Gingrich: Bernie Sanders is the true Democratic Party

100 thoughts on “Gingrich: Bernie Sanders is the true Democratic Party

  1. Its ok Newt. The Democratic Party you hate is hated on the left two. Elitist parties like yours and theirs are dead.

    As for Union support for Bernie, the rank in file in Nevada voted for him because they would gladly trade their health "insurance" for H4A while continuing using all their already hard built facilities and medical staff in the Culinary Union

    Funny Fox should mention Pm Lars Rassmussen. Like our most corrupt President Donald Trump, Rasmussen has on several occasions been accused of spending tax payer money on himself and his family. In the spring of 2008, he was accused by the media – essentially the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet – of having charged his official accounts with considerable expenses he should have paid himself, e.g. restaurants, cigarettes, taxis, and hotels, both as county mayor[23] and as minister. All of this has been well documented, according to several independent media sources, although all charges were dropped and there was never a court trial.[24][25] It was something that was according to the rules of the party Venstre.[26][27]

  2. Choice between evil lying conman and american decency. hard to fight a myth with facts lol Trump has never met a fact he couldn't deny.

  3. Sanders really thinks he's smarter than any of his supporters, which he apparently is, because they are as dumb as bricks.
    But he's your typical Democrat, thinking he knows what's best for everybody !!

    Today's Democrats are traitors to the American people

  4. Trump has pulled the country so far right Bloomberg looks like a lefty. We need Sanders to pull this country back to a place of decency. Trump supporters calling Sanders a fraud hahaha Trump should release his tax returns.

  5. Trump is a demon, and a pathological liar. The man said he would keep Healthcare for all, well 32 million people got theres cut. The man said his tax plan would protect the working class, but his legislation has raised taxes on millions of working class families. He punishing immigrants by taking away there children (Innocent Babies) and putting them in detention centers away from there parents. He had the Ukraine president investigate Joe Biden (Political Rival) ..Trump is a criminal, I hope God handles him well

  6. I'd rather have Bernies socialism for the masses then right wing socialism for the rich,,,,,,,,,How bout another trillion dollars of national debt from right wing tax cuts,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. These same people would call the American revolutionists radical its amazing the context they put the Democratic Party in

  8. We are all dumber for having watched this video where two clueless nitwits tell us all they don't know about the Sanders' grass roots political movement.

  9. Any European will tell you how sensible, natural, and normal Universal Healthcare is. You need to be American to be narrow-minded and ignorant enough to call Medicare for all "radical"

  10. As if trump pick of justices aren't radical 😂😂😂. Mitch didn't even allow Obama pick to go through, Republicans are truly fascist.

    Weird foreign policy? It's the same as Trump's in 2016…end the wars!

  11. Bernie has an electric personality, he had big ideas and he has passion. He is the only possible 'democrat' with any chance against Trump. Let's face it 2016 he would probably have won if Clinton hadn't cheated him out of the nomination. But he is no 'democrat'. He is an outsider.They don't want him as nominee. Similarly the DNC don't want Tulsi Gabbard so they have stifled her campaign. However, they have no credible leader outside of Bernie. So 2020 looks like a Trump landslide.

  12. So the REPUBLICAN PARTY then is lies. intentional misinformation, tax avoidance sexism, extremist, and proud to be nasty then huh? You and Trump newt not what conservatives used to represent.

  13. Can someone explain what is so radical about healthcare as a human right, living wages, education for those who would want it, clean air and water?

  14. Please if you think socialism is the right way to take our country, take a good hard look via google maps street view of Russia's roads and infastructure, it is crumbling.

  15. The only truth that came out of Newt’s mouth was that Bernie Sanders is the only true democrat, while the other “Democrats” are moderate corporate Republicans.

  16. Not a fan of Newt but he did an OK job trying to be objective here (can't say the same of the host). Whichever side wins this socialist-capitalism debate this election, the pendulum will continue to swing for the next few decades in the US. Sanders has tapped into something major here that can't be turned off so easily.

  17. Dishonest talking points. Of course you are afraid of bernie. You are rich and dont want to pay your taxes. You dont want the people to gain power. You dont want a fair society. You support elitism and corruption with your talking points. No bernie is not making things up. What bernie is talking about has been reallity in most european countries for 50 years. You are so ignorant it is painfull to watch, and Ii say that with no disrespect intended. You just dont know what you are talking about. Greetings from Austria.

