Funny! Orchestra plays Microsoft Windows™ – the waltz

Now can I just ask who has got Windows
on their computer at home?
Don’t be nervous make noise…yes
if you got Windows you probably
recognize this picture…
Keyboard Error: Keyboard not responding. Press any key to continue.
or this one here: Windows has detected
that you work for some kind of bank…
what do you want to do? Scarper. Pray. Retire and leave the rest for us to do it for you?
So what we have done for our big commission – we have orchestrated those sounds you get off Windows.
What about that? We have written them out for orchestra.
This is the Windows startup music…
Yeah? Recognise that? You’ve Got Mail sound, that sounds like this…
And you know when you any mess up your computer and it won’t make any more progress, it makes this sound…
Yeah? And the closedown music, that
sounds like this…
And what we found, ladies and gentlemen if you put all those sounds together…
you end up with the waltz.
A waltz, which is made out of the sounds you get on Windows.
This is going to be the very first performance of the Windows Waltz.
We hope you are going to enjoy it.

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