Gutfeld on Bloomberg’s exit and Liz’s debacle

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on Bloomberg’s exit and Liz’s debacle

  1. If MiniMike is putting 1 billion into it and still continues to pour more in – how much does this TWAT make from the TAX PAYER via the DemonicRats. QuidCoPro

  2. Juan Williams President Trump would have mopped up the floor with Mike Bloomberg , And President Trump will wipe the floor with with any of the rest of them !

  3. BEING HUMAN IS HARDER THAN HE THINKS: Mini Mike looks reptilian. No wonder he stares at people and tries to mimic human behaviors.

  4. Another reason why pax needs to be outlawed. One person is not supposed to affect elections they do not have a vote in. (I can’t believe he admitted to spending that much)

  5. bet you he made more money off running than he spent? would have needed a taller box to debate Trump…

  6. Well, an old white wrinkled male giving up for an old white wrinkled male…Great, a geriatric with early onset of dementia, corrupt to the bone and quid pro quo as a daily business, hypocrite much….LOL !!!

  7. When a politician tries to pass laws on what should not eat or drink, you know they're violating your constitutional rights.

  8. Watching the Democratic Presidential Candidates on TV I thought that I was watching a new program about Dinosaurs. Not one of them can be trusted to run a kiosk selling newspapers. So why are people willing to waste their votes on them?. Donald Trump will eat them for Breakfast in November.

  9. Bloomberg had about as much business being in the race than a screen door salesman at a submarine convention.

  10. What a pathetic political party the dems party is ! the options for candidates they give to their voters , a socialists , a crook , and some incompetents that one by one slowly fell like flies until only three remained and of the millionaire option , the socialist option , the crook option , they went for the crook that has symptoms of mental illness he start to say something and finish it with something completely silly ! like his mind is not completely there not even eighty % much less one hundred % weird old guy! .

  11. Give a fish to a man and he'll be fed for a day.
    Teach a man how to fish and he'll be fed for a life time.
    Tell a man he can have another mans fish, he'll become a Democrat.

  12. Sad. Boombox should have stayed in the race and pumped in another $ 1 bn. Good for local businesses throughout the US. Good for the economy. Trump economy numbers would have gone up another notch

    Dear Boombox, did you learn that:
    Money cant buy you love except from the w***s in the demoPOOP N.C.?
    Money cant buy you the nomination
    Money cant buy you the WH

    Trump may be a billionaire but he is getting small donations from lots of ordinary citizens. That's due to his strength, the ability to empathize with the common man. (1) Find what the people want, (2) Promise them that you will work hard when you get elected, to give them what they want AND (3) Get things done.

  13. Biden is a crumbling placeholder who will lead to a Hillary Clinton when he collapses in the oval office.

  14. Bloomberg entered race to disrupt bernie. Their just trying to hurt him in the pocket I dont know how much he has got to go against biden. Bloomberg could be bidens running mate. And then sleepy joe gets a few endorsements from other presidential nominees. Trump will still win.

  15. Jeb: spent $150 million dollars of donor money for 3 delegates
    Mini Mike: spent $700 million of his own money for 5 delegates

  16. What makes me MAD as HELL is BLOOMBERG said "HE BUYS / PAID for DEMs getting elected with 100 Million+ which says USA is for SALE???????????????????????????????????? Bloomberg should be limited to purchasing ELECTED positions as ALL contributions should be LIMITED!!!!!! to STOP these so called ELITE from BUYING USA GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Did anyone else catch Joe Biden yesterday or maybe Monday when he leaned over and smelled a babies head? I can't clear the creepiness of that sick perverts action from my mind! It was almost like he was sucking the youth out of that child! Look up BLACK CONSERVITIVE PATRIOT on utube, He showed it last night at the end of his posting and it ended as a still photo of it. Look it up ! I will be keeping a close eye on my Neices and nephews if he gets anywhere close to them!! It made me want to puke!

  18. American Samoa is now called the "mini mikes" Unless a new Dem steps into the race out of Heaven, no one has a chance against Trump in a debate or has a policy advantage. Even the front runners Joe and Bernie are empty white boards on the annals of history.

  19. Bloomberg wasted 1/2 billion dollars and his image among the American People took a big hit. There were some people who respected him as a smart guy, but 1/2 billion dollars later, he just looks like mini-mike-the-clown.

  20. I'm going to put a prediction out there.
    IF Joe gets elected, he will only be in office No More Than 1 Year. The Democrats Will Have Joe Removed Due To "Mental Issues". In turn Michelle Obama Will Be President. Let's face it, This would be the Only Way *ahem She? Would ever be able to get the Presidency.

