House Democrats subpoena Giuliani in Trump impeachment probe

100 thoughts on “House Democrats subpoena Giuliani in Trump impeachment probe

  1. Just want to let you guys know that you guys are only making Donald Trump stronger than 20/20 like doing all this stupid crazy stuff both parties should be doing stuff for the country not trying to bicker at each other for no good reason it's ridiculous we the people should remove all of government staff and replace them with new people to actually give a crap about our country both Democrats and Republicans need to go needs to be a house cleansing

  2. Ooh please? Benefit for Trump or Guliani…. BS! Benefit to Biden and his Son FIRST! The real Crime!!!!!'🤔 Wake Up!!!

  3. This FOX "judge" looks like he enjoys all this trash being thrown at President Trump.
    Obama used foreign powers to influence an election where were you "judge"?

  4. Maybe they were not using anyone in the CIA or FBI because they could not trust them. COULD NOT TRUST THEM! Looks pretty obvious now that is true…. they are badly compromised. All they are good for is spying for the democrats. Could not be more obvious with all the leaks they are spouting. It's embarrassing and shameful and I wish the good agents would step forward before the bad ones damage those institutions beyond repair. So maybe they were using outside people to do some of the investigations they needed done correctly since they could not trust the current CIA/FBI?

  5. This is ridiculous Rudy Johnny Rudy giuliani's first move is to be subpoenaed can't wait to see the rest of this play… This is like New York vs Washington..the people should Mount up and interrupt this program.

  6. Why is there no authority to reel these democrats in? They’re supposed to be serving the people, and work on homelessness, gangs and the border, but instead they waste all their time trying to get rid of the president the people chose. I can’t stand how we all just sit by and let these awful people get away with wasting our money. We should be takin up arms, storming dc and give these people a stern talking to.

  7. What's going on with Iran, N.Koria, and the boarder wall ? … Oh yea, President Donald Duck and his Goof Troop crew is to busy trying not to go to prison to take care of business right now… LOL… LOCK HIM UP. LOCK HIM UP… Orange is the new black LOL… Crooked Donald 😥😢😂

  8. Sorry Mr high & mighty. We have to pay for our crimes. You can try to wiggle out of it but you just go deeper. Even King Copper-Top

  9. So let me get this straight. The democrats are now wanting to impeach the president on claims that he pressured or threatened the Ukraine president, even though the Ukraine president actually said himself that it’s not true?

  10. And if y'all would of been paying attention to these movies it tells how the mayors and senators and judges. But these movies like enemy of the stat hidden figure and hidden colors and London have fallen. There's a lot of truth in those movies. So what are you waiting for. Those are the movies that you need to look at.

  11. I try ti have faith !! My daddy says thiers republicans and trump republicans !! I have to believe in that!! Otherwise id lose hope in what i always thought of republicans!!

  12. And now we just found out that two Soviet raised Ukrainian Mobsters were working with Giuliani to manufacture a Biden scandal 1 – Igor Froman – Trump Real estate investor who funds to Trump comes from Alpha Bank the Putin money laundering bank. Froman also has a NY import business that has "accidentally" drugs 2 – Sam Kislin – Big dollar donor to Giuliani mayoral campaign. Gave bailout loans to Trumps failing Atlantic City casinos. Funds to Trump comes from Alpha Bank the Putin money laundering bank. Kislin has been identified by the FBI as a member of the Ukrainian American mafia. Trump is not a republican he is a self serving self dealing liar & crook STOP supporting him

  13. Napolitano is an imbecil, he's a creep! Ever since his big ego was hurt by not being selected as a supreme court justice, he's been announcing all types of catastrophe for Trump. Thank God he is NOT a Justice! What a pitiful judge he must have been, incapable that he is of putting aside his own ego. Fox, why are you using this guy? He's a pathetic joke!

  14. Yes! Joe Biden insists Giuliani be Boycotted by the MMS, so what happens? House Dems SUBPOENA Giuliani!
    Keep Biden on the FRONT PAGE!

  15. Republican and corrupt Trump supporters in mid west American are blind sided by his TV reality persona & rich lifestyle. Now that his illegal Ukraine & Russia Corrupt Treason dealings are exposed, trump supporters & Republicans are cutting loses from corrupt trump. A bitter pill to sallow.💥💥💥

  16. I think this guy is subpoenaed, he won't make anyone look good! He just kinda sucks on the delivery and seems less than trustworthy in the past.

  17. Not talking of foreigners influencing future election but investigating past foriegn election influence/interference that are criminal stupid judge Nap is a sore loser !

  18. Al Sharpton, the "honorable" Nadler, and this Judge have made me highly skeptical of dramatic weight loss and fake hair

  19. Trump wants this fight. He's arranged this fight. He will win this fight. Pelosi has known it all along. She's tried to stop it. The Democrat party is committing suicide.

  20. If you are a Trump supporter and you feel you just want Trump to win no mater's what, despite the truth, allow me to tell you, you sold your soul to the devil.

  21. We really dislike the Social Democrats & their media friends that are literally hiding corruption like American Citizens do not see it.
    Biden has to go, Investigations in to the Clintons & now the Obama's must move forward or the Democrats will lose everything.

  22. Well don't we have to prosecute the Democrats for doing that before we can prosecute the president we're just a two tears justice system Democrats are Untouchable Republicans are thrown in jail if the Democrats don't start getting punished for their crimes there may be a revolution

  23. Well, the D's represent the globalists, not the US. They didn't care about a sitting president, Obama, intentionally assisting the complete and total destabilization of Syria, a then stable and sovereign nation, for the benefit of globalists – because, to repeat, they represent the globalist NOT the US.

