Graham rips ex-Obama officials’ criticism of Trump’s Syria pullout

100 thoughts on “Graham rips ex-Obama officials’ criticism of Trump’s Syria pullout

  1. 30% of Americans will support Trump whatever happens. They have no idea what hapoened and are not interested.

    The 70% of sane Americans will determine Trump’s faith.

  2. Turkey would have invaded one way or another i bet so the choice was pretty easy stay and get involved in a war again or leave.

  3. Putin told Trump to leave Syria in the historically shameful meeting at Helsinki. If you research it you will find Trump said we would be leaving Syria right after this meeting and was met with bewilderment and anger at the time only to pull it off during weeks of bad publicity. Temporary sanctions vs permanent advance of Russia in the Middle East is a price all Russian allies are willing to accept especially Putin

  4. Trump's sanctions are too little, too late. He had no business throwing the Turks to the slaughter. Now Putin has the reins!!

  5. Turkey is a member of NATO but Turkey is not the United State friend because Turkey is ISIS sympathizers and supporter and bought the Stolen oil from ISIS and supply Weapons to ISIS and allowed the Radical Islamic terrorists went through Turkey to join ISIS and Turkey should be expelled from NATO.


  7. So Graham wants a never ending deployment of US soldiers in Syria. And he doesn't care about the Kurds, all these politicians are worried about is what the Israeli government wants, and more importantly what AIPAC wants?. And they want the kurds in northern Syria and to keep them there you'll have to put young American soldiers there with them.
    But no one asks why? Does it help ordinary US citizens? Nope
    But it certainly helps these politicians when they're up for re-election

  8. Traitors like Graham are bought and paid for by israeli Lobby groups like AIPAC, they don't act in the interest of the american people but for the goals of his israeli overlords!

  9. It's about time kick The Turk's out of NATO let me remind you that it's threatening Cyprus Greece Israel Egypt and The EU sticking it's nose in Libya and his trying to be the super power of the Middle East put a stop to Erdogan before it's too late

  10. Trump “incompetent and ignorant”
    Trump the “worst and dumbest” president
    Trump “unfit to be president”
    -George Conway

  11. lyndsey i wish you would put the turks out of cyprus as well,they have occupied the north of cyprus since 1974,after ethnically cleansing the greek majority from the area,and have sinced turned it into a turkish province,dumping thousands of settlers from turkey. They also shelled and closed down one of europes former biggest tourist resort on the island,varosha driving the people out,and it has been a ghost town ever since. it was visited by elizabeth taylor and bridget bardot,drawn to its beautiful beaches and they are now making threats to even settle that area

  12. This is crap. Go look up Syrian Girl on You Tube. She just uploaded a video that explains this situation honestly and with a Syrian viewpoint. She is a valuable voice in this information war. Syria does not need or want the US involved in defence of their country.

  13. I was listening to this and thinking "what is this BS?" and then I checked, oh yeah it's that Republican party propaganda station Fox News, that explains it.

  14. What good will all Lindsay
    Grahams words do when our allies, the Kurds have been massacred. John McCain would not have dropped his pants as Graham has. The kurds fought ISIS on our behalf. Nice loyalty Republicans. South Carolina can do better.

  15. Iran is going to take over Syria's puny oil fields that are only large enough to supply Syria's needs? What is this fool smoking?

  16. Trump has recognized reality. The US presence in Syria was strategically untenable. Probably true of Iraq as well. US out of Middle East.

  17. Obama consulted with a team of military and national security officials for his ultimate decisions. Trump does it for a "campaign promise" and consults with NO ONE! This game called blame everyone else for Trump's unfitness is getting old. Its just turning even more people away. The patriotic educated ones anyway. Any Trump supporters remaining have obviously put the Trump/Putin Deep State above our US soldiers lives and any patriotic support of a constitutional democracy with checks and balances.

  18. First Graham calls it a massive mistake to withdraw and now he is for it…..does this "man" stand for anything ? Hey Graham even war monger John Bolton knew the Ukraine Scam was akin to a "DRUG DEAL"….. starting to think all southern "men" are spineless twits !!

  19. The truth is the Mr. Graham is not telling the whole truth…it's a fake war that they try to push on American public. Nothing happens in Syria, look at Al Jazeera. Fake wars created by the deep state, they need wars to cover up what's really happening in the world. Politicians they are almost all a bunch of liars. When this is gonna end??!!! Politicians=Money=Corruption

  20. LINDSEY is NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!! He ADMITTED he was wrong in the past on a few critical decisions. It's not "PRESIDENT" Graham – it's PRESIDENT "TRUMP". Crippling sanctions imposed by the Congress will BREAK his Economy until he stops the bloodshed. At least on THAT point, Lindsey has it right. The USA is NOT the "WORLD POLICE". FORCE NATO ALLIES to do the work from now on – SAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS LIVES.

  21. Escaped ISIS killers can NOW "BE" KILLED, as they SHOULD have been executed in the first place – not fed and kept SAFE "in" prison.