  21. Progressives making progression of Union's left policies hand soap fluid's extracted from currencies foreign exchanges and Fed keeps cutting rates.
    But coming pay roll taxes. Don't roll for pay ADP crossing SSN. Say it?

  22. The people’s representatives just keep getting richer, and doing so faster than the people represented.
    The cumulative net worth of senators and House members jumped by one-fifth in the two years before the start of this Congress, outperforming the typical American’s improved fortunes as well as the solid performance of investment markets during that time.
    President Donald Trump’s far richer than anyone in the legislative branch — worth at least $1.1 billion at the time of his election.
    Trump Tax Cuts Helped Billionaires Pay Less Taxes Than The Working Class In 2018
    For the first time in American history, the 400 wealthiest people paid a lower tax rate than any other group, according to a new study by economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman at the University of California, Berkeley.
    Gilded gavels
    As in the past, the ranks of the congressional 50 richest are studded with some of the Hill’s most influential players: Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California, for starters, plus the Republican chairmen of eight congressional committees along with the ranking Democrats on four panels. And 10 of the 50 richest, six of them majority Republicans, sit on House Ways and Means or Senate Finance, the committees in charge of drafting the package of tax cuts and tax code changes that were enacted at the end of last year and targeted to benefit the richest Americans most of all.
    Info from different news articles

  23. Bloomberg never wanted to be president, he was in it to pump money into advertising to hurt Trump in anyway possible. He wants things to go back the way it was with China, where he makes billions every year, Trump is a threat to that cash flow, what's 1/2 a billion to protect billions.
    He will be still being pumping millions into gun control and to damage Trump. And now possibly a puppet in the WH.

  24. I am DEEPLY Saddened that another Billionaire is Giving Up!! The Only Voice of Anything Resembling Logic came from BoomBerg. Now with Only- Sleepy Joe or Stalinist Bernie at the Wheel, the Democrat Party Car is Out of Control, going Down a Long Steep Hill, Swerving Side to Side, with Lose Steering and Failing Brakes. This isn't Going to End Pretty!! When I Die, I want to go Out like my Grandpa did. And Not Like the Other 5 Screaming Passengers in the Car. R.I.P. members of the Democrat Party. R.I.P. Amen.


  26. Thanks for asking that question greg!!
    "I'm gunna look like an idiot."

    I never knew this and was curious about that as well lol.

  27. Welllll……Biden-Hmmm! Better than a Bernie. I think all fast food shops should start selling the Biden or the Bernie burger……Bidens' burger would be missing the cheese/lettuce/bacon etc and Bernies' would have a smaller pattie and carefully chosen condiments that no one has ever heard of before; which would be taken away before you got to taste it. I wonder who's burger would come out on top? It would be the Trump burger-it comes with all the fixings and it tastes great.

  28. Y’all realize that Biden is currently facing Military Tribunals like his pals, Sen. Mcstained and the drug running pedophile, Bush SR? Both them ? were EXECUTED for crimes against humanity & treason!

  29. So happy Lying Liz Warren got smoked in her home state. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

  30. Blomberg needs to be looked at for ethics violations as well as the other Democrats that he bought and and paid for to get elected.

  31. People that lick their fingers like that while digging into a catered food layout should be terminated.

  32. Juan's most recent hilarious comment was that Joe Biden was a candidate you can "touch". No doubt he'd like that.

  33. What a shame,spending millions just for vanity! How in the hell did this guy become rich? Bye , Minnie MIKE.

  34. Support President Donald J Trump!

    VOTE TRUMP ♡??3rd November 2020??

    ??VOTE ??

    ??3rd NOVEMBER 2020??


  35. Warren was one powwow short of a tribe, Bloomberg took a personality test – the results came back negative.

  36. The debacle is Trump dismantled our protection that was there !!!!This mess Trump and his administration are doing is killing our citizens !!!!
    This is Trump doing !

  37. Just because a fish good at swimming, don't think it also good at running.

    You are good at making money, but if you think politics is just about money, well think again.


  38. To answer Gutfeld's last question; yes. American Samoa are the eastern islands, and the Independent State of Samoa are the western islands.

  39. I fast forward when I see Juan come on. Him and Donna I can't stand ?. Love you ? Greg your my favorite.2020 Trump and beyond. Jesse love that you said Bloomberg looks like a sea turtle.???????

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