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  2. 3:50 EXACTLY!!! STOP SENDING OUR SOLDIERS TO DIE FIGHTS WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH. Funny how the left said this for years and when Trump does it he is "helping ISIS"

  3. Senator Paul, you are too perfect for this world. I am definitely buying your book to get myself familiar with more of your ideas.

  4. Remember WW2 when US Army had honor and betraying its partners was never an option. And look at it now, it is a joke.

  5. I don’t Agree what he said but at least
    He is Honest what he said … that’s was Turkish and Erdogan prediction on Obama … Obama possibly promise independence to ypg sdf to use them …
    Erdogan was begging to Obama as nato Turkey will fight isis don’t use ypg but Obama use ypg … cause behind door Obama with not talking to Congress and try to give Kurds homelands … that’s why it’s fails …. Obama was didn’t know Turkey will never let happen… yes if USA do bring topics for Kurds homeland … and they declare war to Turkey … woooow

    That’s why usa Obama didn’t sale (give ) patriots defense system to Turkey….

    Turkey knew only reason they not given cause of that they may need attack Turkey at future…. that’s why Erdogan bought s-400 from Russia….

  6. Sounds like R. Paul likes the thought of moving Kurds away from there homes, to a place in Iraq. Sounds alot like… move them to a "reservation". Hm-m-m….think about that.

  7. @ 7:15 Paul is complete in misleading folks from truth . Sept. 27/ 2019 – POLITIFACT "Trump said Democrat Senators threatened Ukraine, That's misleading". Rand Paul is echoing trump's lie abot Ukraine, money and "investigations on both sides".

  8. At least the Kurds have some claim to the land unlike the fake )oos in Israel who have no claim to the land what so ever

  9. Syiria is the Tennant from the old Assyrian Empire which included the land of Babylon or Iraq. A lot of the people the Kurds are the nomads keeping the Reformation of this region which represents a threat to the kingdom of Israel. Israels best interests are to not allow the Syrians to accomplish their goal of what world war one and two did was to divide the region of the once eventually became the ottoman empire including turkey. The Kurds stand in the way and it's our best interest s that we protect the Kurds Trump withdrawing from syris to battle ISIS is bad for world security. When Trump wanted to defund NATO sets a bad precedent and makes his allegiance to Russia and putin more obvious. Remember though Hitler trued to keep at peace with Stalin but then he made the mistake of invading. Don't understestimate that Trump is not withdrawing or concerned about Sryria especially when he's building up for Iran an ally of Syria. But I don't believe Trump's interests are in Israel but is Russia and that's why we need him removed from power immediately.

  10. All goes back to Israeli plo solution. Our allegiance to Israel is not unified. To this day Israel will have to defend itself as a nation on its own. We can't pick sides or else were endangers ourselves to our own unraveling which is going happen anyways considering the immigration problems here and the economics of our impending collapse

  11. If the Kurds want a Homeland they must develop that themselves . We can't be the military protector of everyone. We do our job in removing isis cause they're affect is worldwide but the Kurds is not our problem to their sovereignty. They must decide to either become part of Iraq or work ir out themselves . People must represent themselves and take action to implement their survival.

  12. Fake News and the democrat satanist would have no problem with Obama or Biden withdrawing from Syria, except it is Trump is doing it.

  13. Now Russia and it's allies control all of Syria which is why Putin commanded Trump to remove troops from Syria at the meeting in Helsynki. The United States loses yet another part of the planet to Putin via Trump! Trump announced we are pulling out of Syria right after Helsinki despite the opinion of the military and the troops on the ground. Everyone was surprised at the time and were angry. Trump made this obvious agreement with Putin. Putin's orders superseed the safety of American citizens.

  14. No 'nation building', sure enough no supporting communist Kurds' war with Turkey.

    Validate your /Second Amendment Right

  15. Turkey , Turds , Kurds I am confused. What part of America is that . Why is America even talking about this . Protect your own border .

  16. Rand Paul misses the bigger picture of a simple policy that President Trump is maintaining. Remember during the 2017 Trump visit to the 50 nation Arab-American Summit, President Trump asked them to “drive out” the extremists within political Islam and said the U.S. would support their efforts.

    The Arab coalition has been doing exactly what President Trump requested; the GCC confrontation with Qatar was a specific outcome of that request. The U.S. troops to support the ongoing “drive out” is simply President Trump keeping his word with Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).

  17. After Senator Johnson last week, Todd must have gotten a lashing because Todd contained his "I know it all" ego and only grumbled in the background instead of yelling the guest down. Interesting. Todd has sealed indictment waiting for him, already filed (go check out Pacer) for being complicit in the democrats treason to this country. And Todd thinks treason is a good behavior STILL.

