How to Invest in Pot Cannabis Marijuana Stocks Market 420 investor

How to Invest in Pot Cannabis Marijuana Stocks Market 420 investor oh yeah Abbi hello I’m James and forgive
me if this camera isn’t focusing on my face I’m still getting to know why a 7r3
this thing thinks it’s so smart I’m kind of worried it’s I’m gonna wake up in the
middle of the night it’s gonna be standing over me having realized its own
intelligence moving on this video is gonna be a lot of fun because we are
going to talk about using your demons using our demons using our unsavory
characteristics that made us the addicted individuals that we are in
sobriety to get us rich get us paid and get us starts with the nail wraps and
pay you get the gist let’s move on we’re gonna talk about the marijuana stock
market and how it can work for you in sobriety to get you out of that hole you
dug for yourself financially when you were being a diabolical devastating
demon I’m gonna tell you how I did it and give you a couple tips and tricks’
resources to get yourself started let me get right on to it today or every
Saturday at 9:30 a.m. I come at you with addiction and recovery strength
experience and hope that I have to offer don’t give advice I just tell you what I
do now I’ve been successful please consider subscribing and leave a comment
like and share this video so I’m so thither and we’re gonna have a lot of
fun if nothing else I drank used for 20 years heavily I’ve been almost dead damn
near dead actually my sister says I’ve left in shock my heart on with that that
story I’ll link up at various places including the end of this video I’ll
link it up here in the lowercase I I’ll link it down in the description you have
to touch the drop-down arrow if you’re on your phone I’ll link resources such
as the AAA book the NA book a a website and a website paper celebrating recovery
you know various resources along with things you may be able to find useful
like any camera equipment and so on and so forth down in the description also I
asked some questions up here in this lower case I up here feel free to answer
them throughout the video the video won’t stop playing the world will not
implode I’m going to be talking more about the recovery side of things and a
philosophy that I like to call playing your demons now we all have demons or we
wouldn’t be here this philosophy simply involves playing
your weaknesses and your strengths using everything to your advantage loving
yourself especially I mean accepting the things even you don’t like about
yourself now I have a beedi I get fly tease I can be lazy lack focus I can I’m
a late bloomer I’m already in my 30s and barely have an associate’s degree my
demons my list of demons can be longer than my list to Santa Claus but we’re
not gonna go into that I will tell you though a couple of my relevant demons to
this video I like to have instant gratification this is nothing new to you
out there we all like instant gratification that’s why we like to take
a pill and feel good or take a drink and feel good so in sobriety I wanted
success instantly I wanted to make up all the lost ground all the lost time
that I had wasted drinking and using I wanted to I wanted success instantly now
this demon was not going anywhere it’s a part of me so I decided to put it
to work I discovered the stock market specifically the legal marijuana stock
market now here’s another one of my demons coming to the surface
I happen to know about drugs marijuana whether the discussion is on the table
of whether or not it’s a drug or not I happen to know that marijuana has way
more benefits than it does cons now I don’t smoke don’t get it twisted I’m an
addict I can’t slow I stay away from all things mind-altering however I do know
it is official to everybody from multiple
sclerosis patients epileptics to just stoners that don’t
have an addictive problem they just like to treat things like hyperactivity
disorder anxiety depression chronic pain from cancer back pain arthritis
marijuana is coming on board as a legal substance for recreation Canada just
went legal the whole West Coast is legal New York Cuomo is about to legalize it
Maryland Michigan Florida low and behold with all the seniors in Florida more
than half of America has voted yes to marijuana and why not it is a blessing
now let’s get on to where I put my demons to work I put my demons to work
on the marijuana stock market I don’t like to go into a lot of things I’m not
gonna tell you how to read charts and I’m not gonna tell you how to get rich
quick I will tell you what I did and I found success now moving on the
marijuana stock market in case you haven’t noticed marijuana is good
people I don’t smoke marijuana any mind-altering thing that feels good it
will take me to my bitter end I’m sure you’re familiar with that let’s
move on to the point what is the point point is we want to get rich we want to
do it to it as little effort as possible if we can
we want to do it in our pajamas you may have noticed a screen behind me now this
is one of the things we’re gonna talk about but first let me start from the
beginning I was severely in debt and when I got sober I decided to start
making boats one of those moves was put my money to work while I go to work I
started putting my money to work now that involved the New York Stock
Exchange and the over-the-counter exchange and where I knew nothing about
this in the beginning here’s what I did and here’s what you can do to get
yourself started we are in a correction in a pull back of the stock market the
marijuana sector the broad market Apple Nasdaq the holds SP y they’ve all pulled
back so you are in the clutches of luck now let me try to take this slow because
it’s important when it comes to making money on the stock market knowing is not
power knowledge is not power they’re doing I knew about the coming
online of marijuana and legal marijuana for ten years and I knew that I should
be investing it did me nothing had no power until I did it because doing his
power not knowledge doing the knowledge is power knowledge is potential power
executing that knowledge is actually the power so don’t put it off anymore change
your life so what we’re gonna first start when I started to do was first get
your phone make it voice accessible now these usually come out the box voice
accessible well by what I mean by voi successful is you need to be able to ask