  18. ONCE AND FOR ALL: Is Bernie Sanders an Independent or is he a registered Democrat? If it's the former how can he be a democrat candidate?

  19. Someone should let Bernie know that he advocates the very reasons that made Soviet Union collapse. Dear Mr. Sanders: " if you do anything the same way the outcome will be the same- every time"!

  20. Bernie Sanders is one of the most honest politician I have ever seen. You can't say he is lying just because he has a less mainstream definition of the word "democratic socialism". And his definition is not that uncommon in Europe either: E.g. president Hollande and others before him were members of the French "parti socialiste", a party that is not seen as radical in France (in fact, the radical left there is called "parti communiste" ).

  21. If Bernie gets Elected,, Good luck confiscating Law abiding citizens weapons! taking Cash from hard working people that have been super successful etc… Who's gonna do that? Exactly?? Yeah, good fkn luck with that one. Peace!

  22. The Democratic Party is fractured. Based on history many liberal Dems believe Bernie will go down in flames and in doing so strengthen the Republican Party. The far left is gaining power within the Democratic party and the old guard cannot contain them. How can you defeat a common enemy when you are busy fighting amongst yourselves? You can’t! But they cannot unite. They will just continue to inflict damage to themselves to the point that nobody is left in any shape to go up against Trump.

  23. All the “weird foreign policy” like ending regime change wars? Stopping a 3 trillion dollar Iraq war? Wow that is weird. Newt your a voice of the establishment not of the people

  24. PURE EVIL LYING CORRUPT destructive UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRAITOROUS COMMUNISM=Bernie Sanders (hard core communist TRAITOR) and the DEMON-RATS/LIBERALS and their DUMB as a BOX OF ROCKS sycophants VOTING for EVIL COMMUNISM !!!!!!!! A very SAD DAY FOR America and our Constitution and FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!! Remember EVIL LYING CORRUPT SOULLESS SOCIALIST MARXIST TRAITOR Obama and his eight years of CORRUPTION and treasonous DESTRUCTIVE actions and what that DID TO America ?!!!! Communist TRAITOR Sanders will make that look like child's play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Use some common sense and brained and VOTE RED across America in November to SAVE America FROM these PURE EVIL LYING CORRUPT SOULLESS TRAITOR SOCIALIST and or COMMUNIST DEMON-RATS/LIBERALS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    President Trump in November period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God help us all !!!!!!!!!! Mr. Dan Bongino is correct there is NO SUCH thing as SOCIALIST COMMUNISM !!!!!!! You are either a disgusting pure EVIL SOCIALIST or a disgusting pure EVIL COMMUNIST TRAITOR !!!!!!!! NONE align with our Constitution and FREEDOM period !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We become SLAVES TO their LYING DESTRUCTIVE CORRUPT SOULLESS SOCIALIST COMMUNISM period !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hahahahahaha "Weird foreign policy". Yep! No war is pretty weird for America. How about a $trillion F-35 that's obsolete before it flies. Or bombing 8, 3rd world countries this morning. Weirdos wanna stop killing poor people for money – Sweet Geesus! Not a "genuine Communist" Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Cuba! Noooooooooo! Couple a Joe McCarthy's.

  26. Bernie isn't a socialist or even a democratic socialist, he's a social democrat. "wow big difference, it's all commie to me" you think, but Bernie doesn't believe in dismantling all private institutions, destroying the free market, or seizing all private property. It would be a shock to everyone if a true socialist ran as a Democrat.

  27. Not popular with Union Democrats lol man he just wrecked that perception wholesale. He won virtually all of the Culinary union caucus sites with ease.

  28. Getting nervous of all this Sanders can’t win talk. Eerily like Trump can’t win in 2016. Don’t get over confident and fight hard for Trump and republicans

  29. Why is Bernie Sanders rising? simple, exterme inequalities. just lookat wealth distribution over past 50 years. few family have more wealth than all 50% bottom. they are controling media , TV, house senate.

  30. Bernie wants more government control in our lives so that he can continue to abuse the political loopholes to continue amassing his fortune. Draining the swamp includes beating Bernie in a landslide.