  18. The facts Rand Paul tells about the Kurds (Iraqi Kurds, turkish/syrian Kurds) are 100% true. He seems like the only american Politician how knows what he is talking about. Rand Paul should be President of the US!

  19. Hey, Chuck! Rudy said he had DOS authorization to go to the Ukraine. Do you have any proof that he didn't? Yeah! I thought not!

  20. democrat or not, US President is an Entity that will never change its ways, despite the face you put on It. The bussiness was the same with Abraham Lincoln,…..Bush,Obama and now Trump.

  21. US cant be trusted anymore.
    There is still 1 thousand US troops left in Rojava Syria why is this hypocrite lying said 50?
    The Revolution continues with or without US✌️

  22. We all die sooner or later, Paul, so why don't you jump off a bridge tomorrow? He knows that the 50 soldiers were essentially peacekeepers and that Erdogan conned the stable genius. It's really, really sad that innocent people die probably because Erdogan has dirt on Trump. I hope the Democrats are looking into a proposed prisoner swap of a convicted gold merchant with ties to Erdogan and an American pastor.

  23. Rand Paul is right. The key line in all of this is; "Congress should vote to go to war". That's what the law actually says. These mini wars that we keep fighting are actually unconstitutional. U.S. soldiers enter the military under the promise that they will only be placed in harm's way under a constitutional umbrella. Instead they are dying at the whim of a single person sitting in the oval office. Our founding fathers recognized the danger in that which is why they put war powers in the hands of many through a vote!

  24. Euro-american propagandists supporting Marxist ypg against syrian refugees repatriated back to their homeland.

    Meanwhile these neoconservative and neoliberalist hate their own Marxist anarchist. Divide and conquer tactics is boring. May erdogan and turkey people live and their crusader enemies fall. …amiin

  25. if this countries have nuclear weapons then there would be no more talking. they would have already bomb each other.

  26. I made a sort of small explanation video of why Turkey?? invaded syria. I just started this channel and wonder what guys think of it thx.

  27. Chuck Todd is not a journalist. He's not interested in truthful debate. He's a Democrat activist masquerading as a fair minded reporter. Yes, he and those like him are the enemy of people.

  28. Wow, the host seems biased at the end. Senator Rand Paul makes coherent statements on a number of issues. Well done.

  29. Todd almost Choked on R Paul's Book Title > A Case against Socialism > In fact, he said a Case against Socialist.

    Todd > 50+ Troops WERE an International / Political / Smear USA TripWire .. For USA to GET in the Way of Turkey's Inevitable Move > Plain and Simple.

    Todd Trips over Himself "Trying" not to Look the Left Patsy that He Is.

  30. Can't stand PARTISAN HACK Chuck Todd!!! He doesn't even ATTEMPT to stay neutral! He's nauseating.
    Love Rand Paul–he's level headed and says it like it is!

    Would LOVE to see him either be Trump's next VP choice…or run for POTUS 2024!

  31. Rand Paul is clearly in over his head. The Turks under Erdogan are bent on evil and the US if Trump had a little more courage could have put a stop sign. This is a sad moment for America because the Kurds plain and simple were back stabbed. Every time America hits a low in foreign policy we somehow manage to find a new bottom. But don't expect Trump to admit his error and how he got on board with the Turks in order to bring down Assad which is what this is all about. Erdogan is a DEVIL.

  32. 1. Chuck Todd is a dishonest careerist wrapped in a lying actor. 2. Ron Paul has this right. 3. Hear Todd mumbling "yeah" at 2:06 & 2:16 and at other points all along this presentation, as a reaction to each truth being told by Paul. It's what's known as "a tell." 4. It's the deep state/Neocon/Neoliberal machine that operates our media, and Todd is a lap poodle. 5. There is no power on Earth that is going to have the USA defining and operating the lands inhabited by the people of The Levant, who have over 1300 years experience dealing with foreigners, particularly white Christians.

  33. Not even Rand Paul questions why the Kurds are our allies. The govt propaganda line that US troops are there to fight ISIS is pure BS. Nothing in the Constitution says that we have to make allies in foreign countries and fight their battles for them.

  34. Sorry for the bad English

    As a Syrian from Allepo, I saw the heal it is truly he*l

    Europe, the US, Qatar, Turkey, and Iran are using my country to solve political problems between each other. 99% of people here are brainwashed and your media playes and use you as a toy.

    Iran killed more than a half-million and millions of refugees since 2012 but no one is saying anything here, I think foreigners don't know that Iran actually invading us. Now wherever I go, I hear Persians language in my city because of their soldiers and they brought Iranians to work so they make my country and Iranian state ( Demographic change ).

