How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

Foreign influence, terrorism,
possible intervention.
This is how China is trying
to shape the story
of what’s happening
in Hong Kong.
For weeks,
antigovernment protests
have gripped
Hong Kong,
with anger rising over
China’s growing influence.
The Chinese have
responded by trying
to control the narrative.
Here’s how.
This is Junius Ho,
a lawmaker in Hong Kong
with strong ties to Beijing.
At this press conference,
he shows off pictures
of foreigners
seen at the protest.
It’s an attempt to tie
them to some kind
of outside influence.
Foreign influence and
antigovernment sentiment
are also common
themes in posts by CGTN,
China’s international
media outlet.
This post shows a tweet from
former Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, who is
voicing support
for the Hong Kong protests.
The tweet is used
as proof that the U.S.
is interfering in Hong Kong.
Clinton’s tweets were
also part of a music video
that CGTN published featuring
Chinese mainland rappers.
“And Mrs Clinton, you know
nothing about Chinese citizens.
Now I got some words
from your president.”
“Something is probably
happening with Hong Kong.”
“Somebody wanna split
Hong Kong from us.”
One story in the
People’s Daily,
the official paper of
China’s Communist Party,
was blunt in its reporting
on foreign influence.
“There is no question
that the United States
has its hand in what’s
going on in Hong Kong,
though to what extent
is hard to measure.”
Chinese officials
are increasingly
framing the protests as
threats to national security.
There’s also a
pattern of focusing
on protesters being violent.
The media labels
these demonstrations
as organized
by a small group
of rogue actors.
Video of simulated military
exercises carried out
by police in mainland China
show the protesters
as dangerous rioters.
And when protests at Hong
Kong’s International Airport
escalated, CGTN
emphasized an incident
in which a reporter
from the mainland
was tied up and beaten
by protesters.
The next day, many
demonstrators apologized
for their actions
at the airport.
CGTN did not report this.
Chinese media put out
this video about its
police in Shenzhen.
It shows the People’s
Armed Police Force
stationed in a city
that borders Hong Kong.
The video says the
People’s Armed Police Force
“shall participate in
handling riots, disturbances,
severe violent crimes,
terrorist attacks,
and other incidents
disturbing social peace.”
China also released this video
of antiprotestor drills
being carried out by the
Hong Kong Garrison
of the People’s
Liberation Army.
Satellite images and video
confirm China’s show
of force in the region.
It’s unclear if China’s
uniformed police will
actually be deployed
in Hong Kong.
And the People’s
Liberation Army already
has a troop presence there.
Instead, these videos are more
likely a show of nationalism
to prevent the movement from
spreading to mainland China.
They also act as a reminder
that military intervention
in Hong Kong
remains an option.
But what’s noticeably absent
from Chinese reports
on Hong Kong?
People are kept in the
dark about the real reasons
for the protests.

100 thoughts on “How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

  1. is this the same rag that sold us the Iraq war? the Libyan war? the Syrian war? the Ukraine debacle? I was a reader from mid 70's on and I gave up a few yrs ago. Schulsberger? should be proud.

  2. the protesters are dead if this happen in US or other democratic countries. yet, The New York Times is flaming in HK….what a shame.

  3. Only around 1 million protesters out of the 7 millions population. Majority are against the protesters.. Foreign media are very bias and anti-China. What a shame with journalism in the so called democratic society.

  4. So if you say you "fight for democracy", you can torture tourists, block roads, stop airports, attack the police? The NYT propaganda is really getting old.

  5. Encouraging the protest won't help the protesters or China, if American government want to help, they should encourage those people to sitdown and figure out a solution that benefit both sides instead of letting one of the biggest economic center in the world to be like this. China deployed some force for a protest that have millions of protesters and lasted for months, I think any country in the world would do the same just to keep everything in order, not only to protect the government but also to protect the protesters for there are definitely going to be people trying to take advantage of this mess and harm others.

  6. US is funding the protest in Hong Kong as a way to weaken China….They paid some protesters and provide support the riots with gas masks, helmets, and train/transit tickets !! Just in June and July, US VP, Foreign Secreatray, kand Nancy all met with a number of people from the Hong Kong protest movement and opposition….You can figure the plot and what is under that….!!!

  7. CGTN's world wide graphics intro doesn't feature New Zealand! RACISTS! refusing to show the Maori homeland! RACISTS!

  8. I really want to know whom do Pakistanis support- China or Hong kongers. Modi has really checkmated that begger Imran khan.

  9. Where Hillary supports it, it will become ruins! Look at Iraq, Libya and Syria. Western media are ridiculous. Why don't you interview Western tourists stranded at Hong Kong airport? Ask them what they think of the mob! The most ridiculous thing is that the blind girl was injured by her own partners by mistake. Originally they wanted to hit the police. Now they begin to frame the police. This is not false news. She should be prosecuted! I don't know why when it comes to democracy, photos of injured children and women are forged, and then violence can be used.

