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I Know dad he’s got many faces. I Look forward to seeing this one. What do you want me to say? What do you want me to? I’m saying good things I felt instant Connection a lot of memories cuts and bruises and some friendships that will last a lifetime I just can’t wait till it’s all over and then we can talk about it. Yeah I Really have enjoyed the journey as a as a whole it’s extraordinary to ours at TV Do you can let stories unravel at a much more kind of lifelike rate or suppose? You know and things unfold in ways you don’t expect Rett wedding that episode was just Crazy the Lannisters send their regards. Oh I’m such a cliche because the two moments for me is the decapitation of Sean’s character And then the RET wedding that was where you were like Moly what’s going on? Where’s my father? I want to see my father it will all be over soon So it’s a whatever reason I think I was an emotional space that night when I watched it, and I didn’t know it was coming It was Jane’s death Like come on that was really upsetting that I felt I couldn’t climb up out of that mood for a while after seeing them I saw the king he’s got hundreds of people how many times have I told? you know why LeBron I just think he’s had nice extraordinary character arc because in the first episode it’s kind of made clear that bran is is not a very strong strong contender in the game of strange world He’s now become one of the most powerful characters in Westeros I think it’s just a really great message for one of these. You know, these these characters whose weapons are their minds Ravens we need to send Ravens. Yeah, it’s more brain than brawn Pie Aria flicks pigeon pie at me and I remember like overacting the hell out of that scene And everyone laughing at me I’m not your traveling companion We are traveling together in each other’s company. Therefore shut up. I love going on the journey with Peter Dinklage During that season. We had a really, you know, we had great fun doing that. All I’ve ever wanted was to serve you I Love you I’ll always love you, but Daenerys and being by her side has always been kind of my strongest Associations. I returned to your service Mike we If you’ll have me We would be my honor in her line of things right through all the seasons. We were all we we lived a very peripatetic existence were always on the move and and that was a lovely thing so I Enjoyed all the various locations that the crews look forward to. So, yeah, I like I’ve been hearing you know the brilliant I think it’s safe to say that you have that’s a human being really be on the other side just like that shows the side of himself a childhood must have been awful for Were you a foot tall an olive-oil the mad? Delusional Egomaniac, but also with a strange Svengali complex, you have done nothing other than agitates me as well a great piece of a woman typically male your attitude towards me you believe that you make me believe that you make you make I don’t know or I don’t believe I make Really? I’ve just helped write. Okay, you’ve done that you’ve done default Okay, you’ve proven yourself the greatest captain on the 14 seas and a true friend to the crown the scenes with Jaime and Cersei in the throne room. There’s nothing quite like it is there Love of the people and on the boat where he gets to slaughter. A lot of people. I have a common data and then he sees Elfish character jump off. We’d like jump overboard Season seven was fun for my cat I Think probably the best time I had filming was season seven with the Aleut train I Had a whole month in the Spanish hills there with an incredible bunch of people, you know and creating that that way But bran to have his kind of moment of glory I was really pleased because I was itching for a bit of action has I’d been a few seasons without any decent battles And that that was really fun today You Everything you did, not you where you are. Now where you belong? Jericho’s kind of has been my life. It wasn’t it’s quite hard to remember life before Thrones because I was like 10 Wow, definitely been an Unusual experience to most other half your – yeah Samwell Tarly of horn Hill. I mean I was upon him I’ve come to take the black My first day was was very very odd for me because it was even my first day of professional work as an actor I arrived on the first day and just didn’t know anything. We did read three hours camera training at School and then my fourth hour was in game of thrones so I Found that really kind of I felt like a real fish out of water and kind of really hard to adjust to I had no Idea that working day could take so long. I Remember having these dresses on that. We’re really long and it was really muddy. So we had to clip up our dresses Yeah and then I remember like not being trusted ever to eat my lunch you how a Blanket like a big big blanket my it was kind of humiliating honestly. I mean, I was definitely like a child, but I was like I’m growing up now. I like would 100 son get grain in peas all over my dress Or anything to do those, yeah, it was very own character carry on brand um I didn’t think we’d get along because I know my mom and I same met Nikolai he was off with me a much happier. Daylight. I saw him in a makeup truck. Someone said I was 30 I was very nervous because I thought Nick I thought Nikolai was a great actor and they said you want to meet new client I said I’m really nervous and they said no he’s fine I went in and he’s sitting in the chair and looked at me and just looked me up and down and said yes And that’s how we met and then they’re after and I got annoyed actually because really never go away like that before And then the next time was at the read-through when you marched up to me and said we need to go rehearse now and I said So well, I hope they’re not gonna be difficult about all this Wow Said Nina girl said oh this is great exactly what we wanted We didn’t know it would turn out like this small ways of King’s Landing Might as well, I guess or know one another I act remembered It’s yours Wow, it was just like you like you want to go have a drink. Yes. Let’s go have a drink we would talk about I’m proud of you. I Am yeah, my first day I was in this Oasis in Morocco It’s this beautiful thing and there’s like hundreds of people not just crew. There’s like supporting artists and horses and Big black blocked out this whole area, and I’m just thinking I’m definitely gonna get fired There’s no way they’re gonna bring me back this gonna reshoot it for somebody else I’m sure and then on my last day I remember feeling really like I’m a part of this like I felt like I really belonged I didn’t want to like leave something that felt like such a big part of my life. What do you remember the last day? I Remember thinking that I wasn’t going to humiliate myself by crying crying and crying and crying yeah, it was connected to to seven years of your life and it sort of all passed through me and I just got Extremely emotional. I was kind of just in denial I remember Trying not to think doing everything I could to not think about it. Yeah I thought that I was on for another couple of days had no idea was my last day So I was just totally bewildered and lost Went home had a cup of tea and Two hours later. I think there were tears in my eyes boy. Oh my god. I’m not going back. Yeah, that was weird They would say cut and I think oh my god. This is it and I’d like to start crying and then they’d be like Moving on to the next sets up and then I boy You couldn’t deal with it at the time because you were still working so you have to kind of suppress all those Kind of emotions on and and finally and there was three of us Finished that exactly the same time and I was trying to give a stiff upper lip as they say but once the first person started to go my chin started wobbling then the second one ago a Family was a relief and some something very sad and something nice as well because you feel like you’re given everything and everything has an end even Game of Thrones

