Hosting G7 at Trump Doral violates the Emoluments Clause: Napolitano

100 thoughts on “Hosting G7 at Trump Doral violates the Emoluments Clause: Napolitano

  1. Judge, I used to respect you, untill your Liberal horns started growing out of your head, Now your Sheppard Smith Clone, Retire

  2. So happy for the deep state that they have shitty legal advisors like Napolitano. George W Bush had foreign leaders come to his ranch for diplomatic meetings. Wtf is wrong with Fox?

  3. russia loves that we are becoming a dictatorship and they are instrumental in creating it. as we used to say in the 00s about TERRORISTS—THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM….how you trump shills and throne humpers seem to cast off your values is disgusting and i think you should all be locked up for treason

  4. Napolitano hates Trump. That's just a fact. Trump doesn't gain money, he's losing a lot of money by doing that. End of story.

  5. Judge! Really? Wipe your eyes or go get the dog out of your brain! There's no gift or cash! Stop being a Trump Hater….

  6. I’m sure the appropriate people have looked into this because they knew Dems heads would start exploding!!!
    Trumps proud of his place and it seems ideally suited. I wouldn’t have any problems with it, the guys working for free for goodness sake!!

  7. UM. Trump doesn't profit. He charges them money and then pays his employees and gives the rest to the Treasury. So, since Andy doesn't understand profits or business, and the Secret Service and other countries protectors picked it, Trump OK'd it.

  8. Actually, that he is holding the G7 summit at his resort clearly PROVES Prez. Trump is the least corrupt politician ever stepped on earth.
    Whoever argues otherwise should see doctor asap.

  9. Nappie, what happened to Mueller and Weismann thousand pieces of evidence against Trump? Oh, they are all with Adam Schiff?
    OMG Schitt hits the fan. All the Nappies could not stop the spread.

  10. This is obviously wrong – anyone making excuses is lying to themselves – it goes to show how far this guy would go for a buck and where is true allegiance lies

  11. Lol it’s not a indictment on the presidents business acumen lol – ok so what about his Atlantic City disasters is that an indication of his business acumen ??

  12. Trump wants to show his supporters how he is bullied and how this is war for them hoping for a higher election turnout. He knew exactly what’s going to happen when he chose the resort, and he’s going to do more stupid things so he can be on front pages all the time.

  13. no body cares about napolitano he said the Russian investigation was bad for trump and that trump would be implicated . but why did Napolitano say it? because he hates Trump because Trump snubbed him for a position in Govt

  14. Fox, I want you to know that as long as you still have Judge Nap and Chris Wallace, I have been going to One America News!!! Bye, bye.

  15. I recall this the judge use to praise trump on and on. But seems like after he got turn down for a nomination by trump, he is now chanting a different tune. Interesting…

  16. These comments are scary. What alternate universe do some of these Trump supporters live?! Trump can not direct or award goverment business or contracts to his privately owned properties. What is so difficult to understand? He is directing government business and contracts to his own privately owned companies. A mayor can't award city building contracts to his own construction company. Folks, that's illegal and a 5th grader would understand that. If this sort of corruption were going where you Trump supporters lived, you'd want the mayor of your city removed and indicted for corruption. I believe several of these comments in support of Trump can't be real. No one is this blinded in the face of such overwhelming facts….but then again, this is a Fox News video, so maybe….??. Trump is not the Messiah or a king. He is nothing more than a corrupt businessman who is now a corrupt president. The biggest con of the century or for Trump – 'The Art of the STEAL'. This impeachment is not a coup, treason or an attempt to steal an election. Donald J. Trump is committing and orchestrating acts of crime right in front of the American people. Congress is doing it's job. Time to reign in this lawless president and his merry band of thieves.

  17. All of the political leaders will have bed bug bites while talking and will be itching the whole time. He backed it up anyway. No more Doral.

  18. Trump has cancelled the G 7 at his own locastion in a desperate attempt to pull it out of it;s financial situation, most likely pictures of victims of bedbugs aquired at this location have scard off some and basically it's against the contitution…Sorry mr President ithe occupancy of your rundown resort will not be more than 35%…and who knows it might soon be the next attraction of one of those abandoned building podcast's….

  19. I pray for the day when DOI pray for the day when DONALD TRUMP goes to prison for treason,and fox News gets shut down for good.after all fox news is the real fake news.NALD TRUMP goes to prison for treason,and fox News gets shut down for good.after all fox news is the real fake news.

  20. Sorry NAP but when the House introduces legislation to prevent this it says that they think that he can and will do it ??????? Looks like it is legal ????
    The DIMs will block anything that the DON does ??? This is how the DON gets the House to work is it propose some thing and they will oppose automatically ???reverse psychology works on the Dims ???? They are being used and abused by the DON ????

