100 thoughts on “Giuliani refuses to comply with House Dems’ subpoena

  1. Get the show started, let Dems start trying to arrest people for ignoring their corrupt subpoenas….that’s when the Marines come in and take Democrat leadership out in handcuffs.

  2. This is the dirtiest and most corrupt administration in American history. Trump is a corruption blackhole and with the support of a sold-out GOP and propaganda networks they are actually destroying the American institutions. But the constituon and justice are fighting back! May they prevail ⚖️⚖️⚖️?????

  3. Rudy wants more behind door's to comply. Many are coming out for behind door's. Interesting hearings.

    But release the transcripts.

  4. Sam Gravano just had his Christmas cheer ruined not being able to see Rudy get grilled. Rudy touted as the biggest dog in the fight shy's away.

  5. Swalwell as corrupt as Schiff. Uses terms like "may have information" deja vue witch hunt all overagain.disgusting deluded Dems.

  6. Trump: I’m innocent
    Also Trump: no i wont comply with an investigation cause I’m definitely innocent

    Can’t believe people really think the president is above the law

  7. Ant ex-Trump employee has a vendetta for revenge and retaliation. If they had such info to share where the hell were they then? Why are they against TRUMP now? Trump 2020! Hell yeah! Dems have done NOTHING for their constituents…. Only for themselves!

  8. After listening to Glenn Beck and how they broke down the last 10 plus years of Hunters Life because of His Addictions and Personal Life Hunter would have had Trouble getting a Job at Walmart as a Night Time Security Officer. Major corruption and probably Treason by the Obama Whitehouse.

  9. their pulling the corrupted disgruntled witnesses to testify? but not letting the rep side cross examine? looks like obstruction to me.
    And Giuliani should tell them to go pound sand, this investigation <cough cough> i mean inquiry is stacked one sided and is illegitimate and doesn't count for anything. Just another stall tactic to try and obstruct trump from doing his job. I'm not worried though, trump is a smart man and will find a way to make things happen, obviously smarter than ALL of them! Trump2020

  10. So Rudy Giuliani was the real deep state after all. Say hello to Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Jeffery Epstein’s ghost in prison.

    Weird how it’s always Trump’s friends going to the big house and Hillary has still never been charged with a single crime.

  11. Stall and delay all you want, Rudy. Your only hope is that you die before justice catches up with you. When you die, the world will be a slightly better place.

  12. the same pattern from the media and democrats still defying constitutional case law using the legislative branch vs judicial name the law that makes any evidence to transfer evidence from one to the other what court are they pretending to be it not in the law they just are like the media shout or make it up to fit their pattern .i wonder if20 years ago this coup wouldve been attempted .oh let us not forget their agenda pass socialism in bills and pork barrel kickbacks to make a living taxing everyone else on their way to millions of special interest money they hide it so well i wonder who will make the most on that money lusting scheme ,the demos that are leading the charge i guess,want to stop this nonsesce the opposing demos should leave these proceeding to end them they cant rule without the majority and we will know where they stand with america or socialists

  13. *you have the right to remain silent
    *anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law
    *you have a right to an attorney
    *if you cannot afford and attorney, one will be provided for you
    *do you understand the rights I have just read to you?
    *with these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?

  14. WHY should Guiliani comply with ANYTHING the house dems demand. The HOUSE DEMS are NOT complying with ANYTHING!! They think they are ABOVE the laws. They are supposed to hold a VOTE to see if the impeachment they are holding has enough backing from the rest of Congress. They already know that they DON'T!! This is all a joke on them and the LEFTIST idiocies!

  15. I feel bad for America's Mayor. This has not been a very good week for the former prosecutor, not only did two of his buddies get arrested for campaign finance violations with Giuliani being implicated his 3rd wife is divorcing him. Who knows maybe his cousin and first wife Regina S. Peruggi will take him back.

