‘If you can’t dance to it you can’t have sex to it!’: Halsey ‘Answers the Internet

I don’t know hey guys it’s Halsey and
right now I’m gonna be answering the Internet devine Martin my neighbors were
doing it too Halsey want to know how I know the walls are thin as well I do
write music for people to have sex – it’s something I think about when I’m
making music actually I’m not even kidding that’s not a joke I do all my
can you have sexist because if you can’t dance to it yeah no sex to it you know okay
this is a bigger of me and June from PS and says God how much friendship do you
want and then that says June and Halsey yes I would say this is a really
accurate take as a matter of fact and I’m gonna take that with me
because I want that make sure what a cute to confuse orbit I lob palsy can we date
and go to feminist marches together can we yes of course
feminist March is an ideal date for me you know it’s like there’s nothing like
sharing a romantic evening dismantling the patriarchy together I love it I got
my literally get in trouble of everything so I’m gonna save it for that
end if I want to go back to everyone okay
Oh run away swiftly said can we get Taylor and Halsey content please luckily
for you you did Mango Tango what’s up we did it me and Taylor I also have a
bunch of photos of us on my phone that I’ll probably never pose so he’ll Argo
June if you aren’t singing how’s these cute little I wanted ad-libs when you’re
singing for it love are you even really singing a song no you’re not it’s an
integral it’s essential so essential that I think that it’s going to outlive
everything that I’ve ever written as an artist in my entire life and that my
dying legacy is going to be ah I did write that part by the way that’s
my idea you’re welcome does anyone ever notice
call Halsey treats like she’s on stand Twitter we stand a queen well I started
on San Twitter I was a fan of other musicians and the only thing that really
changed is that I started making music too but never really stopped being a fan
of everybody else so we are not all that different internet you me we’re at the
same now I’m gonna get existential like if this is the Internet and I’m the
internet then am I talking to myself can Halsey step on me please can’t you step
on me I am in love what is she doing to answer your question I have no idea what
I’m doing ever and can I step on you if you want me to if it’s like a consensual
step I guess I have to wait for my broken toe to heel first probably can
hardly be my prom date I’m alone he can’t do this to me because I’m the
type of person who sees this so now I want to find her and go to prom with her
I don’t think you understand I’ve tried giving my kidney away like
five times I really have I like just I can’t deal
with people’s sadness we’re gonna have to message her I’ll send her a corsage
why does Halsey take me back to like every heartbreak I’ve ever endured and
make me get on my fields but also make me feel like I’m the baddest bitch alive
like I don’t know I just love her so much
Wow her impact I really know what to say to that besides thank you and that is
exactly what I’m going for and that means a lot to me that that’s how you
feel that’s how I want you to feel what’s in your fields but also like
vindicated in being in your fields also too the one that I didn’t answer no I’m
not gonna fight I’m not gonna help you fight any member of ETS and empty
parking lot I’m sorry ah Halsey and that was me answering the
internet and you can listen to my new single nightmare right now

100 thoughts on “‘If you can’t dance to it you can’t have sex to it!’: Halsey ‘Answers the Internet

  1. I hope that people don’t always bring up BTS. She’s an artist separately from them, and vice versa. Imagine being asked only questions about another group and their music. A lot of that is happening on twitter, she can be talking about her music and someone will immediately mention BTS. Please remember that yes she loves them and they’re good friends but also recognize that she’s also a talented artist that makes music aside from BTS

  2. Presentador: y que opinas sobre el calentamiento global?
    Halsey: soy amiga de bts :3

    Ahre beibi te amo ah ;-;

  3. "I want it!"

    You gotta admit, she sings that part really well. I honestly wish she had more lines in that song.

  4. The person who wanted to “fight” Kookie probably had other types of plans for him, if you know what I mean

  5. And again I'm sitting here, crying because she is the most amazing woman on earth. (ah no my mom is first)

  6. ARMY, let's not spam Halsey with all that BTS stuff.. we need to acknowledge her as her own artiste
    -Sincerely, an ARMY

  7. i let out the loudest snort at the crackhead army wanting to fight jungkook cause i honestly thought it was something inappropriate by her reaction to it

  8. Hey,Halsey ..love from India ..would love to meet you as in person as a fan before I die 😥n I don't think my wish could come true coz am poor,jobless n a cancer patient 😭I don't have much time

  9. im an army but i hate how halsey is literally just another bts topic. lime come on, she collabed with bts once and now everyone forgets about her amazing music 🙁 hopefully it ends soon, she should be recognized as talented musician, not an indirect connection with bts…

  10. This woman is amazing. Great voice, great lyrics, soooo underrated. But the best part is she is very smart and caring which makes her more gorgeous. If I wasn't married I would be searching for her. I would make her fall in love with me, even if I had to resort to pitty love like the girl wanting a prom date. LOL

  11. I was so f**** surprised and amazed and fulfilled when Ashley just came out of nowhere with that perfect “I want it!” That sounded E X A C T L Y like in the song wow

  12. Halsey is so amazing, love her fun and relatable personality.
    Also no one touches my Kookie. I will fight anyone who tries to hurt Jungkook.

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