If Wayne Enterprises made television commercials

Your lights Your energy Your fuel Your transportation Your travel Your communication Your technology Your entertainment Your news Your livelihood Your nourishment Your essentials Your medicine Your healthcare Your security Your freedom Your protection Your city At Wayne Enterprises we are all this and more Everything Everywhere Everyday Wayne Enterprises

100 thoughts on “If Wayne Enterprises made television commercials

  1. I loved your Donald meets Glenn Beck video, but I regard this as my second favorite. Because it adds more dimension to the world Christopher Nolan created in his Batman series, and why villains like Bane want to destroy Gotham so that they may profit on the missery of others. I wondered why Ra's al Ghul wanted so badly to destroy Gotham in "Batman Begins," It makes sense how Wayne is more of a superpower than anything. Destroy their profits, all hell literally DOES break lose. Thanks for this.

  2. Great job! It answers the question, what if Bruce Wayne had to create some public relations work for his company.

  3. I honestly feel secure having a Wayne's Enterprises Bat Robot protecting every home, I don't see why some people are so paranoid.

  4. Thing is if WI were a real "fair wage" conglomerate which wouldn't do things like shut down US factories moving production to 3rd world countries so it could make 5 instead of 3 billion annually, how truly creepy would it be?

  5. Wow, this went on forever describing "your" everything… got bored halfway through, would have ignored it if on real TV.

  6. Should always close your comments… Or set them to APPROVAL ONLY.
    Also disable the ratings so the channer scum can't brigade it…
    Aside from that, thank you for the upload..

  7. Dude, I'm not gonna hate because it helps no one. I'll just say this: There are really better ways to meet women than to be a feminist. Which clearly is your intention. So please, use youtube, search for seduction videos, they really work, instead of trying to be a feminist. Time goes by quickly, and before you know it, you lost many years not living them to fullest! Good Luck.

  8. Finally, a video in your list with comments enabled. How can you claim to want to start a discussion on various topics with no means to have these discussions? Is this because you only wish to receive comments or discussions in a format that a person has to be approve before they can participate?

  9. Wayne Enterprises, origins began back in the 17th century, as a merchant house. Through the centuries, Wayne family members, built WE, into the international conglomerate, it is known as today!

  10. A company that is literally everything has no need to advertise.

    But if they did, the logo should be, "We are the company that isn't owned by Lex Luthor."

  11. This commercial is obviously designed/approved by the Wayne Enterprise board and not Bruce Wayne himself.

  12. Damn. Sounds totalitarian.
    Funny how in Asian countries it's actually a lot like that. In Korea, they don't call it Samsung Town for nothing. A person can be born in a Samsung hospital, get raised in company kindergardens and schools while the parents work at Samsung, then work at Samsung themselves. Until they die and are cremated at a Samsung Funeral Home.
    Digit all: technology that works for life, or something.

  13. Okay, why didn't they even mention they fund superheroes through Batman Incorporated? That definitely sounds like something you want to put in an ad.

  14. People actually got offended over a satirical video about a fictional character… a fictional character that dresses in a bat costume… some of you guys need to go outside.

  15. Something jumped in my face like a freshly hatched alien: When SECURITY and FREEDOM are mentioned the corresponding images are missiles, tanks and fighter jets. You might not realise this if you're US-American, but this is VERY US-American. I personally don't know anyone who would tag these particular images with "security" or "freedom". I understand that this is supposed to be a glorification of the products in this fictional world, but even putting weapon and military vehicle production into an ad would be considered bad taste in many other countries, let alone euphemising it with the ideas of "security" and "freedom". This is not normal. xD

  16. Funny how batman practically own a large part of the world in his universe and instead of upholding and working towards world peace (since it would be easy given his control over society from the position of owner of WE) he instead decides to be a ninja bully who scares people on back alleys.

  17. So Wayne Enterprises is the ruthless Capitalist exploiting industries that exploits the working class to create the economic hardship that leads to the social conditions in which crime flourishes while the lazy CEO or Owner of this mega–monopoly uses his unexploited labor, being the privileged elite that simply lives on the profits of the exploitation of others, to beat up on criminals that he himself creates/

    This is presumably so that people don't get too upset at the realization of the awfulness of this oligarchical capital/worker dichotomy dystopia, and revolt to create a fairer Democratic Socialist Society where the workers own the fruits of their own labor, and where society abolishes wage slave exploitation and the inevitable suffering and social ills that result.