  24. You people just make up new laws up whenever the President gets closer to the evil crimes you committed against our country….

  25. So Rudy Giuliani isn't allowed to got to Ukraine to find evidence that his client is innocent? Remember he is the President's lawyer and I bet any other lawyer would do the same. Oh, how did unelected officials go to Ukraine without proper identification? Ukraine interfered in our election and all you people do is talk about Trump.

  26. Rudy will be roommate with Cohen or Manafort,can't wait!!!than the duchebag Barr and Fredo Pompeo,remember all those Nixon protectors.

  27. Maybe Giuliani can testify in his drag queen clothes, if that'll help him. Traitors like trump, Giuliani, Nunes, Pompeo, Pence and Barr should leave the country-get their child raping, criminal, anti-American asses back to Russia!

  28. Napolitano at first seems an iron willed stalwart beyond reproach & strictly adherent to his principles. Yet he will transform into a Swamp 🐀 + shadowstate slyster the moment someone steps on his delicate feelings or forgets to slip on the kid gloves within the vicinity of his fragile pride ! Yep, inflict an Owie of sufficient magnitude outside “Nappy Time” Napolitano’s emotional boundary and the insolent toddler within will self manifest as the rustified hardcore patriot patina once upon him entirely evaporates!

  29. The attorney-client privilege doesn't apply if he is conducting work for the state. This is why you use government treaties not your own private lawyer to conduct foreign affairs.

  30. im sick of this super bias nepolatano, he is wrong almost every time because he clearly has trump derangement syndrome. I havent seen him give legal advice of what is happening and it line up with reality. He is desperate to find something to pin on trump and is doing a good job at brainwashing these idiots that blindly listen to him.

  31. This is not a Republic way in which our founder intended. It’s time to impeach Trump. He acted as a disgrace to the Republic and to the founders.

  32. Legislative process for 'fruitcakes'…im-'peach'-ment, impairment > im-'pear'- ment, im-'apple'-ment, im-'banana'-ment, im-'orange'-ment, im-'grape'-ment etc. and all the other usual and ususual suspects !

  33. If the man has nothing to hide, where are his taxes? Why did he move the “perfect” conversation to the high security military server after the call? Why are things Trump is supposedly "proud" of (like his income taxes and a perfect conversation) kept as secret as possible??

    Hint: people believe what they want to believe, even if all the Evidence points the other way.

    Open your eyes.

  34. It is highly likely that Giuliani will ignore this subpoena. Don't forget that his boss, Trump, said many times that any of his people who cooperates with law enforcement or with the justice system is a rat. (Never thought I would see the day a US President would actually say such a thing, but we have in my 66 years never had a president like Trump who has complete disregard for law and order).

  35. Hey Republicans! Forget the Mueller report! Forget the Ukrainian phone call! Would you have wanted President Obama impeached if he had paid hush money to a porn star and Playboy model to swing an election? Remember, Cohen is in prison on the same indictment where trump is listed as Individual One. Stop the pathetic righteous indignation and hypocrisy. Get honest with yourself! Thank you!

  36. This is so absurd! Can you waste any more tax dollars??? Why don’t you congressmen do something actually of substance? Like healthcare? Illegal immigration? Submit your own tax forms??? Especially those without term limits!!! President Trump is NOT our greatest issue!!!!!!!

  37. To: President Trump
    From: Jessie Pinkman
    Subject: Legal Representation
    Message: You don't need a criminal attorney, yo. You need a Criminal Attorney.
    Give my guy a call. He'll hook you up. His name is Saul Goodman (505) 555-1212

  38. Adios Trump 🤮 hopefully Adios Biden too! Definitely get the Orange man out of office. He is rotten from the inside out. We need a decent president who represents the left and the right. I’m a Democrat but I would vote republican if ya all have a good candidate. If it’s Trump I will vote Democrat

  39. Trump has been so used to buying and lying himself out of trouble he expects it now he's potus. Trump thinks he owns america now, we are his slaves.
    We pay the bills at Maralago Fl., Doonbeg, Ireland, Turnberry Scotland, Wash DC, he's to cheap to waive any charges for the 30 plus people at $1200 a night per person t at his resorts. Trump found easy money, he's not going to let it go easily. make government disclose how much tax dollars have been funneled into Trump investments.

  40. Napolitano has been wrong about Trump the entire time. It's obvious hes a biased disgruntled failed office seeker. Watch the impeachment fizzle while he keeps making false predictions.

  41. Make America great again: Trump for prison 2020. And you can add Giuliani for good measure . My Associates Got Arrested: MAGA, MAGA, MAGA.

  42. Think twice about a republican. They've proven they are racist psychopaths deep down. It's okay to love your race, but ffs we don't live in 1939 Germany. This is America, true patriots fight for their freedoms and the freedoms of others regardless of creed or color.

  43. This is the beginning of the END. When the likes of Cavuto and Napolitano openly speak truth to power on FOX, the cracks in the walls of this White House are widening. This is not a conspiracy; it's not fake news; even the President has admitted to this CRIME. And Obama having done similarly doesn't make this right or permissible. Whoever is giving foreign policy advice to our President needs to be outed and fired.

  44. This fishing expedition relative to the obsession to remove the hard working President Trump surely will backfire again that will result to prison charges of treason. This Dem obsession is going on for 3 years that the obstruction harrasment of Presidente Trump will obligate the judiciary to entervene and stop the unpatriotic conduct of the Democrats

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