Giuliani shares what he said about Bin Laden to Bush following 9/11

100 thoughts on “Giuliani shares what he said about Bin Laden to Bush following 9/11

  1. And they still lie through the back of their teeth!!
    Mossad financed by Saudi Arabia the only terrorists involved that day!!!

  2. Your heart goes out to all of the victims of this tragedy and the disgusting way survivors have been treated by the Government in relation to their health costs.

  3. Rudy: There is a trifecta… eh…. eh. Between Ecuador and errr… err… Venezuela. Errr. Hey, Rudy, you absolute genius, a TRIfecta involves three, not two, dingus.

  4. Rudy was involved in the cover up for cripes sakes. He had all the debris sent to NJ to be shipped to China!!??? BEFORE any one knew what the hell happened!!!!!!!

  5. Did the Islamics build their huge mosque & community center for themselves right close to Ground Zero? If so, who was Mayor & GOVERNOR of NY at this time?

  6. Giulliani was mayor that day,,
    Building 7 was brought down by explosives, and he knows the truth.
    These people have been lying to you for 20years.
    No planes on 9 11

  7. I remember when my little cousin was learning about it in history class. He asked me why people didn't care, and all I could say is "they did once". That's why I put on the uniform and served with the army and that's exactly why I am now training to and in process of becoming a firefighter.

  8. My question would have been… Why were you not in building 7?

    7 WTC and post-9/11 buildings

    From 1999 until September 11, 2001, New York City's Emergency Operations Center was housed on the 23rd floor of the 7 World Trade Center building. Prior to the decision to use 7 World Trade Center, MetroTech Center, in Brooklyn, was also considered for the Emergency Operations Centre.

  9. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani knew he had a job to do that day and he did it well And we shall never forget🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏽❤️

  10. Bush location at the time was public and he didn't even got sweaty… Or they didn't evacuate him.. And it wasnt a coincidence what kid's tried to learn in that class room.. Allmost like brainwashing by Bush

  11. I loved when Beth Midler sang 'wind beneath My wings' after these horrible attacks happened. Such a beautiful time when New York came together and loved each other. I wish modern America could come together. Too much division and hate being pushed by Trump.

  12. 18 years of War and an ever growing police state. I remember, what it was like before that day, on that day, and after that day. Hindsight being 2020, it looks like a set up.

  13. Really enjoy Fox and Friends, but show this patriot some respect; call him Mr. Mayor. It just doesn't seem right to just say Rudy.

  14. 6:50 !!       See the video " what is taqiya ? " …listen closely and understand …their word means nothing in a deal !

  15. They have ritualized the crime scene and force the public to reanact the trauma over and over. Guliana is a liar and knowing participant. Its disgusting!

  16. ..Fox still pushing the official fairy tale….Those 3 building had bombs in them. It was a controlled demolition. Wake up…do your own research.

  17. Bin laden biggest pg&e investor and Bush wasn't hosting a school either that quick duck was a cover up. Jr had been meeting w osama…

  18. That was a very sad ☹️ event, still is painful 😖,
    I hope all these families of the victims are now 18 later of the biggest disaster of USA 🇺🇸,
    God bless them and gives them peace in their hearts ♥️.
    😇🙏 😢😮

  19. 19 years before bringing man to trial? You still don't have real evidence ? black flag operation?. .. 2 Plaines 3 buildings down. All free fall.. any red flags on that?

  20. I remember going into town to do shopping when I heard the news on the car radio,it freaked me out and made me angry that some idiots get pleasure in killing thousands of people, but what doesn't make sense to me is that the intelligence community didn't pick up on anything.

  21. Rudy , you are in fact one of the few decent men left involved in politics today, i am very glad you represent our president, this is very important time in the nations history , sir don't ever change, stand tall and always be who you are GOOD PERSON , REPRESENTING GOOD

  22. Airplanes being used as missiles, THAT comes from a Chinese book written by two commie officers who did a military review after the US first war against Iraq, with us winning in a 100 hours. This asymmetrical war book that they wrote on how to defeat the US was despicable, and where Al Qaeda got this idea from.

  23. Giuliani, "America´s mayor", the building 7 "will come down" will it not? before the building CAME down, you piece of a traitor. hard to find a more deep stater. that´s why you are on all the screens—-lying from your teeth, deceiving the whole nation for so long.

  24. with this type of journos & this kind of politicians, the country, the USA, is beyond repair. how is it possible that an entire society swallows this big a pill for so long—- 18 years! mind-boggling.

  25. do ya think he could possibly no the real truth? Hmmm that it was all planned to start a war? Wish someone would come out with the truth.

  26. May all families be comforted. SO much heroism. May all angels who saved many, some who lost their lives be blessed. And their families truly blessed. ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


  28. Is it just me or does Rudy Giuliani look like Colonel Klink ( Werner Klemperer ) from Hogan's Heroes ? Take his glasses off , give him a monocle and voila , twins. lol
    Peace Y

  29. Conspiracy theorists find it so easy to convince themselves it's a all hoax or it was perpetrated by some class of sub-human scum within our own government, but in reality they are just in denial that anyone could be so evil as to attack innocent people for no reason at all. I kinda pity them, kinda envy them.

  30. Rudi is part of the coverup and he is lying just like Larry Silverstein lied and Robert Mueller lied, and Condi Rice lied and Colin Powell lied and Henry Kissinger lied.

  31. CGI, Computer Generated Images, used to create the appearance of planes crashing into the buildings. There were no planes used on the World Trade Center or the Pentagon. The Israeli Mossad disguised as art students planted depleted Uranium bombs and thermite charges in all the elevator shafts and in the basements. Marvin Bush was on the security team for these buildings and he let them in at night to set the charges and bombs. All planned way in advance. The Pentagon was hit by a tomahawk missile. There were no planes involved in the attacks at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.

  32. What bodies being carried out, Rudy? They were all pulverized and you are not an innocent man. It disgusts me to listen to you talk about it.

  33. The Freedom Tower should be called the Denial Tower, or the Lie Tower, or the One World Government Tower. 18 years of remembering being lied to.

  34. Giuliani is Trump's lawyer. Trump knows about buildings and how WTC complex was built. They know it was a controlled demo and he's says now he knew it was Al Qeada. Rubbish Judy. Also, did not Judy oversee the removal of all the steel to China for recycling thereby destroying the evidence???? Bunch of liars!

  35. He is a Zionist Republican he along with all the other Republicans were responsible for this treasonous attack… should be hung. HE WAS AWARE the towers were slated for demolition because of asbestos and he was aware of the entire Zionist Insurance plot He was as guilty as all the others that were involved HE HAD TRUCKS LINED UP TO DISPOSE OF THE EVIDENCE. He claims the molten steel AND DEBRIS WAS SHIPPED TO CHINA It's probably somewhere in middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Bush SR NWO . Bush Jr the fool, and his family should all have been sent to Guantanamo Bay.. Bin Laden was a creation of the corrupt CIA. and they still are using Bin Laden BS etc crap news to try to keep peoples blinders on.

  36. Lawyers have so manypoiy within their favorite language that they love so much English and forget how strong were these individuals very how everybody work together you can never forget the strength of others Heroes super strong

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