    Turkey and Qatar, on the other hand, are supporting ISIS and terrorist groups so they can gain control of Northen Syria. In 2013-2014 when ISIS was conquering my city I always see Turkey and Qatari written on guns and military ration packs with terrorists.

    To conclude it: There are 2 sides and now both of them are working together after making a deal because Russia allied both sides. The deal is Iran can stay in Syria but they need to give Turkey and Qatar the North so they stop Kurds because Turkey is afraid of Kurds .. you can search about that, it is a complicated story.

    and both of them are ev*l

    First Side: Iran, Bashar Al Assad, and Russian

    Second side: Turkey and Qatar

    Please don't be used by your media, I'm just tired from the war

    spread this instead of spreading lies from Fox, Aljazeera,….

  35. The Fake News ladies and gentlemen: flipping pages of papers, making stupid interruptions, hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm, they have a 10 seconds memory span and don't listen, they just want their emotions fulfilled, fantasizing for an Islamic land while in a serious mental decline due to their Trump derangement syndrome.

  36. Turkey has a HUGE army! One of the biggest in the world!

    Most people in Saudi Arabia hate the royal family and the Crown prince. US troops there to defend the regime and prevent a rebellion? LOL… Thought we wanted democracy everywhere?

  37. The interesting thing nobody mentions is Jesus was a palestinine. isreal is a propped up state. And everybody is worshipping just an ordinary Arab.

  38. Many here are commending Rand Paul. Yet Rand Paul hasn't been a vocal critic of Trump sending more troops to Saudi Arabia. 3000 troops. That is more than were in Syria. And Rand Paul also doesn't say a word about Trump when he got off the phone with Erdogen making a snap decision that took the military by surprise to withdraw. Trump did so for his own monetary enrichment because he has a hotel in Istanbul. He is the most corrupt president ever.

  39. We shouldn't have abandoned our allies, the Kurds, that fought alongside us. I don't care what Rand Paul says. You don't crap on your friends and leave them to be slaughtered.

  40. Finally some facts… Ron is right. Also why does the media does not cover our men who died who was training the Kurds who pulled the gun on the trainer.

  41. WOW!!!! What a hypocrite!!!!!! Let the Kurds die defending themselves, while trying to justify sacrificing our troops because "Saudi Arabia pays really well"!?!?!?!?!? And then he tries to justify it by claiming that the Democratic party is just as guilty for sending people to try and find out what's actually going on??????

    What rock did he just crawl out from under??????

  42. America committed to get rid of IsIs mission accomplished. President Trump is saving our troops from a foreign war that has nothing to do with American interests.

  43. rand paul says screw the middle class and the poor,they dont deserve good health care like him and the republican senators, because it would be socialism, his response is it would be socialism to stop people from dying because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles,it would be socialism to stop people from filing bankrupt because they get cancer, it would be socialism to give health care to people who lost their job to mexico and canada.only the rich deserve health care.i dont no who is worst at scewing the middle class and the poor, rand paul or mitch mcconnel ,kentucky is screwing the middle class and the poor by voting for these idiots ,we need to get them voted out in 2020 and elect bernie sanders for president.

  44. The Kurd leadership has never demonstrated the respect for "the other" or even dissident fellow Kurds that's necessary to earn a nation-state.

    Trump apparently ordered the military not to interfere with SAA deployment in NE Syria. This allowed the Kurdish leadership and Damascus government to come to an agreement for the SAA to deploy to the Turkish border and block the Turk advance. Even vital Turkish interests are protected since they will no longer have an extremist PKK affiliated statelet on their border.

  45. The liberals are only opposed to pulling our troops out because President Trump did it. They whine about abandoning our allies. The Kurds are not our allies. The reason they also were fighting ISIS was for their own self preservation. Next time a liberal whines about abandoning the Kurds, ask them if they think we should have stayed in Vietnam rather than abandon the south vietnamese.

  46. It's mind-boggling how hypocritical Democrats as well as the media is regarding Trump. Rand Paul just voiced everything in my head regarding our foreign interventionism. He's right.

  47. What I would disagree with is that the Iraqi Kurds don't have any sympathy for the Syrian Kurds. They do, but the politicians and those close to them feel they have enough of their own problems, and they do business with Turkey. There is nothing they can do for Syrian Kurds as they see it. They have to take care of their own issues, so it's not exactly how Rand Paul portrays it. Of course, he is right that the US only has 1,000 troops in Syria. It technically could have moved more assets and men into Syria if it wanted, but fighting against Turkey, a NATO country, is problematic. However, that all said, Donald Trump's behavior was problematic. He could have clearly put his line in the sand. NATO ally or not, you have to have your redlines. He didn't care and ceded that whole area to Russia.

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