  31. It's funny people think they're being kind to Bernie in this video. They were equating his viewpoints to radical communism, when no part of his long career in government would allude to that. How is recognizing the growing wealth disparity and wanting free healthcare and public schooling a dangerous thing? Name me one industrialized country who has introduced free healthcare (of which we are almost the only to not have it) that's turned around and decided to turn course and go to this wild west insurance based system we have here? Nothing he's ever proposed resembles anything like communism, so stop trying to scare your viewers (and maybe realize younger people don't have this same "red scare" paranoia that older generations do). Realizing you need checks against huge corporations screwing everyone, doesn't mean you can't appreciate capitalism.

  32. 1. It was the DNC that put their thumb on the scale and tanked Mondale, Dukakis and Bernie in 2016, not their ‘radical’ agendas, which everyone in America liked.
    2. Bernie already released a list of Supreme Court candidates and they have an array of political leanings.

    It would be nice if a news organization would just tell the truth.

  33. I know Newt Gingrich and Fox News are not praising Bernie's success in good faith.
    Basically they want their viewers to see that the DNC has been taken over by a ''crazy old socialist'' but it will backfire on them.
    Bernie is a gift to the republican party, the same way Trump was a gift to the democratic party.

  34. Hello Republicans, investigate how Navient, backed by our government, charges $4000.00 fees over and over again at their discretion when you get behind on monthly Student loan payments. I borrowed 20,000 back in 1991, have paid over time at least 15,000 in payments, yet I some how owe Navient 67,000. Wow, thanks for the help Washington DC.

  35. If Joseph Stalin was alive today and was going to wipe out student loans he would get the same votes Sanders is getting today.

  36. If we taught history in this country Bernie wouldn't have a chance in hell! Socialism is one small step from communism! Socialists want to control the people by taking guns, outlawing free speech, and even squelching religious freedom.

  37. I thought we have contests to see who win?so if i won on a lottery ticket maybe i should just give it away to one of the other five people that bought one and lost because there saying they can spend the money better than me.look they said the same thing about trump but guest what he won didn't he?

  38. If he was still speaker of the House can you imagine how DIFFERENT our country would be RIGHT NOW?? Guaranteed…The media would be nicer (they'd have no choice), there'd be less division, most likely the Mueller Probe would've ended long before over 30M was spent (ON NOTHING,,,, JUST LIES), a NEW healthcare plan would be in place, drug prices DOWN, law enforcement and ICE would be RESPECTED AGAIN, border laws would be enforced and changed for the better, and so much more could be done and passed in Congress. Yes President Trump has done A LOT and continues to FIGHT for US the AMERICAN CITIZENS but he can only do so much with these NASTY DEMS in charge of the HOUSE. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Vote the DEMOCRATS OUT and REPUBLICANS IN otherwise our country, as we know it is OVER AND DONE!! We'll LOSE everything that makes this country the GREATEST COUNTRY on Earth.

  39. How come fox news don't know the difference between a social democrat and a Bolshevik? (Social democracy is a political, social and economic philosophy that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic polity and a capitalist-oriented economy)

  40. Scandinavia owns many huge oil fields to pay for crappy socialism😑 without their oil they would be VENEZUELA 2.0 on steroids long time ago🤨

  41. And the establishment goes hysterical with accusations of Nazi's and Russians against Sanders . His crime? He is the personification of their ideology.
    IRONY; the likes of which I've never seen.
    So the thing that scares establishment Democrats more than Trump is themselves.

  42. As far as his politics go, Bernie Sanders is to the far left of Stalin but he hides it better. Nonetheless, should he gain power, maybe not straight away but soon, America would find out what living under communism is really like.

  43. Oh yeah I would rather give tax breaks to the rich and corporate bailouts because that way I know my tax dollars are being spent appropriately. Not to mention bailouts for corporate farms so 45 can play politics.

  44. Unchecked greed and wealth inequality is at the heart of what attracts his supporters. Government elites (both sides) pushing 3/4 of all Americans into poverty has resulted in the Bernie Revolution.

  45. The Democratic Party elites and the Republican Party elites have identical agendas. Make the most money for their Party elites. Only difference is who gets rich off lucrative government contracts. Selling influence is the purpose of government officials and ingraciating themselves at public's expense. This is why pharmaceutical companies give money to bribe both Parties. End result; highest cost pills in the world. $$$$

  46. Gingrich needs to understand that the Democratic Party is Dead and now the Socialist Communist Party took over. Sanders is a Comunnist and not a Democrat. So I wish people like Gingrich would stop calling Sanders a true democrat when he's actually a freaking Communist.

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