  22. God what the heck is wrong with Lindsey Graham? Support your Republican President or step down. Nobody needs to be there except the people living there that belong to that country.

  23. Sounds like a good strategy! Punishment of Turkey, secure syrian oil fields, recapture 'lost' isis fighters… – if it works out fine, it could even escalate to some descent military engagement.

  24. BS. The USA accounts for only 5% of the Turkish economy. Graham better be on board the real goal which is for Turkey to scare the Kurds into rejoining Assad's Syria, the only solution short of America being stuck there 30 years or more to guard oil fields we have no right to and which lie far away from the Kurdish homeland (which is basically that strip along the border).

    Graham is delusional. Nothing he said here makes sense. Trump promised to get the US out.of Syria. Period. None of this neocon garbage "send a message there's a new sheriff in town." Who believes such lies anymore?

  25. All foreign troops that aren't in Syria at the request of the Syrian Arab Republic are illegally occupying Syria and must leave!
    ISIS committed crimes in the nation of Syria, the government of Syria should decide the fate of any captured insurgents.
    The Syrian Arab Army will quickly mop up any remaining fighters when no longer hindered in their efforts by US/Israeli/Turkish air forces stepping in to protect ISIS whenever the SAA start to defeat them.
    Assad has won his country back – good on him!

  26. The republican answer to any problem they have caused or any pain and discomfort to America they caused _ blame Obama.

  27. Boo!! Trump is a dumbass. We are all less safe as a result of all of this. This is not me saying it but 30 year intel chiefs, generals, presidential advisors, etc.

  28. Lindsey disagreed with the Syrian pullout but, once it was done, he went to work to work with Trump so kudos to the Senator for his commitment.

  29. The 3 Stooges and Miss Two Face, Linda Graham. More lies and liars on Fox. The two Russian pranksters got this liar Graham good! Everyone should listen.

  30. Lindsey Graham wears no MAGA hat he wears a MIGA hat = Make Israel Great Again. What's the net worth of this sleazy guy, i heard that AIPAC pays good!

  31. Ut OH Lindsy's donors are'nt happy . I suggest watching Syria girls outlook on this decision she lives there and everyone there are happy they are leaving. She strongly agree's with Trump.

  32. The liar in chief says it's important to bring troops home but is sending even more troops to fight for Saudia Arabia. Why?

  33. Turkey IS the largest NATO force with 435,000 soldiers…No doubt, thanks to US. Can't blame this one on Trump. Under Obama, we supplied 200,000 MORE Turks than under President Trump.

  34. At this point it's Trump that's made the biggest mistake of his political life. He retreated in the face of a Turkish bluff.

  35. They got to you Lindsay
    You have made the biggest mistake of your life… not the president!
    You have made to many alleged accusation you just got to confident for your own sake

  36. Erdogan probably wants Isis free again to cause problems in Syria. Isis is Sunni and Erdogan will probably have Isis join his proxy army.

  37. US – Get out of the ME totally. 1. You are not wanted nor needed. And when you leave, take your Israeli mates with you. Both countries are there illegally and causing these problems. I laugh every time someone says they are a threat to the US. Do you look at an atlas?

  38. Obama started this war by inserting Americans where we should not be. No reason was ever explained other than "Assad is not a good guy". Funny thing is that until Obama decided he didn't like Assad, the american media was running stories about how Assad and his wife were helping the Syrian people by improving health care and improving day to day life in Syria for the people.

  39. Where is the UN? Where is the EU? Where is NATO? Why is it always the USA that has to do what the world should be doing together!

  40. Brian, NOBODY is keeping you or your kids from helping the KURDS! You CHICKENHAWKS are Disgusting! How many quadraplegic veterans are you supporting, TOUGH GUY???

  41. Liberals say the US pullout enabled the Turkish invasion, no that's what the MSM want you to believe. In fact the US pullout has enabled the SAA to cross into the Northern Syria for the first time in years to hook up with the Kurds against a nation that has pursued war against both Syria and the Kurds. The reason why Obama put the US troops there was not because of ISIS (that was a handy excuse to put US troops there) but to prevent the Syrian army moving into Northern Syria. That's why the globalists are crying so hard right now – their stranglehold on the northern oilfields has ended.

  42. why cant the united nations straten this mess out these two the kurds and the turks need to have pease talks we shoulnt have to police this kind of crap>get our boys home

  43. As Trump said, ask anyone what are we doing in Syria and you can't get an answer, no one knows. We were supposed to be there only 30 days and it has been years, 10 years!." end of quote
    The Syria people fought the invaders *((US) and won What in the Hell are we in the Middle East for while our country is being taken over by the invaders without a shot?

  44. what about all the other countries with armies? they dont care about the poor kurds being killed? have you no shame other countries? Where is the humanity????

  45. omg King Cyrus please rescue me from these people. everyone on my job and at my home horribly abuses me. its freaking crazy . people at work are threatening my life. omg save me please im begging anybody

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