has no status they always make trouble and a try to occupy other People's land, long life Turkey and turkey president Erdogan ♥️♥️♥️

  13. Invaders filled with hate,
    savages without conscience or morals, You can’t force us not to be kurds!
    we have always been kurds and always will be kurds.
    داگیركه‌ری دڵ پڕ له‌قین
    دڕنده‌ی بێ ویژدان و دین
    ناتوانی واكه‌ی كورد نه‌بین
    هه‌ركورد بووین و هه‌ر كورد ئه‌بین

  14. if trump grabs power in 2020…i fear for the worst…he have has broken so many laws and still in an office….ignorant racist people continue supporting him..

  15. I'm surprised they didn't stone her for not wearing a hijab. Usually reporters you see going into the ME follow the culture rule where women have to wear some over the head dressing.

  16. As an American, why should I care about the Syrians? They don't care about me. I think the Syrians should come here and help us fight the border crisis with mexico.

  17. US gave to the YPG/PKK 30.000 trucks guns.Turkey is fighting with terrorist YPG/PKK.That terrorist group is just attacking Turkey.They are not Kurdish.There is 600.000 thousand Kurdish refuge in Turkey

  18. Cnn supports the war machine cause they are owned by the war machine! You think they make money from their viewers? Their commercials are from war machine corporations.

  19. Lan ibneler has Turkey’s operation is not against the Kurds, but against the Zionist forces and his financed terrorist elements.

  20. Hello, my name is Mohammad from Syria. I am 16. I live in Turkey. I am not the one who is going to happen in Syria. You are the West, the infidels are killing the people of Syria. Who are we Muslims?

  21. We make ourselves a target by being the world's policeman. Turkey, Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia are not part of the U.S.. Let's reduce our foreign entanglements, and put government on a diet.

  22. All of a sudden everyone cares about the people of Syria when its not America doing the damage what about 4 millions Syrian refugee in Turkey ? What happened why they escaped to turkey ? Where was the world when America invasion Iraq and kill more than million civilians there is only one truth ….OIL is running the world everything is for oil in Middle East all other thinks is bullshit sad thinks all that innocent pay the bills.

  23. Trump's word (therefore Americas) is worthless…. you're like Rats….leaving the sinking ship…..again!!!
    Good luck……finding Allies in the future!

  24. Hello CNN.. besides this issue there is another kashmir issue …indian forces have boxed in 8 million…repeat…8 million kashmiri muslims for the last 70 days…they need food..health care…….Shools are closed… those who come out of their houses and protest… are shot dead…india has rejected UNO resolutions about disputed status of kashmir….and has merged kashmir with india unlawfully. CNN is not giving proper coverage to this issue as india is friend of america…kurd topic is unnecessarily exposed because america want to put pressure on Turkey….this is what we call polar or partial reporting…

  25. They dont know where to go? So 3,6 million refugees did go to turkey why they not do the same…. Psst dont tell that ypg is not allow them to go to the north. Shhhh 😉

  26. Whether you are for endless US military intervention or prefer not having the US get bogged down in another dubious quagmire, two things are always certain. There are never any possible victory conditions, and the people screaming the loudest for military action were always too cowardly to ever put on a uniform themselves and go fight for these causes.

  27. The democratic party used to be anti-war pull the troops out now….and yet now they have switched gears and want war and are using the Kurds as their beard. its really odd.


  29. Turkey soldiers are not invading any land, only retaking land from YPG that was owned before by the Syrian refugees who are living now in Anatolia. Actually Turkey is creating new Government for Northern Syria that is administrated by FSA. A kind of protectorate state of North Syria that will be repopulated by Syrian refugees from Turkey. The next step is reconciliation between Assad and FSA with guidance from Putin and Erdogan. Trump's business is over there.

  30. Breaking news. Pedo Joe Biden is the story of the year. Nothing will change this. Not even CNN. Non-stop Deep State wars.

  31. When France, Israel and the US jointly chemical bomb blast on innocent, that was the reality. But now it is the propaganda of these same terrorist countries against Turkey. But the unbeliever should hear that all Muslims stand side by side with the Erdogan and the brave Turkish soldiers.

  32. Yeah! The Turks are assholes. President Trump is fixing that problem with economic sanctions. This whole mess started because Obama tried to help the Saudis build a pipeline to Greece. Assad said no so Obama started a war with Syria and created and armed ISIS along the way. Democrats want perpetual War. Vote Democrat you're voting for war.

  33. I praise and thank God Almighty. I ask God humbly to Protect the believers in God. To the bombers: Stop bombing!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I here sub-saharan Africa is now quite empty……Pakistan is also quite close…….should be safe…..what do you think……

  35. To Syria and Turkey, Kurds are terrorists who want to topple them to take over land. Now ISIS is gone because of Russia the Kurds are the main terrorists.

  36. The Turkish people question why the United States, our NATO ally, would refrain from supporting our counter-terrorism efforts.They wonder why America offers no remedy to the refugee crisis.They try to understand why Washington opposes the creation of a safe haven for refugees

  37. Why should US stay …. Assad is not a US ally and will never be and Barak Obama started the regime change war and failed and US was dragged in it , Trump is just cleaning the mess by idiot Obama . UN can send peace keeping force if they feel so sorry

  38. Trump behavior like Kindergarten childs…but Erdoğan an is a sensible, virtuous and serviceable man. The trump and its like, a symbol of stupidity and a terrorist activist.

  39. This is Clarissa Ward, the same CNN reporter that use to work With Bilal Abdul Kareem. a well known Al Quayda sympathic journalist. CNN and this woman, miss Ward, use to work and make videoa With this Abdul Kareem, a well known islamist..I Wonder wich side she are on here??

  40. They are most likely going to Turkey where about 4 million other Syrians are living in peace. Turkey is not doing etnic cleansing. They are moving militant YPG terrorists out of the safe zone for letting millions of Syrian live there in peace. Btw, it’s Turkey that is the NATO ally of Turkey, not YPG which this operation targets.

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