Imran Khan warns of potential nuclear war in Kashmir, urges UN to intervene

What sort of a mindset would
lay siege to 8 million people
with 900,000 troops?
Women, children, sick people
locked in as animals.
Of what I know of England,
if 8 million animals were locked in
the RSPCA would have made
a lot of noise about it.
These are human beings.
What is going to happen
when the curfew is lifted
will be a bloodbath.
The people will come out,
there are 900,000 troops there.
These 900,000 troops,
what are they going to do
when they come out?
There will be a bloodbath.
Mr president, has anyone thought
of what happens when there’s a bloodbath?
And we will fight.
And when a nuclear armed
country fights to the end,
it will have consequences
far beyond the borders.
It will have consequences for the
world which is why, I repeat, I’m here.
Because I’m warning you.
It’s not a threat, it’s a fear, a worry.
Where are we headed?
I’ve come here to tell the UN,
you’ve got to …
This is a test for the United Nations.
You are the ones who guaranteed
the people of Kashmir
the right of self determination.
This is the time to take action
and the number one action must be
that India must lift this inhuman curfew,
which has lasted for 55 days.
The world community must give
the people of Kashmir self determination.
Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Imran Khan warns of potential nuclear war in Kashmir, urges UN to intervene

  1. Imran Khan warns UN of potential nuclear war in Kashmir ►

  2. This country cannot buy food why is he even concerned about Kashmir which is not even a part of his country?

  3. ???
    India would like to test Pakistani nuclears.

    That is if they hadn't been handed over to Terror groups already

  4. Wow, it is amazing to see how many people from various countries can be mislead with a speech….simple fact, if Pakistan wants to follow UN resolution then the first step has to be they need to exit from Kashmir completely. Will they do it ever ??? Then Indian govt to hold a plebiscite…Will anyone ask why Pakistan is holding a piece of Kashmir without a Plebiscite….it is simply because most us listening to speech do not read UN resolution or old enough to understand the problem ???

  5. Imran Khan has gone berzerk; he talks about an imminent nuclear war with India every time he opens his mouth. After his repeated tirades he is beginning to sound like the boy who cried WOLF!!! one too many times. Nobody is taking him seriously, or paying attention to what he is saying, anymore.

  6. Pray tell what is happening to the 10 million Uyghurs being ACTUALLY remanded in Xinjiang province. Thank you for wielding the nuclear stick so carelessly in front of a world that regrets inventing it. Talk about the emperor wearing no clothes!

  7. According to Gandustan Times after the successful meeting between UN secretary ?‍?and Cha-Wala Chowkidar Harami Mudi the UN secretary Loudly announced ### Rendia a Ma ka Bosda ?????

  8. White people .. how self-righteous , this holier than thou attitude it doesn't fool anybody. You're ancestors are responsible for indo pack issues. Please mid your own business . This immiscible should take care of it's own people. Let India deal with its own.

  9. When you try and lie thousand times, it may appear to be true.. But only for a while..
    A country that was once part of India started a proxy war and continued for last 70 years just to hurt India by thousand cuts. BTW they already hold 40% of the valley illegally. 40 thousand civilians and soldiers killed and here he stands out here and garnering sympathy.. My Goodness..
    What PM would give nuclear threat? What has happened to people in Baluchistan, Sindh, POK, Pakhtunistan.. This same PM accepted of harbouring 50K terrorists in Pakistan.Shedding Crocodile tears..

  10. What 900000 troops in Kashmir . The total strength of the Indian army is 1.2million. Are the other borders in India left vacant without guarding.. lol

  11. Are Indians ready to accept all these accusation what are the answer for this ,is it right or wrong ? The peoples of pandits Kashmiris have to say about themselves!! .we have to be ready for the bloodshed, are these the risk to take.speaks up for the truth dont keep silent ! At least the peoples all over the world will knows the facts, not necessarily from the countries of the world

  12. Has he gone insane? Is he really threatening about blood bath? And promising to use nuclear warheads?
    Shouldn’t he take care of his own people first?

  13. We wil do whatever we want to do in our hom, who r u ? U r narakistan atankistan napakistan. World recognise that India is far-far strong n developed to compare wid u. Jai Hind……

  14. He talk like The Prime Minister of Terrorists. He himself confessed that Pakistan train terrorist. It's shame to the people who think he is Intelligent.

  15. Pakistanis who once raped killed nd planned genocide on their own people(east pakistanis ie Bangladesh) are now saying they stand with Indian kashmiris??….. remember u have lost east Pakistan in the war against India…nw u gonna lose west Pakistan too if war happens

  16. Whom you're warning Mr.Imran Khan?
    India? Or what?
    Don't do this they're very dangerous
    Pakistan only have atomic bombs
    While India have hydrogen bombs, atomic bombs, defence missiles, neavy,etc
    Hydrogen bombs are 100x powerful than atomic one!
    Mr.Modi didn't talk a single word for war
    These likes shows that how many people love war specially atomic one

  17. Wow all fools are praising this joker piece, dare a nuclear war on India, and will make it sure that in Wikipedia pakistan will have it's last date recorded in it. India is geographic 4 times bigger, even if pakistan attacks twice then also half India will remain but pakistan will be gone for sure. India has a pact saying we won't use nuclear first, if pakistan uses nuclear weapons, then India will be free from that pact that we have signed.

  18. He never worried about losing pakistan to china for debits. Also never worried about economic collapse in Pakistan.

    Only worried about india and small piece of land kashmir. Hurray yaar ..