  10. Ddo you know WHY the protesters always wear Masks, & Dark glasses….they Know they are committing a Crime against the interests of Hong Kong and China. And they

    want their faces to be hidden.
    These guys claim 'Police Brutality" while they went to Police living quarters to create terrors and attack police's family members (even young children) by throwing firebombs into their residential compound ; and they point lasers to disrupt Police whenever police are in operation on the streets !!

    ***Doing any of these thing in U.S. ….the U.S. police will NOT hesitate to shoot you…..Even you are trying to Run Away !!
    The New York Times has a " Particular Way" of framing the facts too !!

  11. A list of unrest events in the world where the USA or UK was not involved is going to be a very short list.
    USA would love to put a military base in HK. If "helping" the people there get "democracy" also just happened to cost most of them their lives, we'd say "it was worth it". Meanwhile we continue feeding the U.S. Constitution into the paper shredder.

  12. Blame Foreigners, Raise fear of terrorism, Media bias, unleash gov't police / troops on civilians in the name of safety, not reporting the real reasons people are sick and tired of gov't BS. Wait are we talking about every country in the world these days or just China? Ya people need to get educated on how gov't's work, divide and conquer, create problems and offer solutions that end in disaster. Either you choose humanity and liberties or you choose slavery / the state and it's coercive, deceptive ways. Every country faces this these challenges with it's gov't these days.

  13. China must becareful This trap a set by the United States👿🤡

    Btw i from native american.

  14. LOl, China is buying up companies just to take intellectual property and call it their own, and now they spin Hong Kong being influenced by US…. LOL yeah OK!

  15. I think u miss out one IMPORTANT point. China and pro-Beijing parties (including the police) are calling protesters ‘COCKROACHES’!!!!

  16. In Hong Kong, the real situation is that the police will continue to tolerate mob attacks without resorting to any means of violence, but when the mob is injured by their own weapons, the police will rescue the first time. What a poor policeman!

  17. Hope the same thing will happen in US as well, blocking ATL, JFK, LAX for 2 days.
    Also they should try to march to white house as well.

  18. HK will never get their Democracy unless hundred-thousands die before the world steps in. Be prepared to lay down for your future generations. God speed and bless HK protesters. You are making history and inspiring many generations to come. If fighting for Freedom and Democracy are label as "terrorist" then we all are guilties as such. The world is watching you all. Much love and respect to HK!

  19. what frustrates me is that everything this video accuses the Chinese state media of doing (and they are doing it) was and is exactly what the mainstream media does with left-wing protests and demands. it's abhorrent how much the C-word scares them into even reporting correctly.

  20. this video is highly one-sided. NY times did no justice on hong kong and the conflict. its only presenting one side of the story. If the protesters behaved the same way in the US, national guard would have been deployed to break out the riots.

  21. In most US media narratives, China is always depicted as powerful evil force, by default. Everything is about how China is doing something cunning or bullying. This is so sad, especially for otherwise awesome media like MYT.

  22. National Univ. Of Singapore professor Zheng Yongnian said: "The key issue of Hong Kong is that international forces do not need to be responsible for Hong Kong problems and they are not constrained by Hong Kong laws either. On the contrary, they can influence Hong Kong justice. …… This is a very serious system dislocation. The central government respects one country, two systems. But Hong Kong's judicial power is not in the hands of the central government. Then, is it in the hands of Hong Kong people? Of course not! there is no such thing. So the police force arrests people and judges just release them.” He said that the rule of law is indeed the core value of HK, but it is in the hands of foreigners, not local HK people.
    郑永年表示:"香港的问题关键恰恰在此:国际势力在香港不仅不用负责任,不受香港法律的约束,相反,可以左右香港司法、影响香港司法。" 郑永年说:"这是非常严重的制度错位。中央政府尊重一国两制,香港的司法权不在中央政府手里;那,在香港人手里吗?当然也没有。所以才有警队抓人、法官放人的局面反复出现。"他说,法治的确是香港的核心价值、核心话语,但它掌握在外国人、掌握在香港既得利益者手里.

  23. Does the new york times know about the brutal bashing of HK police officers and civilians who took photos of the rioters? The sexual abuse of two women by rioters? The vandalism all over the city including the airport? Are you aware that all the violence was caused by the rioters from day one, thus provoked everyone in HK and outside of it with their selfishness and stupidity because they didn't read the bill? Did you read the bill? I guess not. You kind of need to be well educated with good English skills to understand it, which you don't have.

  24. Hypocritical NYT doesn't care about the fact that these protesters use violence to their hearts' content; they block roads, vandalize, set fire, assault the police and their detractors. Visitors leaving Hong Kong had a taste of what their thuggery was like. The majority of Hong Kong people don't support them. They've been brainwashed. Imagine those who oppose Trump resort to violence, what could have happened in the US, you unconscionable boneheads!!