it questions the very first thing that I asked my phones how do I get rich on the
stock market here’s some information for how to become rich off of stocks you get
a point streamline your productivity by being
able to ask your robot that you keep in our pockets every single one of us have
one any question that you want now she mentioned this isn’t gonna give me
instant success so I’m gonna go a step further how do I get instant success on
the stock market information hmm interesting
this thing has information on anything I might or can even wonder my point is
this is free education just get a phone that has that you can ask questions this
is your personal robot do not take it do take advantage of it
Google everything is my first and foremost tip this is my demon of
I lose focus I have ADHD so my demon is now coming to the surface manifesting by
I don’t know I don’t I don’t have to focus to to go through with in six sets
of studies on on the computer or books and all that maybe you do I’ll link some
books up below on the stock market now yes
9:57 the stock market for those you don’t know opens at 9:30 this is one
of my favorite times of the day and it goes till four o’clock and these are we
take some courses you will learn all this when you google everything when you
decide to make these moves you will figure all these outlets free education
people YouTube university boom bang bang bang bang boom I don’t know when the
stock market opens or one closes I didn’t a couple years ago now I do
because of this hey when does the stock market open and when does it closed according to the standard the NY IC is
open from Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time blah blah blah I
still haven’t found out how to shut her up she hasn’t realized that she doesn’t
listen to me when I say I know how to read
I’ve never traded before I’ve never exchanged money for stocks I don’t know
what a broker is I didn’t this is this is years ago a couple years ago I didn’t
know these things I asked her you know for example reviews of the best online
brokers so you get my point ask her she will tell you this can be
done in the first half of the day you will have a lifelong education on the
stock market just the basics you can get sober and you can make some money if you
know who to listen to this brings me to my second point find
someone who has spent their life on investing stocks this in my case a
fellow Braveheart his name is Jeff hello Jeff a cannabis infused beer or 100
cannabis infused beers I owe you because you were the person that I first decided
to start listening to you actually gave me I still have a recording on my phone
of you saying that supreme canopy growth met room remember Metro Metro is a
company that both of us were invested in when it was bought by enemy growth and
low would be low and be Hisle our shares were now worth more because this
industry is feeding upon itself and big alcohol big pharma big tobacco they’re
all coming in big politics is coming in everybody is jockeying for position
while this movement this historic revolution of marijuana a very valuable
resource and is coming online and you have a chance
now to get into it so I’m gonna tell you the second thing I do I listen to Jeff
and what he told me was listen to Alan Bronstein Alan Braxton is the Maven of a
site called 420 investor calm I will link that up in the description below
this is a paid subscription site I am NOT benefiting from advertising this I’m
merely telling you what I did he is not giving me a discount I am NOT
I am literally just giving you a gift here and the gift is subscribe to this
site you can pay by the month I’m not sure what it is by month but now I think
it’s $600 a year let me tell you about that $600 you know that money makes
money you know that there’s no risk without reward you know that nothing
ventured nothing gained we know these things but until we do that it holds no
power because I knew nothing about the weed sector and I knew nothing about
stock market I knew very little next to nothing
miniscule now I get texts directly to my phone when Alan is making a move on the
marijuana sector he extensively studies this stuff he’s been an analyst for 30
years and for the past five years he’s he’s dedicated themselves tirelessly to
the marijuana stock market I pay the $600 a year and I get texts directly to
my to my phone saying when he make a move when there is significant news in
the stock market when what in the marijuana sector I have so much to give
I can barely fit it all in that’s what he said she that’s what she
heard I have so much to give I can barely fit it all in anywho let me make
sure this is playing behind me because I want you to see a preview of what I get
every day now on 4/20 investor calm you’ll find things like there’s an
activity feed of the members that are are there these are very knowledgeable
people and you listen to them too you can find blog posts there’s a forum a
plethora of discussions and knowledge there’s his three trading portfolio
these are his paperwork folios that he’d bases his reputation on so if you pay
attention to what he’s buying what he’s selling in the three portfolios one is
more trading focused one is opportunity and the other one is a more long-term
investment portfolio you can decide what’s good for you and what works for
you those are very very powerful resources he also has a monthly
newsletter overall climate of the marijuana sector he’s been called the
watchdog of the green sector meaning he won’t be su he’s going to tell you he’s
gonna tell us what’s good what’s not good what would look to look out for
this this this is powerful this has made me money this can make you money
investing yourself love yourself enough to believe in yourself in your sobriety
in your sober decisions make these decisions and make them work for you
there’s a weekly chat he calls toking Tuesday this is a very fun and
entertaining and informative site do not sleep on this like I said I’m gonna link
everything up in the description below along with some resources that I use and
some products that I use ok so now that you know who to listen to let’s put it
to the test I downloaded an app called stock
simulator you can do think or swim and what you can do is trade with paper
money this is they will they don’t give you anything it’s paper