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  1. All their favorites scenes are from when the show still followed the books lmao, it shows how much the show became trash since they don't follow the books anymore

  2. Nikolaj and Gwendoline interviews are flooding the youtube and I am very grateful for that. The chemistry between them is really something on and off screen. But but would it be to much to say if I want to see Gwendoline and Kristofer Hivju sitting together in a interview or two as well you know for a change. Or Gwendoline with Rory McCan.

  3. Nothing more annoying than watching the cast talk about how fun it was to film the show…… while shows still haven’t come out, all this …remembering so and so , fukcing useless footage, maybe, maybe after watching I’d like to hear about it, not before, no hype building BS! Hyped already 5 years back

  4. Does someone know what happened to hannah murray?
    Did she gain weight for a role or did she become a mother or something?
    She was always really thin. In skins back then she even played an anorexic girl.

  5. I do find ironic that the Sansa actress had this dark leather jacket, while the arya actress is the one with pink hair!XD

  6. Liam and Carice!!!!! My High Hopes MV dream come true!!!! Aaaahhhh!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. "Bran has become one of the strongest people in Westeros and I think that just sends a really great message."

    Well yeah, but Bran also lost his while personality and is essentially dead.

  8. At 10:28 Liam (Davos) said that three of them finished exactly at the same time…Perhaps Ser Davos will die with two other important characters, at the same time, and probably on episode 3. Lets wait and see!

  9. I think everyone watched all seasons till yet and still waiting for the last 4 episodes cried and will cry !
    it‘s emotional
    Game of thrones started 2011 and ended this year! its not easy to forget such a series
    #no1 #GoT

  10. When it's all said and done, I hope they make a spin-off about Rhaegar and Lyanna to show how it all started.

  11. 10:27 3 finished at the same time? Davos' death + 2, confirmed. im so scared about tonite, you guys 🙁

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  13. I like that everyone is talking about how much they love each other and Nik and Gwen are ripping each other to shreds!

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  16. It's still frustrating how D&D ruins some of the character arcs in the show. Like bad writing at its finest!

  17. Well, after a long time I have been forced to start watching GOT by my friends, i finally watched all of it in 4 days and here i am trying to find more and more of them. Even old interviews 🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣

  18. My man greyworm a fucking thug in real life e ery one dressing fancy and there he is in a hoodie I love him

  19. Is it funny to y’all that Euron didn’t know any character names 😂 it was all “Sean’s character” and “Alfies character”

  20. I like how all the other actors are being nostalgic and sweet and friendly and Gwen and Nikolaj are bickering like a married couple

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