    Essentially Wayne is the GOP/DNC combined, the DNC to ruthlessly impose the Corporate agenda and the GOP to divide the society against itself and use "tough on crime" mantras to stamp out working class dissension and prevent democratic organization and revolution, chuck in some racism and sexism and American execeptionalist global economic and military imperialism and that would be entirely representative of todays government!

    This really is prescient today!

    We are just about there alreay, if Wayne Were the Walmart and the Koch brothers we'd be their already all we need is one of these multi=billionaires to have a spandex fetish and a predilection for violence and it could happen.

  18. I wanted to fight but its true they really own and do everything in gothem in which the investors of Wayne enterprises are actually funding Batman's cool shit

  19. So what does it boss do to help society? Divert funds to dress up as a bat, build a lot of bat-themed gadgets and punch people at night. Every time some fanboy rants on about how Bruce Wayne is the smartest person ever and has mastered multiple martial arts and degrees in engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, forensics and criminology, I always think: yeah, if he only had time for sociology and economics and visited a therapist, Gotham would be crime free and he wouldn't have created most of his own villains in the first place

  20. Would have made more sense if the "Everything" went with the clip of the baby and the "Everywhere" went with the boat clip. Reversed, it makes very little sense.

  21. This is why I'll never understand what Batman was needed for. Bruce should have gone for some social programs, public investment and maybe even a change of legislation instead XD. Plus better healthcare and safety standards could have saved everyone a lot of trouble with all those mutated, radioactive, insane villains.

  22. Lest we forget, this was specifically why TDKR ends with Wayne Enterprises being responsible for besieging Gotham.

  23. The dislikes are half of the likes and the comment section is ideologists who complain how scary Wayne Enterprises is. A lot of people are really getting triggered by so much as meaningless things, people who can't separate reality from fiction.

  24. I never looked at it that way. DC was essentially glorifying the 1%, saying, "Only they can help us." Maybe Wayne Enterprises was the cause of the poverty that led to the Joker.

  25. You know the sad part of all of this. Is that Wayne Enterprises only got this big because the writers needed an excuse to explain how Batman some how hasn't gone bankrupt from the millions he pisses away on gadgets and later the entire JL. Which only serves to contradict the story they want to tell with him. Since canonically he's powerless against the system and every bit a victim of it as anyone else.

    He could solve the worlds problems better as Bruce Wayne using his with and wealth but even Batman doesn't know how to truly end all crime. And defeat the greatest enemy he's ever known. Himself.

    He's arguably DCs most flawed Hero. Mentally broken from the truma of his dead parents. And unable to really live a stable. Heck he canonically doesn't run his own company, the Wayne board of Directors do that along with a close friend of his. He just collects the check and acts as a face for the company from time to time.

  26. if bruce wayne focus on job creation and social programes maybe Gotham wouldnt have been a shithole over run by idle radicals.

  27. Actually there are some companies that advertise based on this "we are everywhere" model. I'm pretty sure I've seen full page ads in magazines or newspapers sort of arguing this "we got you covered" thing.It's like the company in Zero Theorem, where Terry Gilliam replaces the government as seen in Brazil (1984 paradigm) by the supercompany as the bad guy

  28. Kinda scary just how much Wayne Enterprises does (if it was a real company). How many of today's massive conglomerates are exactly this powerful with everything they provide? Really scary if you think about it.

  29. Reminds me of Koch Industries. Via Wikipedia:
    "Its subsidiaries are involved in the manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fiber, intermediates and polymers, minerals, fertilizers, pulp and paper, chemical technology equipment, ranching, finance, commodities trading, and investing. Koch owns Invista, Georgia-Pacific, Molex, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals, Matador Cattle Company, and Guardian Industries. The firm employs 120,000 people in 60 countries"

  30. Why do you disable rating on many of your videos? Also, even more disturbing is the fact that on some videos you disable ratings and comments. Why?

  31. 0:23 Its funny because Bruce bought the Daily Planet, he sings Clark /Sups and Lois's paychecks…..Clark still forgets he has tech to make diamonds and can go into space for gold again,

  32. Nearly all of Batman’s enemies can be taken care with fair allocation of wealth (grants for me freezes efforts to save himself and Nora,) and yet the bloodsucking billionaire chooses every day to not solve any of those issues.

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