  21. The problem with political tribalism is that people are quite often blinded by uninformed and irrational emotion on the basis, 'We are right,right or wrong'. For the most part, each tribe becomes indifferent to lies,half-truths, smoke and mirrors tactics,incredulous conspiracy theories and bias.Truth and facts become the casualty and the victim. The view of this writer is that collectively people can be gullible. Pandering to people's emotions is not hard to do. Historically,it explains how atrocities and corupt practices were nutured and committed by leaders with the support of a significant part of populace.
    Constitutionally,the legal commentator is right. There is also the question of ethics.
    This writer cannot see what the push back would be except for narrowmindedness and the childishness of political tribalism. 'Civilise' as they are, human beings seem incapable of getting over their tribal instincts.

  22. Judge again caught lying he hates trump because he nudged him on the Supreme Court spit twice he hasn’t been correct about anything pertaining to trump yet he was wrong about Mueller he was wrong about impeachment he’s not pushing the law he’s pushing his emotions

  23. Stop with Napolitano Fox. Why do you keep bringing him on??? Oh now not a new scandal!!! The horror!!!! I’m waiting patiently for the IG Report was supposed to come out on 10-18 but now at the end if the month. This “judge “ should also have a sealed indictment!!!! Hold on patriots. Boom is around the corner


  24. You mean like when the US destroyed Iraq and then gave the construction contract to Haliburton that's owned by the Bush's ?

  25. Hey look, for no reason at all, Fox is pandering to the left with contrived nonsense they've been pushing since before he was elected. Businessmen have the right to run and win the Presidency, even if they enjoy international success

  26. Anti Trump Trolls "The ConStITuTIon!"
    Also Anti Trump Trolls "Give us your guns, you are forbidden from arbitrary "hate speech", we hate America, it's history, and think it is fundamentally racist and sexist. We are the true Patriots!".

    That Trump though, just how much is his resort raking in from this evil nefarious plot? A few thousand dollars? WOW, it's almost as bad as Benghazi or Fast and Furious

  27. I guess the emoluments Clause does not pertain when the Obama Administration delivered over a billion dollars to Iran in cash

  28. The Emoluments Clause:

    "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."
    Napolitano, and other hypocrites, have it that anything anyone does at a Trump owned property is "a violation of the Emoluments Clause", while
    no one is accepting "any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."
    Trump has already donated his entire POTUS salary and Federal retirement to charity into perpetuity which has never been done historically
    while the IRS obviously doesn't have a problem with his tax returns.

    Simultaneously, when the POTUS in the course of his duties as POTUS, as per the job description listed in the Constitution and by treaty signed by
    Clinton and by extension Biden in the last millennia, he is also accused of all manner of malfeasance due to Biden marauding as a POTUS candidate.

    If time permitted for the research, in the course of scheduling the invitation and lodging of foreign dignitaries, to eliminate any possibility
    of any American politician from even remotely "profiting" from any occasion of official per diem, representatives from every nation including America
    would need to lodge at rest stops in sleeping bags at least some percentage of the time relative to the geography in question.
    How many visits from foreign dignitaries are going to accept these terms of "hospitality" when they can insist on hosting the summits or other gatherings
    in their own sovereign nations at American taxpayer expense, with ZERO return on equity to the American economy, which has been status quo
    for decades?

    The idea that Trump or anyone else owes everyone everything for any reason amounts to Marxist entitlement logic ad nauseum
    that would never be applied to anyone else.

  29. Maybe we should have a class on The Constitution for Schitt and Pelosi! Trump dropped the G7 and the Soviet democrats are hyperventilating again.

  30. I am amazed that Napolitano doesn't understand the word "profit". No wonder he is seen as a joke and Trump turned him down for SCOTUS.

  31. Shouldve let Trump buy an NFL team the Bills a long time ago and he wouldve never got to be president bc his tendencies and public image wouldve been hit too hard and he wouldnt make it bc his character would do him in or hed just be happy having a team and he wouldnt want to leave it forba 4-8 yr job

  32. Dah, now trump is going to have to earn money the old fashioned way, earn it instead of stealing it. Or borrow it then file bankruptcy to cheat his creditors.

  33. The "Emoluments Clause?" Trump did nothing wrong! His personal attorney told him the Emoluments Clause was similar to Santa Claus, where you are allowed to receive as many gifts as people around the world are willing to give you.

  34. Congratulations Republicans…….you have shown yourselves as LIARS and TRAITORS to the US Constitution…. You should be UP IN ARMS at the flagrant spitting on the sacred Constitution but tRUMP in trying to enrich himself on this…….BUT YOU'RE NOT!


  35. That moron judge is twisting the clause…WHAT they can't pay for the service…that is the only money I see exchange is to pay for the service…well Trump wanted to do it FREE YOU MORON…

  36. The Emoluments Clause, also called the Foreign Emoluments Clause, is a provision of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) that generally prohibits federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives. The Clause provides that: No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

    The Constitution also contains a “domestic emoluments clause” (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 7), which prohibits the president from receiving any “Emolument” from the federal government or the states beyond “a Compensation” for his “Services” as chief executive.