  16. THESE LEFTIST JOKES in the House are holding their own private impeachment because they are sore losers! Maybe this makes them feel better about their loss. FIRST thing they have to do is hold a vote with ALL of Congress to go ahead with ANY impeachment. They REFUSE to do that since they know it is a lost cause!! FOR 10 MONTHS THESE LEFTIST LOSERS HAVE DONE NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE. THESE CLOWNS ARE GETTING PAID 6 FIGURE SALARIES FOR DOING ZIP, NOTHING, NADA. They lock themselves behind a door and sit there for the whole day, day after day!! Just imagine if you did that at YOUR job!!

  17. No surprise that Giuliani is refusing to comply with a subpoena, just another one of Trumps best people running scared and running from justice.

  18. Swalwell…? If I had any doubt that this was a circle jerk they are now dispelled.

    My wish list: I wish Trump would invoke Executive power to have a Marine Security team break into the closed hearing and arrest every member of the House of Representatives present for ACTUAL Treason… Actually charge them, detain them and prosecute them before the law.

  19. We have had enough of these Democrats and their mightier than thou. attitude, I mean Hunter Biden took money for WHAT?

  20. But he was working there before his fad became VP. This is what I cannot understand. Why not speak the truth. Also, should all government employees not have their children worked anywhere.

  21. Your turn Rudy. Do your time for Ttump like his last lawyer and keep your mouth shut.
    Problem is you're on tape with Igor and Pav and have been under a FISA warrant for 8 months. Donny wasn't told for obvious reasons but because of that FISA warrant, you have exposed Ttump to prison time.
    Thank you for your stupidity. Bless your greasy dirty heart.

  22. We got your back Mr. Mayor. tell Dems to eat a bowl of dicks…..but thats breakfast for most of them so might not be an insult.


  24. Either Rudy is totally innocent, in which case a man of his vast experience would be wholly amenable in his ability to take on hours and hours of cross-examination with confident aplomb, safe in the knowledge that as long as he kept to his concrete recollection of his affairs, that he would survive the process unscathed – just like Clinton did during the Benghazi hearings.
    Or Rudy is guilty, in which case he'd dig his heels in, and do absolutely anything to prevent himself coming forward to any hearings, and risk saying anything under oath that would prove his guilt, or risk his incarceration if proved purjurous.
    These are the only two realistic scenarios here – imagining anything else is intellectually lazy. Or delusional.

  25. Whistleblower is Bolton. That's why they don't want so called whistleblower/ informant testify. All of the sudden its all happening a few days after Boltons/ resignation/ firings from job. He was snake in the grass. Trump for a while siding with Pompeo not snake Bolton from Obamas garden.

  26. Wow.  Did you see that yet another Giuliani associate was arrested at the airport yesterday in Washington?   Even better, Trump is now doing his distancing dance from Rudy.  (The normal pattern eventually with all of the "only the best people" that Trump constantly hires.)   LMAO

  27. Not much room under Trumps bus for anyone to be thrown under by Trump is their! But republicans deny deny deny what they can see with their own eyes.

  28. A secret meeting to undo what we the people wanted done they actually think they can do that and get away with it because AMERICANS are stupid.

  29. I was going to comment in support of my fellow Democrats but I realized …..Never argue with stupid people; they will drag you down to their level and defeat you with experience.

  30. “The truth." Dumbledore sighed. "It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”
    ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

  31. you people who cry and complain about Hunter Biden having no experience in the energy sector as an indicator of wrong doing are straight up shills, hypocrites or simply brain dead.
    Lets look at Ambassador Sondland shall we. One of you clowns care to tell us about his long history of dealing with foreign diplomacy?
    He has none, zip, zero and zilch.
    He was one of Mr Trumps buddies from the real estate sector. They go back a long long time.
    Mr Sondland, through a number of companies did Donny a favour and donated $1 mil to the inauguration making it very clear he had a dream to become an Ambassador for the US. Oh golly gosh, what did he become…?
    I'm sure the conversation between he and the President went something like this " Hey Donald I've got this $1 Mil here for you, and I'd love to give it to you, but…….I'd like you to do me a favour though"
    Use those brain cells you were given and do some simple research before you just follow the leader and repeat rubbish like a bunch of parrots.

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