money on the real stock exchange so you can basically trade 200 thousand paper
money fake money on the real stock exchange this allows you to do a very
powerful thing that’s allowed me to see how I’m successful or successful I could
be at trading these stocks what I decided to do was play it like it was a
game treat the money like it was points so I I was listening to Alan Brock’s
team 420 investor and also Warren Buffett and I tested my theory if I
listen to these experienced individuals and trade with a trade because I have a
learning curve the learning curve is I don’t know how to trade stocks and I
want to start making money today what am I gonna do I’m gonna listen to people
that know what they were talking about I traded paper money I started trading
paper money and I started getting points I started winning the game do you know
what I did at this point and you know what you’re going to do when you decide
that you’re a winner on this game as well you’re gonna
replace that paper money with your money and I started doing that
my life began to change and this is what’s good now this is what’s gonna
happen to you so let’s go over it rule number one learn everything via Google
and learned even faster via voice asking her learned even faster
via voice asking her Siri Google Alexa the easier you can ask the faster you
can ask the more you learn the faster you learn second it Maps on your phone
tablet computer trade paper money as soon as you figure out that you’re
winning points you’re winning money replace that money with your own money
you can open up an account in any one of the brokerages do your research ask her
one of the best what are the cheapest I decided to go with Commission’s that
were a flat rate of it was ten dollars per trade at the time when I signed up I
negotiated my way down to three dollars trade now you can do the same you start
to learn these things in a quick summary get to know by googling and start doing
by doing now that we figured out how to listen to and we’ve traded paper money
now comes the real deal now comes the fun part
putting your own money how do you do it what is that even involve how do you
even trade a stock ask her everything one of those things I asked was what’s
the best online broker how do i trade stock what’s the difference between a
market order a limit order a stop limit what are these things I was clumsy at
first this is where the learning curve of paying attention to people who are
doing it already for years and years and doing what they do until you start to
learn for yourself I started doing what Alan does and
as I started to learn I started coming up with my own methods you start to
figure out your own style what works for you you put your own demons to work I’m
sure Allen has his own demons we all have our own demons put those bastards
to work mine is I’m greedy I want you bad I want it with no effort at all give
me and I put that put that demon to work get to work
demon I know you’re with me for the long haul you might as well start pulling
your weight around here so I put my grieve to work and I sit and I let it
fuel me I’m gonna hone the Lamborghini I’m gonna hit a mill before I’m over the
hill are you yes you are got to listen to and you don’t have to listen to me
you don’t have to believe me I don’t really care but if you do choose to hear
that little bug in your ear saying this guy onto something just follow the steps
Google everything start trading with paper money start trading with real
as the weeks months years go on you will get more experience I still know next to
nothing what I am successful find what your demons are find what your strengths
are find what your weaknesses are what your strengths to work get to know
yourself in sobriety we get to know ourselves I have found out things about
myself that I don’t necessarily like well you know what I accept them if you
if you want to turn your financial situation around if you want to be
independent you want to make your own choices if you want to wear whatever
t-shirt you want to wear if you want to have value to your opinion to do what
you want and we are very powerful personalities and intellects it is no
secret that the addicts and alcoholics have been you know not the dullest light
in the shed notoriously there’s Edgar Allan Poe Ernest Hemingway you know
these are cats Kelsey Grammer you know these are talented skilled you know in
intelligent individuals Amy Winehouse these people we have potential you have
to grab it and you have to do it oh and one more thing when you sign up for 4/20
investor dot-com and you create your username and stuff don’t forget to say
hi to Ron Burgundy that’s me I my main job on there is to make jokes
and I every once in a while I’ll share Alfie WAP or a stock that’s dipping in
so we can all take advantage of it but mainly I just listen and benefit from
the plethora of knowledge and experience that is on there but say hello to Ron
Burgundy let’s have some fun let’s get rich so in summary what do we do we get
to know ourselves in sobriety and we to know our weaknesses and our strengths
and we play all of those to our advantage now not to our destruction we
used to do that we don’t do that maybe longer we have made the decision to
leave that life of drinking and using behind and we have made the decision to
put our personalities and our strengths and our weaknesses pile them up put them
to work put those demons to work you can be rich
you can be helpful you can be productive you can be a giving member of society we
we can be whatever we want to be my point is we have potential it is in the
doing that the potential is realized all I’m saying is I did it and if you want
to do it the power is within you be yourself love yourself respect yourself
invest in yourself and that we invest in we because it’s not going anywhere I’m
telling you this right now I believe this 100% I did even when people did not
come back and see me at 9:30 every Saturday for subjects on sobriety and
recovery and or just come see how I’m doing you know hey we’re just come see
how I’m doing you know hey and don’t forget to keep it real keep it clean and
keep just doing this bad thing cool I’ll see you next time we’re gonna make some
money today we’re gonna make that money we won’t marry death
you never seen it up here happy dog owner loud at the table tell me

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