  37. The Doral needed the money, why? It’s failing due to mismanagement. Reservations are down 50% and the regulars aren’t renewing their membership. Plus the illegals that worked there split. Hey Chump?! No one is afraid of your phony law suits. Suck it!!

  38. Yea, that old phony Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution on which our entire government is based.

  39. Every since Napolitano was suspended from Fox News, and then brought back, there isn't a single thing he's said that's actually been true. NOT ONE THING! Former United States Attorney Joseph DiGenova was right when he said Napolitano doesn't have a clue when he's talking about. There is absolutely NOTHING in the Emoluments clause which prevents an elected figure from receiving fair market value for whatever goods or services his company may offer. Trump is most certainly allowed to make a profit from his businesses, and for two reasons. First, the Emoluments clause does NOT apply to the President or Vice President. Second, as long as the profit Trump is making from his businesses are in the realm of fair market value, then the Emoluments clause doesn't even apply anyway. ANY elected official is allowed to make a profit from his/her personal business, as long as they are only being paid fair market value for those goods or services. For example, let's say the local Sheriff owns several rental properties. As long as the rents being paid are fair market value, then it's perfectly legal. Or maybe the Sheriff owns several ice cream parlors throughout his county. The same fair market value rule applies. Now, if some gun manufacturer wanted a county contract to supply weapons to the Sheriff's department, and that gun manufacturer had been purchasing ice cream from the Sheriff's ice cream parlor at 1,000 times the going rate for ice cream, then that would be a violation of the Emoluments clause. Trump has violated no laws pertaining to the Emoluments clause, no matter how much the leftist media pretends he has. Viva Frei argued that Trump would be receiving free advertising because the media would be covering the G-7 Summit; an argument which is entirely irrelevant and meaningless, because it does NOT violate any laws just because the president gains more brand recognition. The mere fact that he owns a business, and has been elected president, that alone is going to result in more brand recognition, so the argument is irrelevant. There simply is no law which prohibits a business owned by the President from receiving extra media coverage in the course of daily news cycles, and to claim otherwise is simply ignorant of the law. The President cannot control what the media reports or doesn't report, as the media has more than demonstrated over the past three years. Napolitano clearly demonstrates he doesn't know what he's talking about, because the the President and Vice President, as well as members of Congress are all EXEMPT from the Emoluments clause. Ever since Napolitano was brought back by Fox News, he has done nothing but regurgitate leftist propaganda. A complete 180 from what he said BEFORE he was suspended. Clearly someone on the left is paying him under the table with the threat of ruining his life of he doesn't do what they say.

  40. We did not vote in Trump as President just for him to act cowardly when faced with the a challenge from the Constitution. He should fight the Dems over this who are trying to enforce the Constitution on him.

  41. So Napolitano is saying Notable summit meetings including those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin during World War II. was against the Constitution clause also? Guess many President's and senators and House leadership have been breaking this law for decades.

  42. Everything with trump's name on it is going bankrup hes trying to save one of his hotels lol trump is now A cursed name in America

  43. I commend you for truth. As a Republican, I hate to see us ridiculed for not accepting what's right just because it's a Republican. I am so relieved to see this

  44. How can Trump break the law when the meeting was FREE. There has to be a value to sue anyone……It was free. There was NO CHARGE.

  45. Why is it so difficult for you Trumptards to understand…..the clause is in the CONSTITUTION for God's sake. JESUS CHRIST HELP US PLEASE????????


  47. Judge Andrew Napolitano is a known Never Trumper. The justice departments ethics scholars looked at it and cleared it. Fox should stop bring this guy on TV.

  48. Emoluments Clause, it was designed to shield the federal officeholders of the United States against so-called "corrupting foreign influences."
    This is absurd, anyone with half brain can see that Napolitano is confused… Trump is not receiving a bribe, or a title of nobility LOL. Instead he is saving me and any person who pays Federal taxes what it would cost to pay and accommodate all the foreign politicians attending the G7. Also, for the haters who don't know, did you know Trump donates all his salary? If he's so corrupt, why would he do this? "Can you understand the words coming out of my mouth?"

  49. He hasn't violated anything because Trump got rid of everything before becoming President all he has to do is show the Documents to end this Witch Hunt.

  50. Nap the "which lie would u like me to tell if it's against president TRUMP " "ill be happy to accommodate " quote the lying napolitano!

  51. The judge didn’t get the nod to be a supreme court justice from Trump and his hated him ever since he’s done a 360 on how he talks about this administration.

  52. Given the 10th amendment is ignored daily and we have the clearly unconstitutional federal reserve destroying our money its obvious the constitution has become a joke to the elites! Trump is at least trying to end the deep state so get on board judge and fight the media big govt bolsheviks!

  53. As one said, since Trump isn't interested in profit than he won't mind we reversed the decision and hold the site somewhere else. It's the common sense way to show you don't have ulterior motives.

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