ISIS Tries To Rebuild After Al-Baghdadi Killing | NBC News Now

19 thoughts on “ISIS Tries To Rebuild After Al-Baghdadi Killing | NBC News Now

  1. Isis are very good at recruiting & for them the 🇺🇸 attack is inspiration to continue their dastardly deeds. They are far from finished.

  2. "As ISIS is rebuilding I'm going to stand here on this hillside completely defenseless" steps on IED

    NBC cuts to Cialis commercial

    Trump: "Iraqis are always whining like little girls in a #MeToo story. Well maybe the Iraqis could, you know, rake a little more often. Clean up those explosives with some rakes. Like Finland."

    Antti Rinne: " What can I say ? I didn't mention raking but we both like being urinated on by Russians."

  3. That’s NOT filmed in Iraq This reporter pretends to be in Iraq / Syria earlier this month too and produced a amateur “ bad reception “ phone call that was “ inaudible “ with pal Chuckky Toddy Also ISIL have been operating and are fully operational in the Maghreb region and have been for almost a decade and are also fully operational in more southern central parts of Africa so basically this staged clip is yet another irrelevant NBC performance misleading a very uneducated audience DELIBERATELY

  4. am isis and I can assure you its not as bad as you think we are very Gucci and we only blow ourselves cause we are the bomb 😎

  5. The best college campus debate between a Muslim and Christian you can find!

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  6. We must pray and fast, that by God's power, St. Michael will finally end all terrorist groups from ever forming again (including drug cartels).

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  7. Religion is control of yourself. Political idiology is control of others. Don't let them conflate the two under political correctness.

    The silent majority is the problem. They look at killing Jews, atheists and gays as a sad necessity like euthanizing strays. It's sad but they will look the other way as long as they don't have to do it.

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