    Threatening the world about nuke war which is not a correct thing.. world must act together

  19. And his biggest bad luck that Kashmir issue is solved in his pm's term .now he has no lolly pop for his people . Actually Pakistan lost there election moto

  20. A speech full of lies , hatred and no information about the development of Pakistan.
    And this person is representing himself as the prime minister of Pakistan and instead of talking about Pakistan he talked about India only.
    Btw nothing is going to happen we have already abrogated article 370.
    So, don't shout you are merely wasting your time and energy.

  21. Why don't he tell about how minorty in pak reduced to 3percent. From 27 percent they are killing all other relegion people

  22. Introspection

    While I salute PM IK for his brave speech in the UNGA, it’s time for introspection.

    Part One:

    In 2007, Pakistan was doing fairly well as a respectable member of the world community. The US President & high officials frequently visited Pakistan, as well as the leaders of several important Western nations, underscoring Pakistan’s global importance & prestige. The Saudi King honored the President of Pakistan by inviting him to pray in the Holy Kaaba.

    In the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, the OIC responded swiftly & in unison to launch a successful diplomatic initiative.

    Gwadar Port (first phase), the foundation stone of CPEC (though not yet known by this name), was conceived & completed in 2001-05. The landmark JF-17 Thunder aircraft, so critical to Pakistan's defense, was initiated, planned & produced in the same period with China's unique technological collaboration.

    In 2006, the USA approved a significant military deal for Pakistan, including the sale of 36 new F-16 jets of an advanced version, improvements & up-grades to 60 existing F-16 jets, and a large variety of ancillary arms & armaments.

    Pakistan’s relationship with its most important & gigantic neighbor, India, had improved to such an extent that Pakistan was able to move some of its armed forces away from its Eastern border without threat or fear. Pakistan & India engaged in active & serious negotiations on the Jammu & Kashmir issue for the first time after a hiatus of many years. Foreign Ministers exchanged visits on both sides almost every month.

    The two countries had very nearly agreed on the Siachen Glacier save one small point (identification of existing territorial positions) & it was strongly hoped that this final hurdle would soon be overcome.

    The economy was still small & weak but progressing well. The GDP growth rate improved to 5-9% in 2003-07 (for once rivaling India) while the Currency Exchange Rate remained stable at around Rs. 60 / US$ 1 for 8 straight years. No IMF loan was sought nor any foreign aid received. (An aid package of US$ 7.5 Billion, pending in the US Congress, was approved subsequently in AZ’s tenure.) However, both Imports & Exports increased rapidly in 2003-07 resulting in a Trade Gap of US$ 10 Billion, partially offset by remittances & investments.

    But then, what happened after 2007 ? Where has Pakistan come today after where it was in 2007 ? Instead of moving forward, it seems that we have moved backward, and by a hundred miles. The contrast is mind boggling. And the Government has never provided a coherent explanation for this downslide.

  23. Part Two:

    In 2008, Pakistan saw a monumental change with the advent of democracy.

    In the last 11 years, throughout the successive tenures of President Asif Zardari, PM Nawaz Sharif & PM Imran Khan, Pakistan has faithfully supported USA in its War on Afghanistan. Pakistan’s land & sky corridors (from Pasni to Chaman) have remained open to USA continuously for the transport of its soldiers, weapons & other war materials to Afghanistan. Undoubtedly, the US war efforts could not have continued without this critical facility. Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari, in succession, staunchly assured USA of their steadfast support in this war. However, in spite of Pakistan’s unceasing aids & abetments, it seems that Pakistan has now lost all US goodwill, which is a question that begs an answer.

    Even in Pakistan's abysm, Presidents Clinton & Bush made it convenient to pay a visit to this country (in 2000 & 2006 respectfully). However, Presidents Obama & Trump have never bothered. In contrast, both these Presidents have supported India enthusiastically (one visited India in 2015 & the other participated in Modi’s US rally in 2019). Neither has any Western top leader visited Pakistan during this time.

    A US program for promoting Economy, Education, Energy & Environment in Pakistan, proposed in 2006/07, was never launched by USA nor pursued by Pakistan.

    President Trump openly chastised Pakistan in 2019. And if worse was not enough, the BRICS joint statement admonished Pakistan in 2017 even though China, Pakistan’s staunchest ally, in an equal partner in this forum.

    As a founding member of the OIC, Pakistani once enjoyed a privileged position in this august body. However, in 2019, the OIC invited India to attend its annual session as an honored guest despite Pakistan’s staunch opposition. Pakistan ultimately boycotted this meeting in protest but the OIC was unmoved.

    In the aftermath of the most recent Kashmir crisis in 2019, accompanied by untold hardships to the Kashmiri people, the attitudes of USA, Russia & even China can at best be described as cold.

    Like the proverbial brothers of Joseph, even Saudi Arabia & UAE heartlessly decorated India with their highest awards soon after this crisis emerged.

    Is it possible that the whole world has now abandoned Pakistan as a “basket case” ?

    With the advent of democracy in 2008, the ongoing Pak-India negotiations on the J&K issue came to a dead halt & very abruptly. Neither side even breathed a word on J&K for 11 long years as if it was a taboo. J&K was only mentioned in passing in February 2019 after the Pulwama attack & more seriously in September 2019 after India’s abolition of Article 370. Driven by its arrogance, India now even refuses to hold bilateral talks with Pakistan & mediation is out of the question.

    Is it possible that India's growing belligerence is a consequence of Pakistan’s own abject weakness ?

    In the absence of any coherent governmental direction or policy, the economy today is in shambles.

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