  25. The New York Times is an independent news network with journalists with high degrees of journalistic integrity. CGTV and other Chinese networks are literally controlled by the Chinese Government. Even if the New York Times is slightly biased, how is that worse than a "news" network that is literally a propaganda mouthpiece for a communist government? Doesn't add up to me people…

  26. There is no such thing as saying sorry after a violent act has been perpetrated.
    Ask how the braindead Yanks handled the March of the Bonus Army on July 28, 1932 and the mass protest at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio on May 4, 1970.
    "PBS Documentary: The March of the Bonus Army"
    The Kent State Shootings, Explained | History

  27. At least, CGTN won't say they totally stand for democracy and justice and make some videos like that to show their objectivity while they only report part of the stories. But the New York Time will certainly do that.

  28. 170+ policeman injured, airport closed, MRT stopped, main road and lots of shop closed. Foreign forces and USA embassy staffs aiding the rioters. Many rioters with home made weapons are paid after doing their job to ruined HK. HK having one man one vote ( different system from mainland) wisefull thinking. If most of HK residents do not stand up to protect their interest, we might see a lot of HK refugees in other countries like the Vietnamese in 1970s


  30. Even if the extraction bills is totally cancel, so what? Are you one of the criminals?

    Why destroy your own Hong Kong , Do these Youngsters understand and knows that Hong Kong had already signed the extraction bills with 20 other countries under the british colony. Why only now the protesters are so agitated, angry and violent just because of adding one more china.

    Many worried that China will charge them under closed doors . But u look at USA the white policeman can shoot a black man dead openly , got charged and sack but walk away a free man.

    So you still believe in USA ?

  31. The most violent core mobs were trained by the American Foundation for Democracy.This means of color revolution in Syria and Libya, Ukraine, and Serbia Are the same

  32. It's more like how YOU are framing China. And a quick look at the comment section will tell you that your smears and propaganda don't work anymore.

  33. Does anybody know more about Curtis Stone – the author credited with the story at 1:35? I'd be interested to know the path a Westerner (judging by his twitter profile picture) and alumni from the University of Chicago took to be an editor & columnist for the People's Daily. For someone who studied at so many universities, there isn't much info on the web available about him.

  34. The funniest thing is that I can keep up with the latest government propaganda by just listening to what my mum thinks. Her beliefs are so 100% aligned with that of the CCP's it's almost hilarious

  35. There was no such a thing called universal suffrage in HK's colonial history ever. Instead, the UK assigned one of their own to HK as the Governor, with the power given of acting above the law of HK. That was the pattern set from the very beginning and that the city had taken lying down for more than a century. All of sudden, they're holding China to ransom as they want the government directly elected. Ironically, the president of America is actually being indirectly elected, LOL

  36. I guess the best business to do in Hong Kong right now is to sell all kind of masks, head gears, eye gears and umbrella..😣

  37. First they came for the Tibetans and I did not speak out—because I was not a Tibetan!

    Then they came for the Uyghurs and I did not speak out— because I was not a Uyghur!

    Then they came for the Falun Gong and I did not speak out—because I was not a Falun Gong!

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Stand united, stand strong Hongkongers, remain peaceful and never give up!

    From your friends in Canada!

  38. MASKED RIOTS are being used by western power to distribute Hong Kong. People of Hong Kong need to stand up and defend their own city

  39. However the Chinese Government frames the protests in Hong Kong does not make the actions of the protestors any more acceptable. The violence of the protestors may be emphasized by the Chinese Government, but that does not make it any less real.

  40. How NYT is Framing China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests. Why not report the Hong Kong activists were meeting the US government officers like Vice Present Pence, Pompeo, and Pelosi. Why showing the violence of the protest calls framing, why showing the capability of PLA is threatening but not comforting to the anti-violence citizens.

  41. The press is obliged to the people under the universal rule of journalidm to tell the truth. You not only don't tell the truth but you twisted it. You are not even fit to be a human being. You manifest traits of Satan which is to lie, to threaten, to cause hardship and disorder for everybody by your perpetual lies. You are the Western media.

  42. Chinese Banks create Money out of nothing . But the banks hardly give anything to the workers and the Students . The are agree about this scam .

  43. If China uses the military on their people. This can get bad real quick. Almost all country's would condemn it and could lead to war fast.

  44. Is this a protest? All I see is angry young dudes don’t want to go to school and find a way to vent their total failure of life. The teachers should be shameful for themselves by advocating dangerous extreme unrealistic ideas to students. Everyone in school should be taught how to respect public order and other people’s life.

    All I see is only the protesters have freedom. They block street and airport and train station. Hit police, hit people who don’t join them. Then ask others to “blame the gov”. I am sorry, you are not getting my support. Get your support somewhere else, maybe in UK. Because they are happy to see hongkong fail in China hand.

  45. All we saw was how the protesters destroying the city, nothing about China framing. We're not blind, shame on you!!!

  46. More disturbingly, police is systematically planting fake evidences and pretending to be demonstrators, even colluding with triad. The protest is no longer about the extradition bill but is a fight for rule of law and anti-corruption. Check this video and see what was not reported.

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